tagInterracial LoveSusan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 07

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 07


Dreams of BlackPreg; more Black cocks for Susan

Down stairs, I jerked off three times and was finally able to get to sleep at about 3 a.m. While the noises from upstairs had diminished quite a bit, I drifted off to the rhythmic creak of their bed.

I'm pretty sure I drifted off. Strange dreams flitted in and out of my unconsciousness. Once I saw my wife in a small shack lying naked on an old wooden table. I was watching from above as a Black man in a top hat and mask, standing between her legs, was pumping an amazingly large cock into her. At the other end her head was tilted back and off the table as another long black cock was in her mouth. On both sides of the table were more Black men - maybe three or four on each side - and she jerked off two of them. Even as I watched, the two she was milking with her hands started spurting large shots of cum onto her tits. And as the dream shifted slightly, her body was now coated in their cum. There were large globs that slowly slid off her breasts onto her belly. The cum on her belly slid down to her shaved pussy, trickling down both sides of the large cock invading her cunt, and I could see that as the Voodoo man pulled out, the cum from her belly was coating his monster shaft. With each thrust into my wife, the cum on his cock was being forced into her pussy. In my confused dream state I began to worry. And as I worried, the men beside her continued to shoot their cum all over her. And it all seemed to be making its way down her body, onto the Black cock, and inside of her. I worried that she wouldn't be able to hold it all.

Then I noticed a strange thing. Her belly was getting fatter. It was becoming round and swollen. Soon it was was so stretched and round the cum on her tits wasn't able to make its way towards her cunt and was dripping off her side. But her belly was still getting larger and I was about to scream for the masked man to stop.

But the dream shifted again and though it was still the same shack and old table that my wife was lying on, the figure between her legs now was dressed as a doctor. The figure at her head looked vaguely like me, and I was holding her hand. A crowd of Black farm hands stood on each side. The angle changed and soon I was looking from the same vantage point as the doctor into the widely spread legs of my wife. Her pussy was just a big loose hole, a pool of cum at the entrance. But the doctor was urging her to push and I soon saw a glistening black shape appear from within her depths. It got larger and larger until the doctor reached out and gently cupped his hands under her canal.

I was about to scream again when the entire scene vanished.

Sometime later It seemed Susan and I were walking down crowded, narrow streets between cobbled-together shacks of old boards and metal. Everyone was black - ragged children in groups playing games, mothers with babies, young men with large bulges in their colourful pants, old Black men sitting on benches playing checkers. Susan was completely naked, and as we walked all eyes turned towards her, appreciating what they saw as she passed. Sometimes a man would reach out and feel her tits, or another would slide his fingers up into her dripping cunt. One woman squeezed her breasts. A little boy reached up to try to play with her nipple.

Her pussy was wetter now and I could see the drops splat onto the dusty ground, little puffs of dust marking the spot. She was panting and one hand played with a nipple.

"We're almost there," she gasped. "That's the place, look. It's them."

I saw where she was pointing. A shambles of a shack in front of which an old man stood with the door open. His bulge was as big as any I'd seen, and I saw Susan's eyes get large at the sight. We slowed as we approached. A teenager in ragged, torn clothes was walking beside her and I noticed he edged in behind her and reached down between her legs, sliding possibly three fingers up into her forcefully and bringing her to her tiptoes. In this manner he steered her towards the open door of the shack, releasing her from his cum-covered fingers as the old man took her arm and guided her into the darkness within.

Although the building seemed no bigger than a small room on the outside, my brief glimpse through the door showed a darkness within which I saw the shapes of probably 50 men. It was too gloomy to see any details except for two mattresses piled on top of each other in the middle of the place. I started to go in but the old man stopped me and the teenager pulled me back as the door closed completely.

There were no windows on the front where they'd gone in. The teenager was walking around the side so I followed him. He kept going and in a moment we were behind the shack on another street. There was a back door, but now I realized that this was actually the front. Men were walking in and out and there were signs that read 'Free White Pussy.' Another sign said "Blacks Only" and a large Black man sat on a stool outside. I waited.

