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Susie's Cum Bath


Hey ya'll, just a note here to everyone that this isn't strictly just a groupsex story, there are other elements in it too, so all of you people that enjoy nothing but groupsex in your stories… maybe this isn't the story for you. As usual, positive and negative feedback is welcome, if there's something in particular you don't like about the story, feel free to get back to me on it.


About the same time Jack Kirby was walking past the room she was occupying, Susie Barnes woke from unconsciousness. As she groggily came to, the first thing she realized was that her entire body was tingling, and in particular, her pussy. In fact, her pussy wasn't just tingling, it was throbbing and it hurt like a son of a bitch. Then as her other senses became attuned, more focused, she realized that a lot more was wrong. She couldn't open her eyes, and no matter how hard she tried to they just wouldn't budge, it felt like some sort of glue had been poured onto them and had set. The same problem could be said for her nose because her nostrils seemed blocked, a foul taste was in her mouth and her entire body felt sticky from head to toe, she seemed stuck to the bed sheets.

A cool breeze fluttered across her body which indicated what she was only now suspecting, that she was naked. She didn't know where she was, she couldn't remember whether it was morning or night, or even if she was at home in her own bed. Where was she? What was the last thing she could recall?

Lifting her head up from the bed, she tried to speak, but the only thing that was uttered from her voice box was a croak. Her throat muscles began to contract as she tried to draw saliva, but her mouth was bone dry, she was so thirsty that she almost dry heaved.

"Hello?" she rasped, emitting a deep, throaty voice that wasn't hers. Unsatisfied with that, she attempted to call out again, this time succeeding in a relatively loud voice.

Seconds later, Jack Kirby, after hearing an anguished cry from 'that room', opened the door and rushed in.

"Oh fuck me," he muttered.

Susie Barnes lay sprawled naked on the bed in front of him, sprawled being the operative word. Normally that would make any guy hornier than a teenager with his first Playboy magazine, because Susie Barnes was one beautiful girl. She was Kirby's girlfriend's best friend and if you were into that bookish, shy type of girl, Susie was her. Shoulder length black hair, green eyes, wire frame glasses and a compact body that screamed to be touched. She had an ass that begged 'squeeze me' and full pouting lips that any guy would know what should be wrapped around. What was strange about Susie, however, was the unsubstantiated rumor that she was an easy lay - it wasn't a rumor anymore.

Although a gorgeous girl on her worst days, she looked truly despicable at the moment.

Picture the worst porno in the world and you would be close to understanding what she looked like. Her legs were spread lewdly, the room itself smelled like pure sex and alcohol, and to top it off, she was covered in cum. Drenched, in fact. On a closer look it wasn't just cum though, it was alcohol and sweat too, her face was caked in it, as were her thighs and her cunt. Usually beautiful and glossy, her dark black hair was now matted against her skull in thick clumps, hardened in places from where guys had aimed there cocks and their subsequent streams of semen. That isn't to say that those were only places where cum had built up and dried, they were the worst places, but almost every other square inch of naked flesh had been treated to spunk also.

"Hello, who's there?" she asked huskily, hearing a door open and someone enter.

The sound of a throat clearing and then, "It's…It's Kirby, Susie."

Kirby? Jack Kirby? Then it all flooded back to her in one foul swoop, leaving for Kirby's eighteenth party, arriving and being treated to the sight of a mass of males in an almost female-less environment. She hadn't wanted to go but she was the best friend of Kirby's girlfriend, and she'd been asked to come. Two seconds after she'd entered the party two hunky guys from school had immediately latched onto her, handing her a flask of Jim Beam and sitting her down on a three-seater couch, she being the meat of the particular sandwich of course. Then things got hazy, her recollections jagged and distorted of the events that followed, almost as if they hadn't happened to her at all, but to someone that had taken control of her body. What came next was a series of fragmented memories, all of which shocked and dismayed her, she groaned as the wave of images washed over her.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

"Drink up," the guys on either side of her urged.

Shrugging her shoulders, she tipped the flask of Jimmy to her lips and took another big swallow, it slid down her throat and a heat began to spread through her stomach. It was the fifth hit she'd taken in as many minutes and the effects were already showing.

