Susie Ch. 25


Life changed for all three of them over the next few months. Jim and Susie had a few more sessions at the window together, but they never were alone again. Sandy's mom died so Sandy came home and the late-night window meetings stopped.

But Jim let her watch one more time, the night Sandy came home. He left the curtains open and Susie watched them as they made such passionate love. The first time they fucked it was frantic. Maybe that's why Sandy didn't notice that the curtains were open.

Then they spent some time touching, and when Jim arose to the occasion again, Sandy climbed on top. Sandy really had a nice body and Susie noted how comfortably she rode Jim's cock.

Sandy was not slim any more, but she had a nice body. Her ass was bigger than Susie's but it was quite firm. Her large boobs had a slight sag to them, but they looked great as she rode Jim, bouncing, Jim's hands massaging them. Sandy looked like a real woman. Susie wondered what she would look like at Sandy's age.

Susie didn't get much sleep that night, because Jim and Sandy didn't get much sleep. They sucked and fucked, touched and rubbed most of the night. And Susie sat at her window in the dark and masturbated with them. She tried to cum when Sandy did. She was sore the next day.

Susie and Peter got together as often as they could. She finally told Peter that she loved him. Susie introduced Peter to her mom and dad and they seemed to like him.

Their life became much more than sex. They dated, met each other's friends. Peter took her to the prom, was there for her graduation, and went with her and her mom to visit colleges.

Susie ended up choosing the University of Georgia. She was going to study finance; she had a gift for numbers. Peter was sad that she was going so far away, but, really, it was only about three hours away. She assured him that she would come home a lot. And of course he could come see her.

A few weeks before she left for school Peter told her that he was thinking of joining the Air Force. "I can't work at the shoe store all my life," he told her.

Susie tried to be understanding. "The Air Force will teach me a skill that I can use after I get out. Anyway, it's only four years, and you'll be at college all that time."

Still, Susie was sad. She thought about war and what could happen if he had to go. But they resolved it all. He left for basic training right after she went to college.

The next four years went by in a blur. Peter ended up being stationed in Germany. They weren't able to get together but about twice a year, but when they did it was a week of true, exhausting passion. Peter noted how her body was maturing. Her boobs were getting bigger, from a c-cup to a d-cup. Her body was getting rounder, but only in a womanly way. She still had her small ass but her belly was more pronounced. She thought she still looked good and so did he.

And Susie was loving HIS body. Basic training really helped. He looked buff. And he had much more stamina and that helped a lot in the bedroom when he fucked her. He could rise to the occasion many times a night.

Susie never dated anyone else in college. She was in love with Peter. Peter and Susie would get together online occasionally, and they used the webcam to play for each other.

But she still had those desires to show off her body to others. She tried the shoe store thing, but it never was the same as with Peter.

Then she found out that a number of clubs in Atlanta had amateur nights. Atlanta was only about an hour and a half from Athens and no one would know her there. Whenever she needed some extra money she would head to Atlanta.

She wasn't really afraid to go alone and she never really had any problems. She didn't always win, but she was always in the top three, and with the tips the trips always paid for themselves.

Susie never had another night like that first one in the strip club. She never had an orgasm on stage again. But she did accept a few lap dances and one club would let her take guys to the VIP room. The bouncers looked out for her and sent the best tippers to her. She gave a few guys hand jobs and sucked one guy off, but he didn't taste like Jim or Peter. It wasn't the same.

Susie told Peter of some of her experiences at the club...but not everything. Peter was worried about her going alone to those clubs but she assured him that she was being careful. And Peter understood her need to show off to other men.

But her trips to Atlanta didn't happen enough to satisfy Susie's show off desires. She had gone boating at Sandy Creek Recreational area north of Athens and while they were there she saw an inlet that looked like it had some showoff possibilities. She looked it up on Goggle maps and saw that, while it was kinda remote, there was a road where she good and get close to it. The inlet looked like a good fishing spot...there had been a bass boat with two guys fishing there, and a rock outcrop above it....hmmmm.

The next weekend Susie drove up there by herself and figured out how to get to that inlet with the rock outcrop. She worked her way through the wasn't too far...and found herself at the outcrop.

And, wouldn't you know it, there was one bass boat in the inlet with two middle-aged men fishing and drinking beer.

