Susie Ch. 30


Susie wasn't expecting to hear from Peter when she got a call from the receptionist. "You have a guest down here."

When she saw who it was she was shocked and tickled. She squealed and ran to him and jumped in his arms. She hung on tight to him.

"I wanted to surprise you," Peter told her. "I got orders for the Pentagon. I'm being reassigned."

Susie was sobbing, she was so happy. She introduced Peter around to those who she could find. "This is Peter. He's my boyfriend."

Most people at her work did not know she had a boyfriend. They all wondered about this quiet, beautiful young woman and why they never saw her with a guy. They were all beaming for her.

"I'm more than that," Peter told them. "At least I want to be."

And with that he got down on one knee, right there in the middle of the reception area, pulled out a small box. A gasp went through the small crowd that had gathered. Susie's eyes got huge.

"Susie, will you marry me?"

Susie started sobbing again. "YES!!! Oh Yes! I'll marry you!"

Everyone cheered. Susie grabbed Peter and felt no shame in laying a big kiss on him. Peter put the ring on her finger and she showed it off to oos and aahs from the women and winks from the guys.

Things settled down and they retired to her office, or rather cubical. They talked for a while and as she saw that other workers were leaving for the day, she said "I want to introduce you to someone."

They got up and walked down the hall to McGee's office. They knocked. They heard a "Come in."

When they walked in Susie introduced Peter to McGee. "Peter this is McGee, Bill McGee."

Peter stuck out his hand. "I've heard about you," he said with a smile."

McGee got red. "All good, I hope."

"Bill, Peter knows about what we do," Susie told him.

McGee all of a sudden looked terrified. "It's OK," she quickly added. I've told him everything. Everything. And he's OK with it."

"I don't know what to say."

"Susie has special needs...and special talents. And I understand and accept that," Peter told him.

As they were talking Susie went back and locked the door. "OK guys. One of you help me onto the desk." They both looked strangely at her. "It's show time for my two special guys."

Peter helped her step up. McGee quickly cleaned off his desk. "OK, guys, pull up a chair over there," she pointed to the edge of the desk. This is my runway today," she said with a wink. "McGee, find me some jazz for me to dance to."

While McGee was setting up his computer with some jazz, Peter set out the chairs. Susie mouthed to Peter, I love you. He mouthed back, me too. Will you fuck me here? She mouthed back. We'll see, he mouthed back.

The music started and McGee settled into a chair next to Peter.

Susie was really interested in what would happen after she got naked so she didn't put on a slow show for them. She was naked pretty fast.

She laid down on the desk with her legs pointed at the guys. She motioned Peter closer and pointed to her pussy. "You know what I want."

Peter scooted his chair closer and rubbed up her legs. Susie just laid back and enjoyed his touch. No one had touched her like this in such a long time. Since the last time Peter did.

Peter pulled her closer to him, spreading her legs and draping them over his shoulders. He rubbed up and down her pussy lips.

"Come around the side, Bill. You'll want to watch this," Susie told him.

McGee pulled his chair around to her side where he could get a good look at Peter as he licked her pussy.

Peter opened up her pussy with his fingers. "Oh, I've missed this," he said.

"So have I," Susie panted.

McGee thought, I've never seen anything like this. I wonder if they will fuck in front of me.

Peter plunged his tongue into her pussy. She was already wet, anticipating his tongue. She pulled his head to her pussy.

McGee was mesmerized watching this action. Peter was licking all over her pussy, his hands under her ass. Susie was rubbing her boobs, concentrating on her nipples.

In a minute Susie's hand reached out to McGee. "Hand."

McGee put his hand in hers and she pulled it to her boob. "Rub." He did. Her boobs were so soft...and firm. Her nipple was hard as a rock. He was pinching it, watching Peter's tongue in her pussy.

"I'm gonna cum!" Susie cried. It hadn't taken much time to get her there. She was totally turned on. Peter grabbed her ass harder and sped up his assault on her clit. McGee pinched her nipple harder and she arched her back way up, panting, pleading, pumping.

When she came she sprayed Peter's face. He ducked with a laugh. She came for a long time. McGee had never seen anything so erotic.

Susie collapsed and both guys watched her, marveling at such an exquisite creature, naked in front of them, coming down from a massive orgasm.

In a minute Susie looked lovingly at Peter. "Fuck! Right here. Right now!"

Peter stood up and started to take off his clothes. McGee started to remove his hand. Susie grabbed it. "Keep it there!" Susie was being bossy, McGee thought with a laugh.

When Peter was naked he scooted her to the edge of the desk. Peter's about six foot tall so his cock and her pussy lined right up on McGee's desk. He slipped his cock smoothly into her slippery pussy.

Susie moaned. "It's been too long, baby."

"Yes it has."

"I so need a good fuck."

"And you're gonna get it, baby."

From there they were quiet, except for panting and moans and sounds of pleasure.

"Lick my boobs." Peter started leaning down. "Not you, him," pointing to McGee. "I want you concentrating on fucking me.

McGee was surprised but he didn't need any more direction. He stood up, leaned over her and began licking her boobs, first one and then the other. Susie rubbed her hands through his hair and sighed.

They enjoyed each other, taking cues from each other. Peter would speed up and McGee would speed up. Then they would both slow down together until she became insistent again.

Susie and Peter were covered with a thin film of sweat. Susie reached out for McGee pants and while she was being licked and fucked, opened McGee's slacks and fished out his cock and began to stroke it. He was hard as a rock.

She began stroking his cock in time with her fucking and licking. They were all in one accord, she thought with a giggle. Oh, but she was too turned on to really giggle. Her ass was rotating, pumping against his cock buried deep in her pussy. His thumb was rubbing her clit. He would bring her to the brink and then stop. McGee would stop. She would whimper. Peter would smack her ass. "Be patient, baby. I've been saving this up for you for a long time."

Finally pulled her body almost off the desk, put her legs over his shoulders and started plowing deep, hard and fast. McGee was having trouble keeping attached to her boob. He looked up at her face. Her face was all scrunched up. She looked like she was in pain, but he knew she was close to orgasm. Her mouth was wide open in an oh. She was panting, moaning, arching, grabbing his cock, hard!

"Cum with me," Peter whispered.

"I'm ready," was her reply. "Fuck me hard!"

Peter grunted and started to unload in her pussy. Susie started to shake all over, her face clenched in a grimace. "Oh, god. Oh god. FUCK! FUCK!"

With that McGee started to cum all over Susie. All three panted, spasmed, twitched, as they enjoyed their own orgasms.

NOTHING could be better than what they just witnessed and participated in.

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