The music was pulsing through her body and she watched as everyone danced in the lounge room, the lights were dim, throwing their corner of the room into relative darkness.

A hand suddenly slid between her legs and rubbed at her pussy through the fabric of her shorts, it was roughly pushing at her opening as if the person wanted to finger her through the material.

"Hey," she said, about to grab the hand and shove it away.

"Here, drink some more of this, babe."

The flask was brought to her lips again and she swallowed what they poured down, which happened to be the rest of the bottle. Empty, the flask was thrown on the floor and replaced with a tongue, hands slid through her hair and all of a sudden a surge of lust burst through her body. Kissing back, she grabbed the hand between her legs and urged the owner to put it inside her shorts, to touch her bare pussy. She never wore panties to parties…just in case. The owner shoved two fingers into her greasy cunt, jamming them in so roughly that it caused her to gasp around the tongue she was sucking on. Her hips began to hump back against the hand in her shorts, her tits were suddenly grabbed and kneaded roughly, causing her to arched her back and moan.

"Looks like we've got a party girl on our hands, Dave," one of them said.

"Fucking oath Steve, look at this bitch go, she's on heat for sure, ain't that right princess?" asked the other once he removed his tongue from her mouth.

The alcohol had gone to her head now, half of her was aware that she wasn't thinking straight and knew that she should get up and walk it off, but the other half, the naughty half…well it just wanted to see her get fucked nice and proper.

She leaned over and began kissing the stud on her left, she thought it was Dave, or was it Steve? It didn't matter, both of them were hot and sporting bulges in their pants; now that was what mattered!

"Come on boys," she purred, grabbing both their hands. "Let's go upstairs and fuck like bunny rabbits."

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The clothes she'd been wearing had been torn from her body, literally, and she was on her hands and knees in the middle of the bedroom with a guy positioned at each end. The guy behind her (Steve?) was busy trying to eat her pussy out – unsuccessfully – and the guy in front of her (Dave?) had his pants around his ankles and was sliding a nice fat cock in and out of her mouth. She wiggled her ass about over Steve's face but even that didn't help, so she released Dave's cock and shouted at Steve to quit fucking around and shove his cock into her.

Things began to go nicely, Steve slipped his cock into her wet slit and started to pound away at her with nice fast strokes, his balls slapping against her clit. That worked for her, but he wasn't fucking her fast enough so she began to meet him thrust for thrust, pushing her bum back into him and grinding his cock all the way into her slippery depths, faster, harder, crying out for him to fuck her like the slut that she was.

Returning to Dave's cock, she wrapped her hand around the base and began to suck earnestly at it, the pounding from behind causing her to suck more and more of his meat into her throat, drool began to empty out onto it, making it sticky and gooey.

"Mmm," she moaned around his cock, gazing up at him.

"Oh yeah slut, suck that sausage, yeah, just like that, suck it, ah fuck."

Just as she was getting into the rhythm of things, slurping away at one cock and banging away at the other, the useless turd behind her lost it and began to pump his hot sperm into her, and what was worse, he stopped fucking her the instant he came.

"No!" she screamed around the dick in her mouth, although it probably sounded more like 'mmpf!' Fuck! She'd barely even begun before it was over; her pussy wasn't even within itching distance of being satisfied.

"Whoa baby, that was a nice fuck," the thirty second wonder said from behind her. He pulled his cock out of her and she heard the unmistakable sound of a zip being done up. Was that fag finished!?

Before she was able to turn her head, Dave's cock began to explode in her mouth, his sperm hitting the back of her throat which she swallowed down willingly. To her shock and dismay he pulled out instantly and let the rest shoot over her face, splattering her lips and cheeks, he aimed it everywhere except where she wanted it, in her mouth. The little bit she got to swallow tasted wonderful but it wasn't nearly enough, and then her eyes leapt in amazement as he too began to slide his jeans up and buckle his belt.

She was so amazed, in fact, that she just sat there on her hands and knees and watched them as they began to move towards the door. The heat began to rise in her face as she became flustered, her lips were trembling with anger and her pussy was throbbing, they had teased the fuck out of her and now they were leaving! Sweat dripped from her brow and her hair was hanging down in her eyes.

"That's it?" she growled at their backs.

