tagIncest/TabooSusie's Awakening

Susie's Awakening


Susie Rebecca shivered as her Daddy climbed back into his bed. Her mother had left the house early in the morning for the day just after Susie had climbed into her parent’s bed for their usual Saturday morning cuddle. Susie's Dad reached his arm around her and pulled her close, her back pressed up against his chest and she could feel something hard and warm pressing against her small, almost boyish ass.

Not that anyone would mistake Susie for a boy. At 18 she was already beginning to display the gorgeous woman she would become. Her 5'6" frame had filled out a bit during the summer and she already was developing in the chest, her hips curved out slightly to slim legs and her long chestnut hair framed a beautiful face with full pouting lips, and deep brown eyes.

As usual, her father, Tom, slowly slid his hand down her little body and began rubbing her small hairless cunt through her panties. Susie pretended not to notice, but her own body betrayed her as her virgin cunt began to get wetter and wetter. They had played this game many times and Susie always loved it, but always felt a little strange as Tom had warned her that she must never tell anyone about it. As Tom rubbed her little clit, he slid his hand inside her panties and pushed a finger into her tiny opening. Susie's body finally betrayed her as she arched her back and moaned out load.

"Ooohhhhh, Daddy!" She droned, "We have to stop, Mommy might come home."

"No, Princess, Mommy won't be home for hours," Tom answered. He rolled Susie onto her back and kept rubbing as he moved his body to kneel beside her head. "In fact, we have so much time today I am going to show you something new."

Tom pulled his throbbing cock out of his shorts, and displayed it for Susie. For all the times she felt it pressed up against her, she had never seen it before, and was taken aback by it's size and thickness. She looked up past it into Tom's eyes questioningly.

"Suck it baby, put it into your mouth."

"But Daddy, it's too big and it's where you pee from, I can't." she whimpered, her body bucking against Tom's fingers.

"You can and you will, you little bitch." replied Tom, suddenly grabbing her hair and guiding her mouth onto it. Her little lips barely encircled the head as he forced it into her tiny mouth. Surprised, she pushed at his hips with her hands to no avail. His size and strength over powering her and forcing more of his cock into her mouth just starting to hit the back of her throat as he pumped it slowly and deliberately deeper and deeper.

"Little slut," Tom grunted, "just like your mother, you love it when I make you cum, but ask for a favor in return and all of a sudden you want to play the innocent. Not anymore, suck it good too, whore."

Tears began to stream down Susie's face as her father's cock slammed again and again into the back of her throat. She couldn't believe the things her own father was calling her, or making her do, yet at the same time the wonderful feeling building between her legs and her fathers power and strength forced her to go on.

Susie gagged and choked on the relatively large cock that was slamming down her throat, Saliva began to drool out the sides of her mouth as her father relentlessly pounded her with his cock.

"Daddy's little slut is such a good little cock sucker, aren't you?" he said.

"MMpppgphphhh.' Susie replied

"Get it good and wet for Daddy, slut. I have something else to show you today." Tom laughed evilly and removing his cock from her mouth, slapped her a few times with it, covering her face in drool, before forcing it back into her little mouth.

Susie tried to please her Daddy. Letting him hold her head and guide her mouth down his cock, whimpering every time his cock hit the back of her throat. Swirling her tongue around it. One of her friends from school had told her about doing this to her father and that was how he liked it so Susie desperately tried to remember everything she had said, although at the time she didn't believe any of it. His cock drove slowly but forcefully into her mouth. She could feel every vein on it as it stretched her lips wide open and pummeled the back of the throat.

Suddenly as he pulled out he said "Take a deep breath whore, now you get all of it." She inhaled quickly and tried to push him away but he was too strong for her as he forced his cock past her throat and moaned in pleasure as her tiny throat took his cock painfully deeper. Holding her head firmly he moaned as Susie struggled for air. Pinpricks of bright flashes popped before her eyes as she tried to force her fathers cock out of her throat. Finally her father withdrew his cock and she collapsed on the bed gasping for air.

"Now, slut, roll over I want to see your pretty ass." Tom snarled.

"No daddy, I don't want to, it's not right!!" Susie pouted.

