Susie Ch. 10


Chapter 10 -- Susie Goes To The Mall

Getting together again proved harder than they thought. While Susie was 18 years old, she found that it wasn't easy to slip out of the house and go next door to see Jim. It probably would have been easier if he lived farther away.

But they still met almost every night at their windows, sometimes masturbating together, sometimes just showing off. They would call each other up and talk to each other on the phone as they masturbated. Susie had to be careful that she didn't get too loud, but she found it quite exciting to watch and listen to Jim cum. It wasn't like the real thing but they managed to enjoy it.

But there was a thought that kept going through her mind. She loved for Jim to see her naked, but she also wondered what it would be like if someone else saw her naked. Not to touch her or anything, but just to see her naked. She realized that most guys would not be like Jim. She understood that if she wasn't careful that some guy might loose control and try to rape her. She wanted her first fuck to be special.

One very pretty Tuesday afternoon...they were off school that day...senior skip day...she decided to try something new. It was warm out so she put on a sleeveless sundress on and purposely didn't wear any underwear. It had spaghetti straps and displayed her cleavage nicely.

Susie set off walking to the mall. It was just a few blocks away and she needed the exercise. As she walked down the street, knowing she didn't have any underwear on, she felt so free. She felt like she was almost naked.

As she walked by people working in their yards she wished she could tell them she was naked underneath her dress. Her sundress was very swishy and she made extra effort to make sure it blew up, showing more of her legs.

When she got to the mall she walked around, watching all the people there, thinking they don't know I'm naked under here. Being so close to people, sometimes rubbing up against them, was so exciting. She wished she could take off her dress and walk down the mall stark naked. She laughed at herself. That would be a hoot.

When she was in the music store looking at CDs she noticed a man looking at her. She realized that he was looking at her breasts. She purposely leaned down, "looking closer" at the him a better view.

Susie walked past a shoe store and noticed that there was only one worker in the store, a young man, probably a few years older than her. And he was cute.

A thought went through her head. Could she do it? She walked past the store a few times. No one was in there. He looked bored. Her heart was beating fast but she knew she had to do it. Maybe she could brighten up his day, she laughed to herself.

Susie gathered up her courage and walked into the store. She looked around a bit and finally he came up to her.

"May I help you?" he asked politely.

"I don't know. I was thinking I needed some new pumps. How about something like this?"

"That's a nice shoe. What is your shoe size?"

Susie knew her shoe size was 5 ½ but she didn't want to tell him that. It would ruin her plan.

"I don't know. Maybe you should measure my foot."

He sat her down and found his measuring device and sat down on his stool directly in front of her. He took her foot and slipped off her shoe. His hand felt nice on her leg.

Susie watched him as he started to measure her foot. She had pulled her dress up slightly so it was above her knees. Now she slowly spread her legs. She figured that he could see up her dress...and she wasn't wearing any panties. His eyes travelled up her legs and suddenly his eyes grew big and his face turned red. He looked up at her. She smiled at him, nodded, letting him know that she knew what he was looking at...and didn't mind. He looked back at her pussy. She opened her legs wider. He was breathing very hard, staring at her pussy.

Suddenly she took her foot back and slipped her foot back in her shoe. Show's over, she thought to herself as she left the store, knowing that he was watching her ass as she walked out, swaying her ass in an exaggerated way.

Susie was SO pumped as she left the store and headed for the mall exit. That was better than she thought would be. The look on his face when he saw her pussy. Priceless.

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