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Sushi Table - The Appetizer



Dear readers, work had been busy this summer, but finally, I was able to take some much deserved weeks off. I made my way down to Florida to spend some fun in the sun with my main distraction, Jeremy. I had already spent a week down here enjoying myself. We had seen some sights, spent time on the beach, and I even frolicked under the moonlight, nude with my honey, in the ocean one night. Well, today Jeremy had to work for a bit, so I took the day to spend it with Jessica.

I met Jess through Jeremy a few trips ago and immediately hit it off with her. She's the ex-wife of one of Jeremy's co workers whom he got to be great friends with. When his old buddy left, he just kept in touch with her. She's a manager of a local sunglass hut who is very professional, and also a very buxom blonde. Standing just taller than me, with broad shoulders and very curvy hips, she always is very well put together. She dresses very sophisticated and has a great touch with her makeup. I think Jeremy always had a bit of an attraction to her, that's one of the many reasons they stay in touch.

She had the day off, for a change, so I took her out shopping at the local outlet center. We spent a nice morning shopping for clothes and when lunch came around I treated her to a meal at the 5-star restaurant in the center. After a few martinis conversation turned to more personal matters.

I asked her, "Jessica, how's 'what's-his-name' that you were dating last time I was down?"

She smiled a wry grin while sipping her drink, "It didn't work out for long. He was okay, and treated me fine... he just wasn't any good in bed. I'm not sure he even knew what a dick was for."

"I'm sorry to hear that. You have to have some spark in the bedroom for a relationship to last."

"Since you and Jeremy are still together, I guess he can't be bad in the sack. You're a lucky girl." She said with a grin and a wink.

"Oh dear, you have no idea. He may not be huge, but he really can work his dick to make me sore the next day. And not only that.... but we have another little thing that brings a special spark to our fun."

Jess looked up from her drink, "Wendy! Do tell. I'm all ears!"

The beginnings of a plan started to form in my mind. I hadn't really played since I came down and my Dark Goddess was wanting to be released. "Oh, I think I'll save that for the moment. This isn't really the best place for juicy details. Why don't we return to Jeremy's place and have some drinks? Then I can fill you in properly."

I quickly paid our tab and returned to my car. We made small talk on the drive back to Jeremy's and several times Jessica asked me for more info about "that special spark", but I demurred each time. My mind was busy coming up with a plan to show Jess about my special arrangement with Jeremy as my sub. Once we got back, we went upstairs and while Jessica went to the back balcony, I opened a nice bottle of New Zealand Chardonnay.

Pouring two glasses I went outside and handed Jessica her glass. "Cheers, darling. It's too hot for red, but a nice chilled white is perfect."

Jess accepted her glass with a nod of thanks and said, "Indeed it is. This is a great view." Spreading her hands wide, "six floors up, overlooking the inter-coastal, what more could you ask for. Well, that is except for a 'special spark'. Now, you can't dangle that out there without filling me in."

I took a sip, "Okay, you greedy girl. Fine, I will let you know, but you have to keep it a secret." After she nodded, wide-eyed, I continued. "You see, I have a side of me that loves to come out and dominate men; make them do what I want; to give them pleasure and pain. Men are so easy, creatures led by their dicks."

Jess looked a bit taken aback, "and Jeremy's okay with this? You don't force him, do you?"

"Oh no. I just showed Jeremy his submissive side. He's always in charge at work, so in control. He's discovered the joy in giving that up to be my sex slave when we play. I'll tell you what, why don't you stay around for dinner and I'll show you how much he enjoys me being his domme."

She raised her glass, and smiled, "In that case, you better refill me."



I got home from work looking forward to seeing my sweetie. She was down visiting, and we still had one week left. These little times together were never long enough for us, but we took what time we could to enjoy each other's company. I took the elevator to the top floor and went down to my door seeing an envelope taped to it. "ugh oh," I thought to myself, "I know what that means. My Mistress was now at home and had some plans."

I took the envelope off the door and opened it up. It read,

My sweet sub, I've had a lovely day with your friend, Jessica. We've returned and I've revealed to her a bit about our playtimes. She'd like a demonstration - so make your Mistress proud. Come inside, you'll find your bow tie on the doorknob, that is all you are to wear when you come and make us some of your signature sunset martinis on the balcony.

