Susan Ch. 01


After all doing errands, Susan Dewitt couldn’t wait to finally get home. But even after she gets home, she still has to make dinner, do the laundry, help her daughter with her math homework, proofread her son’s research paper, and take care of her newborn baby. She wanted her husband, Daniel, to help her out, but his excuse was that there was a game on tonight that he couldn’t miss. All she wanted him to do was to just watch the kids for just a few hours but he couldn’t even do that. He has been calling her cell phone nearly every fifteen minutes before she finally shut the damn thing off. It was 7pm and already dark.

She suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom, and with the house being another fifteen minutes away she couldn’t hold it in. She drove into the first gas station her and got the key from the gas attendant. The gas station bathroom was not like she imagined, it was cleaner than most other gas station bathrooms. It was still a little dirty and messed up, but still better than most.

After she finished her business and washed her hands she looked at herself in the spotty mirror above the sink and smiled at herself. She was 38 years old, but still had the body of a 30 year old despite having three kids, four if you count her husband. She had long dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, 5’5” a great smile that everyone always comments on, and a body that she always keeps in good shape through her heavy workload at home, and attending the gym three days a week.

Her favorite asset about her body was her 32dd breasts. They are still as firm and plump as they were when she was a teenager. She liked the way that some men would try not to look at her chest, especially when she wears something low-cut and bends down to pick something up. She even likes the way her 18 year old son tries to sneak a peak at her cleavage or when she breast feeds the baby. She knows it’s wrong to tease her son this way, but she can’t help having fun by playing with his mind.

Susan loves her life, her kids, and despite how arrogant and stubborn her husband is, she loves him too. But the only problem she has is that she is incredibly sexually frustrated. The sex between her and her husband has become less and less frequent in the last few years. She hadn’t had an orgasm by him in 10 months, and she was getting tire of faking her orgasms for her husband and giving herself real ones in the shower. She even tried to spice things up in bed with her husband with trashier lingerie, sex games, roll playing, but he wasn’t into a lot of that. Basically it was him on top of her humping for fifteen minutes. And she was the only one doing the oral sex between them; he refused to do the same for her. Sometimes she wonders why she married him in the first place. She has suspected him of having an affair, but can’t see any real proof.

She picked up her purse and bathroom key that she placed on the floor and opened the door to leave. But as soon as she opened the door it flew right into her face and knocked her down. A large man with a gun was standing above her. He was about 6 feet tall, wore jeans, a black sweater and a black ski mask.

“Don’t say a word,” he said. “Now give me your purse.”

She did as he ordered. He took her purse and emptied the contents into the sink and rifled through them.

“Where’s you money?” He yelled at her.

“I don’t have anymore,” she said while whimpering on the floor. Tears where now forming on her face. “I did a lot of errands today.”

“That’s bullshit, you’ve got to have something.”

“I’d don’t have anymore money, I swear.” He looked at her up and down. Her skirt ripped when she hit the ground, exposing her smooth slender legs. He can also tell how big her breasts were under her blouse and it got him excited.

“Stand up,” he ordered and she did as he told her. “Now take off your clothes.”

“Please don’t rape me,” she cried. “I have a husband and three children. One’s a newborn—“

“Shut Up!” He yelled. “I’m not going to rape you. But because you have no money, I might as well get a free peek show out of you. Now Strip!”

Susan did as he told her. She first took off her blouse revealing her white, lacy, push-up bra that extenuated her breast size. Then she took off her skirt to reveal a matching pair of panties. She can see the sinister smile and dirty look that the mugger is giving her from behind the ski mask. She took off her bra but unclasping it from the front. Her breasts fell down a couple inches and slightly spread apart. Her nipples were the sized of half-dollar coins and were sticking up from the cold weather in the bathroom. She then took off her panties revealing her shaved pussy and her well-toned ass.

“Nice,” the Mugger said. “You have a very nice body.”

“You looked; can you please let me go now?” Susan begged.

“Not just yet,” he replied.

He started to undo his belt buck and pants zipper.

”You said you weren’t going to rape me.”

”That’s right, but you are still going to suck my dick.”

”NO!” she yelled.

