tagBDSMSusan Serves Her Mistress

Susan Serves Her Mistress


This continues the story started in "Susan Finds Her Mistress" with Susan now exploring the depths of her submission to Mistress Gretchen.

A big thank you to mollycactus. She was a huge contributor to this story and an inspiration for this adventure.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

It was the start of a new school year. I was assigned again to teach Constitutional law, and was not only looking forward to a new set of students, but also the return of Susan Doherty, a submissive I'd been training the prior school year. My other submissive, Nate, had transferred to another school to concentrate on maritime law, so this year it was going to be just Susan and me.

Susan and I stayed in touch during the summer. I spent most of the summer in Cape Cod at my parent's house, mostly sailing and reconnecting with my summertime friends. The lazy days on the water were often spent thinking about Susan, and what other acts of perversion we could dream up. We discovered that Susan was both an exhibitionist and a submissive, which was a powerful combination. Our best times were when I could publicly humiliate her and then privately have the best sex of our lives.

Susan was returning from Dallas for her junior year, studying political science. I told her that her best choice was law school and she agreed. I was going to help her study for her LSAT, and of course provide a glowing recommendation when she applied her senior year. Susan was bright as a whip, and enthusiastic for whatever I could dream up for the two of us. Did I mention that she was a saucy little minx as well? She had shoulder length blonde hair, and her soft, curvy body was ideal for her insatiable appetite for sex.

Susan had actually stalked me last year, trying to find a way for the two of us to meet. She finally tracked me down in the law library, where she "accidentally" spilled coffee on my research papers. She immediately confessed to her flimsy excuse for an introduction, but in the end it was I that was grateful for her forwardness. I have had a number of male subs, but she was the first woman, and now having spent a year with her, I've decided that I prefer being with women.

Even though I'm in my mid-30's and Susan is in her early 20's, I haven't dismissed the notion of a long-term relationship with her. Aside from our difference in ages, she's really everything I've wanted in a lifetime companion. This summer apart cemented my feelings for Susan. I really missed her. Her youthful attitude and good looks put a charge into my life that was otherwise absent. Even though the summer was tranquil and relaxing, I truly felt as if a piece of me was missing. Her correspondence to me reflected the same feelings.

We even resorted to sexting each other nude pictures. I would ask Susan to take a selfie in public places, exposing a favorite part of her anatomy for my amusement. One time I had her go to her favorite barbecue place and take a picture of her sucking on a sausage like it was a penis. She then ran back to her bedroom where we Facetimed, and I had her fuck herself silly with a dildo I had purchased for her. We laughed for weeks over that episode. Another time I took a video of one of my summertime "playmates" licking my pussy and had Susan watch the video on her computer and Facetime me on her phone showing her masturbating to the video. We both thought that was incredibly hot.

But nothing could substitute for the real thing, and that first week of September, Susan returned to campus. After stopping at her apartment (the same one she rented last year) she came by my house. I didn't want to appear overeager, but had spent most of the day getting ready for her arrival. I bought a new fall outfit that I was certain would get Susan's attention. It was a waist length wool jacket with a matching skirt. I'm partial to silk blouses, and found one in a shade of blue that perfectly complemented my eyes. I splurged in the shoe department and found a pair of designer pumps that were on sale for less than a small fortune.

I heard a knock at my front door and hurried to open it. My Susan. Gone were the baggy sweatshirts and ill-fitting jeans. Susan was wearing an outfit any co-ed would be proud to wear. Her silky blouse clung to the curves of her breasts, and it was thin enough that her nipples poked the material into tiny mounds. Her dark pencil skirt came down only to her mid-thighs, and her 4 inch pumps did credit to her lovely calves. She was beautiful and she was all mine.

This lithesome blonde gave me a big smile and a hug, the familiarity and the summer's separation blurring the lines between us. I likewise dispensed with our usual roles and hugged her hard, then holding her at arm's length, and then pulling her close to me for a long, passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined and our hands feverishly touched one another as the hunger for one another overshadowed the need for conversation.

