Susie Ch. 29


The next day at the office, Susie knew that she had to address the problem. All night she worried what could happen if McGee decided to out her. She liked McGee and while she noticed how he looked at her now, she didn't feel like he would betray her. But they needed to come to an agreement.

At 5:00 the office pretty much cleared out. She knew that McGee normally worked late so she hung around. McGee was much higher on the ladder than she was and he had his own private office. So around 5:30 she knocked on his door.

"Come in," was the reply.

Susie nervously opened the door, slipped in and closed it behind her. When McGee saw her he turned red.

They were both very nervous, knowing they each could really hurt the other with loose lips.

"Susie, um...Susie, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Um...I don't know," he laughed. "I just thought I needed to apologize. I shouldn't have been there the other night."

"Well, Bill, you were, and so was I. And neither of us has any right to judge the other. I guess we're both perverts," she laughed.

McGee laughed. "I've always thought there was something wrong with me. I'm sorry, but I like to look at naked women. My wife is so shy she hardly let's me see her naked. I don't go to those kind of clubs much, but that was not my first."

"It wasn't mine either," she laughed.

They both laughed. "But you were awesome up there...and back-stage too." He turned red.

"I was pissed that you left me there."

"I'm sorry, Susie. I feel bad about that. I didn't know what to do. But Susie, I will NEVER tell anyone that you were there...and danced like...that. And I hope you won't tell anyone that I was there."

"No chance of that," she laughed. "But I tell you what. You have a 'problem' and so do I. Maybe we can solve each other's problem."

"What kind of problem do YOU have," McGee asked.

"I like to show off. I love for men to see me naked. And I like to masturbate with men."

McGee turned an even more bright shade of red.

"I have a proposal to make to you, Bill. You like to look at naked women and I like men to see me naked."


"You have a private office and I propose that I come in here once in a while when I need to and strip for you."

McGee looked around his office. "We can lock the door," said Susie as she walked to the door and locked it. She walked back toward his desk as she started to unbutton her blouse. "We might need to do this after hours," she told him.

She moved a chair closer to his desk and stepped up on it and then onto the top of his desk. She kicked the folders onto the floor. He can pick them up later after the show I'm gonna give him, she thought with a giggle.

Susie took off her blouse and dropped it on the floor. Then dropped her skirt and kicked IT to the floor. She reached behind her back and loosened her bra, slipped it off and dropped it along with her skirt and blouse.

She turned around and began to lower her panties. She dropped them to the desk and hooked them on her big toe and flipped them off the desk next to her other clothes.

"Do you like my body?" she asked as she turned around.

McGee licked his lips. "You are gorgeous."

Susie squatted down in front of him, opening her legs, giving him a good view of her pussy. "How do I compare to the other girls at the strip club?"

"Not close. I'd take you any day."

"How do you want me?"

McGee looked nervous. "Susie, I'm married, and I've never had another woman. I'm kinda proud of that."

"I've only been with one guy myself. So you just want to watch."


"What do you want to watch?"

"Um...what you did the other night."

"Dance naked for you?"

"And the other."

"Masturbate for you?"

He nodded.

"OK, fair enough. Sit back and relax."

McGee sat back and Susie sat down on his desk. She extended her legs over his shoulders and pulled him a little closer. She laid back on his was a big desk...and started running her hands over her body.

She rubbed her boobs, tweaking her nipples. She ran her hand over her belly and eventually came to the top of her pussy. She pulled on the top of her pussy and then ran a finger down her slit.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels so good. Do you like what you see?"

He gulped and nodded.

She opened up her pussy. "Do you like that?"

A nod.

"Would you like to stick your tongue in there?"

He shook his head. "Susie, I don't want to start that. I'm afraid I would go too far. Farther than I need to go."

"Fair enough."

Susie laid back again and started to masturbate in earnest. She fantasized about Peter licking her pussy. She thought about Jim and the day that started all this. She fantasized about Jim, about stripping for him the first time, how he licked her pussy that time. How he licked her asshole. Oh, it had been so long since someone had licked her asshole.

Susie arched her back and lifted her ass off the desk and came for McGee. She laid there for a bit catching her breath. She looked down her body at McGee. He was smiling.

"That was good," she said.

"Yes, it was," he replied with a grin.

"Next time I want you to stroke your cock while I rub my pussy."

He thought for a minute. "OK, I think we can do that." He was thinking, I could watch her all day.

She got off his desk, between his legs and leaned over him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His hands came around her and rubbed her ass. She patted his crotch.

"Thank you," she said.

"No, thank YOU!"

"Next time. I want to see you cum with me," she winked at him and turned and found her clothes and quickly got dressed.

She shared her new show off opportunity with Peter. He was supportive but also worried. "Peter, you don't have anything to worry about. I love YOU! He's a nice guy and never touches me," she lied.

"Just be careful," he told her. "Are you going to do it with him again."

"I think so. And I promise to tell you all about it."

And there were many next times. They would stay late after work about twice a week. That seemed to keep her needs satisfied. Her's AND Peter's. And of course McGee's.

She brought two towels with her, one for his desk and one for his lap. A few times he squirted all over her and she rubbed it all over her body. He only touched her when she kissed him goodbye, but his hands wandered more each time, finally fingering her pussy.

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