Susie Ch. 08


Chapter 8 -- Susie Learns About 69

They both caught their breath, looking at each other's body. He had cum all over his chest, belly and cock...even running down his ass. He began to reach for his underwear again.

"Wait!" she exclaimed. He looked ay her. "Can I try to lick it off?" She was embarrassed at her own reaction when he came the first time. It had startled her. She hadn't minded the taste; she just wasn't prepared for him shooting so hard. She wanted to taste some more of his cum.

"OK, if you don't mind."

She crawled over to him, knelt between his legs and started licking up his inner thighs, parting his legs as she went. She bypassed his cock, which had shrunk somewhat and came to the cum on his belly. She carefully licked up to the first drop of cum, hesitated and then licked it up. She liked it. It was a little salty and it had an odor that she'd never smelled before. She continued up, cleaning his belly and his chest, drinking up all his cum, her boobs rubbing on his cock. Then she moved back down to his cock and began to clean it up. She took it in her was sticky...and licked all over it, ending at the head. She began to suck it, trying to bring it to life again.

"Girl, you've gotta give me time to recover," he laughed. She looked up at him and smiled with his cock in her mouth. She could feel it beginning to firm up again.

"I've got an idea," he said. "Ever heard of a 69?"

She's heard of it but she didn't know what it was. "I don't know what it is," she said.

"Here, let me show you. Let me get down on the floor."

She released is cock and backed off from his chair. He got up, his cock bouncing in front of her face, and laid down on his back.

"Put your leg over my chest," he ordered. She started to do that, facing him. "No, the other way, facing away from me."

She was confused but did what he said. He grabbed her ass and pulled her up his chest and pushed her down. "Now I can lick your pussy and you can suck my cock. See, 69?"

She looked at his cock that was beginning to grow again. No, she didn't understand, but she knew she wanted his cock...and she wanted him to lick her pussy again.

She wrapped her hands around his cock and began licking the head of his cock. He pulled her ass closer to his mouth and began licking up and down her slit. He spread her ass cheeks and wet his finger and rubbed her asshole.

She put his cock in her mouth and began to suck and stroke it. But she was feeling really good with what he was doing to her. How can I concentrate? She thought to herself. She took a second to enjoy his tongue on her clit and then returned to her job at...hand, she laughed.

It began to be a competition. Both trying to please the other, both enjoying each other's tongue. He put his mouth over her clit and started to suck. MY GOODNESS! She thought. That is awesome! He didn't think he would be able to cum again. He hadn't come three times in a day in years. Never mind three times in, what, an hour?

She was squirming on his mouth, rotating her hips. He could see and feel her asshole clenching. She was getting close. She stopped sucking his cock and lay down her head on his belly, moaning, panting, fucking his tongue.

When she began to cum he stuck his finger in her asshole. She jumped. She moaned. She pushed against his mouth, his finger. The waves were washing over her but he was holding her tight, not allowing her to get away. He continued sucking her clit, her pussy, just ravishing them with his mouth.

He kept sucking and licking right through her orgasm and as her orgasm started to finish, here came another one. She wasn't counting but Jim counted at least four orgasms before she finally yelled out "Stop!" He smacked her ass but stopped licking, holding her ass as she spasmed and spasmed, watching her asshole clenching. What a view!

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