Susie Ch. 19


About two weeks later, after four more episodes with just Peter and Susie and one more with all three, with Susie sucking Jim's cock in front of Peter for the first time, Susie made the excuse to her mom that she would be spending the night at a girl friends house. Instead the three of them went to Nashville to visit a strip club. Susie had told Peter about her desire to go to one and maybe some day dance in one.

Susie prepared just in case, wearing some clothes that she felt she could easily take off, not that she thought she would do that, but she would be ready if....

It turned out that it was amateur night and it was scheduled to start at 11:00. Jim said he didn't know that, but...well maybe he didn't. They got there at 9:00 and got a table toward the back, in the dark. Susie was shocked at how good the girls looked. Some had enhanced boobs, but some were a little overweight, but still looked good. Some had tattoos, but Susie liked the girls who had no extra.....artwork.

She knew from the Internet that each club and city had their own rules. This club was a nude club...that's what Susie wanted...and the dancers danced to three songs, most of them taking off some clothes and getting naked toward the end of the last song. But a couple got naked quickly, and Susie noticed that they got the most tips.

In a minute Susie asked Jim for some money. He smiled and gave her a wad of one-dollar bills. He was ready for this.

They all found a seat at the rail and right away the girl dancing started playing to Susie. She had long red hair and very nice boobs. She got naked pretty quickly and and strutted around the stage. Susie loved the strut. I do that, she thought.

Susie stood up to give her a dollar. The girl came right up to her and pushed her boobs together and Susie put the dollar between them. The girl leaned forward and gave Susie a kiss on the lips. "Thank you, baby," she said as she moved away.

Susie had never been kissed by a girl before. She looked at Jim and turned red.

The girl still played to Susie and after doing a lap around the stage, collecting dollars from other guys, she came back to Susie. Susie pealed off another dollar, but the girl sat down directly in front of her, spread her legs, giving her a great view of her pussy. Then she reached down and spread her pussy lips, opening up her pink. Susie could see that she was very wet.

Susie held out her dollar bill, but the girl didn't take it. She scooted forward, closer to Susie, and put her legs over her shoulders, opening herself up more.

She looked around and saw that the bouncers weren't paying attention and rubbed up her slit. She came to her clit and took it between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed. Susie saw her asshole clench. How cool, Susie thought.

The girl looked at Susie and scooted up closer. "In my pussy," she mouthed. Susie looked at Jim and then Peter. She smiled.

She reached out to the woman with the dollar, but let her fingers rub down her pussy lips. Her pussy was bald...and so smooth. The girl smiled. "IN my pussy," she mouthed.

Susie stuck the dollar bill inside her pussy and her pussy grabbed at it. The girl lifted her legs straight up, rolling onto her back giving everyone a good look at the dollar bill in her pussy and displaying her asshole. Then she rolled over and got up as the song ended and left the stage.

"I could never do that," Susie whispered to Jim.

"Yes, you could," was his reply.

Yes I could, she thought, and I'd like to...tonight!

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