tagSci-Fi & FantasySurvivor: Military Edition

Survivor: Military Edition


Lex stared out over the landscape from her perch in the helicopter. She breathed deeply of the humid air tinged with the smell of the outdoors. Lex always loved the smell of outside. It was one of the reasons she and her father got along. He had always wanted boys and ended up with 4 girls. Lex was the 2nd child and the only 'boy' her father had. She knew how to hunt, fish, and shoot by the time she was 9. All through high school her father was afraid he had "turned" her gay. When he found out she had been dating Michael, one of the wide receivers from the football team, he was less than thrilled, but happy he hadn't confused her gender. Lex smiled to herself as the helicopter dove towards the earth. She had joined the Army and through a special program called Female Units Key Rangers (or the FUcKeRs as they called themselves or the FUcK program) she became one of the first Female Green Berets. She took a lot of slack, but she never deviated from the principles she was taught. As such she was one of the few women who was respected with the title.

So how did she end up on a game show? Well she spent 20 years in the military and retired. The politics and the bullshit got to her. She earned enough on retirement that if she didn't go crazy she didn't have to work a day in her life. Which meant going back home and taking care of her mom and dad, hunting, and fishing. It was her dad who found an ad for a new elite Survivor series. One where it wasn't staged and all drama, but one where military men and women would compete in small units to survive the wilderness and take out the other men and women in their various units. It was right up Lex's alley. She submitted a tape showing her agility, quickness, and other skills and was contacted shortly with more information on the show, what to expect, and to sign a waiver in case she died.

Lex turned and looked at her team. She had made a contract with the show that they could not divulge the information she was Alexis Stone. Though she had a feeling her teammates suspected it was her. It wasn't often a female goes through the 'scandal' of being a female green beret, deployed on combat missions with actual combat, and is the only black female to do so. Still, she wasn't going to say anything and didn't want the extra pressure that came with people's knowledge of that information. Besides she hadn't heard of any of them before except from their dossier. There was Michael Bricks -- Marine -- 35 expert shot and could run 10 miles without losing his breath. He was fast, smart, and always had that hard look in his eyes. His skin was tan from being outdoors with black hair and sharp blue eyes she knew he could come across as looking like death himself. She didn't seem to be the only one to think that as she caught Katherine (or Kat) Boothe -- Air Force -- 32 cringe slightly away from his stare.

Kat didn't look like she had ever served a day in the military. She looked like a model with natural blond hair, blue eyes, and an ample D size chest that had to be a problem when she was shooting an automatic rifle. But according to her dossier she was also an expert shot and liked to 'blow things up'. That was it. Nothing more to add on that fact. Then there was Paul Haines -- Army - 34. He had the natural face that was easily forgettable. His features didn't stand out nor was recognizable which made him the perfect in-and-out guy. Get in close, get the Intel, and get out. Which is exactly what he trained for. He too was an expert shot, but according to his dossier also a sniper. Lex smiled. Apparently they all were expert shots, but Lex preferred hand to hand combat. Knives were her specialty. As she looked at her own dossier Alexis Grace (her middle name) -- 33 -- Army Reserve (also true) caramel black skin tone, brown hair naturally highlighted with a red tinge from the sun prefers hand to hand combat. Very little else was on there about her.

"Okay. I'm going to set you down with your gear. You have 30 minutes to get your asses out of the area after that the games begin. Good luck," the pilot said.

"Thanks," Lex said as she began getting her things together. Once they touched down she grabbed what belonged to her and waited for the others. As one they unstrapped their side arms and began the trek into the jungle.

The guns, as with all their guns, were paintball. If you ever played paintball those fuckers hurt when you were hit and in this heavy terrain people weren't wearing heavy gear to protect yourself from the pain. Once hit with a paintball your team lost a point and the team that hit you gained a point. Also the person who was hit was indisposed until the end of the round. The team with the most points won. That was the simplest explanation of the game. It was basically a war game which they were all familiar with.

Michael held his fist up signaling them all to come to a halt. "I was thinking," he said. "Do they drop us all here in the same spot?" No one said anything. "If we were the first team dropped off what would you do?"