But the dream shifted and her old fuck partner Dave was walking out of the building with Susan behind him. She was naked and eyes were turning towards her. But Dave took her hand and led her through the throng of people as they reached out and felt her body. When they were finally clear, I noticed my wife's body was covered in dirty hand prints. I ran to catch up and Dave smiled.

"Well, that was quite some fun in there. Why didn't you join us?"

"The sign said Blacks only," I stuttered.

"What sign," Dave asked.

I turned and looked back at the building. There was no sign. No Black man on a stool. The only sign said "500-man Interracial Gangbang' Filming today."

I looked back at them and noticed that my wife's belly was swollen again.

"Doctor says twins," Dave laughed. "I just don't know how many Black babies one white woman can have - especially at her age."

Just as I was about to ask how many she already had, the two figures began to fade. Dave was bending her over a market table and was guiding his long cock into her ass.

I sat up with a start and realized the radio was playing and the sun was well up. It was past 7:30 and I had to be to work in less than an hour. No noises from upstairs.

I was tired. At noon the farmer showed up at my office. She was a bit older than me, but quite attractive in a tough, farm-like way. I could tell she was nervous and offered her some coffee. She sat back in the padded chair and took a couple of sips.

"You see, the thing is, well, you know I've hired Jamaicans through this government program, right" she asked.

I nodded and told her I sort of knew some of them.

"Well, thing is, nobody much appreciates me bringing them here and taking jobs away from locals. But it's been so successful for me, my bank is urging me to continue and the agency that developed the program called yesterday and they're saying it's gone so well they'd like to expand it."

I know I raised my eyebrows at that point. But I couldn't quite see where it was going or what it had to do with me. So I asked.

"Right," she said, drawing in a deep breath that pushed what I noticed were rather nice, firm breasts against the material of her T-shirt. I couldn't see nipples because she was wearing a shirt that was only half opened.

"We run a farm, but we also run greenhouses year round," she explained and I nodded. "Because of some crop failures in the southern US and in Mexico, we have good markets for the time-being and could keep going full-force for the next eight, nine months. The crew here now will have to go back to Jamaica, just because of the deal we already had. But the agency can get another crew here a week before William's boys leave. The agency's talking about 15 guys but the house only holds 12, so I need to find bunks for three more guys. That was one thing I wanted to talk to you about. Maybe you have room for them. You'd be payed a good fee for room and board. William says you have two spare rooms and a carriage house. And there will be a week when all of William's boys and the new crew will be here at the same time. I was hoping you could help out for that week as well."

My heart began thumping. What in the world was this going to mean? I gulped.

I nodded.

"That's right. We have a big house," I said. "But what's the rest of it? It's not just about finding them somewhere to live. You could rent space anywhere."

This time she nodded.

"Right. Well you're pretty well known and have some influence. If you supported this, maybe others would back off. People complain, you know. There was even one minister who preached from the pulpit that his flock should boycott me because I brought in offshore labour. Thing is, nobody here wants to work more than long enough to start their pogey cheques. Then they leave me high and dry. This kind of work's beneath them."

I told her I knew the situation and she could count on my support. But I was still curious about the other reason she was seeking my help.

She got to that next.

"The other thing is that the agency wants to add another component to the program," she said. "A lot of these guys can't read and write very well. Some can't read at all. They want to supply an onsite literacy teacher. William told me your wife has the credentials and has already been helping some of them."

I nodded and started to tell her that Susan might have the credentials, but had never done it professionally. She cut me off.

"They provide the books, all the course work. All she'd have to do is arrive at the farm house every morning and conduct classes until mid-afternoon. The way I have the schedule worked out, there will be four guys off every day. So she'd only have four students. Should be easy."

I told her I'd talk to Susan about it.

"This is important," she said. "Without the teacher, they might not go for it."

I promised I would convey that to my wife.

"If she has any worries, she can call me, or talk to the agency. I can tell you a few things right now that I'm sure you might ask at some point," she said. "For one thing, I think your wife would be very happy to know that all the men selected for this program must pass medical testing. No diseases, no illnesses. No HIV positive. No AIDS. They all have to be healthy in that regard and they all have to be big and muscular to do the work I need done."

