tagLoving WivesSusannah Demands Attention

Susannah Demands Attention


It was a late Friday night and her husband of 12 years was snuggly sleeping in bed; but not Susannah. She was a night owl. She spent her time watching old reruns on the History channel and chatting away on her computer. As she sat in the living room eating her cherries and watching the latest edition of the History of Sex she began to think back to the last time she had raped her husband. She had always had to initiate sex. He wasn't the romantic type. Every evening he would crash in their bed early which left her wanting intimacy. He was the type to be comatose while sleeping. Nothing short of the walls falling around him would wake him most nights.

Her eyes began to feel like bricks so she stumbled off to bed shedding her cloths along the way. Laying there waiting for sleep to come she kept thinking about her husbands cock only inches from her hand. He rolled to his side and put his arms around her subconsciously recognizing she was there. His dick pressed up to her thigh and she could feel it was as soft as ever. Well if he wasn't going to get off, at least she would tonight. She moved his hands trying to reach her nightstand where her fake phallus was hidden. She needed a strong cock in her now and she didn't care if it was plastic or not. As she removed his hand he moaned in protest to her movement and put his hand on her flat tummy. If he wasn't going to let her play alone, she'd make him play with her. She moved his hands to her throbbing pussy; slowly pushing her sweet folds apart for his fat fingers. She placed her index finger over his and applied pressure. His hands were rougher than hers and it sent the feelings of pain and pleasure through her body. She got him to flick just for a second, damn that was good. Again she applied pressure and he again flicked his finger against her clit, just once, twice, a third. And then he stopped. No he can't do that. She needed more. Again she applied pressure and this time moved her hips to his fingers flicks. She noticed his prick starting to grow against her thigh. That could only mean one thing, the beast was awake.

She removed her hand and guided it to his dick. He was completely hard now and he took over control of her clit. He was rubbing her nub in circles just the way she loved it. He knew it drove her crazy. Once in awhile he'd put one finger inside her pussy and then back to her clit again. Just to give her a taste of what was to come. As he finger fucked her she expertly pumped his large 9 inch cock. He was always well endowed. She yearned for the taste of his pre-cum. Sticking her round ass in the air for him to continue finger fucking, she bent down and took his length in her mouth. She was well accustomed to his size. Taking it all to his balls, he gasped as she fucked him with her mouth. She sucked his muscular cock and licked his balls as he became more and more excited. She knew she drove him wild with her demands. And he loved for her to take control. Pulling away from him she walked on all fours to the edge of the bed. Looking back she gave him a seductive look that demanded him to come hither. He joined behind her and it took him no time to stick his prick in her sweet pussy. The feel of his cock opening her up was euphoric. It had been a long time since she had felt it and doing her doggie allowed for every inch to penetrate her. Susannah reached under and played with her clit and her husband pounded her pussy as fast as he could. Once in awhile he'd reach around to her tits and squeeze them between her fingers sending a shiver through her spine. She could feel both were building to climax. Then she felt the pressure against her ass and it sent her over the edge as he stuck one finger in her asshole. As he felt her spasms that's all it took for him to loose his wad deep within her cervix.

As they both lay there holding each other they let their heartbeats return to normal and his dick grew soft. Her pussy was seeping their juices as she was already plotting next month's scenario. But until then, her toys were in for a wild ride.

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