tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSusie's College Adventure Ch. 07

Susie's College Adventure Ch. 07

byM.R. Alicante©

Saturday afternoon

By lunchtime I was tired and sore, and I needed a break. I stumbled into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water. As I closed the bathroom door I made the guys promise to fix lunch--and to NOT get dressed. It felt great not being the only naked one in the house for a change! And I loved how the guys looked SO cute and vulnerable with their wobbly penises.

After my bath I dried off and stepped back out into the living room.

Sandwiches and glasses of iced tea sat on the coffee table. ESPN talking heads babbled on the TV.

And my two guys were still naked! Steve dozed on one end of the couch and DJ sprawled on the other, lazily stroking his cock.

I grabbed a glass of tea. DJ swung one leg over to make room for me so I could sit down between them. There wasn't much room and as I ate my sandwich my legs moved together until my knees touched. DJ kept pushing them apart so finally I slid forward and draped one leg over his thigh and the other over Steve's.

Steve opened his eyes and sat up straight, which pulled my legs further apart. As if on cue, both boys put their hands on my thighs. I wasn't really ready when DJ slipped two fingers inside me.

"Guys--guys--I just don't think I can do this yet. I--I'm still a little sore."

DJ took the glass of tea out of my hand.

"I have an idea," he said, and he pressed the glass onto my open labia.

The sudden intense cold made me gasp. He jerked the glass away.

"No--no," I said, and I moved the glass back against my pussy. I gasped again but what a feeling! So cold it almost hurt but so--so--wonderful!

"More," I breathed as the glass warmed a bit and the freezing feeling subsided. "More--please."

DJ moved the glass out of the way, grabbed an ice cube, and without warning shoved it into my cunt.

I screamed as the cold shot through my middle. The sensation was intense. And exquisite.

I didn't want it to stop. "Again--please."

DJ shoved another ice cube into my cunt, and then Steve found my asshole with another. I screamed again but the cold felt so good spreading through me.

I pushed their hands away. "Guys, that's all I can handle right now."

They looked at me with big disappointed eyes--so adorable and vulnerable with their big swollen dicks.

They sure wouldn't leave me alone very long. I knew what I had to do.

Not that I minded.

I grabbed DJ's cock first, leaning over to slide him into my mouth. I knew he wouldn't last long--and he didn't. I ran my tongue across his tip. He moaned, grabbed my hair, and came deep in the back of my throat.

I turned to look at Steve. My beautiful Steve. I wanted him to last longer and as I took a long drink of iced tea I had an inspiration. Turnabout is fair play, right?

I slid a couple of ice cubes to the back of my throat, waited till my throat felt FROZEN, and slid him into my mouth as fast as I could.

"Ow!" he yelped, but I grabbed his balls with my hand and kept his cock firmly wedged down my throat. As the ice melted, feeling returned to my throat and his penis until he panted and trembled.

When he was done I cleaned them both off with my lips and tongue. I tried to give both of them a kiss afterwards but of course they refused. I slipped into the bathroom to clean up, then headed to my room for a much-needed nap.

The duplex was empty when I woke up. I was cleaning up the kitchen when Steve walked in. Somehow I knew he'd been next door at Roxy and Joe's--maybe because all he was wearing was shorts.

Something was up.

"Where's DJ?" I asked.

"He had stuff to do at the frat house."

"Um--so what's new with Joe and the witch?" I asked.

He winced as Roxy and Joe barged in behind him.

"I come over here to do something nice and this is the treatment I get?" Roxy was obviously not in a good mood anyway, but I'd just made her attitude a lot worse.

As if I cared. "Since when does Roxy do anything nice for anyone besides Roxy?"

We glared at each other but Steve stepped between us and said, "Everybody calm down. Roxy has something important to say."

I followed them into the living room. Joe and Steve sat on the couch and Roxy took the recliner. I refused to sit next to Joe, so I plopped on the floor in front of Steve and leaned back against his legs.

Roxy was across from me and I saw her look down at my crotch. I spread my legs farther apart and said, "See enough, Roxy?"

"Still flashing your pussy at everyone, I see."

That was a trick. "It's my cunt, Roxy. I'm flashing my CUNT."

Roxy tried to act disgusted. "All right, Susie. Your roommate here--or should I say fuckmate--has convinced Joe and me that it's time to wrap up our little arrangement."

My jaw dropped. I looked up at Steve. He nodded, put a hand on my shoulder, and smiled.

I looked at Roxy. "What's the catch?"

"I wouldn't call it a 'catch,' Susie You enjoy being a slut and I enjoy helping you be--a better slut."

I knew I hated Roxy--I just didn't know how much until that minute. "So--?"

"So your fuckmate and I struck a deal. You do three more tasks I tell you to do--no questions asked--and we're all done."

"What--what are the three tasks?"

"I said NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If you ask one more question, I might just cancel the deal. I will say this--you won't get arrested or fucked--"

Like that made me feel better.

