tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSusie's College Adventure Ch. 05

Susie's College Adventure Ch. 05

byM.R. Alicante©

Susie's College Adventure.

Chapter 5: Roxy's Revenge

Monday night.

Giving Joe a blow job was worth it if it meant finally getting him out of the house. After he went back next door (no doubt to screw Roxy) I checked out my new room and got a tiny bit of privacy for the first time in three days.

When Steve came in he said DJ was stuck doing stuff at the frat house and invited me to help him cook supper.

Steve was as nice as he could be. I didn't even mind him staring at my nipples. Really, how could he not? They were out in front and standing at attention all through our meal. His lack of subtlety just served to remind me that my life now consisted mainly of being naked in front of three guys--with short breaks for school and work.

After supper he helped me unpack my things. For some reason I couldn't find any of my underwear (besides the one bra they'd given me to wear that morning).

"Have you seen the bag with my bras and panties? I can't find them anywhere."

"DJ took them down to his frat house."


"He said you wouldn't be needing them any more--so he took them to decorate his frat house game room."

"You didn't try to stop him?"

"He was so excited he shot out of here before I could react."

That little shit. I had zero money for any new underwear and I was upset, but I had to admit that was a lot more daring than I thought the nerd had inside him.

And he was right. I didn't have much use for underwear as long as I was stuck in this free rent deal.

After a while we sat down to watch Monday Night Football. I curled up on the couch, and Steve even brought me a blanket! Was I actually starting to get comfortable with all this?

That night I fell asleep naked, even though in the privacy of my room I could easily have put on pajamas.

I never even thought about it.


I got up early and found some khaki shorts and a nice t-shirt top. That didn't take long, since I didn't have any panties, and I'd hidden my one bra for emergencies. I could see my boobs bounce under the t-shirt so I put on a vest and left the duplex before the guys woke up.

Class was boring, which gave me a chance to notice how different I felt. Keeping my knees together used to be automatic; now I actually had to think about it. And not wearing panties was actually fun. If I brought my thighs together just right, I could press the seam right into my bare clit. Yum!

I ate lunch out by the lake again. In my khaki shorts I was completely covered (unlike yesterday in my cutoffs) but if I sat crosslegged and pulled the cuffs down, I could discreetly catch a little breeze across my pussy.

After class I got to the clinic early and changed into my scrubs. The top was loose and floppy, so I kept my own top on underneath. The bottoms were so baggy that without underwear it almost felt like I had nothing on between my legs.

Nobody around me realized I was bra-less (much less panty-less) all afternoon. I stayed self-conscious though because every so often material would brush deliciously against my thighs or across my pubes.

I stayed late to close up, and started putting together pelvic exam trays for the next day.

Hmmm. I flashed back to yesterday when DJ found my nursing-school Gyn textbook and had come up with his pelvic exam fantasy.

I picked up a speculum.

Should I?

Why not. I slipped it into a bag and stashed it in my backpack.

Maybe for his birthday...

When I got home Steve's car was out front so I got out of my clothes in the garage and went straight to my room. I studied for an hour--naked. Wow--I was getting used to this!

The two of us ate supper again and really seemed to get along great. Afterwards we cleaned up and sat down to watch TV. I curled my feet up on the couch again and thought about reaching for the blanket but changed my mind. With a start I realized how comfortable I'd gotten being naked around him.

I'd just gotten comfortable when the front door flew open and Roxy stormed in. Joe toddled behind her.

"You little naked slut. How dare you give my boyfriend a blow job?"

I could see Steve's mouth drop.

"I don't have to explain myself to you or anyone else, Roxy."

"All right you little whore, I'll explain it to you. Joe informs me you haven't been living up to your--your stay-naked-no-rent bargain."

"Bullshit. Besides--what business is it of y--?"

"Bullshit your ass. He said he caught you out so often that you begged him to let you suck him off so he wouldn't tell Steve and DJ--"

Steve was frozen--totally stunned. Joe wouldn't make eye contact and even tried to hide behind Roxy. Talk about pussywhipped.

"--and it is OBVIOUSLY my business when some whore blows my boyfriend."

