tagInterracial LoveSusan's Island Man

Susan's Island Man


The vacation last year started like every other. Susan my wife and I had decided on a Jamaican holiday. Married for 9 years, we were looking for some kind of adventure.

Sex between us was pretty straight, no swinging. Susan friend Ellen recently turned us on to x-rated movies to. Ellen's new boyfriend a black guy had a rather extensive collection. In fact it was one of those movies that we had recently seen, that had given us the Jamaican vacation idea. Looking back, I remember how turned on Susan got during the interracial scenes. We actually watched those movies several times, and the sex was always torrid. Our first day in Jamaica, we laid out by the pool, Susan had on a small bikini that really accentuated her great figure. Susan is 5'5" and about 120 pounds. She has long brown hair and an athletic body.

Susan's breasts are natural and more than a handful, with thick dark nipples. The resort was one Susan had found on the internet. The place was a little run down, but very inexpensive, and big with Europeans.

While laying out, we noticed a number of single white women, who had taken up with the local men. Several of the men by the pool were sporting really incredible bulges which at one point drew a remark from Susan to the effect that the myths about black men was surely true.

Ellen was constantly telling Susan how great sex was with her black lover. Now by the pool, even my wife was taking notice of the island men.

That night we decided to go clubbing. We had gone to a couple of places and had a few drinks. Feeling buzzed, Susan asked the taxi driver to take us to a locals hangout. Susan was wearing a short little sun dress that showed off her her great figure and ample cleavage. The driver who took every opportunity to check Susan out, suggested a small club.

"I'm sure you will like the place miss, not sure about the mister " he said with a wink and a smile that exposed a gold tooth.

Susan was high, and said she felt adventuresome, so we agreed to go to the place. The bar was small and dark. We ordered drinks and as our eyes adjusted to the light it became apparent that

I was the only white guy in the place . On the other hand there were several white women in the club, who had hooked up with locals. I later found out it was a place tourist women went to go native. In fact, right next to us in a booth was a young petite redhead, who was getting mauled by a rastafarian. Based on the way she was grabbing him, she was loving every minute of it. Sue was facing their direction and was getting quite a show.

"Honey I think she's going to fuck him right here. She just unzipped him and oh my God he's huge," Susan said, gulping down her drink.

I got up to get another round and to get a better look at our amorous couple. Sue was right the guy was big. The redhead had her right hand curled around his shaft and was pumping away .

Ordering a drink, I turned around to see a tall black man talking to Susan. He offered his hand and Susan took it, following him on to the dance floor.

They danced one fast, then a slow number. During the second dance I could tell he was holding Susan close to his body. The man was about 6'5" and seemed to tower over Susan by a foot maybe more.

I'm not the jealous type and really though nothing of it. In fact, I've seen lots of guys hit on Susan and if anything have always found it strangely exciting. When Susan returned to the table I jokingly asked if her new friend was as big as our friends in the next both.

"Believe it or not he maybe bigger," she said. Susan then proceeded to tell me that she could feel his cock up against her and that it was very hard and very large.

My wife seemed animated, as she described her dance with the tall blackman. I was about to ask her if he had turned her on , when the waiter walked up with a couple of shooters.

My wife new friend had just bought us a round. Susan lifted her glass to him and swallowed the shot. A few minutes later our friend walked up with a couple more shooters.

"Since you enjoyed the last ones, I thought why not a couple more," he said in a deep voice. He introduced himself as James, and with a big smile asked if he could sit down. Susan I noted, was quick to insist that he join us.

We made small talk for a while, during that time James did little to hide his attraction to Susan. As I said , my wife is a stunner, and James never took his eyes of her. Susan at the same time appeared mesmerized by him, staring at James and totally enthralled with his every word. After a couple more shooters, he asked Susan to dance again.

I could tell Susan was tipsy from all the drinks she had had. As James led her by the hand out to the dance floor, she swayed from the liquor. Susan can be quite provocative when she has a little to drink and James was quick to take advantage.

The first song was a fast number and by the time the song was over James had pulled Susan close to him. James had his leg pushed up against Susan's cunt and was grinding away to the beat of the music.

