Susan lay awake in her tent, listening to the night sounds. The tree frogs, the crickets, the occasional owl and whippoorwill all were making a symphony just for her. She smiled and took in a deep breath. She loved camping alone. Being out in the woods, by the lake, was just so relaxing and peaceful. She hated living in the city. Everybody was fake and drama oriented. She couldn't stand it. It made her sick. She figured that's why she had no real friends. She never went out. But out here, she felt she was home. She loved hiking through the woods. She really liked swimming in the lake...skinny dipping. Weekends would see a few other campers up here, but during the week she was usually alone.

As she lay in her sleeping bag listening to the forest symphony, she reached down and touched herself. She closed her eyes as her finger played with her clit. She reached up with her other hand and began flicking and playing with one of her big nipples. She had a nice body, a little on the thick side, but she had nice curves. She often caught some of her coworkers (male and female) staring at her cleavage, since she had 40DD breasts and they just kind of popped right out there. She tried dating one of her coworkers, but he was all thumbs and couldn't really handle this much woman!

She played with her clit, and moved her fingers down across her sweet valley into her moist opening. She was already wet, of course, she was the only one she had met who could rouse her so. She rolled her nipple in her fingers as she penetrated herself with two fingers. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation as she went in and out. She masturbated hard and fast until she climaxed and she felt her creamy juices flowing around her fingers. She pulled her hand out and sucked on her fingers. Mmmmmmm...she so enjoyed having an orgasm, "I love the sensual taste of pleasure" she said to herself. Feeling relaxed following her self- pleasure, she rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning after her hike, she headed to the lake for a swim. She sat on the dock and looked around. Not seeing anybody, she stripped her clothes off and dove in. She felt the rush of cold water against her body, and the titillation was nearly orgasmic. Her nipples immediately went erect. When she came to the surface, she heard voices. She looked around in a panic, there on the dock was an older couple, probably in their late 40's, standing next to her clothes looking at her. They smiled knowingly.

Grinning from ear to ear the man said, "How's the water?"

Susan smiled nervously and said, "A little cool but it feels nice!"

The couple nodded and then they too stripped all their clothes off and jumped in. Susan was a little embarrassed. Here she was skinny dipping with an older couple. They weren't real old but probably twice her age. The woman had beautiful curvature and the man was muscular and taut. She also ashamedly noted that he was well hung, guessing him to be a good 8 to 9 inches, and lusciously thick. She chastised herself for not only looking but thinking about him, yet she could feel a little tingle of excitement between her legs.

The couple swam over close to her, introducing themselves, "Hi...I'm Sarah and this is my husband Dan."

Susan timidly responded, "Hi...I'm Susan..."

Dan said, "It's so refreshing to see someone like you that likes to swim freely. Someone who is not ashamed of her body! Do you come here often?"

Susan said, "I love to go camping and swimming every chance I get. I hate living in the city."

"We feel the same way." said Sarah. The couple played in the water, splashing each other, and laughing together. Eventually they managed to include Susan as they noted that she had been watching them. The play got rather intimate as they brushed up against each other occasionally. At one point she felt Dan's hard shaft brush against her leg, and once as he swam up close, she could feel his tip touching her buttocks. She moved slightly, but felt an electric wave of excitement. When Sarah's nipples brushed across Susan's shoulders, she pretended not to notice, but again felt a twinge of arousal. The couple didn't seem to notice or at least, they didn't draw attention to it. Susan found she was feeling more relaxed and was actually enjoying the play. They seemed like good people, with similar views likes and dislikes.

Dan said, "We haven't set up camp yet. Mind if we set up next to you?"

Susan said, "That would be great, I would love some company around the campfire!"

They climbed out of the water onto the dock. Susan's eyes traveled again to Dan's crotch. She couldn't help but stare at Dan's manhood, especially since he was partially erect. She tried to look away hoping they would not notice her staring. She wasn't sure if it was the embarrassment or if she was aroused as she felt her nipples perk up.

