Susie Ch. 23


Susie's third song was hot! On the first notes she burst through the curtain in a strut, stark naked, not a bit nervous, and strutted to the middle of the front rail, stopped suddenly and assumed her Superman pose.

She had checked her pussy before she went out and knew that she was wet and her pussy lips were puffy. She looked out over the audience's heads, her head held high, letting them take in her naked body.

Look at me. Look up my body. Look at my wet pussy. Look at my boobs, my hard nipples. Look at ME! She thought.

She let them look for a minute, then twirled and strutted back to center stage knowing all those guys who had been looking up her pussy were staring at her ass. She knew she looked good.

She then turned to the side rail and gave them the same opening strut and Superman pose. Look at me! She thought about the guys on the opposite side of the stage looking at her ass. She clenched her ass cheeks for them.

She twirled and strutted to the other side. I want EVERYONE to see want me. She clenched her ass cheeks for the side she had just left. Then she strutted to the middle of the stage and turned her back to her audience and clenched her ass cheeks again. She looked over her right shoulder and smiled at the crowd.

The crowd was wild. They were loving it. SHE was loving it. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. I like this, she thought.

Then she returned to center stage, laid down on her back with her head toward the audience and started to rub her boobs, pulling on her nipples, enjoying the feelings, the cheers. She arched her back like she was having an orgasm.

Then she spread her legs and moved her hands down to her pussy. The audience really couldn't see much but they were hollering. "Turn around!" "Let us see your pussy."

Susie looked through the doorway and saw Harry the manager watching her. She winked at him and spread her pussy lips for him. Then rubbed her clit.

The audience was getting restless, so she rolled over and looked at them. She slinked like a cat, sliding on the floor. She knew what they wanted and she wanted to give it to them.

She spun around on the stage and spread her legs for them. Her hands went to her pussy and she ran her fingers down her pussy lips. Then she spread her lips, showing them her pink. She raised her legs straight up in a V. Look at me! She thought to herself.

The guys went wild. She looked around the room, trying to look each guy in the eye. They all seemed to be looking at her pussy. She wanted them to.

Susie took her was really engorged...she took her clit between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it up. She was so turned on that she almost came right then. The guys were in a frenzy. Some of them giving each other high fives.

She was loving their response to her naked her performance.

She knew the song would soon end. Should I end with an orgasm? She thought.

Susie arched her back and began to rub her clit in earnest. She knew she couldn't stop. She HAD to cum. She wanted every guy there to see her cum.

She leaned back her head, her legs spread wide...just her head and feet on the floor...and she came. Not since that day in Jim's office did she cum like this. Jim said she squirted then and boy did she squirt now. Such an intense orgasm and she felt the release and saw a stream come out of her cunt. It looked kinda like when Jim squirted when they masturbated together.

The feeling rolled throughout her body. She knew the were looking at her pussy and could also see her asshole clenching. She was cumming SO hard!

When it was over she was kinda embarrassed, but the guys were loving it. She got up and shakily walked back to the exit door. She turned and blew them a kiss. The response was deafening.

When she got backstage Angel said "You won this thing, girl." She noticed the number ten girl give her a dirty look as she headed for the stage.

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