Tom slapped her firmly across the face. "You little whore, I'll tell you what's right." He grabbed her roughly and tossed her over onto her stomach. Lifting her hips he knelt behind her and in one swift motion, ripped her panties off her crotch. Susie cried, helpless and shocked at her father as he grabbed her by the back of the neck forcing her head down and keeping her tiny ass in the air.

Grasping his cock by the base, Tom guided it against Susie’s wet little slit, smearing the juices flowing out of her aroused cunt back and forth and up to her pink little asshole. Grinding it against her clit, her body began to give itself up to him again and she ever so slightly began driving her hips against his hard cock feeling the length of his shaft rubbing her into ectasy. Her cunt got wetter and wetter as he pushed his cock back and forth across her clit until she screamed into the pillow in pleasure and lust.

"You see?" Tom laughed, "A little slut like you will do anything as long as you get off, well now it' s my turn," taking his now dripping cock and positioning it at her tiny pink little asshole, Tom began to push.

"OOWWW, no Daddy!! PLEASE! You're hurting me!" she cried, muffled into the pillow, helpless to resist.

"Shut up and take it you little whore, you got what you wanted, and now I'm taking what I want." Tom replied as her little ass opened up and the head slid into her well lubricated virgin hole. Susie moaned in pain and humiliation as she realized what she must look like with her ass up in the air and her fathers cock sliding into it. Tom kept pushing slowly, forcefully sliding his thick meat into the crying girl’s ass. As he finally got about half of it into her he suddenly grabbed her little frame and rolled onto his back, her weight driving the rest of his cock deep into her ass.

"OOWWWWWWW!!!" she screamed in pain as the huge member tore into her roughly. Tom groaned in ecstasy as her tiny hole swallowed every inch of his cock and gripped it tighter then anything he'd ever felt. He reached up and put a hand over her mouth dragging her back onto his chest as his other hand slid down to rub her clit. His cock pumped furiously in and out of her tight little hole as he groaned with pleasure.

As he pounded his cock harder and harder into her ass, Susie felt a new wave of pleasure mixing with the pain. Her little hips began to drive downwards taking her fathers cock as deep as she could, his cum heavy balls slapping against her wet slit with every stroke.

"Ahhh, the little slut likes it. Doesn't she?" Tom grunted as he moved his hand from her mouth and began pinching her nipples roughly.

"Oh god Daddy, yes, push it in harder, put your thing in me deeper!" she moaned

"It's called a cock, and I am fucking your ass with it, and if you want more, you have to say it right and beg for it." Tom said as he slowed his strokes and slid a finger into her wet cunt.

"Please fuck my ass with your cock Daddy. It feels so good having it there!!!" she groaned.

Tom slammed his thick meat back into her hole moaning, knowing he would soon pump his little girl's ass full of cum. Susie saw flashes of light as she rode his cock deeper and deeper up her tight hole.

Suddenly, Tom rolled her over onto her stomach again and pulled his cock out of her ass. Grabbing her hair roughly he slammed his cock back into her mouth. She moaned in humiliation as he fucked her throat deeply, burying her nose in is pubic hair and making her gag on his thick cock. His fingers danced in and out of her cunt and as she began to cum, Tom pulled his cock out of her throat and began to shot jet after jet of his thick cum allover the young girls face, dripping it into her mouth and down her chin. He moaned as the last drop or two spattered onto her face and keeping a hold of her head rubbed his cock over her cheeks smearing his load over her skin, occasionally slipping it into her mouth. Susie moaned in pleasure and humiliation, realizing what she had just done and how much she loved it as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her little body.

"And that," Tom said " is how you will be treated around here from now on. Whatever I want, whenever I want it, or these pictures," he continued holding out seven or eight Polaroid’s of Susie’s little mouth filled with cock, and her ass stuffed with it will be shown it everyone in this town, and don't bother trying to tell on me, only your face is visible, no one will believe I would fuck you. Tom laughed as he walked to the shower imagining all the ways he would fill his new slut with cum and how much he'd enjoy it.

Susie laid in bed, her father cum drying on her face rubbing her clit hoping she'd enjoy it too.

More to cum................

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