My young submissive finally gathered her wits and tendered an apology. "I'm so sorry I touched you without your permission Mistress. I just lost my head when I saw you."

"Well, we can't have such behavior now, can we?" I stated, grinning. We were still standing in the open doorway, and I could tell that there was no one in sight. "Are you wearing panties, girl?"

Her cheeks took on a delicate pink hue. "Yes, Mistress. I hope that's all right."

"It's fine. Don't turn around at all but take them off and give them to me. Right now," I commanded.

Susan had no clue if anyone was walking or driving by at that moment. The humiliating idea that someone might see her doing this on my doorstep made her eyes sparkle. She pulled the front of her skirt up high enough to reach beneath it and grasp the top of her panties. My heart accelerated as she bent over, sliding them down her legs and stepping out of them. With an impish smile, she handed them to me. They were still warm from her body, and damp and fragrant with her juices, no doubt from anticipation of seeing me again.

"Very good, pet. Now come inside so I can punish you properly."

Her throat rippled delicately as she swallowed. "Yes, Mistress Gretchen."

Closing the door behind her, I took her hand and led her to the center of my living room. "Stand right there," I instructed her. Seating myself on a comfortable chair, I told her, "Do a strip tease for me, pet. I'll decide how harsh your punishment will be, based on your performance."

I almost laughed as I watched the expressions flit across her face. My lovely slut was trying to decide if she wanted to do it well, and perhaps get a mild punishment, or do it poorly on purpose. Perhaps her body was aching... yearning... for a harsher punishment after all this time of separation. Nonetheless, she obviously decided that it was important that she please me, regardless of the outcome.

Therefore, the lovely blonde began undulating her hips erotically. Maybe over the summer, she'd taken some belly dance lessons without telling me. Certainly she was able to isolate her hips movements from her shoulder movements, and she often kept her head perfectly stationary as the rest of her body shimmied and gyrated. With a slow, pivoting turn she showed me her lithe form from all angles - side view... rear view... other side view... and back to facing me. I made a mental note to have her dance for me fully nude from start to finish, sometime.

With painstakingly slow fingers, she began to unbutton her blouse, from the top downward. More and more of her luscious flesh was revealed as the blouse parted. After the final button was released, the lower edge of her blouse remained in place, tucked into the top of her skirt. But that didn't prevent the glorious globes of her breasts from tumbling fully into view as Susan leaned forward slightly and shimmied her shoulders. As I watched them sway and bounce against one another, her fully erect nipples drawing invisible arcane symbols in the air, I couldn't stop myself from applauding. Susan flashed a blissful smile when she witnessed my appreciation.

Untucking the blouse from the hem of her skirt, Susan turned sideways to me, and arched her torso backwards. Her nipples now pointed straight up at my ceiling as the silky blouse whispered free from her shoulders and fluttered to the floor.

Dancing now clad in only her skirt and pumps, Susan knew her act was nearing its finale. Therefore, she spent a good deal of time toying with her long blonde hair. Lifting it up high to display the nape of her neck when she faced away from me, and letting it cascade down in golden waves when it was released from her hands was a very erotic sight. Turning to face me, she playfully reached back and gathered her tresses into both hands, pulling them forward, over her shoulders, to cover her breasts, which made me laugh.

Releasing her hair, she flung it back behind her with a flip of her head. Now, facing me directly, she began moving her hips as if keeping an invisible hula hoop in place. At the same time, her hand went behind her to the rear zipper on her skirt. I watched as she lowered that zipper infinitesimal amounts, still rotating her hips rapidly. We both knew that the skirt couldn't possibly remain on her hips when that zipper reached a certain point. Subconsciously, I was holding my breath for that moment.

One second her skirt was in place, and the next it was at her ankles! Susan raised both her hands triumphantly over her head and continued rotating her hips suggestively. I suddenly realized I needed to breathe, and inhaled a shuddering gasp of air. She looked magnificent! The golden pubic hair on her mound was trimmed short, and shaped into a beautiful heart. My own heart leaped into my throat as I looked at my wonderful submissive. I applauded enthusiastically.