"Set up an ambush somewhere for some easy points," Paul said without hesitation.

"What would be the smartest route or place to set up," Kat asked.

Lex looked back from where they had traveled. "We chose this way. Why? We did it subconsciously, but something must have triggered our minds to go this way."

Kat paused. "It's the way the terrain was laid. The trees around are higher and the brush was thicker. This route was almost cut down and the thinnest. Like a road leading out. Even now the land we're traveling on is flat and easier to walk through than the brush on either side of us. It looks natural, but if you were given 30 minutes to set up an ambush could you pull it off?"

Everyone stared at Kat. That was actually quite brilliant what she said. "I'm a soldier. Trained just like you all were and with an IQ of 123. I could have gone any route with my education, but I like explosives and fire and I like to test them out. So I joined the Air Force, the only force, that looked passed my breasts and at my intelligence. I will be an asset to this team."

"We didn't mean," Paul started.

"Yes, you did. It's okay. It's easier to get it out of the way now then have to "prove" myself later."

"Where does this road lead," Lex asked. "If they designed this path for a quick welcome-to-the-jungle round than let's give them a don't-fuck-with-us counter."

Lex's team smiled. Michael scouted ahead as Lex, Paul, and Kat came up with a plan. The simplest form of attack was to wait until your prey came into the middle of your trap and then hit them from all sides. What they would need was to have some bait and the others would have to ambush the ambushers sort to speak. But how could they do that without losing a point?

Michael came jogging back. "This path leads to a clear area. No trees, no terrain, just an open field. I bet they're hiding in the trees waiting for the first group to walk out. All we need is someone to set off their fire and the rest can determine where they are aiming from and get payback." The group stared at Michael. "Wait. Me?"

"You're the fastest," said Kat.

"And you already had a look at the terrain," said Paul.

"Plus. We got your back. Don't get hit and we'll get the others. If there are others."

Michael nodded. He gave most of his gear to his team to handle and had just a pack on his back. They began the trek towards the clearing. Michael gave a small signal and the team fanned out; Kat and Paul going to the left, Lex to the right.

"STUPID WOMEN! I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE 2 ON THE TEAM AND THE WIMPIEST MAN SEEN TO MAN. I'M GONNA HAVE TO DO THIS ALL ON MY OWN," Michael wasn't exactly yelling, but he wasn't talking quietly either. He stopped at the opening of the field and looked around. He looked into the trees and the skyline as if seeing if there was danger.

Lex smiled liking him for giving his team that much more time. A flicker of movement to her left and Lex moved quietly through the jungle. Her target was so engrossed on Michael she could have stomped her way towards him and he wouldn't have noticed. She put her hand over his mouth and slid her knife over his neck. "You're dead," she whispered into his wide eyes. The knife was still in its case, but it got the point across. She then took out her pistol and shot a round into his stomach making him double over. "That's just in case the studio doesn't agree with the knife rule."

She took two steps back and let the brush take her so her target couldn't see her anymore. True to the game he laid there looking pissed. She kept walking and turned to see Michael had started to walk into the clearing. Lex stayed with him looking ahead trying to see anymore flicker of movements; anything to let her know someone was ahead. Lex stopped feeling like she was being watched. She turned slightly and stared into the brush. She couldn't see anything. She slowly raised her gun and fired. Nothing moved, doubled over in pain or anything. She probably just shot into space. She shook her head. The jungle could be spooky sometimes.

Michael was at the end and she could see Paul and Kat running towards him. She left her side of the jungle and joined them in the middle of the clearing. "Paul and I got one," Kat said.

"I only got one," Lex said.

"Don't look at me. I was bait," Michael said.

"Isn't there 4 to a team," Lex asked.

"But we heard you fire twice, Alexis."

"Lex," Lex said. "Yeah, I thought I saw something, but I was wrong."

"Wait so we're sitting ducks out here while they have one more person to shoot us," Michael said.

As one they all high tailed it out of the clearing and back into the brush. It was natural for Michael to take the lead and they followed him. He weaved in and out of the brush, his footing was fantastic and when he knew his fellow teammates were going to give away their position by breathing too hard he finally let up the pace. "Let's make camp here."