"Whatever," I said. I was trying not to let her get to me but she'd now called me a whore twice. I could feel myself turning red.

"So, Steve, did you know she'd given Joe a blowjob to keep him quiet?"


"Has she been keeping up her part of the bargain?"


"Let's see if I have this right. She never wears clothes inside the house?"


Sweet! Steve was standing up for me!

"She doesn't try to cover her tits or pussy?"

"No--not usually."

Huh? Not usually?

"What do you mean? Look at her now. The way she's sitting her tits are covered and you can't see her pubic hair at all!"

"Yeah, but--"

"Does she always keep her knees apart?"

"Well--" he said, looking at me. My ankles were under my butt and one knee was on top of the other. "--maybe not all the time--"

"Never mind, Steve," I said. "Don't help me anymore. It's really none of her business." By then I was furious. I refused to move.

Roxy was relentless. "So if she cheats, what happens?"


"She gets a couple of warnings," Steve said.

"And if she keeps cheating?"

Joe interrupted. "We think up a-- a penalty. Something we all agree on that she has to do. Something--uh--fun for us."

"Hmm. Explains why she tried to keep you quiet."

"Fuck this." I got up and started for my room.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"My room, Roxy. I don't have to take this."

"Oh, no? And what about your penalty?"

I said, "What about it? You're not part of this. And neither is Joe for that matter. He doesn't live here now."

Roxy stepped in front of me. "I said what about your penalty?"

I backed up a step. "Now wait a min--"

"No, YOU wait, bitch." Roxy grabbed me by the wrist.

"Let go of me NOW." I pushed her back with my free hand and looked at the guys for backup.

That was pointless.

"Catfight!" Joe laughed. "Go Roxy!"

I grabbed for her other arm but she jerked me sideways and pushed me down onto the recliner. Hard. A split-second later she had my arms pinned above my head and a knee in my stomach. It was over that fast.

"Joe honey, go get the rope from outside."

"Are we gonna tie her to the chair, like we did Sunday?"

"We'll start with that."

"Woo-hoo!" Joe said as he ran out the back.

I looked at Steve. "Aren't you going to help me?"

"A blow job, Susie? You really gave Joe a blow job?"

"Sucked and swallowed like a pro," Roxy answered.

"This isn't fair, Roxy."

"No? Let's review, why don't we? You want free rent even though you don't stick to your agreement, you suck my boyfriend's dick to keep him quiet, and you say this isn't fair?"

"Screw you, Roxy. Get off me. Now--I mean it."

"Aww she means it," Roxy said as Joe came back with the rope ties they'd used yesterday. A wood rail ran along the top of the recliner, and they tied my wrists to it with two of the lengths of rope.

Roxy jerked my knees apart so my legs hung over the arms of the chair. Joe tied my ankles to the bottom of the chair frame.

All three of them stood in front of me and stared. "Hmm," Roxy said. "Your pussy just seems to naturally open up--you do this a lot, huh?"

The phone rang, and Steve answered it. He talked briefly and said, "Hang on." He turned to Roxy and said, "It's DJ. He needs to bring over a few frat guys to work on a skit or something."

I shook my head.

Roxy flashed an evil smile. "Tell him of course!"

"Roxy, this isn't part of the deal. I don't have to be naked around other people."

"But wait," Joe said. "If you're in penalty mode you have to stay naked when other people come over."

"Yes, but I can stay in my room."

Roxy laughed. "Doesn't look like that's going to happen. OK--I've got an idea." She disappeared into my room and we could hear her rummaging around in my stuff. She came back with my big beach headscarf and tied it so it covered my eyes and most of my face.

"That better? Here's what we do. We won't tell them who you are--"

"They already know." Joe laughed. "DJ told his frat house all about it and they even decorated their gameroom with her bras and panties."

Roxy rolled her eyes. "What a slut. Well, at least they may not recognize her on the street."

Joe laughed again. "Hey just think--she won't recognize them either. Whenever she passes guys around campus she'll wonder who's seen her cunt and who hasn't."

"Please, Roxy. This has gone too far."

I felt her lean in, and she whispered in my ear. "No it hasn't, hon. Watch how much worse it'll get if you so much as open your mouth again."