Sarah apparently noticed and whispered in Susan's ear, "He's quite the specimen, isn't he?" and then they both giggled. Susan was embarrassed that Sarah caught her, but Sarah certainly didn't seem to be bothered by it. Sarah took Susan's towel and dried her back. Susan was a little anxious about Sarah touching her, but soon rationalized that they had touched a few times in the water, and so made herself relax to be more comfortable. Sarah had a soft touch and it actually felt rather pleasant. They dried each other off and got dressed. Then they sat on the dock and talked about all kinds of things. Sarah told her about moving away from the city long ago, they they lived rather close to the lake and came often. Dan watched as Sarah and Susan laughed and chattered together. He found himself staring at Susan's breasts. Sarah caught him and just smiled.

Dan said, "Well, we better go get our camp set up before it gets dark. Would you join us later for dinner, Susan?"

Susan nodded and said, "I'd love to!"

Dan and Sarah had a huge canvass tent almost like a circus tent with a tall center pole. Dan called it a marquis tent and said that it was typically used in period correct gatherings like a renaissance fair or a pre 1840's rendezvous. They had torch lighting around it, making it seem even more rustic. Inside was a real bed, queen sized. They had a table and chairs, a small dresser, and a wash basin and stand, everything set up almost like a small cabin. Susan was very impressed with their setup. It wasn't like a primitive camp. They sat by the campfire for a while talking as Dan grilled some steaks and had some aluminum foil wrapped potatoes in the coals.

They had dinner inside the huge tent. There were candles lit, and some soft music playing as they ate. They ended up going through two bottles of red wine. They were laughing and talking, and getting to know each other. Susan had never had so much fun or felt so comfortable with anybody like this before. Dan and Sarah began to dance to the music as Susan watched. They were so sensual, holding each other close, looking in each other's eyes and kissing. Sarah softly sang to Dan along with the music. Susan envied their relationship and hoped one day she too would find the right guy.

They all had drank quite a bit, and Susan was feeling a little tipsy. She noted that both Dan and Sarah were a little drunk themselves. Sarah sat down and Dan asked Susan if she would like to dance. Susan glanced at Sarah who gave her a little nod, so she jumped at the chance. Dan was a good leader and they moved smoothly together to a nice slow tune. Dan was holding her other close and she could feel his stiff shaft up against her. Susan was slightly startled, but was enjoying the dance, and wanted to be polite. Was it the wine, or the music, she wasn't sure, but she was beginning to feel a bit aroused herself.

Dan stepped back a bit and held Susan slightly away from him so that her nipples brushed ever so slightly against his chest. It felt almost electric and it caused her nipples to stand out erect, which Dan noticed. Sarah came up behind Susan and embraced her from the rear and the three of them swayed to the music together. Oddly enough, Susan was enjoying their attention. She could feel Sarah's breasts pressing against her back and she liked it. Dan pulled her closer so her breasts were pressed hard against his firm chest. She closed her eyes as they swayed back and forth. She opened them and looked up at Dan. He was looking down at her and smiling. Then he bent down and kissed her. Susan was feeling so romantic, and felt as one with them, the kiss felt natural, and the embrace felt so good. As she relaxed into the kiss, she could feel Sarah kissing the back of her neck.

Sarah reached under and up Susan's loose blouse and cupped Susan's braless and perky breasts. Susan startled for just a moment. She had never experienced nor wanted to try any type of homosexual activity before, but then she felt that this was not really lesbian, it was different. It was stimulating. She moaned into Dan's mouth as their tongues wrestled and Sarah toyed with her nipples while sucking on her neck. The three swayed back and forth with the music and made their way over to the bed. Dan sat on the edge and Sarah pulled Susan's blouse open, holding her arms back as if offering Dan Susan's voluptuous breasts. Dan cupped her exposed breasts and began sucking on one then the other. He teased each nipple with his tongue. Sarah stepped back and stripped her clothes off then began taking Susan's shorts down. All Susan could do was close her eyes and moan. Dan pulled his shorts down as he sucked on her nipples. Sarah pressed her bare breasts against Susan's back and Susan knew things were leading to a sexual experience. She decided to let the wine lead her, let this happen. It all felt so good, so right, so loving.

Sarah embraced Susan once more, then gripped her shoulders and turned her around, pushing her onto Dan's lap. Susan spread her legs and straddled Dans lap, giving her more stability. She could feel his huge hard cock pressing against her and she began to feel excited anticipation, recalling how he looked when she saw him naked on the dock. Sarah pulled Susan's face toward her and buried it into her own cleavage. Susan embraced her and snuggled in feeling love and warmth radiating from Sarah.