I let myself in, heart racing and closed the door behind me. Sure enough, my bow tie was on the doorknob. I took it and went into the bathroom removing all my clothes. Already getting erect, I put on the bowtie and looked into the mirror. It was an amusing sight, naked, hard and with a bowtie. I steeled myself, "No time like the present."

Going into the living room I could see the two sexy ladies on the balcony. Jess' blond hair contrasting the red-tinted hair of my mistress pulled back in a long ponytail. I got to work and soon had the shaker full of ice, vodka and pineapple juice. Shaking well, I poured my signature cocktail into two martini glasses and added a splash of grenadine. I opened the ranch slider and stepped outside. Jess and Wendy turned to me as I announced myself, "Hello ladies. Here are your drinks as requested. Good to see you, Jess."

They took the glasses, Jessica appearing a bit surprised and Wendy said, "Good to see you home, but as you well know it wasn't a request that I made." Turning to Jess, "See how well behaved he can be. When he does what I command I can reward him," and reaching out she took my hard cock in her hand and began to stroke it. "And when he doesn't do exactly what I say," she then squeezed my dick really hard making me squirm and let out a little yelp. "See? It's a great arrangement. So, Jeremy, Jessica here wasn't sure how you felt about this little relationship of ours. Who am I to you, and do I force you to participate?"

"You are my Mistress, Wendy. And you force me many times, but I can always say my safe word." Being serious I turned a shade of red as I faced my friend. "No, of course, she doesn't, Jess. I love our playtimes and get a lot out of being her sub. I love making her happy."

"Good answer, and to show your subservience to your goddess, assume position number four. We need a footstool as we enjoy your delicious martinis."

I hurriedly got on all fours and crawled in front of them. Wendy pushed me with her toe, directing me right up against the railing then propped her feet squarely on my shoulders. Wendy motioned to Jess and she took her feet and put them much gentler onto my backside. "What a nice afternoon, don't you think Jess?" Wendy asked taking a sip. "Lovely weather, and my sub serving us drinks and ours to command? Do you think if anyone looked up here they'd be able to see him naked, on all fours as our footstool?"

"That's a definite possibility. Don't you worry about that?"

"Of course not. I revel in the possibility that people will see such a powerful man, serving my every whim. Plus, my Dark Goddess get's a thrill that we'll be discovered in the middle of one of our playtimes. It also helps Jeremy remember who is in charge here, isn't that right footstool?" she said prodding me with her toes.

"Yes, mistress."

I stayed like that for a half hour as the women sipped their drinks and chatted to one another. Every once in a while one of them would give me a little shove or kick to keep my attention focused as their footstool. My shoulders were beginning to cramp up a little when finally Wendy sipped that last of her drink and took her feet off my shoulder. "My dear, we are running dry. I need my sub to serve me."

"What is your desire, Mistress?"

"I need you to make another round of your sumptuous martinis. Then go down downstairs and get your collar and cuffs. That and my riding crop. Oh, and also the purple dildo."

I heard Jess exclaim, "You have a crop?"

"Of course. How else could I keep him under such good control? You must not be afraid to use a firm hand when needed."

I quickly stood up, went inside and made another round of sunset martinis. After delivering them to the two women on the balcony (and getting a hard spank on my ass from my mistress) I went downstairs and opened up our tool chest in the playroom. I grabbed the demanded items out of the drawers and went back upstairs and back out on the balcony. I'm not sure what my mistress had in mind, but it was obvious see she had something all planned out. She's quite amazing the way her mind can plan out these sessions when she lets her dark goddess out to play.

Wendy saw me come back and pointed at the ground at her feet. "Put the items on the table, then kneel, slut" she commanded. I lay all the sex toys on the patio table next to her and got down on my knees next to Wendy, hands at my side. She took up the wide leather collar and fastened it tightly around my neck, just tight enough to restrict, but not cut off my air completely. Turning to Jess she said, tugging the big D ring on the collar, "See Jess, this reinforces my control. My sub has no doubt who he belongs to now. Jeremy, while we finish our drinks, rub Jessica's feet. I'm sure she's very sore from being them on them all day in her store."

