Susie Ch. 21


Number one was a middle-aged woman, well middle aged, she was probably in her thirties. Nice body, but far from perfect. A saggy ass and a little too much of it. But she was a great dancer and seemed to really like to show off. She got naked at the beginning of the second song and Susie remembered Angel's warning, but this woman pulled it off well because she was such a good dancer and seemed to really like being naked in front of a group of men. The guys hooted and hollered and gave her some good tips.

Susie watched her closely, realizing that this woman knew how to be naked in front of a bunch of men. And she knew how to keep them interested in her show even though she didn't have the greatest body in the world. She emphasized her ample breasts, cupping them, lifting them up, licking her nipples. The guys loved it.

She went around the edge of the stage and made sure the got a close look at her breasts, leaning into each guy at the rail, putting them close to their faces and when they would lean in she would pull away with a wicked smile. She also took their tips between her breasts. She noticed that she let those who had the biggest tip spend some quality time on her chest. They guys noticed too and started letting her see their big bills. Some would fondle, a few licked her nipples...and she squealed, exciting the crowd even more.

Then she did another round on her ass, sliding between each guy with her legs spread wide, allowing a great look at her wet pussy. And it was very wet. And the guy who showed the biggest tip got his head pulled deep into her pussy. She knew how to work the crowd. I guess that's why she got naked so early.

She ended her show by bending over and looking at the crowd through her legs, giving then a great view of her pussy and asshole. She was pumped when she left the stage. "That was SO much fun," she beamed.

The second girl was a mousy girl, too thin and not much of a dancer. She only got down to her bra and panties and then chickened out. Susie felt sorry for her. She also hoped that she wouldn't chicken out also.

Then the experienced girls started coming, each one better looking than the last. Each had different talents, huge boobs, small asses, great dancers. One girl with the huge boobs really played them up, rubbing them in the faces of about every guy there. The guys loved her big boobs and rewarded her well.

After her show she came back in the room stark naked and thanked each guy personally with a boob face rub. Susie was surprised that she was allowed to do that. She noticed that no one seemed to mind. She saw that some of the guys took advantage of her with licks of her boobs and others copped a feel of her pussy. She would playfully slap their hands and laugh. She really seemed to be having a great time.

A lot of the girls gave a good showing of their pussies and one girl masturbated to orgasm on the stage to great hoots and even greater tips. She came off the stage obviously turned on. Susie heard her tell one of the other dancers that they needed to find a corner. She needed her pussy eaten right then! Susie wanted to go and watch but she realized she needed to watch the show to pick up more tips.

As she watched the other girls dance Susie became more and more nervous. What should she do out there? I don't have a routine, she thought. Should I masturbate out there? Cum in front of everybody?

Angel slid up beside her, sensing her nervousness. "Susie, don't be nervous. Be classy out there. The classy women win. You have a great body. Tease them with it. And remember to prepare your pussy before you go out there."

Susie stuck her hand in her panties. She was already wet. Then she realized how turned on she was. She was going to like this she thought. I'm gonna go all out.

Number eight was finishing up doing the rounds, giving each guy a great look at her ass, her best asset, letting each guy who would, rub her ass.

"OK, number're next"

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