Susie Ch. 15


Chapter 15 -- Susie Strips for Peter and Jim

Susie went down on him in the car after her performance. As she sucked his cock he was thinking about what had just happened and what he needed to do. He came very quickly and then they drove home without saying anything, both lost in their own thoughts.

Jim contacted Peter a few days later and they met in the food court for lunch the next day. At first they were very nervous but Jim found Peter very open to suggestion. He wanted to learn.

They talked about how to touch a woman, how important kissing was, how to lick her boobs, even how to lick her pussy. Jim knew that would be a hard one. It's hard to tell a guy about what to expect when licking a pussy. But he tried. Then they talked about the first penetration, what to expect, how to be slow and sensitive with her.

"And if she says no, that means no. She might chicken out."

Peter nodded. He understood.

They set up a "date" at his house for the next Saturday afternoon. Susie's parents were going to visit her grandmother that day.

Susie and Jim had talked about what might happen. She was prepared for the first penetration to hurt, for there to be some blood. They decided that she would do a striptease for them like she did the first time she and Jim had been together.

The day arrived and Susie took special care as she prepared. She shaved her legs, trimmed her pussy, put a little bit on lipstick on her nipples. She'd read about that on the Internet. She picked clothes that she could get out of easily. She had bought some very sexy underwear for the occasion.

She knocked on Jim's door. Peter was already there. Jim had the same jazz album on that had been on the first time they did this. She didn't say a word. The guys settled down on the couch.

She took the center of the room and started to dance to the music. She found that she wasn't really nervous this time. She had some experience at stripping now, she thought with a silent giggle.

She'd read that eye contact was important and that you needed to pick one guy and perform for him. While she knew she'd be most comfortable performing for Jim, she decided he'd seen this before and it would be fun watching Peter watch her. After all he was the guest of honor! So she concentrated on him.

She danced moving her hips and shoulders in an exaggerated way as she started to unbutton her blouse. She walked toward him and turned and walked away. It developed into a strut. That felt right.

She removed her blouse and handed it to Peter, turned away and started working on her skirt's zipper. She was getting this strut down. As she strutted to him, she dropped the skirt, stepped out of it, walked right up to him, and let him have a good gander at her new bra and panties. He's never seen me in panties she thought to herself with a giggle.

She walked back to her skirt and made an exaggerated bend to pick it up, displaying her panty covered ass to him, then turned around and walked back to him and handed him her skirt. He was still holding her blouse.

She strutted away and danced in her bra and panties to the music. The she walked over to Jim and turned around. She wanted him to unhook her bra. They had talked about this. They figured Peter didn't have any experience with this and it would embarrass him if he had a hard time getting it unclasped.

Jim unhooked her bra and she strutted away again, holding her bra to her breasts. She turned back to Peter and slowly walked over to him. She leaned over him and whispered "take it off." He put her skirt and blouse aside and reached up and cupped her breasts and pulled the bra off as she let go. She stayed in that position, letting him have a close look at her breasts. When he reached up to touch them she quickly turned away and strutted away.

She swayed with her back turned. All she had on were her panties. She turned toward him and massaged her breasts as she slowly walked toward him. She stood upright in front of him and let him look at her body. Then she slowly turned around and backed between his legs. She looked over her shoulder and said "slowly, slowly, pull my panties down."

He looked at Jim. Jim nodded. Peter reached out and took the waistband of her panties. He slowly inched then down her ass, exposing her crack, then a bit of her cheeks, then more until her whole ass was exposed.

When she felt the panties get to that point, she walked away. She stopped a few feet in front of them and swayed sensually. She was really enjoying this.

Then she turned and walked back to him. "Now the front."

She reached up and took the waistband again and slowly began to lower them. Her pussy hair came into view. More, and more, then the top of her slit, then her whole pussy was exposed. "Take them off," she commanded.

He slipped them all the way down and she stepped out of them, turned and strutted off. She danced for them, stark naked. Then she went to the other side of the room, turned to them and strutted right to Peter, stopping right in front of him, and struck her Superman pose, sticking out her boobs, hands on her hips, displaying herself for Peter.

It was time!

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