Susie's No-Panties Christmas Surprise


... and Billy.

I see Billy by the front doors. With his mother and sister.

I'm on the verge of a tremendous orgasm and I see my boyfriend standing way over there. Stunned shock hits me like a lightning bolt. My instinct is to leap up, and never mind that the crowd is so packed now that there'd be no way to hide it as I sprang off his cock and left it standing tall and slick with my juices, steaming in the frosty air.

But his arm around me clamps tight and he thrusts up into me harder than ever. "Oh, no you don't," he says. "You started this."

I turn as much as I can and I see his dreamy-blue eyes that are so like Billy's.

"Mr. Brewster!" I gasp in horrified realization.

It's Billy's father, and I understand everything in one shattering flash of insight. Billy had chickened out and his dad had taken his place. And is... and is fucking me... is still fucking me... holding me by the hips and jerking me down onto his lap as he humps up at me from below...

I can see Billy with a shamefaced, sheepish look. He half-raises a hand. Even being there, waiting to open the store, is more attention than he likes.

"Smile and wave," Mr. Brewster says, jaw clenched. He tweaks my clit, presses it like a button.

I want to scream again, want to run, want to slap him... but somehow, at the same time, the knowledge that it's him and not Billy turns me on even more. I smile and I wave as he fucks, fucks harder, and my orgasm breaks over me with unbelievable intensity.

This time my hat does fall off and I barely notice. I whimper and grind down onto him, and his cock throbs. I hear him go, "Oh, God, yes!" and then he's coming in me, his hands digging into my hips, hot gouts of it spurting into me, spurting.

The band is into their big finish now, "Up on the Rooftop," and everybody is going nuts with cheers and applause. Little kids are in raptures, leaping around shouting for Santa. The float stops.

I'm trembling all over. Mr. Brewster removes his hand, and eases me up so that his softening cock slips wetly out of my pussy. My ruffled petticoats conceal him as he tucks it back in his Santa pants real quick. He pats me on the butt.

Tottering upright on seriously unsteady legs, I turn and stare at him. I can feel warm trickles oozing down my thighs, soaking into my stocking-tops. He grins at me through the beard, winks at me from behind the spectacles. Adjusts the front of his coat to cover the damp spot.

He stands up and waves to the crowd and calls, "Ho-ho-ho!" And climbs down from the sleigh toward his wife and kids and department store, to welcome another Christmas in Silver Falls.

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