tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSusie's College Adventure Ch. 02

Susie's College Adventure Ch. 02

byM.R. Alicante©

I tossed and twisted until well after the sun came up, when at last Roxy came to get me.

"Mornin' Susie honey! How's my favorite little naked slut? I was so tired I slept like a baby. How about you? The guys'll be here in a half hour--you'd better get cleaned up. Gosh--you look just awful."

Thanks a lot, I thought, as she undid all the tape and pulled the gloves off. She hauled me into the bathroom, pushed me into the shower, and turned on the water. The COLD water, of course. Would you have expected anything else from the she-witch?

My little parts were so swollen and sensitive that just the water trickling over them was agonizing, but at least the cold water hitting my body snapped me out of my misery enough to where I could halfway function.

Roxy was waiting for me when I stepped out of the shower. I knew better than to try to put on any clothes, and she held out the same high-heeled sandals I wore last night.

Naked in heels and three guys coming over any minute. Talk about feeling like a total slut. Oh, well--I only had five hours to go till I was out of the witch's clutches.

I tried to get my brain in gear to start planning my payback, but the minute I took a step in those heels-- ZAP--my poor swollen clit and pussy took charge of my brain again. I turned back into total horny mush.

At least in the kitchen I had things to do. I put some coffee on (maybe that'd help me) and found the bacon and eggs. I told Roxy I really needed an apron and she gave me some little thing that tied around my waist. It kinda protected my lower belly but didn't even cover my crotch. "Better be careful, hon," she said helpfully as she watched me tie it on. "We don't want anything burnin' that little moneymaker now, do we?"

I tried to ignore her and was putting some biscuits in the oven when the phone rang.

"That was DJ, sluttie--I mean sweetie," the witch called out. "They'll be over in a minute. Better take off that apron now--wouldn't want to spoil the look."

Yeah, right, I muttered as I untied the so-called apron.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Roxy answered it. I could hear them in the living room.

"Well, don't you boys look good!" the witch mewed in that sweet li'l voice of hers. "Are you ready for our little naked chefette's delicious breakfast? Susie hon, it's such a beautiful morning, I'll take our guests outside and you can serve us all coffee on the patio and show our guests how cute you look this morning! Susie? Are you in there?"

"Coming!" And fuck you too, Roxy. I loaded the coffee cups on a tray and took a couple of deep breaths. Showtime. Easy does it, Sooze.

I took a couple of steps holding that tray. Zing. The damn buttons must have flopped onto my G-spot. Zing. Not again. Zing. OK, I told myself, just--breathe--breathe--breathe-- I wobbled out the back door. Nobody spoke. I felt all those eyes fixated on me. My tits. My pussy.

I couldn't help myself. I had to balance that damn tray but my eyes shot right to their crotches. All three guys looked so--full and so--hard and so--yummy. (Yummy? Did I just think that?)

The chairs were in a big circle, so when I bent over with the tray, my boobs were in DJ's face and I knew Steve was behind me looking right up my ass and crotch.

Finally everybody had coffee and that was over. As I walked back into the kitchen, I heard the witch say, "Isn't she CUTE when she's naked? I think she likes showing off for you boys!"

Sure, Roxy, I thought, and you can fuck yourself. But I have to confess I was tingling all over just thinking about them looking at me--at all of me.

I brought the breakfast plates out and they all sat around the picnic table. I never got to sit down, of course, since I had to wait on everybody.

Joe was the first one to grab my butt. Surprise. I swatted him hard. Roxy said, "Susie! I'm ashamed of you! You apologize to our guest this very minute!"

I just stared at her. But she glared back to let me know things could get a whole lot worse if I weren't careful. "I'm. Sorry. Joe."

After that it was open season on Susie's ass. I couldn't take three steps without one of them sneaking a feel. Even Roxy. And they got real blatant real fast. Joe was the first to grab my boob when I leaned over to refill his coffee cup.

"Sorry, Susie--I couldn't see 'cause this big dangley thing suddenly appeared in front of my face--"

Whatever. All the stimulation wasn't helping me concentrate much, and when DJ actually snuck his hand between my legs I thought I was going to lose it right there.