I knew Susan was getting turned on, by the way she opened her legs as they danced. I probably should have interceded, but I was excited by what I was witnessing.

During the next slow dance Susan's eyes were closed as she rested her head on his chest. I was starting to get a little alarmed as James let his hands drop to her butt. I expected Susan to stop him, but if anything she seemed to pull him closer.

I could see that James was saying something to Susan, as he would, from time to time, nuzzle her ear. When the dance ended I lost the two of them in the crowd. The last I saw of Susan was James leading her away from our table, towards the other end of the club.

After five minutes I decided to look for them. There was a dark hallway at the back corner of the lounge.I entered the hallway and as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could make out a couple leaning against the wall.

The man, black had his back to me and his shoulders prevented me from seeing the woman's face. I could tell she was white because I could see her tanned shoulder and part of her breast.

The top half of the woman's dress had been pulled down around her waist. The black man was leaning over the woman and was sucking and biting the woman's left tit.

The woman meanwhile was working on his pants in a frenzied manner. The mans hand was between the woman's legs, when I saw him tear her flimsily panties off, discarding them to the floor.

Then the man crouched down and the woman lifted her left leg high in the air as the man dipped and moved his body up. I realized they were about to fuck right there in the club.

The thought never entered my mind that the woman was my wife. This woman was wild with lust. My dick was very hard as I watched the man lift the woman effortlessly off the ground. In the dim light it was difficult to see how large the guy's cock was, but there was no mistaking the pleasure it gave the woman as he entered her. It was the voice that I recognized first. " Oh god, you feel so good," the women moaned out loud .I did a double take as I realized the voice belonged to Susan.

"Oh fuck that feels so good, fuck me with your big cock," she exclaimed. I had never heard Susan talk like this before. James lifted Sue off the ground easily all the while pumping his cock in and out of her. Susan's moaning increased, announcing her first orgasm.

James moved with powerful strokes as he fucked Susan, bring her to an incredible orgasm. Every now and then he would stop, almost teasing Susan to ask for more.

"Don't stop ,please, it feels so good", she exclaimed.

The scene was so erotic that suddenly I felt my cock start to spurt. I tried to keep myself from cuming by grabbing my dick, but I still came.

Meanwhile Susan was already cuming again.

"Don't stop, fuck me, keep fucking me Oh your cock is so good," she kept repeating. James's movements began to quicken as he came closer to cuming.

"You like black cock don't you girl, tell me", James commanded.

"Yes, yes cum in me, fuck me, oh you are so fucken good," Susan slurred as she came once more.

Suddenly, James bellowed and he slammed Susan against the wall as he impaled her on his cock. His pace quickened still, as he shot his hot cum deep into her cunt. I wondered for the first time if they had used protection. I knew it was to late to change things now, as I watched James repeatedly pump my wife full of his black seed.

My mind reeled with what I had just witnessed. Confused, I hurriedly went to the men's room were I cleaned the mess I had made in my trousers. When I returned to the table, James was sitting there with a sly smile on his face.

"Susan is in the ladies room, fleshing up. We went outside for some air, you don't mind, do you," James said, more of a statement than a question.

I mumbled that it was okay, and for the first time, was a little frightened by his demeanor.

When Susan returned to the table she was quite drunk and told me she wanted to go back to the room. We said goodnight to James and grabbed a taxi. In the car Susan passed out and I literally had to carry her back to the room.

Laying Susan on the bed I began removing her dress. Her panties were gone and the lips of her cunt were swollen and cum was still oozing out. Cum was still drying on the insides of her thigh. Susan's left breast had a large bite mark near her nipple, which was also swollen and extended.

Susan and I had been trying to have a child for the last two years, now I couldn't help wondering if James had given her his child.

I felt a strange mixture of rage and excitement as I placed my finger to Susan's cunt lips.The light brown hair of her neatly trimmed bush was matted with dried cum. Susan's pussy was sopping wet as my finger penetrated her inter folds.

Susan stirred and turned over as I withdrew my finger. My finger was coated with thick stringy cum. Just then I wanted Susan more than ever. Spooning up behind her, I easily slid my dick into her hot cunt.