She stood back up. "Guys, there's one small problem. Anyone see what it is?"

"Uh--we've already done this?"

"Exactly! And she obviously didn't learn much from it this weekend, did she?"

"What are you thinking?"

"Give me a hand here."

I felt them untie my legs. Suddenly my knees were pushed up and sideways almost into my armpits and my ankles were suspended above my head. Somehow they re-tied me in that position.

I was splayed like some sort of specimen. Everything between my legs--my clit, my vagina, even my anus--was spread wide open.

"That's better," Roxy said. "Now turn her so she faces the door."

I felt the recliner move. Warm night air wafted over my crotch. Damn Roxy! That meant the front door was wide open and anyone walking by could see me!

The faint little evening breeze tickled my pubes.

I heard a guy's voice outside. Could he see me?

I realized the thought was starting to make me wet.

"Keep the screen door closed," Roxy said. "We don't want to attract flies."

A car pulled up outside. Doors opened and closed, and there were footsteps on the sidewalk. Voices--guys' voices--came closer. The screen door opened.

"Ho-lee shit!"


"See--I told you guys!"

That little shit. Joe was right. He'd broken our agreement and told his frat buddies about me--his naked roommate!

Now Roxy's voice. "C'mon in guys."

"Like what you see?" said Joe's voice.

"No shit!"

"Why is she spread like that?"

Joe's voice said, "Let's just put it this way. She did some stuff she wasn't supposed to, and now she has to make it up."

"Look how wet her pussy is!"

Roxy's voice said, "Go ahead--you can get closer."

Oh god. Hands pulled my legs even further apart. I felt someone's breath on my vagina. Two people--or three--or four or five?--were inspecting my most secret place.

Well, I sighed, it wasn't much of a secret place any more. Hadn't been for four days now.

The room fell completely silent. Oh god--how many guys were staring at my pussy?

A finger softly stroked my inner folds. The touch sent a shock deep inside me. Then two other fingers gently grasped them--pulling them apart, separating inner from outer. More fingers carefully pulled my little hood off my clit. A fingertip softly circled my anus.

Oh god. Slowly but surely I slid into my zone. Until--

"Her pussy smells like--like anchovies."

Joe's voice said, "I'd say her pizza's ready for some big pepperonis."

"Whoa whoa," Roxy said. "I'm only going to make two rules: everyone's pants stay zipped, and don't do anything that really hurts her--got it?"

"That's it?"

Hands fondled my breasts. More fingers stroked my clit. Oh god.

I silently shook my head but--in a rhythm not in protest. Yeah, a rhythm. Throbbing deep into my middle.

I eased back down. Back into my zone.

Oh god. My penis dreams started. Big. Pink. Beautiful pulsing cocks all around me. Stroking me, probing me, entering me, penetrating me...

A finger slid inside me. "Wow--it just slipped right in. Can she handle two?"

"Two?" Roxy's voice said. "Try three."

No--four, I prayed. Please...

More hands rubbed my thighs. Fingers--lots of them--touched my clit, stroked my labia, probed my vagina.

OH--oh god--NO--oh god--I was going to come soon--in front of all these frat guys. I kept shaking my head but it was too late. I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to.

A finger pushed into my anus. Then two.

I couldn't help myself--I bucked my hips. I wanted those fingers. All those fingers. Deep inside me. Deeper...

I moaned. Under my breath first, then louder, then louder still.

A huge orgasmic wave washed over me. Then another. And another.

Panting, I flung my head forward, exhausted.

"God--that was awesome."

"Look at her cunt--her lips are swollen but her middle is gaping wide open."

"Her asshole too. You can actually see inside!"

"Her pussy's twitching--it's trying to grab me!"

"I've got something else it can grab." I heard a zipper.

I started shaking my head again. Part of me desperately tried to say NO but the rest of me--my aching swollen pussy--desperately wanted him to do it.

Yes--do me. Please. Hard and fast.

"Yeah--her other hole can grab THIS."

ANYTHING--just satisfy my hungry pussy!

Distantly I heard Roxy's voice say, "Nobody get carried away. That's enough for tonight."

NO! I silently screamed--what about my pussy? It needs to be filled!