Eventually the breakfast from hell ended and I (who else?) cleared the table. Nobody lifted a finger to help me, naturally, and every time I reached for a plate or cup it was another opportunity for a stupid remark or a free feel.

Roxy said, "OK, guys, we've got three hours before Susie gets to put her clothes back on, so what should we do next?"

I could tell by the looks on their faces what the guys were thinking we should do. Nobody said anything, though--they probably thought even Roxy wouldn't let them all throw me down and screw me right there on the patio. Not that I would have objected, given the state I was in.

Roxy rolled her eyes. "Well! Do I have to do all the thinking around here? OK, then--Susie dearest, please take a seat on your favorite lounge chair."

As soon as I did, she had Teeny Steve tie my wrists to the top of the chair with the lengths of nylon rope. Unlike Roxy yesterday, he didn't tie me very tightly, but I wasn't struggling, either.

Roxy ran inside and reappeared with the sunscreen, which she handed to DJ. "OK, boys, please please make sure Susie is fully protected. I'm so very worried about her prancing around naked like she does, out here in this hot sun."

Immediately all three guys got to work. The last thing I remember, Joe and DJ were rubbing my boobs, and Steve massaging my thighs. Mmm--mmm. In my state, all I could do was close my eyes and enjoy.

That was when I screamed.

I jolted back to reality to find my right foot tied to the side of my chair so my knee was halfway up to my hip! Damn that Roxy! Before I could gather my senses she'd started in on my left leg!

So now I was not only naked and tied up but my legs were splayed apart and three horny guys were staring at everything I had in between. Pussy, clit, anus. Everything. Even in my overstimulated state I wasn't ready for this.

"Roxy, what the fuck? Untie me. Now."

"Well hon, they couldn't get to the insides of your legs and I just wouldn't be able to forgive myself if you'd gotten such sensitive areas sunburned--"

"Roxy, let me go this min--"

"--so I just had to help them out. Now boys, please continue."

Teeny Steve and Joe immediately got back to work, only now they were kneeling on either side of me, and DJ was down by my feet--all looking directly into my totally exposed pussy, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. When they started rubbing the insides of my thighs, I closed my eyes to keep from screaming.

I could feel their fingers getting closer and closer to my pussy, and I started having trouble breathing. For a minute I thought I was going to faint, but the first time they brushed my labia I realized no--even worse. I was finally going to come. Somehow, even as bad off as I was, having an orgasm in broad daylight, completely helplessly exposed, wasn't my idea of relief.

"Ok boys, you can stop now." Roxy stood at the foot of my chair holding a deck of cards. "She's--uh--nicely lathered up, so come on back to the table. We're going to play a game."

The guys all gave her 'not now' looks, but she gave them a 'yes now' glare right back and they reluctantly obeyed. DJ and Steve had to adjust their pants before they could stand up straight.

Even seated at the table, they could stare right into my pussy, and there still wasn't anything I could do about it.

"Now, boys. Pay attention. Little Susie has a problem. She repeatedly misbehaved last night as you no doubt recall, and I was forced to get her attention using the thing she values most--her pussy."

On cue, three male heads swung around and focused on my vagina. Roxy gave the guys a minute to stare. "I think she's been punished enough, though, so here's what we're going to do. We're going to play a few hands of poker. Four, to be exact. And the winner of each hand gets to remove one of Susie's buttons--"

"NO!" I screamed. "No way is that going to happen!"

Roxy slowly rolled her eyes in my direction. "Ex-CUSE me?"

It dawned on me I wasn't in the greatest bargaining position. I'd made some progress loosening Steve's knot, but I was still totally at her mercy. That was scary.

"I'm looking at that juicy little cunt of yours," she said, "and you know what I see?"

Nobody answered. I felt my vagina clench.

"I see plenty of room for more stuff, even with all those buttons. Joe--go in the kitchen and get me a couple of--"

"Wait." I could only imagine what she was about to shove up me. "OK. OK. Go ahead."

Roxy smiled wickedly. "Now that's my good little slut." She dealt four sets of cards. Oh my god. Gross--she's playing, too!

As it turned out, I didn't have to deal with the nightmare of Roxy winning--only the nightmare of DJ winning. He sat on the end of the chaise-longue and took a long look at what used to be my most private place. I was breathing hard and sweating profusely, and my cunt felt like it was gushing.