"Of course, Mistress," I answered and got to work rubbing my friend's feet. I admit that I've always had fantasies about fooling around with Jess and it looked like my lucky day had arrived. I was hoping that my Mistress was going to continue this trend. It was pretty sensual, being naked and collared outside on the balcony rubbing my friends feet while my Mistress watched. I made sure to use my best technique, and pushed hard into her soles. I was rewarded with some small moans from Jess as her feet started to loosen up.

I was lost in working on Jessica's feet for a while until I felt Wendy grab my collar and pull my head back. "Nice job, Jeremy, but I'm starting to get hungry. I have big plans for you, but first, we need to show our friend Jessica here why you have your nickname. Now, what pet name do I call you?"

My face reddened, "Your dildo whore, Mistress."

"You are so right and that name is very deserved. Now put on your cuffs and move inside to the table."

As Wendy sauntered inside with a sly grin on her lips I stood up and took up my cuffs. Wide leather straps encircled first one wrist, then the other. Held in place tightly with strong buckles, they looked good around my wrists and I rubbed them to feel the wonderful texture of leather. I then bent down and repeated the process to my ankles. I straightened up and saw Jessica watching me, "Just admiring the view, stud. I think I like seeing this side of you. I'm so happy Wendy decided to fill me in."

She turned and went inside and I followed her. Wendy was already leaning on the dining room table with a coil of black rope in her hands. "Come over here, sub and lean across the table, arms stretched out with your hands together." I moved over next to her, savoring her scent and bent at the waist across the table. It felt cold against my skin. I reached both hands out and grabbed my right wrist with my left. Wendy went across the table and tied the rope to the D-ring of my left cuff and then the right, pulling my wrists together. She then wrapped the rope several times around my wrists before wrapping it around the center section of rope securing my arms tightly together. Wendy then took the end, pulled it up to the head of the table and secured it to one of the eye hooks we installed under the table. She pulled my arms stretching me face down. I could feel the cold wood pressed against my sensitive skin.

"Jessica, be a dear and bring me my crop and dildo from outside, please. I need to secure my sub's feet. He has such a tendency to jerk about when I'm playing with him."

"Of course, happy to help," replied Jess from somewhere behind me. I could imagine the view she was getting and felt my blush grow again. Wendy went around the table to my backside, trailing her long fingernails across my back making me shudder.

"Oh Jeremy, I'm going to have such fun showing Jess how I use and abuse you. I doubt she'll ever be able to quite look at you the same way again, now spread 'em wide." I felt her kick my ankles and I spread my legs as wide as they would go. I could feel her attach more rope to first my right ankle cuff, then the left. Pulling tightly she tied them to opposite legs of the table until I was stretched wide, pulled across the table, face down and ass up. To say I felt a bit exposed and vulnerable is an understatement.

I heard Jess return and with a "here you go" hand the toys to my Mistress. "Now what do I call you, Jeremy?" asked Wendy in a determined voice.

"Your dildo whore, mistress," I answered

"And why is that?"

"Because you like to use dildos on me," I replied.

"Oh Jeremy, I don't think you're being quite honest." And with a hard >>whack<< laid her riding crop across my ass cheeks making me cry out. "Tell our friend here the truth. You enjoy it, you need me to fuck your holes with my dildos, isn't that correct."

"Yes, Mistress. I like you using me."

Wendy came around to my head. "That's more like it, I know the truth. For not being honest you've earned a session with my crop. But to satisfy your insatiable need I'll allow you to take my rubber cock in your mouth, now open up." I opened my mouth and Wendy took her purple dildo and slid it deep into my mouth until I began to gag on it. Grabbing my hair with her right hand, she slowly moved it back and forth like I was being face fucked until my spit coated it and began to drip onto the table. "That's it, Jeremy, suck on it like the greedy dildo whore you are. I want you to keep it in your mouth to muffle any cries you might have while Jess and I punish your ass."



Oh, this was going great, I really thought that my Dark Goddess was going to enjoy herself tonight. What a stroke of luck getting Jeremy to perform for me and Jess. I gave one more strong push on the long dildo gagging my sub and stood up. I took the crop in my right hand slowly drawing it through my left while walking around the table to Jeremy's ass. "Now Jess, would you like to help me punish my sub here? He's earned a dozen lashes with my crop for his earlier transgression."

