tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSusie's College Adventure Ch. 06

Susie's College Adventure Ch. 06

byM.R. Alicante©


When I woke up the next morning my body was shaky all over. I still had sensations of all those fingers in my pussy and up my anus. I didn't even know how many guys were there doing things to me last night, but I started getting wet just thinking about it all!

I thought how this whole weird chapter in my life only started five days ago, but how different everything was now. I wasn't too comfortable with those other guys seeing and touching me last night, but I was actually getting used to being naked around Steve, DJ, Joe, and even Roxy! I should have been miserable, but--I wasn't. Being naked meant being turned on--and that felt SO so good.

OK focus, Susie. New dilemma--what to wear today.

Roxy hadn't left me many options. I picked a blue-jean miniskirt (as opposed to the other two miniskirts she'd left me), but how could I wear it without panties?

I didn't have any panties anyway, so I decided not to think about it. And since Roxy had confiscated my one-and-only bra, I put on a blue jean vest over my top and hoped that would be enough.

The guys weren't up when I left. Must be nice to have their schedules.

I parked the car in my Outer-Mongolia student space, but this morning I didn't mind the walk. The cool morning air caressing my barely-covered pussy felt SO good.

Class was interesting. My skirt was short enough that if I sat on my thighs just right, my pussy touched the cool smooth wood of the chair seats. Mmm--every time I moved even a little bit I couldn't stop myself thinking about my aching little clit.

After lunch I got to the clinic early and changed into my scrubs. Girls can wear either a dress-style scrub, or the usual top and pants, and I realized that with my own top underneath, the dress style covered my boobs better--plus it left me without anything between my legs.

Everything went fine. Nobody realized I was bra-less (much less panty-less) all afternoon.

On the drive home I realized I hadn't worn a bra in two days--and no panties for five!

When I got home the guys had already started supper. I took off my clothes in the garage like I was supposed to but bypassed the kitchen and headed straight for my room. I refused to put on that stupid cover-up Roxy had left for me, so I studied in my room--naked--for an hour or so.

Steve knocked on my door and asked me in the nicest way if I were ready for supper.

Steve was very attentive while we ate, and even DJ occasionally took his eyes off my boobs and really talked. They asked if my room was OK, was I too cold or too hot, and even offered to loan me a little cash.

"Susie, we've been thinking maybe the agreement is a little one-sided. Is there anything we can do to make it easier for you?"

"Well--how about letting me wear a robe out here sometimes?"

"Um--no," they both said. "You agreed to stay totally naked when you're not in your room--and that part stays."

Can't blame a girl for trying. "But do you really have to count points? I mean--I try very hard to do everything I agreed to, and that whole warning thing is so demeaning."

"Hmm," They looked at each other. "OK. We'll stop with the points--as long as you keep following the rules so well."

"And since I'm doing such a good job, I have a favor to ask you guys. Sunday night, when Joe and Roxy come over with my clothes, I'd appreciate your support. I mean--I really want my clothes back and I need your help to make sure I do."

"Of--of course!"

I had to laugh. They were trying to be sympathetic but they probably didn't have a lot of incentive to help me get more clothes to wear.

For the rest of the meal we started joking and laughing about the whole weird week. We really bonded in a way that's hard to explain now.

When we finished supper I did the dishes and the guys turned on the TV. I sat down on the couch next to Steve and everyone felt so relaxed after our talk. I unconsciously leaned back, propped my feet on the edge of the coffee table, and opened my legs.

DJ was sitting across from me in the recliner and his gaze shifted to my exposed pussy. After five days of enforced nakedness I guess I was used to eyes on my most private areas and hardly even noticed. Maybe I subconsciously liked it because without thinking I moved my legs further apart.

Suddenly he jumped up and ran towards his room.

"What are you doing?"

"I'll be right back." He returned with a book--my nursing-school Gyn textbook he'd 'borrowed' when I moved in.

Of course.

Opened to the female-anatomy page.

Of course.

He squatted down by my side and reached around my knee. "Let's check this out." With a sigh I scrunched forward, propped my feet on the edge of the coffee table, and let my knees fall sideways. "Just be gentle--that's all I ask."

DJ grabbed my labia and pulled them apart. After last night's fingerfest he didn't even bother to ask. And I guess I didn't expect him to, either. I felt his breath on my vagina, and felt myself getting wet. Another sigh.