They started a smokeless fire and pitched tents that blended into the jungle. Suddenly the sky was bright and there was enough light to fuck up anyone's night vision. A pretty Asian female, a hologram of the hostess, began speaking. "Welcome Teams. As some of you know the games has already begun. Inside each of your packs is a bandana. Some of you have found this already, some have not. Please put them on any way you like. This would be how we will identify you."

Lex looked inside her pack. They were the yellow team. Lex nodded. Their yellow was a deep mustard color that blended perfectly with the terrain. She looked up to see there was a Blue team, unless they stayed near water they would be easy to spot, as well as the Red team, the only teams with an advantage was the Black team and the Yellow team. Then the scores showed up next to their team names. Blue team had 5 points, Yellow team had 3 points, Red team and Black team both had -4 points.

"Seems we were the last team and the only team who thought of an early round," Paul said and the others all nodded looking pleased with themselves.

"Tomorrow your teams will need to trek to the Rainbow Waterfall. From there you will need to locate the Four Points that will tell you where your next destination is located. Knives are not permitted on killing players only to help in your advancement in the competition. Bullets must touch a person's body or clothing like pants or shirt to activate a hit. Your bullets are now activated and once hit will trigger a reaction in the muscles to clench up and seize for 3 hours. During this time you will be unable to move. It would be in your teams' best interest to hide their fallen from more attacks. Once they can move they are eligible to be hit again and another point taken or gained from them. Good luck."

The image faded and Lex turned her head to help acclimate herself to the night so she would have some sort of night vision. "What was that about the knife?"

"Earlier today I knifed someone as a kill. I wasn't sure if it would count so I shot them in the stomach just in case."

"Good thing you did or we wouldn't have that third point."

"Paul. You're pretty cute. Come here won't cha," Lex said. Paul looked confused, but got up and came to Lex. Kat giggled and Michael just stared hard his focus intently on them.

Lex wrapped her arms around Paul's neck and whispered in his ears. "How good are your eyes? Just nod your head. Are they pretty damn good?" He nodded. "Over my left shoulder up 3 inches and to the left a few feet I thought I saw something. I can't see it anymore. Just lean into me and watch."

Paul wrapped his arms around her back. She could feel his gun just at the small of her back. He took in a sharp breath letting her know he saw what she thought she saw. "Can you get him?" His eyes rolled to her in exasperation. She didn't feel the gun move, but she sure felt the recoil at her back. She sucked in her breath at the sharp pain.

They all turned hearing something fall to the ground. "Let's go see who followed us home boys and girls," Lex said as she extracted herself from Paul's embrace and walked to the fallen soldier.

When they got to roughly where the spot should have been no one was there. Lex whipped her head around and pushed Kat and Paul to their right just as a paint ball splattered against a tree. Lex spun narrowly missing her own paint ball and jumped onto a low limb of a tree. She swung herself over a bush and landed behind the woman. Lex slammed the palm of her hand into the woman's chest sending her sprawling to the ground. The girl was fast and recovered rolling away from the other members and lashing out at Lex. Lex moved with the blow so that it glanced off her, caught the girl's arms, and spun her towards Paul.

"Shoot!" Lex cried.

Paul didn't think twice before he pulled the trigger. The girl instantly dropped to the ground her body twitching from the activated paint balls.

It was a member from blue team; the bandana was wrapped around her leg, but covered in dirt and mud. She looked like she was in pain. "Here's our missing soldier. She tracked us here. What do we do?"

"Let's send her home."

Paul and Michael carried her out into the forest. Kat and Lex began cleaning up camp and taking down tents. When the men returned they were sweaty, dirty, and Lex knew not to question what had happened. The men didn't say anything just grabbed their gear and headed into the jungle. Lex made one last sweep of their camp and joined them.

Again she swore she was being followed. She could see the 3 up ahead as she trailed further and further behind to catch whoever it was that was tailing them. Lex wasn't sure what had made her stop in her tracks, but she did. She could see the others moving on, but she could not get her legs to move. "Are you from black team," she whispered.

"No," there was surprise in their voice. "You can see me?"