Susan started to protest, mumbling she was tired, but I was to hot to stop. I was buried to the hilt on my first stroke. Her pussy was so wet and loose I couldn't believe it. The vision of her fucking James in the hallway filled my mind, causing me to cum in just two or three thrusts. I came very hard mixing my sperm with that of James.

Susan immediately turned away from me, forcing my dick to slip out of her pussy. I went to clean my cum covered dick, and returning, found Sue sound asleep. The next morning, I awoke to find Susan fresh out of the shower, in her bikini. "I'm going down to the pool and get a Bloody Mary, my head is pounding. Please don't let me drink like that again. I got so drunk last night, I fell against the bathroom stink bruising my boob. Look," Susan said, showing me the dark purple hickey James had given her.

Susan didn't mention our having sex and I realized much to my chagrin that she didn't remember. I reminded Sue that I had set up a golf lesson and 18 holes for the remainder of the morning and most of the afternoon.

Susan gave me a kiss and left for the pool. I laid around for a while, showered and walked over to the window which looked out on the pool.

I still hadn't decided how I would address the subject of Susan's indiscretion with James when I received my next surprise. There, sitting in a lounge chair next to Sue was James. James had removed his shirt and even from the window I could see his lean,well muscled body. His skin was blue-black in the sun.

I could tell Susan looked a little distressed. I saw Susan gather her things and start heading back in the direction of the room. She had gotten about half way when James got up and followed.

I didn't know what to think, so I decided to hide out in the closet. Susan entered shortly there after, and went into the restroom. Moments later there was a nock on the door. Sue asked who was at the door and James answered.


"James I told you what happened last night can never happen again. I was drunk and you took advantage of me," Susan said through the door.

"Open the door," James commanded.

Susan cracked the door and James pushed his way in.

"Don't give me that shit girl, last night you couldn't get enough Jamaican cock. You know and I know that now that you had a taste of this cock, all you can think about is when your going to get it again," James said, all the while walking closer to Susan.

"I'm married, my husband could be back at any time, please don't," Susan started to say, when James took her in his arms and kissed her.

At first Susan's arm's were hanging limp by her sides, but James was not to be denied. Holding her tight his thick lips smothered her mouth and when she tried to speak James worked his tongue into her mouth.

At first, Susan brought her hands up against his chest in protest. Then as the smoldering kiss continued, I saw Susan's hands begin caressing the coal black arms of her lover. James moved his hand up her back and untied the string to her top.

Breaking the kiss, Susan said, "I can't do this, I could get pregnant."

"It's a little late for that girl after last night, but if you want me to pull out, I will. Now take that bathing suit off, so I can take care of you properly."

"This is crazy, I mean," but before Sue could finish her sentence, James pushed her down on the bed. Then throwing her top to the floor, James kissed his way down to Susan's nipple and began licking and sucking in earnest. Susan's dark nipple's thickened and grew from the attention James was giving them.

Susan loves to have her nipples sucked and any pretext of resistance was soon gone. Her hands went to his head, as he sucked her nipple to full extension. At the same time he worked her bathing suit bottoms down to her knees. Susan then kicked them off, signaling James that his conquest was complete.

James probed her pussy lips with his large fingers. As his fingers dipped in and out of her pussy, I could see they wet with with Susan's moisture. Susan in the mean time had started groping at James's cock.

"You are so big, I'm so amazed I took it all last night," Susan said, her breathing becoming more rapid.

I knew she was rapidly approaching orgasm, as was I. Susan's body shuddered with an orgasm as she came all over James's hand.

"Oh god I'm cuming so hard," she moaned as she bit down on James shoulder.

"Un do my pants," James said. Susan, quickly untied his shorts.

For the first time I saw his cock. I have always though of myself as being average about 5 to 6 inches and about 2inches thick. James was a good 9 inches long and at least 3 inches thick. Susan's hand could barely wrap around the base of his cock, as she lovingly caressed him. Susan's nipples were rock hard and her pussy was making sucking sounds as James worked two fingers in and out of her.