Susan lowered her arms, and delicately brushed her pubic hair with her hand. "Do you like this, Mistress?" she asked.

"I love it," I replied. "It suits you perfectly."

"That's good," she said, rather shyly. "Because this heart is yours," she stated, pointing at the heart on her mound. "And so is this one," she said, placing crossed hands on her chest between her breasts.

I was so shaken by this profession of love after our long separation that I stood up from my chair, pulled her into a close embrace, and kissed her passionately until we were both breathless.

Susan panted softly after our kiss ended, her warm breath on my cheek. "Have you decided on my punishment, Mistress?" she breathed.

I had to suppress a giggle. My darling slut was obviously aching for me to do something naughty to her. I

decided to make her wait no longer. "My crop is hanging in my bedroom closet, slut. Let's go and fetch it."

Her eyes took on that hazy look that signals her building passion when she heard 'crop' mentioned. Maybe because I'd used the word 'fetch' she instinctively got down on her hands and knees and started crawling eagerly up my carpeted stairs toward the bedroom. With the view she provided as she crawled up those stairs ahead of me, I wasn't about to complain. Her thighs, moving forward and back as she crawled, were tugging at her labia. But those two delicate folds of flesh, even though puffy with excitement, managed to stay in contact, adhering to each other with a film of her pussy juices.

When we reached my bedroom, I pulled the crop from the closet, and swished it through the air experimentally a few times, limbering up my arm, and making Susan moan softly in anticipation. I was about to tell her to lie face down on my bed, when I had an impulse. "Go to the window, pet, and stand with your hands braced on the wall on either side of it."

Susan shivered with delight, aware that there was a possibility, however minuscule, that someone going by might glance up and see her naked front on display. And if that happened, she'd know it, because she'd be looking right at the person. The idea was appallingly thrilling, and Susan willingly took the position indicated.

I looked at her deliciously pert bottom, and stroked it with the tip of the crop, letting my submissive feel where it would strike. "How many swats should I give you, pet?"

She looked over her shoulder at me as she replied, "Whatever amount you deem necessary, Mistress."

I was pleased by her answer. "Very well." I drew my arm back and gave her a swift stroke on each ass cheek, using about a quarter force, not wanting to shock her system too badly. Susan jerked slightly, but uttered no sound. I rubbed the crop tip on her ass flesh once again, and then administered another stroke to each ass cheek, this time using about one half power. Susan gasped, and then gave a moan of contentment.

Acting on another impulse, I stepped close to her side, and cupped her sex with my free hand, feeling the increase in wetness present there. This forced exhibitionism, plus the physical chastisement was having the desired effect. My pet was getting very turned on. I began fingering her sweet pussy as I gave her the final two swats, also about half power. I wasn't really trying to punish her after all. I just wanted her butt slightly reddened and sensitive, not bruised. I wanted her fully aroused for what was to come.

After fingering her at the window for another minute or so, I stopped, and brought my hand to my nose. That divine scent - the unique scent of my pet in heat - wafted into my nostrils. I inhaled deeply. Oh how I'd missed this scent of hers all summer. Next, my lips sought those fingers, tasted, and then sucked them clean. Susan waited patiently at my window, on display to the neighborhood, and moaning with delight.

Tossing the crop aside, I told her, "Okay, my darling girl. It's time you helped me remove my clothing and join me on the bed." Susan turned toward me, her eyes glistening with love and her pussy filled with need.

It had been months since our naked bodies touched each other. As Susan crawled onto the bed I noticed subtle changes. Her breasts were a bit fuller, her curves more accentuated. Susan was continuing her transition to a mature woman. I wanted her. I wanted her badly. As she lay on the bed she rolled onto her back, allowing me to dictate the action. On my side, I started kneading her thigh, feeling the soft tissue give way to the hardened muscle underneath.

She incrementally moved her legs even wider open, inviting my hand to wander upwards to her puffy sex. I accepted the invitation, first sliding my hand in the crease between her leg and her crotch, feeling the moist skin of the crease and a hint of her well-manicured pubic patch. She sighed softly as my fingers teased her and then traced around her heart shaped pubes. My sub gasped as my finger flicked against her hardened nub. I knew it wouldn't take much to push her over the edge, and I intended to do just that.