DJ stuck out his index finger and inched it towards my helpless pussy. I closed my eyes. I was so lubricated his finger slipped right in. I should have been furious, but it felt so good. So good that I let out a little gasp, and the first button almost popped out on its own. My heart was pounding in my chest as I opened my eyes.

DJ tossed the button onto the grass and sat down for the second round. Five minutes later Joe whooped because he'd apparently won with some really big hand. Oh great. With an evil grin he squatted with his face a foot from my crotch and inhaled deeply. "Mmm--mmm--how I do love that smell."

"Fuck you!"

"You first," he said, ramming his finger inside me. I gasped. Oh god. I could feel his finger moving around inside me and his knuckle kept bumping my clit. Oh god oh god. Then he moved so nobody at the table could see what he was doing. I gasped as he slipped in a second finger.

He looked over his shoulder towards Roxy. "She sure has one big wet pussy," he said.

"It's certainly been well used," she sneered. "High mileage, know what I mean?"

"Fuck you both," I snapped back.

"Looks to me like you're in no position to do that," Joe answered.

I felt his thumb push at my anus. "Don't even think about it," I said, but he just grinned and pushed harder.

After an eternity he fished out a button and threw it away. He made a big point of smelling his finger.

Two more to go. While Joe dealt the cards I was able to loosen the knot by pushing against it with my wrists. I almost slipped my left hand out. Getting close.

Joe dealt the third round. I could tell by the look on Roxy's face that she had a good hand. Please god. That would be too weird. She looked right at me for the longest time with the nastiest smile on her face. And then she threw away three cards.

Teeny Steve came up with three kings. This could be even worse--instead of Roxy's fingers up my cunt, the neighborhood hunk's fingers would be--while the whole world watched.

He sat on the edge of my chair but wouldn't look at my face. Only at my crotch. I heard him take a couple of big gulps and say, "Here goes." His finger went in. Oh god. "I--I can't get it." He pushed in deeper. Oh god. He twisted. Oh god. I closed my eyes tight and when I did the visions came. The penis visions. All the guys were naked and their cocks were hard and huge and throbbing. Just out of my reach. If I could only get my hands free I could--

Roxy's horrid drawl. "You'll have to use two fingers, hon. There's been a lot of traffic in that tunnel, believe me--you might even need three!"

Screw you, you little sorority whore.

Steve slipped in a second finger, and his knuckle bumped my clit. He twisted his fingers and bumped it again. Oh god. I'm going to come. Penis. Take a breath. Penis. Teeny Steve's--big--red--thrusting--penis. If I can only untie these cords I can reach his penis. And I can--

He pulled out the third button and stood up. I could breathe. Sort of. As he walked away I could see the big luscious swelling on the front of his pants and that was all I could think about. That and how much my pussy ached and throbbed and begged for relief.

My mind was in a complete fog again, but I heard them start another hand. Just as I heard Joe let out a whoop, I got my left hand out of the rope. But now what? My mind was still in a fog--a big horny pussy-induced haze. I couldn't think of a plan, so I just kept my hands where they were.

Joe jumped out of his chair and squatted down again by my crotch. "Come see how fuckin' puffy she is down here. Her cunt looks like it's ready to explode!"

I closed my eyes again as they all came over, stood around me, and leaned in close. A hand clamped firmly on my left boob.

"OK, team," Joe said, "I'm going in." Two fingers slammed into my pussy. Whoa. I desperately hyperventilated, but I knew it wouldn't work. I was going to come any second.

"I--I can feel it but I can't quite reach it."

"Try a third finger," Roxy said. "She can take it."

I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

"I've got a better idea," Joe answered. It felt like he was wiggling his thumb somewhere around the bottom of my vagina, then suddenly he shoved it way up my anus.

I screamed. Both my holes clamped down on him and my pelvis bucked against his knuckles. I came. In front of four people. My sick little brain knew it too, and that made me come even harder.

My spasms slowed enough for me to catch a breath. Joe managed to pop the last button out of me and another jolt shot right through my middle and fried what little brain I had left.

Penises. Oh god--the visions were coming back--dicks--Joe's fingers were still inside me and--cocks--I realized I wasn't done yet.