They both turned and appraised her, their eyes growing wide with shock. She looked pissed

"Hey bitch, we have girlfriends floating around at this party, all we wanted was a quickie to get our rocks off, thanks slut."

They gave each other a high-five and opened the door, the music from downstairs flooding into the room.

"Hey," she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Get back here and fuck me properly you pussies." She actually screamed it so loud that people out in the hallway could hear it clear as day, even with the music pounding away.

"Bitch," one of them replied. They both had reputations to uphold and she was going to bring that down, no fucking way was that going to happen.

"Hey guys," Steve shouted to the partygoers in the hallway. "There's free pussy in here and it's purring for more cock."

Seven guys sprinted into the room in record time.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Someone from behind her thrust his cock into her sopping pussy and began fucking her doggy style, she squealed with delight, wiggling her ass around on his erection and pleading for him to fuck her harder, to tear her pussy apart. Her pleas were cut to moans as a guy stepped up to the plate with his cock in hand, shoving it into her panting mouth.

Conversation was going on around her but she couldn't hear it, her head was pounding and her pussy was on fire. A small part of her couldn't believe what she was doing, but the more dominant part, the part fueled by alcohol and lust, well it wanted cock and couldn't get enough of it.

She'd lost count of how many guys had splattered the insides of her cunt with their ball juice, likewise she couldn't remember how many loads she'd swallowed or had been shot all over her face. It dripped down in long gooey strings, which she reached out and scooped up if one of her hands wasn't jerking a cock or if her mouth was uncharacteristically empty. When both weren't filled with dick, she would shovel as much of the cum into her mouth and swallow it, she loved the taste of cum, and she pitied any girl that wouldn't suck it willingly out of a cock and eat it.

Both cocks emptied their contents into their respective holes and pulled out. Without even being told, two more guys took their places and started shoving their cocks into Susie's body. She looked like a porno actress, globs of cum were streaked through her hair, her face was practically a mask of spunk and her tits were flopping around as her body jerked back on forth on the cocks impaling her.

Sometime later a bottle of whiskey was opened and tilted up to her mouth, she willingly gulped it down until it overflowed and spilled down her lips, gushing all over the front of her cum-stained body.

Men were walking in now who weren't even at the party, word was starting to get around on the street that a girl was being gangbanged at Kirby's bash and guys were flocking to get a piece of the action.

Her ass had been penetrated some time ago so she was doing three at a once now, one below her thrusting up into her pussy, one behind her battering into her asshole and a guy receiving a wet, sticky blowjob in front of her. The guy she was sucking blew his load and she swallowed it all down like a good little girl, they began to call her 'Cumslut' and she guessed that was exactly what she was.

"More cock," she groaned, looking around for another guy to blow. That's when she spotted Kirby and Alice standing next to the door, staring at her with their eyes wide open. Her view was suddenly stolen due to the fact that someone heard her request and was granting it, squeezing a pathetically small dick in between her lips.

The brief glimpse of Kirby had made her heart flutter slightly, and then a pang of sorrow swept over her when she realized he wouldn't be joining the gangbang because Alice was with him. What a pity, it had looked as if he was all nice and hard by what he'd been seeing.

"Oh fuck…oh fuck, of fuck, oh fuck!" she suddenly screamed when the guy porking her in the ass finally came. Her body was writhing around as the orgasm stole over her, both her pussy and asshole clamping tightly around the two dicks stuffed deep inside. It was the most amazing orgasm she'd ever had, her entire body felt as if it were going to burst and explode, and for a moment, she was worried that she wasn't going to be able to stop cumming. It just felt so fucking good!

After what seemed like hours (but was probably more like minutes) her body began to get a hold of itself and coast down, sweat was pouring off her face and she squirmed as the spent cock was removed from her ass and a fresh one was inserted.

She couldn't remember having this much fun. Ever.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

She was surrounded by guys fisting their cocks, jerking themselves off in front of her. Smiling a sluttish smile she gazed up at all the meat that was surrounding her, all those cocks were hard because of her, for her, and she suddenly came explosively for the nth time that night, her cunt muscles trying to squeeze the four fingers she'd thrust up inside herself deeper into her pussy.

"Cum on me," she slurred drunkenly. "Give me your cock juice, come on guys, give it to me, I want it, I want to taste it, suck on it, feel it on my body."