"Sure thing. Happy to help."

"Good, I'll go first to show you how he can take it. Now the secret is to use your whole arm. That is the only way to really leave some good welts to mark your territory. If you just use your wrist, it'll barely do anything. Now watch, like this." I took a step back, pulled my arm as far as it would go and let fly on Jeremy's left ass cheek. It hit with a resounding *crack* and my sub cried out even with his mouth plugged by my dildo. "Now generally I make him keep count out loud to enforce the point, but I think this time I like seeing him with that long fake cock in his mouth. Now, just five more and I'll let you give it a go on his right ass."

I took my time, drawing out each strike to build up the energy of the scene. By the time I was on my third, I could already see the red welts forming from my earlier spanks. At the fifth, I could feel my pussy getting hot and begin to throb. I'm sure my juices were already flowing strongly. I smiled at Jessica, "The last one, I better make it a good one." I almost took a running start I was so pent up, and when it landed I could see the spank create shock waves across Jeremy's ass making him lurch against the ties holding him across his table. "Oh damn, that was good. Are you prepared to properly finish his punishment so we can do some more playing?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Jess exclaimed and practically ripped the crop out of my hand. I stepped away from Jeremy and with a wave of my hand motioned her to begin. Her first whack was a bit tentative and I chided her, "It's an okay start, but you're a big girl, Jess. Use your strength, don't worry about him, he can take it. You don't want my side to be redder than yours, do you?" She nodded to me and began to continue his punishment. The next few landed with more gusto making him moan and lurch which brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed watching our friend whip Jeremy, I guess I'm just a generous person to be so sharing.

When she got to six I announced, "That's it. A solid dozen welts to mark his ass. Now let's see what else we can do for fun." I moved around the table and grabbed Jeremy's hair roughly. Pulling his head back I pulled the dildo that was deep in his throat and freed his mouth. Smacking it across his face several times lightly I said, "Now that you've gotten my rubber cock nice an d lubricated, can you guess what I'm going to do, Jeremy?"

"I expect my mistress is going to fill my other hole." he said meekly.

"Oh yes, I am. You know how much I love to fuck you up the ass, my dildo whore. And this time I get to share your tight dirty hole with your good friend. I'm not sure she'll quite look at you the same way after she sees how much you enjoy being buggered."

I slowly moved around the table, drawing my hand down my sub's tightly bound body making him shiver with anticipation. When I got to his firm rear I spread his ass cheek with my left hand and leaning down I spit against his dark puckered hole placing the tip of my dildo against it. I looked up at Jess who was face had an awed look on in and gave her a wink. "In we go," I said and pushed. Jeremy let out a loud moan as his ass was violated by my long purple toy. "Oh, I do so get off hearing the sounds he makes as he is forced to take it. He tries to resist, but in the end, pun intended, he enjoys being violated."

I started to slowly fuck my dildo whore with the fake cock. Pulling it slowly out seeing his asshole widen, I'd get to where it was almost free, but then reverse the process and push it back in. He arched his back and began to moan as I repeated the process. Knowing that my fucking his ass is a normally taboo thing to polite society, just got me even wetter. Jess was taking it all in still amazed at the hold I had on her friend who she always considered so in control and manly. I smiled at her and said, "Why don't you take a few pics, dear? I think you might like having a record of this to enjoy in the future."

She nodded and got her phone from her purse. As she moved around Jeremy to get a better view I leaned back so she could get a close up of his puckered hole greedily sucking in my long dildo. Then I put the base against my pubic mound and leaning into him looked over my shoulder at Jess and smiled, "See, Jess. Fucking a guy like this is just so very hot and just reinforces his role as my bitch."

Holding onto the dildo pressed tightly against my crotch, I fucked Jeremy over and over again while Jess recorded it. I noticed she seemed to take a few extra pictures with my rear as the subject. Well, I do have a great ass that I'm quite proud of, so no harm in her admiring it too. The feeling of moving my hips, and the resistance of the cock going into Jeremy was wonderful, and his moans and thrashing against his ties, unable to stop me just built up my sexual aggression.

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