Dan wiggled until the tip of his pulsing hard shaft was pressing against Susan's moist opening. She was very wet. Susan leaned forward a bit lifting to help his tip enter her opening. As she did, Sarah pulled Susan closer and tighter to her bosom. Susan, excited, ground herself onto Dan and feeling him slide easily inside her, she pushed down until he was all the way inside. She let out a muffled groan into Sarah's cleavage, and Sarah pushed one of her breast toward Susan's mouth. Susan took the hint, and took the nipple fully around the areola into her mouth and suckled like a babe.

Dan reached around and cupped Susan's breasts. He squeezed gently at first then tightened his grip. He used his fingers and thumbs to pinch her nipples. Susan jumped a little and gasped, but she liked it. Susan never experienced the pleasurable side of pain before. She had always been a vanilla kind of girl and her previous lovers were all pretty traditional and mild. Dan, using Susan's breasts like handles, began lifting her and putting her back down onto his lap. Wanting to increase the sensation, Susan began bouncing up and down on Dan, riding him. She let go Sarah's nipple and concentrated on her and Dan's rhythm, and enjoying the deep thrusts. Sarah knelt down in front of them and between their legs. She bent her head down and started licking and rubbing her lips on Dan's shaft as it went in and out of Susan and then alternated between Dan's cock, and sucking on Susan's clit, following them both as Susan went up and down.

Susan was lost in the sensations, high on the sexual excitement. She had never experienced anything like this, and while a part of her was telling her this isn't right, her arousal was telling her shut the fuck up and go with the flow. Susan was so peaked she thought her head was about to explode. Sarah was very good with her tongue, and Dan's cock was so hard, so big it filled her so full and thrilled her to her core. Susan finally exploded, but did not come down as she climaxed again and again and again, her body shuddering with every climax.

Sarah moaned her own enjoyment as she loved tasting Susan and Dan at the same time. She thought Susan was absolutely delicious. Her tongue danced with Susan's clit and then slid up and down Dan's shaft as Susan rode him. She pulled back and gave Dan and glance. Understanding, Dan held Susan still and leaned her back Giving Sarah her opportunity. He then began to toy with Susan's nipples as Sarah slid her tongue next to Dan's thick hard cock into Susan. Using her fingers, Sarah continued stimulating Susan's clit keeping her arousal high and causing her to stay in climax. Susan's eyes grew wide and she cried out at the exhilaration. She grabbed two fistfuls of Sarah's hair as Sarah's tongue fucked her along with Dan's dick.

After Susan came several times, Sarah stood up and lifted Susan up. Dan laid on the bed and Sarah straddled him cowgirl style, then helped Susan straddle his face so they were facing each other. Both started rocking back and forth on Dan. His tongue was buried deep in Susan as she closed her eyes and moaned. Sarah loved feeling his thick cock sliding in and out as she rode him. Sarah and Susan both reached out and embraced each other. They started pinching each others' nipples as they kissed each other. Susan had never kissed another woman before, but she needed the kissing right now, she wanted to be one with them, and to feel the whole experience. It wasn't like kissing a man who was trying to wrestle and dominate her tongue. Instead, it was like their tongues were dancing together, complimenting each other softly exploring, imploring, and comforting in sisterhood.

Susan and Sarah rode on Dan, holding each other, like they were riding soft waves together. Susan and Sarah held each other, kissed each other and continued to caress each other's nipples with each wave. They complimented each other perfectly as they rode Dan. The sensation of Sarah's nipples brushing against Susan's nipples as Dan's tongue fucked her was overwhelming. Susan came several times, soaking Dan's face, as Dan suckled and licked each explosion. Sarah kissed Susan again as Dan's thick hard cock slid in and out. She groaned into Susan's mouth as she rode Dan and squirted all over his cock.

Susan and Sarah climbed off Dan. Dan climbed off the bed and stood by the side. He grabbed Sarah's ankles and pulled her over to the edge on her stomach. Sarah grabbed Susan's hips and pulled her towards her, lowering her face between her legs. Dan stood behind Sarah and grabbed her hips. He slowly rubbed his big cock against her wet pussy and ass. Then he slowly penetrated her ass. Sarah moaned a low animalistic sound as she licked and sucked on Susan's wet sweet pussy. Susan reached down and grabbed Sarah's hair, pulling her face deep between her legs. Dan pounded Sarah's ass hard and deep, his fingers digging into her hips as his excitement built. The harder he pumped her, the more furious she ate Susan's pussy. Susan squirmed as Sarah's tongue did things she never knew was possible. Sarah reached up and played with Susan's clit as she fucked her with her tongue. Dan cried out a low guttural sound indicating he was about to shoot his hot load into Sarah. All three came at the same time. Susan came all over Sarah's face, Sarah climaxed and Dan shot his load. Their juices mingled and ran down her legs.