The Mugger grabbed her by the throat held her up against the wall and put the gun to her temple.

“You are going to suck my cock and swallow every drop that comes out of it, or your children will no longer have a mother. Is that understood?”

Susan nodded and he let her go. She got on her knees and pulled down his pants and underwear. His erection popped out, and to her surprise it was incredibly huge. She guessed that it must have been at least 8 inches long and 2inches thick.

”Yeah, I know it’s impressive. Now get to work.”

She was very apprehensive at first. She started stroking the cock at first with her hand. She closed her eyes and prepared to take it in her mouth. First she put the head of it to her lips, and then slowly took it into her mouth. Because she was scared and nervous, she wasn’t doing a good a job as she normally would on her husband. She pumped the cock in and out of her mouth very slowly with much trepidation.

“Yeah, that’s it you little slut,” said the mugger. “You like that don’t know. Now you could do better than that, I know you can.”

He put the gun to her head again. She trembled at first from the cold steal pressing against her skull. She did her best to forget about the gun, the fact that she might die, and pretend that it was her husbands cock to do a better job. She sealed her lips around the shaft and worked her tongue around it as she rapidly pumped it into her mouth. She had to admit that she was beginning to enjoy this. His cock tasted much better than her husbands. After fifteen minutes of this, the Mugger shot his load right into her mouth and she swallowed every drop as he ordered her to do.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

She didn’t answer. She didn’t even show that she actually liked it near the end to give him the satisfaction. She grabbed her clothes and stood up.

”What are you doing?” the Mugger asked.

“I’m getting dressed,” she said.


”Because I did as you wanted, I thought—“

”You thought wrong bitch.”

He grabbed her and threw her to the ground on her back. He got on top of her between her legs.

”No, please don’t do this.”

”Shut up,” he said. Again he put the gun to her head. “I’m going to fuck you whether you like it or not. And if you scream, I’ll shoot you, you understand me?”

She nodded. He positioned the head of his cock against the lips of her pussy and shoved it in without warning. Susan felt a large searing pain as he entered her. She has never had one that big in her. As he rapidly pumped himself inside her, Susan had to close her eyes tight and clench her teeth to keep herself from screaming from the incredible pain that she was feeling. She hadn’t felt pain down there so badly since she gave birth to her newborn baby three months earlier. Despite his threat of shooting her, she still struggled to get him off of her but he was too big and strong for her.

But as she was getting used to the pain, she was also feeling the stimulated. The Mugger fucked her the way she wanted to be fucked for months now. She began to embrace the thrusts and grinding of his massive cock in much smaller body. She liked the way he massaged her breast and was licking her ear. Finally she achieved the orgasm that she’s been wanting for several months now. And it was more intense and powerful than all of her previous ones.

Soon after, the Mugger got off of her, went to the toilet and shot his load there. He zipped up his pants and opened the door to leave.

“Now, we are done,” he said and closed the door.

Susan layed there for a while catching her breath. She felt violated, and very much disgusted with herself. But at the same time she enjoyed everything that had happened her. She stood up, got dressed, cleaned herself up, and left the bathroom. When she returned the key, the gas attendant looked at the clock and wondered what was took her so long in there.

Back home, she saw two pizza boxes on the kitchen table. Her kids were upstairs in there room doing there homework, and her husband was surprising in the laundry room doing the laundry.

”Hi, honey,” he said with a smile. “What took you so long?”

She gave him the excuse that she cooked up in the car on the way over.

”I was helping somebody jumpstart her car, but neither one of us knew how to use the jumper cables.”

“Really,” her husband chuckled. “You could’ve called me to ask how.”

”I didn’t realize that until I was driving back home. Are you doing the laundry?”

”Yeah, I felt stupid before for bothering on the phone so many times today. So I got the kids pizza for dinner, helped them with their homework and am now doing the laundry.”

”Thanks honey,” she said with a smile. Just when she thought she had him figured out, he does this to her.

She heard the baby crying. She went upstairs to breastfeed him. As she was doing that she thought of what happened at the gas station bathroom. She felt something that she never felt before, and she knew that she wanted more or it.

To be continued...

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