"Last night was like a dream, I mean I knew you were big, but I just thought it was my imagination . Now laying here with you I can't believe this is actually happening. I want you so bad, I just can't help myself," Susan moaned in resignation.

Smiling, James rolled on top of Susan and with one hand placed the head of his cock against the folds of Susan's swollen cunt. Then he started rubbing it up and down her slit.The effect on Susan was devastating. Susan was looking down between her legs at what James was doing.

I'm not sure if it was the contrast of their skins or just the massive tool James was rubbing on her clit, but Sue was rocked by an incredible orgasm. I too could no longer hold back and came, and came hard.

At the same time Susan was rapidly getting frustrated."Please James don't tease me," she begged, as James rubbed more vigorously.

"I though you were afraid of getting pregnant," James said his voice dripping with sarcasms.

"Just pull out before you cum, now please fuck me with your big cock".

Susan was rocked with yet another orgasm as I watched. To say I had placed myself in a difficult position would be an under statement. Now that I was over the initial excitement of watching these two, my thoughts turned to more serious matters like; was my wife falling for this guy, was he about to impregnate her.

I probably could have stopped both these things from happening, had it not been for the fact that I was standing in the closet in my underwear. I watched helplessly as James began sliding his big cock into my wife.

Inch by inch James worked his black snake into Susan. Susan was completely enthralled, as she watched him work that black shaft into her cunt.

"You are incredible, it feels so good James," Sue kept repeating.

My jealousy was forming a huge knot in my stomach. Susan had never said these things to me. As James rammed his cock deep into Susan's cunt she raped her legs around his hips and came again, very hard.

James had worked his entire cock into my wife's cunt and she was more than enjoying it, she seemed crazed. Susan's pussy lips seemed to cling to James's cock with every stroke. James began picking up the pace, his balls slapping up against her ass, was quite audible, even from the closet.

"Yes oh yes it's so good, don't stop," Susan started repeating. Suddenly I watched James tense and I realized he was about to cum.

Susan seemed to be saying cum in me and James was there to oblige. Instead of pulling out, James plunged his cock deep into Sue's pussy. Then, James groaned like a bull as he sent his seed flooding into Sue's pussy. Susan's eyes seem to glaze over as he continued pumping his cum into her.

"OH yes that's it, cum in me ,cum in me, I can feel it," Sue cried out. Rivulets of his cum began appearing around the base of James's cock as his stroke slowed. The pulsing jets of hot cum, sent Susan into a mind numbing orgasm, that left her body convulsing in pleasure.

Finally, James collapsed on Susan, but he didn't roll off. Holding Susan tight, James rolled over on his back, holding Susan in place.

They laid there some time, Susan on top, with James's semi hard cock imbedded in her cum soaked pussy. Susan then began covering James's face and neck with kisses, all the while telling him how good he was, and how great she felt. After about five minutes, Susan tried to get up, but James insisted that she stay on top of him. James claimed he wasn't finished, that he wanted to make love to her again. Susan said she could feel his cock still pulsing from time to time as his sperm shot deep into her hot pussy. James said that he wanted to make sure that she stayed wet and didn't want any of his cum to leak out.

"Do you want me wet or pregnant, I can't believe I let you cum in me a second time. What if I'm pregnant, how will I explain a black baby to my husband," Susan moaned in frustration.

"Sorry girl, but it felt to good to pull out. Now admit it, you love having this black cock fill you up with cum. Besides it's to late to worry about getting pregnant, lets enjoy ourselves," James answered.

I realized then, he wanted to get Susan pregnant, but like James said, after the previous night it hardly made a difference. James kept his massive cock fully imbedded in Sue for about ten minutes while they made small talk. Then I noticed a slow rhythmic movement to Susan's hips.

James was getting hard again. Now stretched and well lubricated from the large amounts of cum James had deposited in Susan's pussy, she had no problem taking all of him. Susan moved into a crouching position and placing her hands on his chest and began pumping up and down on his black meat.

Susan was stroking her cunt up and down the entire length of James's cock. Susan loves this position and while she has tried it with me several times, she clearly liked it more with James. I have a tendency to slip out when Susan really gets going.

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