"Steve," he said. "Come over here and check this out."

I noticed Steve hesitate. "Go ahead, Steve. I know you want to."

Steve didn't need to be told twice. He leaned in over my other leg and stared into my now-gaping tunnel.

DJ's fingers stroked just inside me and I closed my eyes.

"Let's see--these are her labia minora--"

They talked about my private parts as if I wasn't even there. Three or four days ago I'd have hated that. Now I just lay back and listened to them explore me and probe me.

Ooh--a nice warm feeling deep in my hole. I opened my eyes to see Steve's finger inside me.

DJ moved further up. "And the book says you can move this little hood up here and expose--"

WHOO! An electric shock hit my clit.

"Wow--she felt THAT--do it again," Steve said as he slipped a second finger into my now sopping tunnel.

DJ did, and that was when things got blurry. I think I started panting.

The next thing I knew the guys were helping me up and holding me as I staggered to my room.

A half hour later I heard a knock on my door. Steve opened the door before I could say anything. He had become so accustomed to me being naked I guess I couldn't blame him too much.

"Sorry about DJ and your G-Y-N book out there."

"That's all right. I'm pretty well used to you guys poking around inside me by now."

"Well, with DJ it's different. He goes a little overboard sometimes because he's still a--a--"

"Let me guess. He's still a virgin."

"Is it that obvious?"

I nodded.

"I guess it's obvious to his frat brothers, too, because they give him a hard time. A REALLY hard time. Which only makes it worse. He wants to have sex so bad it's painful to watch him around girls."

"Aww. I guess I do feel kinda sorry for him. Maybe that's why I put up with so much from him."

"You put up with a lot from all of us."

Aww again.



"We know how lucky we are and--um--we think you're beautiful."

He hung around and stared at my boobs for the longest time. What was he doing? At last he looked up and said, "Uh--can we--would you--can I--uh--take you out to eat Friday night?"

Wow! Steve was asking me out!

"Sure. I'd like that."


That night all I could think of was how long it had been since I'd gone out on a real date.

Which made think about how long it had been since I'd had sex.

Which made me even more horny.

That night I dreamed the guys took turns over and over putting their dicks in my mouth and their fingers in my holes, and then Joe and Steve tied me down so DJ could--


I woke up soaked in sweat and had to untangle the sheets from around my legs.

A car pulled out of the driveway and I remembered Steve had an early class on Thursdays.

Naked as always, I shuffled into the kitchen. I guess Steve had made coffee already (that was unusual) but the house was quiet. I headed to the bathroom. It'd be nice to have it to myself for a change, for some overdue personal grooming.

I opened the bathroom door--and smacked it into DJ standing at the sink.



With his hands full of shaving cream he couldn't do much to cover up. God it felt like forever since I'd seen a real live cock. I'd felt (and tasted) a few last weekend, but my eyes were mostly closed and I'd been--um--busy. This time I just stared to my heart's--or was it my cunt's--content.

"Oh--uh--sorry," I stammered. But I didn't move. His dick was just too scrumptious. "Um, thanks for making the cock--I mean--coffee." Reluctantly I backed out and closed the door.

I'd settled down a bit and was finishing breakfast when DJ brought out an armful of papers and a workbook and dumped them on the table--right on top of my crossword puzzle.

"Hey, Susie. Can you help me with this calculus? I've got a quiz and I'm stuck."

I stood up and bent over to see. "This is a cube root, not a square root, DJ." My nipple was right in front of his face and when he leaned forward he bumped it with his pencil.

"Oh, uh yeah, thanks," he said--ducking his head around my boob.

I flashed back to the vision of his hard dick in the bathroom.

I leaned in so my nipple brushed his cheek. "And you have to simplify this polynomial equation, see, then these factors cancel out..."

"Oh yeah," he said, leaning away from my boob again. He was ignoring me! I mean--would he give me a minute's peace if he were the horny one and I needed to study?

"But I don't get this log thing here."

"DJ--I want--um--let me see your cock again."

"Huh? Susie, I'm trying to study. Aren't you gonna help me?"

I leaned in. "I--I really need to see your cock."

He pushed my boob out of his face again.

"You can play with my cunt--" That sounded like fun to me.

"Susie, give me a break here. I can do that whenever I want. Right now I need you to help me."


The words just slipped out. "DJ--right now I need you to fuck me."

His eyes widened. "You--you want me to--make love--to you?"

