Susie Ch. 14


Chapter 14 -- The Proposal

Susie and Jim had another hot session at his house one Saturday, almost two months after the first encounter. Her parents were gone for the weekend. She stayed the night in his bed. She woke him up twice by sucking on his cock. They had a lot of sex that weekend, but he still would not fuck her.

But she learned that just a touch could turn her on. She found out that she LOVED to have her boobs licked and sucked. He could do it for hours for all she cared. And he would rub her pussy while he licked her boobs. And he would slip his hand under her ass and rub her asshole. And sometimes would slip that same hand into her pussy from underneath. She would be getting pleasure from four different places. Her body would feel electric as she squirmed and arched and came. She loved it!

She learned how to touch Jim, to make him make him hard. And one time she rolled HIM over and kissed and licked HIS ass. And she spread HIS ass cheeks and licked HIS asshole.

They were lying on his bed, recovering from a great 69. "His name is Peter," she told him.


"The guy in the shoe store. I've been going back some. He's a real nice guy."

"Going back? What have you been doing?"

"What do you think? I've been showing off for him. It's been cool. He's a real nice guy. I like him."

"OK," was his reply, not really knowing what to say.

"I want him to be the guy."

"What guy?"

"The guy who takes my virginity."

"Oh, Susie. Are you sure you're ready for that? And can you really trust him? Have you been dating?"

"No, our only dates have been at his store," she giggled. "But he DID ask me out. I said no."

"But you want him to...fuck you. What if he's a pervert? What if he takes advantage of you. You don't know what could happen."

"I don't think he's a pervert," she laughed. "He's a nice guy, sweet. Plus I'm over 18 and I AM ready. You've taught me a lot. Since you won't do it, I want him to. But I want you to help."


"I want you to help."

"And how would I do that? Give him pointers? Hold your hand?"

"I want you to protect me. To be there for me. To make sure nothing bad happens. And pointers wouldn't be bad," she laughed.

"Susie, this is highly unusual. No guy is gonna want me in the next room. How are you gonna hide me. In the closet?"

"No, I want you to go with me and ask him if he would."

"Susie, you're crazy!" he laughed. "You want me to ask him if he would fuck you?"

"Yes," was all she said.

"What about pregnancy?"

"I started on the pill a few days after we first did it. I went to the free clinic. I wanted to be ready in case YOU decided to do it."

Jim was quiet for a long time. He sighed. "I guess I'll help you. What do you want me to do?"

"I'm going to see him tomorrow after school. I want you to come."

"And do what?"

"Tell him what I want."

"Girl, you are crazy."

They met at the mall the next day. She told him she wanted him to come in after she sat down. When she walked in Peter's face lit up. He wasn't sure she'd be back after he asked her out. He felt foolish after that and figured he'd ruined it.

She sat down in her regular seat and he sat on the stool, ready for his show. Then his eyes went to the door and he looked disappointed. He got up and said, "dangit! A customer."

She laughed. "It's not a customer. He's my friend."

Peter looked extremely nervous. Was he about to be arrested? But all he was doing was...looking.

Jim sat down next to Susie and she introduced him. "Peter, don't be nervous. This is my friend Jim. I asked him here. We've got a proposal."

Peter nervously sat down on his stool. Susie looked at Jim. "Your turn."

Jim looked at her. "You want ME to ask him?"

"That's the plan."

Now Jim was nervous. Really, they were all nervous. Jim squirmed around in his chair, looking for the right words.

"Um,, I know what you two have been doing."

Peter turned red. Susie said, "I told him. I told him everything. It's OK. He's not mad. He's helping me."

Peter did not know what to say. In a minute Jim continued. "Peter, Susie has a proposal, but she's really worried about it. And she feels she needs my help. You might not know it, but Susie is a virgin."

Peter looked at Susie, and back at Jim. He turned red again. "Um, so am I," he stammered. Most guys wouldn't admit that, especially to another guy.

Jim went on. "She says she wants to...remedy that...with you."

His eyes shot to Susie. They got real big. Was he being propositioned? Yeah, that seemed to be what it was. What do you say with something like that? "OK," was all he could get out.

"Jim is the first guy who's seen me naked," Susie explained. "He's taught me a lot about sex. But he won't do this. I want you to do it."

To do it? She wanted him to fuck her? "I...I've never done that. I don't know if I could. Well, I guess I could, but what if I messed it up?" he laughed.

"That's why I want him there. I want him to teach us both." Jim's head snapped to her at that. He didn't say anything. She wanted him to watch them fuck? That had always been a dream,!

They were all quiet for a bit. Finally Susie broke the silence. "What do you think?"

"Think? Wow! Susie, I would LOVE to have sex with you. But...." He looked over at Jim.

"But you're nervous having me there."

"Well...yeah," he said, looking down.

"Would you like to know how to do it right?"

"Well, yeah," Peter said, looking at Susie. He looked back at Jim. "How would it work?"

Jim's mind was racing. How WOULD it work? He was coming up with a plan on the run. "I'll tell ya what. Let's you and I get together soon and talk about it, OK?"

"OK," was all he said.

With that Susie hiked up her skirt and began to masturbate for them. She was SO horny she came very quickly.

When she recovered she lowered her skirt and stood. She took Jim's arm and they walked out together. "I'll be in touch," Jim said over his shoulder.

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