Susie Ch. 07


Chapter 7 -- They Masturbate Together

"Sit there," he said, indicating the love seat. He took the recliner across from her. She sat nice and proper. He leaned back and spread his legs. His cock was already growing as he encircled it with his hand. He slowly began to stroke it.

"It's much easier to get hard with you sitting across from me naked like you are," he laughed. Her eyes hadn't left his hand and his cock. His cock was beautiful. It was getting so big. She couldn't imagine putting it in her pussy. The view was awesome.

She watched as his hand moved down and he cupped his balls. "Right here is very sensitive on a guy," he taught. "Very light strokes. You can take them in your hands and lightly roll them."

He was massive again. She began breathing heavy. Without thinking about it her hand went to her breasts and she began to stroke them.

She fanaticized what it would be like to walk over there and climb up on his lap and slide his cock into her....pussy. "Wow! Pussy. I used the word pussy."

She used to say her thingy, or her vagina. But in the last week she had changed so much that she was using...well at least thinking about he...pussy....and his cock. What was happening to her? She wasn't sure, but right now she didn't care. There was a naked guy in front of her, stroking his cock. That was SO hot!

He was leaning way back now and she could see his ass cheeks kind of clenching as he stroked. His legs were spread way out, giving her a great view.

In a minute her hand moved down to her pussy and she spread her legs for him. She wanted him to watch her masturbate also. She found her slit. It was very wet already. Lubricated for penetration, she laughed to herself. No. She wasn't ready for that....yet.

She leaned back, spreading her legs wide. He was stroking and looking at her pussy. That excited her.

"Put your finger inside," he said. "Right at the top. Just rub in and out."

She put one finger inside and stroked like he told her. Her other hand was stroking her breasts. His strokes got faster as he watched her. She got faster. Both of them were breathing hard.

"Tell me when you're ready to cum," he commanded.

"I'm close."


She stopped as he said. He stopped. In a minute he said "OK, start again." They built up quickly. "Stop!" She did.

"I don't want to stop," she cried. "I wanna cum!"

"Anticipation, girl. You build and let it ease. Build and ease. Then we'll go all out and your orgasm will be awesome."

Better than before? she thought. Wow!

They did that a few times and then he said "OK, cum for me. Don't stop this time. Tell me when you're gonna cum."

It only took a minute and she arched her back. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she cried

"Me too," he cried. "Watch me!"

She tried to focus on his cock as she came. It was hard but she managed to see him squirt about a foot in the air. It landed on his belly.

She shuddered and came and came. He squirted two more times and then his cum just leaked out of the top. She watched his ass clench as he came. He watched her pussy just shake as she came. He could see her asshole clenching. Her toes were curled. Her back was arched. Her pussy was soaked, running down her asshole.

"Wow, she is SO hot," he thought.

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