"No, DJ. I NEED you. To FUCK me."

Papers went everywhere as DJ jumped up and unzipped his pants. Out came that gorgeous cock again. I couldn't help myself--I knelt down and took it into my mouth.

DJ moaned and closed his eyes, and I felt him harden. I pulled away and said, "Now fuck me, DJ."

Before I could react he pulled me up, turned me around, grabbed my arms, and marched me into the living room. Bending me over the back of the couch, he held me down with one hand on my back and kicked my feet apart with his.

He started probing around my thighs and butt with his fingers.

"DJ--what are you doing?"

"Where--I can't find--where do I stick it?" He kept pushing between my pussy and anus with his fingers, and it started to hurt.

After all that crap with my G-Y-N textbook last night. Talk about ruining the moment.

With a sigh I spread my legs further, reached back with one hand, grabbed his fingers, and slipped two of them into my pussy.

God that felt good. I held on tight and slid them back and forth.

"You're so wet, Susie! This is awesome--I'm looking up your pussy and--and I can see your asshole too!"

"Come on, DJ," I breathed. "Your dick. PLEASE."

"Oh--OK." It still took him a couple of tries, but at last he slid it in.

"This--your cunt--I--so wet--feels--Susie--I'm--it's--you're--"

"I know, DJ, I know--just be qui--"


"Try not to come right away, DJ. Pace your--"

"OK--OK. Oh my god Susie--your asshole--it's throbbing--


Too late. A finger slid inside my anus.

"DJ that's--"

"I--I'm coming Susie--"

"Wait--try to--"

"Oh oh god." He spurted inside me and collapsed on top of me, pushing me further down onto the back of the couch, which was really uncomfortable and basically ended the moment for me.

I extricated myself and managed to get cleaned up and out the door. I walked into class wearing a tank top, my trusty vest, and my only other skirt. This one was a bit longer so my butt was actually covered when I sat down, but it was looser so it would poof out whenever I wasn't paying attention. I realized I'd have to be REALLY careful when I walked.

But ooohh--the looseness of the skirt meant the breeze circulated SO nicely across my secret places as I walked between classes!

I couldn't believe how horny I was. DJ had come so fast I hadn't gotten much satisfaction if you know what I mean. But I couldn't stop thinking about DJ's cock inside my pussy, and how I was his first. How sweet is that! Gradually I forgave him for being so klutzy.

When I got back to the duplex I found a little note from Steve. He had to run up to Alexandria to check on his grandmother and wouldn't be back until morning, but he finished by telling me how much he was looking forward to our date tomorrow night.


A few hours later, DJ walked through the door. He hesitated, then pulled me up out of my chair and said, "Let's fuck."

I gently unclamped his hand from my arm, smiled sweetly, and said, "I have a better idea. Let's make love."

"But this morning--you said--you wanted me to take you--"

He was so confused.

"Aww, come here, sweetie." I put my arms around him.

"Are women always hard to figure out?"

"Yep," I said as I guided him out of his clothes and into my bed.

I was really horny but part of me felt awkward about being DJ's first and being a little older than he was. I decided my mission was to do some future girl a big favor and show him how to make a woman feel satisfied. That's me--always willing to sacrifice for the greater good.


I started him off caressing my boobs and then slowly sent him down south. I didn't let him get right inside me this time. He had to work his way in. I took his fingers with mine and ran them along my thighs, then rubbed them over my mound, then stroked them across my in-between place, then finally--sigh--nudged them to my little sweet spot.

Once I was sure he had the rhythm right, I made him take over until I'd had a nice sweet orgasm. I was still humming when I heard a pleading little voice ask, "Can--can I come now?"

"Not yet. DJ." He sounded so desperate I couldn't help myself. "Um--the girl gets to comes twice and then it's the guy's turn."

"Oh. OK."

"Now do the same things, but with your tongue."

My clit was still throbbing, so I pulled him up to my chest and showed him how I wanted him to gently suck and tease my nipples. When my pussy was ready for more I guided him back down between my legs and told him where to put his tongue and lips. At just the right time I had him slip two fingers inside me and that set off a glorious explosion.

I was still floating when I heard a pleading voice say, "Su--Susie I don't think I can hold out much longer."

I smiled to myself as I thought about all the stuff he and the others had put me through. I started to say 'Who's in charge now, DJ?' but instead I pulled him up and inside me. I smelled my juices on his face as I pressed his lips against mine.