She went on. "One task will take place this afternoon, one tomorrow afternoon, and the last one Tuesday night at DJ's birthday party--but I'm not going to give you any other hints."

"What about my clothes? Do I still get them back tomorrow?"

"I've divided your stuff into three big bags. You'll get one today after you finish the first task, one tomorrow after the second task, and the last one Tuesday night after DJ's party."

Then she gave me her most evil glare. "And I don't care what other deal you have with Steve and DJ--I don't want you covering or hiding your private parts for any reason whatsoever when I'm around. Do we have a deal?"

Like I really had a choice. "Sure. OK."

"Good. The first task will start in a few minutes, so I want you to bring everybody a beer."

I walked into the kitchen and brought back four beers. "So about today's--"

"Uh uh--no questions means NO QUES--"

Just then there was a knock on the door. A complete stranger carrying camera equipment walked in.

I screamed and covered my boobs and crotch with my arms. "Who the hell are you?"

He froze, but Roxy said, "Susie, is that any way to greet an old friend?"

"I don't know this guy--"'

"Trust me he knows you--inside and out. Quit covering up--NOW--and say hi to DJ's friend Lester."

I realized this must have been one of DJ's frat buddies who came over Tuesday night when I was blindfolded and tied to the recliner.

The guy blushed and stuck out his hand. "I--I'm Lester."

Slowly I dropped my arms. I shook his hand. "Susie. Nice to meet you. I guess."

Roxy laughed. "Believe me, you've met him before. OK, Susie, here's the deal. DJ's at the frat house all afternoon, so this is a great time to work on your surprise for his birthday."

"My surprise?"

"Yeah--you did say you wanted to do something special for him--"

I looked at Steve.

"You did say that, Susie."

I started feeling very uneasy. "Yeah, but--"

"So first we need to go out in the back yard so Lester can take some pictures--"

"Wait a minute--no way--"

"Relax. Your face won't be in any of them. That's not the part of you he and his buddies are interested in anyway."

They led me outside, over to the chaise-longue. The rope from last week was still on the ground. Roxy stared at me but didn't say anything.

"No way you're going to tie me up again," I said. "I--I'll handle it." I knew I could take whatever this bitch dished out.

"OK, but one fuck-up and out comes the rope."

I sat down and positioned my arms above my head. Lester took several closeups of my boobs.

Joe pulled out a blindfold, but Roxy stopped him.

"Wait. She says she can handle it--let's see how tough she really is. No blindfold. For now."

"Spread your legs," she barked.

I eased my knees apart. Yeah, I'd come a long way in a week. I'd just spread my legs in front of a total stranger without a second thought.

"Put your feet all the way up on the armrests. Now let your knees fall apart."

That left my pussy wide open, and my anus was in plain view, too.

Lester got his camera in between my legs and snapped some very intimate close-ups.

"Her--her labia are getting puffy," Lester said.

No shit.

He whispered something in Roxy's ear.

"Did you say shave her?" she barked.

I flinched. "What? No way, Roxy! I'm not going to shave down there--only porn stars do that."

"Your point being--what? And what a coincidence--DJ told Lester that's exactly why he thought shaved pussies were sexy!"

"As if DJ has vast knowledge on the topic."

"Yeah, but we want him to be happy on his birthday, don't we? Oh, and don't worry--you're not going to do the shaving--we are. Joe, go get your shaving stuff."

He let out a loud whoop and ran inside.

Roxy pointed to my legs. "Get your feet up on those armrests and for the last time SPREAD YOUR LEGS. The boys are going to need full access to all that beaver fur."

Slowly I did as she said. I felt the sun on my (formerly) most private areas, and I admitted to myself the thought of being shaved turned me on. I shivered.

"You really are enjoying this, aren't you?" Roxy said with a sneer.

Before I could answer, Joe was back. I cringed a little when he set a bowl, a razor, and shaving cream on the picnic table, but I really jumped when Lester said, "I'll set up the video equipment."

"That's it," Roxy snapped. "Tie her up."

"Wait, wait--I'll be still. I promise."

Joe grinned and grabbed the rope.

"One more chance, Roxy, please. I--I can do this on my own."

"OK but this IS your last chance."

Lester said he was ready, and then I heard Steve's voice.

"Let me do it."

His voice relaxed me and when he bent down between my legs and smiled up at me, I sighed and closed my eyes.

Slowly and carefully he rubbed shaving cream over my most delicate parts. He slipped his fingers inside me a few times, and it felt sooo good. When he was done with the razor he rubbed me all over as if he was polishing a masterpiece, smiled at me again, and said, "Smooth as silk."

Roxy regarded Steve skeptically. "Joe, you check her."

Joe smiled at me, too, but it was a different kind of smile. He squatted between my legs and motioned for me to spread them further apart. I didn't think it was possible, but I did.

He sniffed loudly. "Ah, yes," he said. "Tuna delight--my favorite."

Roxy rolled her eyes and told him to get on with it. He ran his fingers all over me. Inside me, too. I should have minded but I actually didn't.