At this last she was leaning forward slightly and seemed to be locking my eyes in her gaze.

"You can tell your wife she has nothing to worry about."

I looked away first. Perhaps guiltily.

"This crew will be here for four months and will be replaced by another crew after that. I might be able to spring for additional housing by then so the plan is to try for 20 guys."

I thought she was done, but just as I was about to say something, she cut me off.

"Oh, and I can keep William on as foreman," she said. "He'll divide his duties between the farm house and the greenhouses. He practically begged me, but when I thought about it, I realized he was right. He can sort of initiate them into the local culture. Sorry to spring all this on you so suddenly, but it was only yesterday that I heard from the agency and they wanted me to move quickly."

Suddenly I remembered William's smile of the night before.

She left shortly after that and I promised to talk to Susan.

Everything else that afternoon seemed surreal. I knew Susan would jump at this latest development. There was no real need to ask her if she was okay with it. But for me, after suffering the mixed thrill/agony of the past six weeks or so, I wasn't sure if I could continue. As long as there was an end in sight, I was okay - more than okay. But this put the light way beyond the end of the tunnel. It would be a year and who knows what would happen after that? My heart pounded at the Black-owned idea. I guess it was such a cock-hardening turn-on because I truly couldn't get my brain around it. On the other hand, it scared the hell out of me. The thing with Susan is that she knows that allowing me to fuck her while she's taking on her Bulls diminishes the whole experience. And I knew she was right. But all I wanted was some sort of middleground.

I left work early and stopped by the greenhouse retail outlet where I found the owner sticking sale prices on little plastic tubs of annuals. She seemed surprised to see me and her look was questioning.

"Well," she said. "Did you talk to her?"

I didn't answer her directly. I don't like to lie.

"Everything's a go," I smiled. "I guess we just have to sort out the pay scale, starting date that sort of thing. What if Susan stops by tomorrow and gets all the details? You two can discuss the whole situation. Reach an agreement."

She looked relieved.

"Oh, she'll be very happy with the pay," she said. "Seems like there's somebody up there at the agency really bucking for this to work. And there's all sorts of other options in this pilot project that could come into effect if it looks like it's working."

I was curious about those options, but just then one of her clerks walked in asking about prices. I bid my farewell and headed back to the car. Yes, my wife would jump at this turn of events, especially the part of opening our home, and her legs, to possibly three live-in Black studs.

When I got home, James and my wife were still fucking. I went upstairs in the off chance the bedroom door was open, and to my delight, it was. Susan was on the hands and knees backed up right to the edge of the bed, her tits hanging and swinging, her head on the sheets, with James standing on the floor behind her, ramming his cock into her as she punctuated each thrust with a combination moan/groan. And at first I assumed he was using her cunt, but as I shifted my position slightly, I could see her long cunt lips hanging and her slick, loose hole completely void of cock. Cum dripped from that well-used orifice, so I knew it had gotten a workout earlier in the afternoon. But that's not what James was using to relieve himself this time. James was in her ass and she was taking it to the hilt.

I honestly don't know if a woman gets any pleasure from getting cocks in her ass. The countless thousands of stories out there suggest that they do, but I always suspected they were part of a self-perpetuating myth kept going by us guys who seem to thing fucking ass is a great thing to do. I've never done it myself, and this was the first time I'd seen my wife take one. Granted, Dave had told me many times that my wife came as easily with a cock in her ass as in her cunt, but I'd always been a bit skeptical. James settled the question once and for all as Susan came three times in the next 10 minutes and the amount of pussy juice that was being generated to lubricate a cock that wasn't there was plentiful. It dripped on the edge of the bed like she was a leaky faucet.

I couldn't quite see his cock in her at first, but as they moved I did catch a glimpse, and then for a minute or so I saw his massive rod entering her red and stretched ass. In the end, when he came, he drove all the way in, shuddered a few times and, I presume, let loose. When she knew he was cuming, Susan relaxed and her body sort of sank to the bed. Finally she allowed James' cock to plop out, and I could see the gaping hole still wide open to the circumferance of his cock. Milky white globs and thick strands of his cum could be seen deep inside, and as the hole slowly closed, some of the jism inside was forced up and out to trickle down and into her open cunt.

