Susie Ch. 22


Chapter 22 -- Susie's Turn

Susie had chosen the same song as she stripped to for Jim and Peter as her first song. It was slow a sensuous. She hoped to get lost in the song. She figured she would strip for Jim, make him her center of attention.

Susie came out and tried to look at the audience but the lights were too bright, so she turned her back to the audience and started to sway, like she did in Jim's living room, letting her hands wander over her body. The audience was quiet which helped her relax.

She turned toward the audience and saw that her eyes had adjusted to the bright lights. She found Jim and Peter. Peter looked nervous, but Jim was smiling. "Beautiful" he mouthed, encouraging her.

Susie put on her sexiest walk she could and slowly walked toward Jim, staring him in the eye. He transmitted confidence back to her. When she got to him she paused then turned and slowly walked down the rail, looking each guy in the eye.

Watch me, she thought as she walked. They guys were quiet, because the music was quiet, but each guy returned her stare, some nodding, others smiling, other winking. She would return the wink. She had them.

Susie went back to the middle of the stage, turned to her audience and began unbuttoning her blouse, continuing to look each guy in the eye. She realized that she was playing for each of the guys, not just Jim, but she felt comfortable. One guy started applauding and the others joined in. She hadn't heard applause for any of the other girls. Was that a problem?

But she thought to herself, all these guys are gonna see me naked in a few minutes. And they're gonna want me. I will MAKE them want me.

She shed her blouse and did another run down the rail, then returned to center stage and ran her hands over her body, lifting her boobs, rubbing her boobs through her bra. She could tell her nipples were really hard.

The noise in the room was starting to build. She could see the lust in each guys eyes. Lust for her!

Then she moved her hand to her skirt. Angel's skirt was fastened with Velcro, so she could loosen it easily. The first song was ending so she sashayed back to the stage entrance, stopped just inside the door with her backside toward the men and dropped her skirt. Then slid behind the curtain.

Her next song started, a faster song. She came strutting out of the door and made the circle in just her bra and panties. She was SO excited! The guys started to hoot at her. "Take it off!" "Show us some skin." "You are gorgeous, babe." "I've got something for you, honey."

Susie noticed the bulges in guy's pants. I'm doing that to them, she thought. Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Susie went back to center stage and slowly, trying to look in each guys eyes, slowly, lowered the straps of her bra. The noise got louder. She raised her eyebrows as if to say "you wanna see?" This was met with a huge cheer.

She slowly walked over to Jim, turned around and squatted in front of him. He knew what she wanted and expertly unhooked her bra. She held it to her breasts and once again walked to the middle of the stage. The noise got louder and louder. She knew what they wanted.

With a great flourish she pulled her bra away and threw it toward the stage door. Then she got down on her hands and knees and slowly, sensuously crawled to the rail. She slowly crawled past each guy, pausing in front of each guy, letting them have a good look at her hanging boobs, her hard, extended, excited nipples.

Then she once again crawled to the middle and slowly, sensuously, rubbed her boobs and let her hands roam over her body while slowly writhing on the stage.

When she heard the second song ending she got up and walked to the entrance door, letting everyone look at her panty-covered ass. When she got to the door she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and started to slip them down as she walked through the curtain. As the song ended she slipped them off and held them out through the curtain to thunderous applause. She had them! They wanted her. And they were about to see her stark naked! A whole room of men!

She checked her pussy. It was soaking!

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