Susie watched them from the bushes for a little bit. The outcrop was about fifteen feet above the water and from where she was, there didn't seem to be an easy way for the guys to get up there from the lake.

Susie already had a plan. This would be the hotel in Memphis without the window, she thought to herself.

She stepped out on the outcrop. The boat was on the other side of the inlet, probably 50 yards away. At first the guys didn't notice her but eventually one of the guys saw her and waved. She waved back.

Then she proceeded to take off her clothes. She acted like this was a natural thing to do. One guy noticed what she was doing and said something to the other guy who turned to look.

Susie ignored them at first, just undressing, looking at the scenery. In a minute she heard the whirling of their trolling motor. She saw that they were coming her way. She was down to her bra and panties and she waved at them. It was obvious that she wasn't just wearing a bikini, that it really was her bra and panties.

She stood there looking over the lake as they got closer.

"Hello," one of them called out.

"Hi. How's the fishing?"

"Been pretty slow...boring...until now."

"Oh? What do you mean until now?" she teased.

"Well it's not every day a pretty girl comes out here and strips down to her bra and panties," he laughed.

Susie smiled. "You like?"

"Oh, yes. You are a beautiful woman."

"Thank you." Susie let it hang for a minute. Then she asked "Would you like to see more?"

The two guys looked at each other. "Are you offering?"

"Only for you to look. Is that agreeable to you?"

They didn't have to confer on that one. "Yeah," both answered at once.

"What would you like?"

There was silence for a bit as they considered how to proceed.

"Would you take off your bra?"

"OK." Susie reached behind her and undid her bra. She took it off and laid it down on the rest of her clothes. She assumed her Superman pose, hands on hips, looking out over the water.

"Very nice," one of them said.

Susie didn't say anything. She just let them look. They were right at the bottom of the outcrop, looking up at her.

"What about the panties?"

"What about the panties?"

"Would you take them off too?"

"You want me to take off my panties and stand here stark naked for you?"

That embarrassed them. In a minute one of them said "Yes."

"OK." Susie hooked her thumbs in her panties and lowered them and stepped out of them, then resumed her Superman pose.

"Wow," one of them whistled.

Susie started to run her hands on her body, up her sides, up under her breasts, lifting them up, squeezing them. She turned around and let them look at her ass.

"God," she heard one of them mutter. You haven't seen anything yet, she thought.

She turned around and walked right to the edge and sat down with her legs parted. She brought her hand down her belly to her pussy. She ran her fingers down her pussy lips. Then she opened her pussy so they could see her pink inside. She was looking right at them. They were looking at her pussy.

"Take out your cocks," she said. They both stood up and dropped their shorts and underwear. They were both already hard. One was long and one was shorter but fatter. Just like Jim and Peter, she thought with a giggle.

"Pull on them for me." They both sat down and started stroking their cocks. Susie put her finger inside her cunt. Her other hand went to her boobs and for the next little bit they all masturbated together.

"Are you guys married?"

They looked at each other. Both nodded. "Your wife ever do this for you?" Both shook their heads.

"Ever jack off for them?" Once again both shook their heads.

"Well, what do you say we all cum for each other?" Both smiled. Susie thought to herself, what a stupid question.

For the next little bit they all concentrated on each other's bodies and worked themselves up. Susie felt her orgasm starting in her ass. She raised her ass. "I'm ready to cum." Both guys sped up their strokes. She tried to concentrate on their cocks but as her orgasm overtook her body she closed her eyes and grunted and moaned. "I'm cumming!"

It felt wonderful, the hot sun on her body, the image of two guys pulling their cocks for her. As her orgasm subsided she heard a grunt. She opened her eyes in time to see one of the guys shoot out of the boat. In a minute the other grunted and did the same.

When she got her breath back she stood up and gathered her clothes. "Same time next week?" she asked as she started to put on her panties.

They met three more weekends. They talked more each week and got to know each other better. They were both perfect gentlemen. They never tried to do anything more than watch and play. Both were happily married, but both admitted that this was the most awesome thing they ever experienced.

Peter would want to know all the details and they would have some wonderful times on the webcam together, with Susie telling him all the details.

Then the semester was over and she never went back to the rock again.

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