Lex didn't answer the question. She couldn't see them per se; she just knew they were there. The person moved and she saw the bright paint from her gun. Than suddenly he was up against her pinning her against a tree. "You're good. You're sixth sense is incredible. You're either just as good or better than me. I can't wait to find out." He pressed himself against Lex. Lex inhaled deeply. He was hard, very hard and very big from the feel of it. Lex wasn't a virgin, but it had been a long time since she had been with anyone. She found the men back home were lacking in the masculine department. She didn't want to talk about her feelings or listen to them whine about their day. She knew she would need another soldier to fulfill her and many weren't flocking to the rustic life where she took care of her aging parents and there wasn't a city for a few hundred miles.

"Lex?" Lex turned to see Kat standing a few feet away. "You okay?"

Lex turned but already the man was gone. She nodded her head and followed Kat back to the others.

They made camp for the night and Lex couldn't stop the dreams of a mysterious man touching her and licking her making her cry out for more and never giving her enough. When she awoke she was horny, achy, and very grouchy. When someone spoke to her she growled a response and her answers were short and sweet.

It didn't take long to reach the waterfall. They could hear it, but they weren't going to fall into another trap. They circled the waterfall, but couldn't find anything that resembled 4 points. It was by accident that they saw someone standing at the top of the waterfall looking off to the distance before they disappeared. It was apparent they would have to brave themselves to being hit to look out to the distance or they could try to track whoever was at the top. They decided to brave the top. If they were being track they would purposely set up a trap to their stalkers to lead them the wrong way or get them out of the game for 3 hours. Hearing a cry of pain she figured that was just what had happened.

"I'll do it," Kat said once they were near the top of the waterfall.

"Why," said Paul.

Kat just smiled and walked slowly and calmly to the top. She looked off into the distance as the wind whipped her hair back. Her breasts were pressed forward and though she was wearing pants you almost saw a skirt blowing backwards. She stayed there longer than she needed as she looked and memorized. She looked like a sex goddess and the image entranced all who stared at her. No one was going to shoot her. She turned and disappeared off the rock. Kat laughed and jumped down. "That's why," she said to Paul. Both Paul and Michael had their mouths hanging open and Lex just laughed.

"4 points is a mountain." Kat pulled out her map and pointed. Everyone got a good look at where they were heading. "There also seems to be a few places where you can be attacked. Our best bet is to get there quick, get in, get out, and move on. I'm tired of looking over my shoulder."

Everyone nodded and Michael set the pace. After a few yards Kat yelled. "Hold on. I have a plan. The show gave us some flash bangs and other harmless quote unquote grenades. I think I know how to put some of them to good use. I was up all night working on these." Kat pulled out what looked like little dirt leave mounds. She shook her head and dropped one. "Just don't step on these. Come on."

Michael set the pace once more and every yard or two Kat would stoop down and plant one of her dirt mounds onto the ground. Suddenly a huge bright light and a scream rent the air. Kat stood up smiling. "We're not being followed anymore. Come on, let's keep moving."

Michael stopped them. "We're not far from 4 points, but we need to eat, rest, and get our bearings." Lex sat on her pack and took out a MRE (meal ready to eat); or the show's version which had a lot more tasty food than the army's version. She pocketed the matches and leaned back resting for a bit. Her body tensed, but she forced herself to relax. HE was here. She slowly opened her eyes trying to pin his position.

"Come on," Michael said. She grabbed her things and gave one last glance to the underbrush before going after her team. "Shit!" Lex stopped and stared. 4 points was a marketplace under the mountain. There were people everywhere, but it seemed the black team had some how made themselves patrollers or even the guards of this place. They saw several red and blue team members twitching on the ground in a suppose cell.

"Leave this to me," Paul said and stepped out before anyone could stop him. Paul walked right up to one of the guards and began talking. Lex had to stop Michael from firing at the guard. Paul nodded went to several stands and then walked out of the market and circled back to them.

"He didn't even spot you?" Michael looked incredulous. Looking at the citizens and Paul it seemed Paul dressed the part if you thought of shabby wannabe soldier, but it was amazing what Paul did just then.

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