The three crawled onto the bed side by side and lay, breathing heavily. Susan was in heaven, she had never experienced so much stimulation and had never climaxed so hard or so much before. She felt she could hardly breath. There just was nothing she could say to what she had just experienced.

Dan got up and walked over to the tent flap and looked out. Nobody else was around. He looked back at the girls and said, " about a moonlight swim?"

They all grabbed a towel, wrapped themselves and headed toward the dock. It was a warm, but not too stuffy night. The sky was clear and the moon was full, casting a silvery glow over the landscape and the calm lake water. They walked out to the dock, dropped their towels and jumped in. The water was cool and both Sarah and Susan's nipples stood erect. They splashed and played and relaxed in the cool water. Dan reached out and pulled Susan close to him. Sarah swam up behind Dan and held him from behind. He could feel their breasts on his chest and his back and his excitement started to grow. Susan reached down with one hand and started stroking Dan. She could feel him starting to grow and she found herself wanting him again. She wanted this night and her orgasms to go on forever. Sarah reached between his legs and cupped his balls, gently squeezing. Dan kissed Susan. A gentle, long and deep kiss that made her melt in his arms. She drew back and turned around in the water. They were in chest high water so she could stand without treading. Dan reached out and pulled Susan back to him, her nice round butt pressing up against his stiff manhood. He reached up and cupped both her breasts.

Susan moaned and said, "Yes...please..." Sarah stood next to Susan and, she too bent over. Both Susan and Sarah's butts were facing Dan as he plunged his cock deep into Susan and while reaching over to smack Sara's butt cheeks. Sarah moved to be in front of Susan, supporting her as Dan penetrated and pushed hard into her. He plunged hard into Susan fucking her so hard her breasts swayed wildly underneath her in rhythm to his thrusts. Then he pulled out of her vagina, Susan pushed back toward him wanting more, and so he plunged it into her ass. Susan squealed her surprise, but continued to pump with him until her orgasm came so hard, she went limp.

Sarah pulled Susan, giving her a quick embrace, then turned her around, helping to make sure she was steady on her feet, she grabbed onto Susan's shoulders, and backed toward Dan. Dan reached up and grabbed Sarahs nipples underneath as he pulled her to him and plowed into her over and over again until they both finished, coming together with a loud screaming climax. They held to each other until their legs were steady

Dan finally pulled out, washed himself in the water and said, "Let's head back to the tent for round 3, shall we ladies?" Susan could feel herself tingling at the thought. She giggled and they grabbed their towels and ran toward the tent.

Back at the tent, Sarah knelt down on the ground. Susan, following her lead, knelt down next to her. Dan walked up to both of them and they both started licking and kissing on Dan's hard cock and his balls. He placed a hand on each of their heads, leaned his head back and moaned loudly. He could feel Sarah's head bobbing back and forth a few times, then it would switch over to Susan's head. They took turns sucking hard on his large cock until he grew hard and stiff Dan looked down and watched them take turns sucking on his hard shaft. He grabbed Sarah's head with both hands and fucked her mouth hard and then grabbed Susan's head and fucked hers. He kept going back and forth between the two.

He pulled out and reached down, taking their hands and pulling them up to their feet. They stood up and Dan led them to the bed. Susan and Sarah laid on their backs on the bed, side by side with their legs dangling over the side of the bed.. Dan stood by the edge of the bed reached out with both hands and began playing with both their clits. Sarah and Susan turned their heads to look at each other and then kissed oh so delicately. They touched each other and pinched each others nipples as Dan used two fingers from both hands to fuck them at the same time. Then he pulled his fingers out of Susan and stood between her legs. He thrust his hard throbbing dick deep inside her as he finger fucked Sarah. Both the women were moaning and groaning as Dan made both of them cum and squirt all over him.

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