He didn't last long of course, and when he was through he looked at me with big eyes and said, "Wow Susie that was--that felt so--"

I put my finger to his lips and said, "I know. Now it's time to be quiet." I could feel how energized he was but I took him in my arms, held him tight, and closed my eyes.

I woke up sometime later. I was on my back and something was different but it took me a minute to figure out my arms were stretched above my head, my legs were spread apart, and I couldn't move any of them! He'd tied me to the bed! And I was blindfolded, too!

"DJ--what are you doing?"

"Susie, we all noticed how much you like to be tied up and have us do things to you."

DJ sounded completely different. Revved up, almost frantic.

What was going on? "I don't like to be tied up--"

"You come like a monkey whenever we do--"

"I do NOT--" WOW. I felt a tongue on my clit and electricity shot through my middle. God that felt good.

"What were you saying, Susie?"

"DJ, I don't like being tied--" WOW! He did it again. Then he started sliding his tongue back and forth across my clit.

I couldn't help myself. In no time I was panting and heaving. I suddenly wanted him inside me SO bad. "God DJ--fuck me PLEASE!"

I felt him put a finger inside me. It felt good but I really needed a dick.

"NO--not a finger! Your dick! Now!"

"So--you like being tied up."

"Yes! Yes! I love it--now put your dick in--"

"I thought you didn't want me to come too--"

"Just fuck me--"

The finger on my clit slid down and poked my anus.

"No--not that."

"We can stop if you want--"

"NO! Don't--OK OK. Go ahead. Just hurry."

"Go ahead what?"

"Um--Finger me there--"


"In my anus! Hurry!"

"WHERE? The other word."

"Finger me--in my asshole--please!"

The finger slid inside my anus--I mean asshole--and damn if it didn't feel kinda good. When his tongue started up on my clit again--oh god it was even more intense. I was coming--coming--

I came.

THEN he got on top of me and slid his prick into me. Finally! It felt sooo good.

A while later I asked him to untie me so I could go to the bathroom. He did, but I had to owe him a couple of blowjobs. With the afterglow I was feeling, that was an easy trade.


Morning eventually came. I was completely drained and my pussy was sore, but I was warm and tingly inside and out.

Slowly I threw the covers back, grabbed a quick shower, and headed towards the kitchen.

I'd just opened the fridge when I heard a sleepy voice behind me.

"Susie, I've got a problem."

I turned around to see a naked DJ step into the kitchen, sporting a glorious erection.

I had a 'debt' to pay, so I bent down and took him into my mouth, sucking and licking until he moaned, grabbed my hair, and spurted deep into my throat.

I stood up and wiped my lips.

DJ looked at me tenderly and said, "Susie, last night was a--a dream come true."

I smiled. "I liked it, too."

"Can--can we do it again? Tonight?"

"Down boy. Let's not ruin the magic. Um--I'm going out with Steve tonight."

He actually pouted.

"Look, DJ. Don't be that way. We had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying each other. Don't let anything spoil that memory."

I could tell he was struggling.

"We'll have more fun together soon, DJ. Trust me."

He perked up. "My birthday's coming up next week, you know."

"Really? How old will you be?"


Great. I just spent the night with an eighteen-year-old.

DJ saw the expression on my face. "But I've always been big for my age."

I had to agree.

"We'll come up with something special."

After breakfast DJ took in his arms, kissed me tenderly, and said, "Thanks for the greatest night of my life."

I reached down and gave his dick a squeeze, then headed to my room to get ready for class.

As I walked across campus in what had become my normal attire--thin top, trusty vest, little miniskirt, nothing underneath--my slightly sore pussy made me even more aware of the cool morning breeze wafting between my legs. Tonight would make a week since I'd last worn panties--and I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to put them on again.

By the time I got home, though, I'd stopped thinking about all that, because at last I was going out on my date with Steve! It felt like forever since I'd done something NORMAL.

Steve wanted to go out for dinner and dancing. With my limited wardrobe, dancing without getting arrested would be a challenge. I settled on my denim mini. Short but at least it wouldn't flare out if I took a spin. Somewhere I found a sheer spaghetti-strap top with these really sexy lace panels over the boobs. Usually I wore a bra under it, of course. Not an option anymore. I thought about wearing my trusty vest but I was SO tired of it and we were probably going to kinda dark places, so I decided what the hell.

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