Dicks. I had to see them. Pricks. Touch them. Cocks. Taste them. I pulled my hands completely free.

Somebody's hand was still on my boob. I reached over, grabbed at a belt, and pulled it in close. It was DJ. I swung my other hand around, whipped his belt and fly open, and pulled his cock free before he could even react. My legs were still tied down (and Joe was still between them), but I twisted and lunged and got him into my mouth.

DJ tried to back away but I grabbed his hips and pulled him in closer. "Wh--what are you doing?" he whined.

I heard Joe's voice. "Shut up you idiot! Can't you see she's completely out of control?"

Once he recovered from the shock, DJ totally got into having his dick sucked by a chick tied to a lawn chair, and with a loud moan he came in my mouth.

He stepped away and zipped up. Joe still had his fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my anus and I was starting to tingle again. I looked to my right and saw Steve with a huge hard-on tenting his pants. That's what I needed. Give it to me, Steve. Now.

I grabbed the bottom of Steve's shirt. He stepped towards me and a second later his big stiff prick was at my lips. I put my hands on his ass (I'd been wanting to do that for a while now!), pulled him in close, and wrapped my tongue and lips around his erection.

He came quickly, and as I swallowed I thought about how I now had a mouthful of two guys' sperm. Was that bad--or was that so very, very good? Before I could decide, Joe pumped his fingers inside me one last time.

I panted. I started to heave. My god--I was going to come again! This was even bigger than the first one--now I was riding this huge rushing crashing wave. I screamed. I fainted.

When I opened my eyes and caught a breath I felt Joe pull his fingers out of me. I looked down to see him unzipping his pants. I realized I was smiling at him! Was it that obvious--how bad I wanted to suck another dick? What was I thinking? Of course it was! My lips and my tongue were sore as hell but I didn't care. I was a possessed woman. I HAD to have that cock. Joe's cock. No--make that MY cock.

I reached down, grabbed Joe's hand, and pulled him hard until he stood at my side.

He pushed down his pants and a massive rod sprang out of his boxers. It figures, right? The most obnoxious asshole in town makes me come twice and has the most beautiful penis on the planet.

He came all over my lips and tongue and chin a couple of minutes later and I lay back with a sigh. I was done. My legs were still tied and splayed apart, my lips and mouth were throbbing and coated with sperm, but I didn't care.

A random thought trickled into my poor little brain. Where was Roxy? Either she was being awfully quiet or I'd just blocked her out during my cock parade.

That was precisely when a stream of very cold water splatted my face. I looked down the barrel of a garden hose and heard that familiar screech. "My, my, our little slut is such a mess. Let me see if I can help." She swung the hose towards my crotch. Cold water shot up my pussy. And my ass.

I jerked forward and screamed. "Stop it! Isn't my time up?" I looked at the guys as I desperately untied my legs.

"Um, she's right, Roxy," Steve said. It's a little after three, and I think..."

That was all I needed to hear. I shot out of that chair and lunged for Roxy's hair. She still had the hose and sprayed me full on the face before she let go and ran for our screen door. I got a hand on her T-shirt, slowing her down enough to get my other arm around her waist and tackle her. She struggled to her feet but not before I yanked her bikini bottoms down to her knees. We got the briefest glimpse of her cunt before she pushed me off. She got inside and locked the door. "You bitch!" she screamed, "you're never getting back in here again!"

She meant it, too. Something in her voice let all of us know she was dead serious. Right then and there the guys invited me to move in with them, and I decided right then and there I would. I never stepped foot inside our duplex again.

The guys told me I wouldn't have to pay rent as long as I didn't wear clothes. I knew they were half kidding, so I said, "You've already seen all of me anyway, so why not? It's a deal."

They whooped and hollered and we all went inside. Steve got me a robe but what the hell. I said "No thanks" and decided I'd stay naked a little while longer. Joe went next door to call a truce, and Steve and DJ brought back all my stuff before Roxy had a chance to tear it up.

I slept on the couch at first but not even a week later (surprise) Joe moved in with Roxy. I got his old room and lived with Steve and DJ the rest of that semester. I must say I kept my part of our little rent bargain pretty damn well, but I'll tell you more about that some other time. When Randy isn't around.

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