Susie Ch. 28


Of course Susie won. Since she was last she didn't bother putting on any clothes for the cheer-off. She brought the house down when she pulled the $10 out of her pussy in front of everyone. She was SO horny, even though she'd come twice tonight.

After she was presented the $500 check the other girls left the stage. Now the stage was hers again and she used it to the best of her advantage. She strutted around the stage to amazing cheers.

Guys where showing her larger bills hoping that she would let them put it in her pussy. But she never did. She knew she had a great ass and she displayed it well for them. We walked and strutted, knowing they were all lusting for her, wanting to rub her ass.

She then made one more round displaying her boobs to every guy. She was having the time of her life. It seemed that everyone wanted her but she had never allowed anyone to pick her up. And she sure didn't want to go with a stranger. After all, even though she was horny, she had only ever been fucked by Peter, and she sure didn't want her second fuck to be a stranger.

She watched McGee as he cheered for her and thought that just maybe he could be trusted.

Finally she saw the next girl scheduled to dance give her a dirty look. So she strolled over to the curtain, wrapped the curtain around her body and disappeared.

This night had been a good night. Two far, $500 in prize money, and $435 in tips.

She quickly got dressed and came back onto the main floor looking for McGee but she couldn't find him. She hurried through the crowd, being delayed by well-wishers and guys feeling her up. She rushed outside and saw a cab pulling away. Was that McGee? Shoot!

She had settled down some. While she would have liked to get laid, she sure didn't want one of these guys, although she knew some of them would be willing. But she wouldn't mind masturbating with someone, someone she could trust. She had been hoping for McGee.

Susie hadn't watched a guy masturbate for a long time...since the fishermen. With Peter, they didn't bother masturbating. When they got together they fucked a lot.

Where was Peter when she needed him? Shoot, where was Jim when she needed HIM? Maybe she could catch McGee back at the hotel.

Susie hailed the next cab and headed back to the hotel. "Are you a dancer?" the cab driver asked.

"No, but I DID dance tonight...and I won!" she replied.

"I bet you did! Sure wish I could have been there."

"Adjust your mirror."

She unbuttoned her blouse, she hadn't put her underwear back on, and opened it for him. His eyes got real big.

Then she hiked up her skirt and put her legs over the seat and proceeded to masturbate for him.

She was SO wet, so horny. She was thinking about Peter, about Jim, about the fishermen, about the guys at the club. She had never gotten so horny after a performance since the first time she stripped on stage with Peter and Jim. Now the cab driver was getting a treat brought on by her horniness.

He had trouble keeping his eyes on the road. She didn't cum before they got back to the hotel, but she wasn't in the same horny mood now.

But the cab driver parked off to the side and turned around to watch. Well, shoot, she thought. I guess I'm gonna have to cum for him, she laughed to herself. So she looked him in the eye and stuck two fingers in her pussy and started to stroke with earnest. In a bit she threw back her head, raised her ass off the seat and came for him.

"That's a first," he said with a smile. She buttoned up and reached for her purse. "No charge", he said. "That was payment enough."

She kissed his check and got out and walked to the front door and flipped the back of her skirt up flashing him her ass. She smiled to herself.

She was kinda mad that McGee had left her there. Any thought of knocking on his door that night was gone.

She went to bed and to sleep. It was after 2 A.M. and she had that stupid conference the next day...or today!

At the conference she and McGee avoided each other's eyes, but at one of the breaks while he was getting coffee she purposely got beside him and reached over to get a bagel and rubbed her boob on his arm.

Nothing more was said. And on the trip home she sat in the back of the van while he drove.

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