I took two fingers and plunged them into her sodden cunt, making a whipping motion inside her as she arched her back and closed her eyes. The droplets of moisture started spraying from her pussy in every direction as my fingers continued their motion. Soon she was at the precipice and about to plunge.

"I need to cum, Mistress," she pleaded.

I had no intention of granting her wish. She must cum and then she must pay. She wanted to fail. We both knew that. We both knew that she wanted to be punished yet again, as that was an inevitable part of our game.

I sped up the action of my fingers, pistoning them inside her cunt, now feeling a flood of moisture as her body went rigid, then started shaking. Her hands grasped my free hand, squeezing it as the orgasm ripped through her body.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," she repeated over and over as the aftershocks of her orgasm continued to rock her. I tried to put on a face of disappointment but was unsure whether I would succeed.

"You need to be punished again."


"You were a bad girl."

"Please punish me. I deserve it."

She was already cropped, so physical pain must give way to humiliation. I ordered her off the bed and dressed. But I withheld her panties and bra. It was late afternoon now, and I thought of something I always wanted to try. I had Susan kneel in my bedroom and wait as I showered and changed into casual clothes. Once ready, I took her to my car, had her sit in the back seat, and drove her to a lesbian bar on the other side of town, away from campus. The bar, frequented by locals, was known for its hard drinking and rough atmosphere. It was perfect for what I had in mind.

As we pulled up to the bar there was a small throng of younger woman outside smoking and talking. I parallel parked so my car was as close as possible to the entrance of the bar. I rolled the passenger side window down and leaned towards it yelling, "Are you girls looking for a good time?"

A young butch lesbian with closely cropped black hair and a leather vest approached the car, her cigarette virtually defying gravity as it hung from her lip.

"Whatcha got in mind?" the young girl asked.

I turned to the backseat. "Slut, show her your tits."

Her hands shaking, Susan lifted up her blouse to reveal her breasts in all of their glory. The butch's mouth opened wide as she drank in the vision of this lovely woman exposing herself in public. She stuck her head inside the window as her friends approached the car.

"Looks like she wants to have a good time," the ebony haired woman stated rhetorically.

"Get in the back seat," I said in a stern tone of voice, wanting her to obey. "I'll drive around for a while and you can do anything you want with her... and I mean anything."

The young dyke didn't hesitate. Her friends stepped out of the way as she flipped aside her cigarette, opened the rear passenger door and slid into the backseat. She waved goodbye to her friends as I drove away. One called out, "Have a blast, Cat!"

I adjusted the rear view mirror to witness the action. Cat was looking Susan up and down like she was a tasty canary.

"Okay, slut," Cat barked at Susan, "she said anything, so start by taking off all those clothes. I know you've got no bra on, so let's also see what's under that skirt!"

Susan was a little slow and hesitant about obeying, intimidated by the dyke's brusque and brash mannerisms. Cat lightly slapped her face. "Come on! Come on! I haven't got all day, you little priss." Susan's hands flew down her chest, rapidly opening her blouse and yanking it off her shoulders. Lifting her ass off the car seat, she slid her skirt quickly down her thighs and off her legs. Without thinking, she put her arm across her chest, and her other hand covered her sex.

"Aw, the little priss is shy, is she?" She raised her palm again, threateningly. Susan immediately flinched and uncovered herself. She was naked, in the backseat of my car, being driven around in public, and this rough woman was licking her lips as she took in the sight of the golden wisp of pubic hair pointing at her slit. I could tell that the humiliation of this situation was having the desired effect. The unmistakable scent of my submissive's juices was filling the car.

"Get those thighs apart!" Cat demanded. "Open up that naughty little snatch of yours! And be quick about it!"

In the confines of the backseat, Susan tried to obey. With her face turning beet red, she braced one foot against my seat back, while the other flailed briefly along the backrest behind Cat, and then slid down to lodge itself on the dyke's shoulder. Her fingers delicately poked her labia aside.

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