tagInterracial LoveSusan's Revelation

Susan's Revelation


Part 1

Susan was raised in a conservative, religious home in a rural area of the Midwest. While never as fundamental and conservative as her parents, she never swore, never took a drink of alcohol until her 21st birthday and remained a virgin until after she married Rick, a Baptist minister that she had met not long after moving to the city.

Now, Susan has just turned 38 and unlike a lot of people she knows, her life is everything she had ever hoped for when she was younger. She is married to a wonderful man, they have 2 beautiful children and she has a good job in the corporate offices of a major national corporation.

But, for the last few months, Susan has been feeling uneasy about her life, like something was missing, something she couldn't identify but was longing for just the same. She couldn't pinpoint when these feelings of longing started, so she never made the connection between them and her weekly night out with her friend Sara.

A few years ago, Susan's husband Rick had suggested that Susan take a night each week for herself to go out with friends, relax and take some time for herself away from the pressures of work and family. At first she was reluctant, but she quickly grew to depend on those nights as a way to keep her sanity. They were usually nothing special, a couple of friends going out for a glass or two of wine and a light meal. It wasn't until 6 months or so ago after the nights out had started going later and the drinks started getting a little harder, that the group had dwindled down to just Sara and Susan.


It was Thursday night and Susan and Sara were at a new place that Sara had heard about from a friend. The place was loud, dark and, in spite of the city ban, smoky. Not being one to pay attention to such things, Susan hadn't noticed that there were very few white people in the club and none of the ones that were there were male.

They were halfway through their third, seemingly very strong, round and the evening had taken a familiar turn. Sara was making fun of her husband's lack of ability in bed and Susan was laughing and silently agreeing with Sara. Although Susan wasn't quite as vocal about Rick's inability to satisfy her sexually, she had made more than a few confessions to Sara about it after one two many margaritas.

In reality, it had been almost 8 years since Rick had been able to bring Susan to orgasm. After the birth of their second child, Susan had worked hard to get her body back into shape, but some things, it seems, were changed forever. At 5'6" and 125 pounds, Susan was still in good shape, especially after 2 kids, but her once tiny, a-cup, breasts were now 34" b-cups and her hips and butt had never gotten back to their pre-child slimness. She had once overhead a couple of men compare to her behind to a black woman's butt, only smaller, a "bubble butt" she heard them say.

This was all going through Susan's mind when the server came over and put 2 drinks on the table that neither she nor Sara had ordered. Sara tried to tell her she'd made a mistake, but the server just smiled and pointed to the two young black men that were walking toward them.

This had happened a few times before on their nights out and Sara and Susan had become good at deflecting the advances of the tipsy, horny, middle aged guys that usually approached them. But these two were different. As they approached, Susan saw that they were young, maybe early 20's, handsome and, Susan blushed a little when she thought this, very well built. They also had an air of confidence about them. They didn't approach slowly, stuttering or drunkenly tossing out lame pick up lines. The two men walked over and sat at the table with Susan and Sara liked they belonged there, like it was their place.

One man looked at Susan and she felt herself shiver down to her core. His eyes never leaving hers, he took her left hand into his and Susan immediately felt goose bumps rise over her entire body, she felt her nipples harden and the heat rising into her face. To her shame, she also felt the dampness between her legs as he introduced himself, "I'm Terrence; It's a pleasure to meet you." He gently kissed her finger, just below her wedding ring, before putting her hand back down.

"I'm....uhh....I'm Susan." She managed to get this out before picking up her drink and taking a huge swallow to try and calm herself. She looked towards Sara just in time to see her being led onto the dance floor by the other man. She was about to call out to ask Sara what she thought she was doing, when she felt herself being pulled to her feet and towards the dance floor as well.

As they got to the dance floor, Susan decided "What the heck, it's just a little dancing, it's not like anything is going to happen." So for the next few songs, she let, the music, mostly, carry her away. Dressed in her sensible work clothes, (a mid thigh skirt, low heels, loose blouse and glasses), her long, red hair tied back into a pony tail, she knew she had to look a little silly out there, but she couldn't bring herself to really care. She always maintained a respectful distance from Terrence, but part of her couldn't help reveling in the fact that someone so young and hot was hitting on her.

After a few songs, All four of them made their way back to the table, Susan and Sara both flushed from the dancing, downing their 4th margaritas in record time. Embarrassed by her feelings and arousal, Susan couldn't bring herself to more than glance at Sara as they all chatted. Before long, the DJ put on a slower song and the guys took Susan and Sara back onto the dance floor, Susan wasn't sure about this, but also couldn't seem to resist.

The alcohol was starting to catch up to her and Susan let Terrence pull her close, her cheek against his chest, his hand on the small of her back. Susan moaned softly as her enraged nipples rubbed against him. Slowly, as the song played on, Terrance gently pushed her hips in closer, until Susan felt his bulge growing against her hip, again, lost in the alcohol and the moment, she moaned softly even grinding against it lightly. Then, Terrance wrapped his hand in Susan's pony tail and tilted her head back gently. Susan's eyes were closed and her mouth opened slightly, Terrence leaned down and kissed her deeply, forcefully, Susan started to respond and his hand slid down to cup her ass.

Susan's fog cleared when she felt the huge, strong hand on her bottom. Her eyes snapped open and she pushed away from Terrence quickly, not screaming, but starting to sob because of what she had let happen. She tried to apologize, but her words were lost in her sobs as she grabbed Sara and pulled them both out of the club and quickly to their car.

Susan sobbed all the way as Sara drove them back to the parking structure to retrieve Susan's car. Sara held Susan's hand and told her that nothing happened; it was just a kiss, that everything would look better in the morning. But Susan remembered her moans at the feel of her body rubbing against Terrence's. She remembered the power of his kiss and the hunger she felt. She had kissed another man, allowed him to fondle her and she had enjoyed it. She had sinned and bent, if not broken her marriage vows. How was she going to be able to look Rick in the face, how was she going to be an example for her children, for Rick's congregation?

At Susan's car, Sara and Susan hugged and Sara assured her that it would look better in the morning. Susan spent a few minutes composing herself, wiping her face with some baby wipe she kept in her glove compartment, doing deep breathing exercises, before driving herself home.

It was later than usual and when Susan got home and everyone was already in bed. She let herself in and checked on the kids before going into the master bedroom. Rick woke and asked her, sleepily, how her night was. Susan suppressed a sob and told him that she had fun, but the place was hot and a little smoky, so she was going to take a shower before she turned in. She kissed him on the cheek and he was asleep again before she was even out of the room.

Once in the shower, Susan couldn't help but relive the evening's events in her mind. Standing in the hot spray, her body soaped and slick, she is thinking about the slow dance, her hands teasing her nipples, squeezing, pulling. She moans softly "Terrence" as one hand slides down between her legs her fingers playing and teasing her engorged pussy lips, stroking her own clit. She puts her fist to her mouth to stifle the scream that wants to escape as she brings herself to orgasm for the first time in over 8 years. She shudders and almost collapses in the shower, mumbling "Terence" over and over as she stands in the shower until the hot water runs out and the stinging cold moves her out.

End of part 1.

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