"Yeah, it's getting late."

"This was great, DJ. Let's--um--work on our skit again tomorrow."

I heard the screen door slam a few times.

Somebody untied my scarf. I looked around to see Steve, DJ, Joe, and Roxy all standing around me staring at my splayed throbbing crotch.

Steve spoke first. "OK, we've punished her enough. Let's untie her."

"Not so fast," Roxy said. "Joe, does everyone know Susie agreed to some new rules this afternoon?"

Steve and DJ looked puzzled.

"Yeah, but--" I stammered.

"So Joe, why don't you explain them?"

"Sure! First thing, she can't use the word 'pussy' anymore--only 'cunt,' and we have to hear her say it at least every day. Second thing, now she has to ALWAYS show us her cunt--whenever we say, not just when she gets warnings."

Roxy nodded. "That seems fair--since she was so poor at following the first set of rules."

Steve looked confused. "So what does she have to do now if she gets two warnings?"

"We all decide," Joe said. "After tonight, I say let's put Roxy in charge of that part."

Great. Just fuckin' great.

Roxy said, "Fine with me. I've got lots more ideas. Hey--what about her wearing underwear? Any rules about that?"

"We don't think she has any," DJ said.


"DJ took all her bras and panties to the frat house and used them to decorate their game room," Steve said.

"Well you little--," Roxy said with a grin. "Good job!"

"I've got another idea," DJ said, sounding surprisingly assertive. "Besides all these penalties, let's give Susie an incentive to work towards."

"Like what?"

"Follow me," he said, heading towards my room.

"Steve, don't get any ideas about untying her," Roxy said as she and Joe followed him.

I whispered to Steve, "Why didn't you help me? You didn't even try to stop her."

Steve tore his gaze away from my pussy. "I was going to, until I heard what you did with Joe. Hell, look at you." His eyes focused back on my blatantly, helplessly spread pussy. That should have bothered me but I didn't care any more.

He kept staring, and I felt myself getting wet again.

"All this really turns you on, doesn't it?" he said. "Doesn't it?"

Before I could say anything, the others came back, holding a bag of my clothes.

"OK Susie, pay attention." Roxy said. "We're taking all your shorts and pants. Nothing goes between your legs for the rest of the week, got it?"

I ignored her.

"Let me rephrase. We're leaving you a few skirts and tops. That's all you're authorized to wear. IF you follow all the rules--no warnings, no covering up, no causing trouble with my boyfriend, you'll get the rest of your clothes back Sunday night. Do we understand each other?"

Slowly I nodded my head.

"I knew you'd see reason. Oh, we found some other interesting items."

She dangled my one remaining bra in front of me--the one I'd worn yesterday and hidden for safekeeping. "For your frat house with Susie's compliments," she said, tossing it to DJ.

"And hey guys, check this out." She held up a small bag.

I groaned. The pelvic exam speculum I'd impulsively picked up at work.

"What are you planning to do with this?" she asked, waving it around and snapping the duckbills at my pussy.


"Uh huh. You were hoping someone would use it on you, weren't you? You total slut. Well, guess what. You'll probably get your wish sometime soon."


"When you least expect it." She put the speculum back in the bag and set it aside.

"One more thing. What does she do if someone comes over?

"She can put on a robe or something," Steve said.

"IF she's been good," Joe interrupted. "If she has a warning she has to stay naked even if someone's here."

"--But I CAN stay in my room," I added.

"I've got a better idea. Let her wear a robe anytime someone comes over--"

"But--but--" DJ protested.

"THIS robe," she continued, holding up my flimsy swimsuit coverup. It was so short it barely covered my crotch when I wore it, plus it had no buttons--just a sash at the waist.

"Cool!" Joe and DJ said.

"Good--we agree," Roxy said. "So I'll be taking this with me, too." She tossed my nice warm cotton bathrobe onto the pile of my stuff.

"OK--that should do it. You can untie her now."

Steve helped me up. I stiffly hobbled into my room--what was left of it. I collapsed on the bed and promised myself I'd figure out some way--any way--to get my own place.

But until then...

I felt a throb between my legs. My pussy was still soaking wet.

I told myself I'd make do here a little while longer.

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