"Hey, she's got some hairs back here around her asshole," he said as he pushed my buttocks apart and probed that hole, too.

"So shave it then."

"Woo hoo!" he said, grabbing the razor. "Wow, this is so cool. You better pull your knees up so I don't hurt that cute little back door..."

He shoved four fingers deep into my pussy, then pulled them out and spread my juices all over my anus. I winced when he pushed two of his fingers deep inside, stretching my asshole open.

"Ow, Joe--that hurts!"

Roxy rolled her eyes. "Get over it. Those aren't the first fingers to go in there. Other things, too, probably."

"Fuck you, Roxy."

Roxy's eyes narrowed. "Great idea, Susie," she said as she ran towards the house.

Joe grinned. "Ooo--you're in trouble now. Roxy doesn't like bad words," he said, pushing another of his fat fingers inside my anus as he finished sliding the razor around it.

"Now she's completely bald down here. Damn--every girl should look like this," he said, looking pointedly at Roxy as she walked back holding a grocery bag.

"In your dreams. Susie, we're going to help Lester get some special pictures."

I had my legs spread far apart with my knees almost touching my shoulders. I asked Joe to PLEASE take his fingers out of me so I could straighten up when Roxy said, "Whoa--whoa--I didn't say you could move. You're just so--feminine that way. And I love the three-fingers-fucking-your asshole look."

Lester took closeups of the fingers in my anus. When he finished, Joe said, "Roxy, I can feel her asshole relax a little. Do you want me to try for a fourth finger?"

"No--take your fingers out and go wash them. I've got something better."

"Wow--look how her asshole gapes open!"

"Not her first rodeo, that's for sure" Roxy said, pulling a green zucchini squash out of the bag.

"Now wait a minute, Roxy. This is too--"

"Lester, hand me that rope--"

"No, wait. Go--go ahead. Whatever." I cringed at the thought she was about to stick a ZUCCHINI for gods sake in my asshole. At least it wasn't a very big one.

"That's my good girl. Lester, you're filming, right?"

"What are these pictures for, anyway?" I asked.

"They're part of the surprise for DJ's birthday."

"I mean--what are you going to do with them?"

"You'll find out Tuesday night," Roxy said. "Don't worry--your name won't be on them."

She thought for a second. "Let's put it this way. Everybody will remember your cunt--just not your name," she said with a laugh as she startd gently stroking my clit with the zucchini.

When I was nice and turned on, she eased it into my pussy. Lester moved the camcorder in close as Roxy pumped the squash deep inside me, then back out, several times. Even with the camera and everyone staring right at my crotch, I was getting seriously aroused.

Roxy told Lester, "Focus on this and keep her face off camera." She pulled the zucchini all the way out, pointing out for the camera my gaping pussy and the squash sopping with my juices.

Then she handed it to Joe and said, "Put this where it belongs, please."

Joe seemed to know exactly what she meant--he shoved it straight into my anus. It slid in easily. "Damn, I think she likes it that way!" he shouted.

Everyone laughed--even me. The funny part was--after Roxy's 'warm-up' and Joe's 'stretching exercises,' I realized I actually DID like it a little. If only they knew.

But Roxy snapped me back to reality, this time pulling the fattest carrot I've ever seen out of her bag. She used it to stroke my clit just right--I was working up a sweat by then--then made me gasp by shoving it deep into my pussy. She pulled it out, brought it up to my lips, and told me to take a bite. I gave her the nastiest look I could muster, but when she reached for the rope I did as I was told. I started to spit it out, but she said, "Now-now, Susie. We all know you're a swallower not a spitter."

AT LAST Lester announced he was out of videotape. Roxy told Joe and Steve to pull the zucchini out of my asshole and throw it away, then show Lester how many fingers would fit in my cunt. They each managed to get three fingers inside me.

"Now hold her open," she said, as Lester took one last picture up my gaping vagina. Then he loaded up his stuff and left.

Steve helped me to my feet, and I realized I was incredibly turned on. Despite an afternoon of intense stimulation, I hadn't come, and as we walked towards the house arm in arm I realized I needed relief, and soon. We were halfway to our back door when Roxy handed me a brown grocery bag. Joe stood behind her with a box.

"OK--you were a good sport," she said. "I keep my bargains and here's the first installment on returning your clothes. I have to say you've changed a lot, Susie. You hardly need reminding any more to follow the rules--you seem so comfortable being naked now."

"Wow--coming from you, Roxy, I'm touched, really--"

"Good. Now about tomorrow. Come over at four o'clock sharp. Wear what's in this box. Any questions?"

I took the box and the bag but didn't stop to look inside because I was in a hurry. I pulled Steve inside our back door and kissed him hard. Dragging him into my room, I threw myself on the bed and spread my legs.

Steve just stared at my freshly shaven pussy. Men! Can't they do anything?


He reached down and ran his fingers over my bald labia. "God Susie, that feels SO smooth. And amazing. And SMOOTH--"

He was driving me crazy.

"Steve, shut up. Just fuck me. NOW."

And finally--he did.

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