Susie Ch. 13


Chapter 13 -- Teasing Peter

Susie thought a lot about her performance at the window. It was SO great...until that guy showed up at her door. That really scared her.

Susie knew that it was a foolhardy thing to do. She realized that she needed to be sure she was protected when she did something like that. She got a tremendous thrill from stripping in front of that window and then masturbating for those three guys.

She got a thrill from the surprised look on each of their faces. And she had three different aged guys that she turned on. That surprised her. She was amazed the way the older guy looked at her. She expected the younger guy to look like he wanted her, but the older guy was...was old enough to be her father. And she turned him on!

But if she was going to do something like that again, she would have to be sure she was safe. Maybe Jim would like to be there as her protector. And she NEEDED to do it again!

Susie began dreaming about things she could do to show off her body. Most were too dangerous. She thought about wearing a very short skirt without panties and bending over, maybe walking up stairs or on an escalator and letting guys see a peek at her ass.

But she wanted more than that. She had flashed that guy at the shoe store but she got much more out of showing off her naked body to those three guys. And, of course, Jim. She needed to be naked. Maybe even up close and personal.

Being naked with Jim was awesome. The sex was awesome. She still dreamed about that and hoped they could do it again.

She trusted Jim but other guys? She didn't want to get raped. Jim was safe. She was still a virgin and wanted to stay that way until the right...moment.

She told Jim about her performance when they talked on the phone the next night. But not about the guy showing up at her room.

She told him she wanted to go to a strip club some time.

"To dance?"

"Well, to see what goes on. Then....maybe..."

"We'll see. I don't know how we would pull that off."

They continued their own private party most every night. Jim told her his cock hurt from all the...exercise. She had to admit that while she loved all the orgasms she was having with him, but her pussy WAS sometimes sore. So they didn't always meet every night.

But she kept teasing the shoe salesman. About once a week she would go to the mall and wait until he was alone and give him another look at her pussy. He was always glad to see her. His name was Peter and he was really nice.

After the second time she would sit out in the mall area looking right into his store until he finished with a customer. She could tell that he was hurrying to get through. She could see the disappointment on his face when someone would walk in just as he was finishing up with another customer.

After the second time he ushered her toward the back of the store where the seats were facing away from the door and he could see if a customer came in.

She kept escalating every time she went in. She showed him her boobs. She rubbed her boobs for him. She started to rub her pussy one time, but a customer came in and he had to go wait on him. Seeing him walk away to meet the customer with a raging hardon was funny. He grabbed a measuring device and held it in front of his pants.

On time she rubbed his hardon with her foot as he sat in front of her. It felt awesome. It twitched when she touched it. He looked embarrassed, but she said that he didn't need to. She couldn't tell but it seemed a little bigger than Jim's. She didn't know what normal was. Jim's cock was the only one she'd ever seen. She wondered how Peter's cock looked.

She would masturbate for him, cumming if she had time. She really liked doing that. He would get so hot and bothered watching her, rubbing his pants watching her pussy. She liked cumming for him. He was such an appreciative audience. And when she would leave the store she could feel her wetness running down her leg. That was so erotic.

They would talk while she was...performing for him and struck up a friendship. She liked him. One day he asked her if they could go out some time.

"Don't ruin it, Peter. Don't ruin it," was her reply.

He looked really disappointed. But she liked him. And a plan was forming in her mind.

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