One by one the twelve or so guys that were encircling her groaned and aimed their cocks at her body, jets of cum erupted from the tips and splattered against her lips, her cheeks and into her hair. Behind her she felt it hit her back and her shoulders, she was taking a cum bath and she was in heaven, moaning like a whore and continuing to fuck herself with four of her long slender fingers. The cum that happened to shoot into her wide open mouth began to accumulate, and finally when it was filled to the brim she gargled and swallowed the huge warm wad, savoring the taste as it slid thickly down her throat. A new wave of guys stepped forward as the others fell back, and they began to jerk off too, she just grinned up at them and smacked her lips, begging them for more cum.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

She was still on her hands and knees but thankfully her ass had been given a slight reprieve, it'd been getting pretty stretched by all that cock and was beginning to sting. A medium-sized cock was still thrusting in and out of her cunt, her insides were so slick with pussy juice and cum that his cock barely created any friction at all, it guided smoothly and easily in and out of her hole.

The tasty cock in her mouth was receiving all the love and attention she could muster, her tongue, lips and teeth doing their utmost to pleasure him. Some cocks tasted lovely and some icky, this one was positively delicious. Wanting the blowjob to last longer she slowly slid her mouth off his slimy meat and wrapped her hand around it, jacking him gently.

Leaning forwards, she stuck her tongue out and began to lap at his hairy balls, alternately sucking his sweaty nut sacks into her mouth and moaning around them, flicking her tongue and generally driving him bonkers.

The guy fucking her tensed suddenly, emitted a groan and squeezed her ass cheeks tightly. Cum spewed from his cock barely a second later.

"Oh yeah," she moaned around the testicle in her mouth.

When the cock slid out of her slopped up pussy, she wiggled her ass around impatiently until it was fed again, she was addicted, her pussy loved the feeling of having a cock inside it and she didn't want to waste any precious moments when it could be filled.

Grunting as a fresh cock was stuffed into her, she stopped sucking on the guy's balls, slid her tongue from the base of it to the tip and devoured his cock again, swallowing all of it into her throat. She was thirsty and she wanted a cum drink.

He placed both of his hands on the side of her head and began to fuck her face, she was gasping and moaning around his cock as it slid back and forth over her lips, she couldn't swallow any saliva so it spilled out over his shaft and dribbled down his balls.

Suddenly he arched his back and pulled it out until just the tip was resting on her lips – more considerate than most, who would've just left it in her throat – and shot a big load of tasty cum into her watering mouth.

When it stopped spurting he hurriedly pulled away from her and jumped from the bed, she never even got to know what the guy looked like.

She swallowed his salty present and turned her head around. The guy slamming his cock into her was one of the ugliest men she'd ever laid eyes on, she shuddered, but continued to wiggle her ass back against him, meeting his thrusts. Cock was cock, she decided, besides, the deed was done so she might as well let him finish.

There were two lines leading away from the bed, one line was obviously for the use of her pussy and the other was for her mouth, the guy at the head of the blowjob line was laughing to a mate and not looking at her. Her mouth watered for the fuckmeat dangling between his legs, she was still incredibly thirsty.

"I need more cum," she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I want to suck more dick!"

They obliged her.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Two cocks were sliding in and out of her pussy, another two were being jerked off by her hands and two more were filling her mouth simultaneously. Her body was positioned on top of a guy lying down, she was facing away from him and another guy was squatting in front of her, both of them pushing their slimy cocks in and out of her leaking pussy. Her thighs were covered with drying semen, her usually lush black bush was white and stiff.

She couldn't believe that she was able to fit two decently proportioned cocks inside her cunt at the same time, and the sensation was incredible, just knowing that she was getting fucked twice in one sitting was a huge turn on.

However, the two cocks in her mouth were really stretching it to the limits, and she could barely breathe out her nose due to the fact large globs of cum had dried over her nostrils. Her pussy was red raw and looked sore as hell, but in her alcoholic haze it barely tingled, except of course as it stretched to accommodate the meat that was being slid into her. There was so much cum in her pussy that large amounts were forced out each time they withdrew and thrust into her again, but she wasn't worried, they'd top her up in a minute.

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