Susie Ch. 16


She could see that Peter had a huge bulge in his pants. Both of them did. She knew she looked good and loved having two sexy men look at her naked body.

She moved his legs together and sat down on his legs facing him. She reached out and began unbuttoning his shirt. He reached out and felt her boobs. He was tentative at first. He tried to be sensitive and her boobs felt so good. He had never touched boobs before. The only ones he's ever seen were hers when she showed them to him in the store. Now they were in his hands. He felt the nipples, how hard they were.

Susie pulled his shirt out of his pants and he leaned forward so she could take it off. He kissed her boobs while he was there. After she threw his shirt away she grabbed his head and pulled him tighter to her chest.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned. He began licking her boobs, one then the other.

Susie let him lick for a bit, getting even more turned on. She ran her fingers through his hair.

She noticed that Jim had left the couch and taken the recliner off to the side. She looked at him and winked. Thank you, she mouthed.

She reached down and started unbuckling his belt. He stopped licking her boobs and leaned back to give her better access. He looked over at Jim nervously. Jim mouthed, just enjoy.

She found the zipper of his pants and pulled it down. She got off his legs and he lifted his ass up to help her take the pants off. She had to remove his shoes and socks to get his pants off.

He was wearing whitey-tighties and had a huge bulge and there was a wet spot on them. Susie got back on his legs and reached out and cupped his cock through his underwear. It was big. And hard. And pulsating.

Peter couldn't believe that she was touching his cock through his underwear. He had thought about this moment...his first time. When he would masturbate we would imagine a girl rubbing him like Susie was rubbing him now. He had vastly underestimated how it would feel. Her can was so soft on his cock. He was afraid he would embarrass himself and cum right there.

Susie took his hand and guided it to her pussy. He did everything the way Jim had told him. He rubbed her lips very lightly and found that she was very wet.

Jim watched him slip a finger inside her slit. He was a good student. Peter slid his finger up her slit and just barely touched her clit. She jumped slightly and moaned. Peter hadn't exactly known where her clit was. He did now. He would have to remember that.

Susie reached inside his underwear and fished out his cock. She thought, this is gonna be inside me in a little bit. I wonder how it will feel. It was soft...but hard...a lot like Jim's. She saw a drop of pre-cum on his head. She put her finger on it and spread it around. Then she wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked it a few times.

What she was doing to his cock felt awesome. No girl had never touched his cock before. Jim had suggested that he masturbate before he came today so he wouldn't cum too quickly. But he wasn't sure how long he would last anyway.

Susie got off of him and grabbed the waistband of his underwear. He lifted his ass as she pulled them off.

Peter thought....I am naked with a beautiful woman. And I am about to get laid! He had wished for this day a long time. And here it was.

Then she crawled between his legs, separating them. She leaned down and licked the underside of his cock. He leaned back and just enjoyed the feelings that were consuming him.

Jim had told her not to be too aggressive with his cock. She didn't want him to cum before he got it inside her. So she just lightly licked and sucked. It was different than Jim's. Longer, but thinner. He was running his fingers through her hair. She looked up at his face. His head was pressed against the back of the couch. His mouth was open. He was breathing deeply.

Peter couldn't believe how good her mouth felt. So this is a blow job, he thought.

With his cock in her mouth, she looked over at Jim. He smiled and she smiled back. He nodded his head.

It was time.

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