Susie Ch. 18


Susie stopped by the store the next day and Peter apologized to her for his hasty departure. "I LOVED it. I just don't know what came over me. I feel like a fool. Please forgive me Susie."

Susie said she understood. She didn't show her pussy to him that day. Why bother. He'd already fucked her. But they made a date to meet that his apartment. This time they fucked three times. He tried to lick her pussy and, while she said it felt good, it wasn't like Jim.

They talked about Jim and she told him how much Jim taught her. He could teach them more.

"I feel like I'm in competition with him," Peter mused.

"Peter, don't feel like that. He's never fucked me. You've fucked me four times already. And I want you to do it more. But he can help us get even more out of it."

"I don't know," is how they left it.

They got together two more times and had a great time. She was teaching him a lot about her body, how to touch her, how much she liked her boobs licked. And she saw that touching Peter turned him on, she could make him hard any time she wanted by touching him.

The last time he told her he loved her and she gave him a similar lecture that Jim gave her. But she was really beginning to get special feelings for Peter also.

Laying there naked next to each other, stroking each other's body, Peter brought the subject up.

"Do you think he would teach us more?

"I know he would."

"OK...let's set something up."

Susie smiled to herself.

The next night Susie showed up at Peter's apartment with Jim in toe. In a few minutes all three were naked. When Peter saw Jim's cock he felt better. While Jim's was fatter, Peter's was longer. And with everyone naked he felt...more comfortable.

Jim demonstrated how to lick and suck Susie's pussy. Susie was really enjoying this! He showed him how to finger her, to stick his finger in the top of her cunt and find her G-spot. She had such an intense orgasm when he did this. And showed him her clit and what it did and the way it came out from under its hood when she got excited.

Peter tried all this with Jim continuing to direct him. Susie thought he was getting the idea as she came three times with Peter working on her.

Then Jim turned her over on her belly and started kissing her ass. "Now watch this," he said to Peter. He spread her ass cheeks, exposing her asshole. "This is really sensitive and she loves it to be licked."

Peter gave him a strange look. "Yes, it's her asshole and it is a very erotic spot on a woman." Then he reached out his tongue and started to lick her asshole. She raised her ass to meet his tongue. "Sometimes when she's ready to cum, if you stick your finger in her asshole, she'll cum immediately," and with that he stuck his finger in her asshole and she started shuddering.

Before she was through cumming Jim moved aside and let Peter try. "You can reach under her and rub her clit at the same time...or finger fuck her...or both."

Peter was getting the idea...and Susie was writhing in pleasure. She flopped over on her back and said "FUCK ME! One of you fuck me right now!"

Peter climbed right on top and stuck his cock in her pussy and started to fuck her.

"Put her legs over your shoulders," Jim coached.

She scooted closer and he lifted he legs to his shoulders. They developed a slow rhythm but slowly sped up.

In a minute Peter started really plowing into her. Susie arched up so that only her head was on the bed. In a minute they were both moaning and panting. "I'm cumming again," Susie panted.

She gasped and he gasped and they came together. Jim watched them both cumming. Nothing like it, he thought. I've always wanted to watch two people fuck. This is great. Sandy needs to come home soon. I need to get laid!

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