Susie Ch. 27


As the third song started she waited off-stage about 30 seconds before bursting through the curtain stark naked, strutting across the stage right down the runway looking straight ahead. When she got to the end of the runway, she stopped and assumed her Superman pose, letting McGee and whoever was close by look right up her pussy, up her body with a good look at her boobs with the extended nipples.

She stayed there for about thirty seconds then turned and strutted back down the runway, giving them a good look at her naked ass.

Suddenly the lights went out and the music stopped. The emergency lights came on. At first Susie thought the club was being raided. She hurried off the stage.

The DJ stuck his head backstage. "We just lost power. Got a bad storm outside. Hopefully we'll get power back soon."

Susie didn't know what to do. She looked back through the curtains. The guys looked disappointed and confused. Someone yelled out "We lost power. Hopefully we'll be back in a minute. Please don't leave and miss the rest of the show."

Susie thought to herself, what rest of the show. I'm last and they've seen everything I got. She laughed.

"Wow, that was great!" a voice came from behind her. She turned around and saw McGee peeking through the backstage door. All of a sudden Susie felt embarrassed. He was looking at her naked ass.

She saw a robe hanging from a hook and put it on. "You liked?"

"Oh, yeah. You are GORGEOUS!"

She sat down on the stairs and they talked for a bit. How she got involved in this, why he was here. Then the lights came back on. The DJ stuck his head in again. "You ready to finish your show?"

McGee slipped back out and Susie got ready for her second try at the third song.

When the music started she started it out like the last one, with her strut and her Superman pose. She assumed her pose in front of a few of the sexiest guys when the lights flickered again and went out. There was a collective groan. But this time Susie didn't rush off the stage. She stood there with her hand on her hip, hip jutting out, looking disgusted at the DJ. But she knew that the emergency lights lit her up well and that the guys were still looking at her naked body.

Then she saw McGee walking toward backstage and she headed off-stage. She decided to stay naked this time and when he walked back-stage she was sitting on the steps naked. "You've already seen me naked," she laughed. "So why should I put on a robe?"

He laughed. "I would look at you naked any time."

They talked more about some of her experiences. Susie wanted to see if she could distract him. She was not careful about keeping her legs crossed, giving him good views of her pussy. As they talked she would rub her boobs absent-mindedly.

In a little bit the lights came back on and Susie got up and prepared for the show again. She was giving him a good look at her ass.

"Do you like my ass?" she asked him.


"What do you think my best asset is?"

McGee looked her over as she turned for him. "Susie, you are the most gorgeous creature I've ever seen. But I'm a butt man, so...." He laughed.

The music started and he slipped out and she burst through the curtain for the third time. But she didn't get far before the lights went out again. This time she was mad. She spun around and stormed off the stage thinking she might just forget about the rest of the show.

But then she thought that she needed to stay to the end because she should get the sympathy vote. She sat back down on the steps anticipating McGee coming back again.

The emergency light backstage lit her up well. She spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy as he came through the door. He stopped for a minute, then slipped the door shut and watched as she played with her pussy. She spread her lips giving him a good view of her cunt. She stuck a finger inside and began finger fucking herself.

Nothing was said as she worked herself up. Her breathing deepened and she was rotating her ass as she masturbated for him. Her thumb went to her clit. She let out a moan. She started rubbing her boobs in earnest.

She lifted her ass as she plunged her fingers in and out of her cunt. She took her other hand and began pulling on her clit. As she closed her eyes she saw that he had moved closer to her pussy and had a great view.

"I'm cumming," she cried. And with that her orgasm overtook her body, and right in front of her co-worker, Susie came, her body out of control, shaking, spasming, quaking.

She was trying to get her breath back when the lights came back on. McGee smiled and silently slipped out. Susie stood up and tried to gather herself, catch her breath, as the music started again.

She looked down at her pussy before she went through the curtain. Her lips were all puffy and red and she could see that her pussy was soaked. She quickly wiped off some of her pussy juice and burst through the curtain.

When she got to the end of the runway and stood there this time she thought about what an erotic sight she must be. Puffy and red pussy, obviously wet, soaked, shining in the light, and still trying to catch her breath from her awesome orgasm.

She made the rounds, showing her ass and pussy to all the best looking guys. God, she was horny! Then she took the most handsome guy and sat down in front of him. She spread her legs and scooted closer to him. She put her heels on the brass bar in front of him and started to masturbate for him.

A group of guys moved over behind him for a better view. She opened her pussy and rubbed up and down her lips, then stuck two fingers in her cunt.

The guy moved closer for a better look. She scooted closer and put her heels on his shoulders. She looked in his eyes and winked. Then she looked in each guy's eyes who were gathered around before she closed her eyes and came, raising her ass off the floor, shaking through her second orgasm of the night.

He had a $10 bill in his hand. She mouthed, in my pussy, which he gladly did, stuffing it in deep, rubbing her pussy lips.

A whole bunch of guys produced money, hoping for the same opportunity, but Susie scooted back, slipping her heels off his shoulders. She stood and made one more round of the stage, with the $10 bill still in her pussy, to tremendous cheers, picking up her tips as she went, bending over deeply giving everyone a good final look at her ass.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/05/18

I've often wanted to do that!

But I never have. And now I'm to old. Who would want to look at a 42 yo naked woman? Any takers?

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