James slid onto the bed and positioned himself so his softening Black cock was close to my wife's face. Instinctively she raised her head and took the slick shaft in her mouth, cleaning off all the evidence of their coupling and bringing the mammoth cock back to rigidity.

They hadn't noticed me standing in the doorway. I was tempted to see what would happen next but I had an idea James would make it a hat-trick - cunt, ass, mouth. So I went downstairs, turned on the computer, and checked emails.

The was one from Dave. He and Susan had fucked so many times I couldn't even have guessed how often. Nine or 10 years on a fairly regular basis. But he'd been out of the country the last six months and was wondering what was up with us. He was the guy who really helped Susan lose all her inhibitions and we'd had many a discussion on how far to go with Susan and sex - and she'd been right there when we talked about it. It was sort of a game to see what her reaction would be - and half serious.

We'd had plenty of speculative talks. We'd considered Susan doing porn movies with Dave setting up websites and DVD distribution. We'd discussed tattoos. We'd considered body piercings (Dave wanted Susan to have nipple, clit, and pussy lip piercings). Dave and I once half-heartedly tried to talk her into housewife prostitution. I suggested dogs and horses (she chucked a mug at me; Dave got a thoughtful look on his face). We talked of Dave knocking her up. We talked about a breeding party. Dave said live sex acts, to which Susan looked thoughtful. We had often talked about interracial sex as though it was a remotely possible fantasy. And while Susan usually dominates sexually, I'd seen her dominated a half dozen times and there was no doubt she got off on it. In a few cases I'd seen her not only dominated, but utterly humiliated - and she thrived on it.

There was a time she said she'd never suck and swallow. There was a time she would not do anal. There was a time when she wouldn't let me take pictures of her fucking. And video had once been a real no-no. She did them all now and didn't think twice about it.

I emailed him back with a major long letter telling of Susan's Black cock frenzy, and as I hit 'send' I heard Susan and James coming down the stairs.

"Hi Hon," she said. "James can't stay unfortunately. William wants everyone back at the farm. Some kind of meeting."

She was wearing the usual man's shirt, unbuttoned, and the sight of her pussy was mouthwatering. Standing as she was, I couldn't see into her wet depths, but the large cunt lips were engorged and hung down and open, evidence of where James had had his cock last. And the small drops of cum collecting at the lowest point of those lips, and dropping (unnoticed by her) to the floor were evidence that he'd managed to shoot another load into my wife's body. I had to admit, these guys had stamina.

"Yeh, there's been some developments at the greenhouse," I said. "A bit of a long story."

Susan got a worried look on her face.

"There's nothing wrong, is there," she asked. "Nobody's hurt or anything?"

"No," I said, getting up and heading to the living room. She followed me and I plunked myself down on the sofa. She sat crosslegged on the big armchair, the position opening her up wide and showing me the red and swollen evidence of Black cocks in her ass. I must have stared because she looked down, gave a little nod and a smile.

"Things changed the other night with William," she explained. "After we went upstairs he seemed obsessed with my ass - and believe me, he has a big cock. And today James did the same thing."

I nodded, asked her if she was okay with it. She said sure, it was fun.

Then I started telling her of the new batch of Jamaicans, the literacy classes, and that she would be teaching them. Her eyes got wider and wider as I went on with the details. I think I was watching excitement build. Her hand strayed to her pussy and she played with her clit more aggressively as the story unfolded.

"Four guys a day - plus William some days," I said. "You'll basically be a whore. And at this point, we don't know what any of these guys will be like. Once it starts, there probably won't be any stopping it."

She didn't say anything. She hadn't flinched at the word 'whore,' a word she used to hate. I think over the years she came to realize that she really was a whore - that her body was meant for the one purpose of servicing men at the same time as she derived great pleasure from the act. When I think of the word 'whore' there is no negative meaning to the word. And a 'whore' to me is a woman who has shed all the things her mother told her and has embraced the pure animal lust that is a natural part of being human. A whore uses men for her own pleasure, just the way men have always used women - and you don't hear men being called whores.

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