tagBDSMSusie's Peaks Ch. 01

Susie's Peaks Ch. 01


There was an air of despondency about the place. Times were hard, and much as it pained the boss, he had had to let some of them go. It wasn't easy, but with the way things were, it was trim down or go bust.

Susan sat at her desk. She would be sad to leave, but then again it wasn't the end of the world for her. At least they didn't depend on her money to live on, it was for little luxuries really. She squirmed in her seat.

Little luxuries! At that thought, the silk of her knickers had seemed to wake up and caress the tops of her thighs, and just give enough pressure to her hidden sweet pussy. Ah luxuries! She smiled to herself, then started typing quickly, in case anyone had noticed. One of the little luxuries she had indulged in had been pairs of knickers, not panties. Her on-line Lover had made her realise the difference, and with that in mind she hadn't been extravagant, but had opted for some nice silk knickers. The feel was incredible compared to the steady reliable cotton panties she had worn without thinking for years. She glanced up at the clock. It was coming up to 11. She furrowed her brow, and tried to finish the rows of figures and details she should be concentrating on, but it was hard....


At ten minutes to ten, she had received an email from her on-line "Master". They had never met, but with his words and ways, he had opened up the door to the secret Susan, the one who had fantasies..........

"My curvy Pet, It is your last week. You have dares to do while you can. I am glad you wore the blouse and jumper you described earlier this week, and the skirt. You look so good in them" Could he actually see her? She wondered if it were any of the people who were in the office, or the ones who came in and out, but no, it couldn't be. He was making her so aware of her body with his words! "You will -- at precisely ten o'clock, go to the ladies toilets, with your handbag. Once in there, you will remove your jumper, remove your blouse, and remove your bra. Replace the blouse and jumper. No one can actually see your breasts my lovely, the shape of your nipples may be slightly more defined, but it is not as if you will be topless. Put the bra in your bag, and go back to work. As you walk, as you type, as you move, every caress and touch of your nipples by the fabric of your blouse will be the kiss of my lips. Your K.x x x"

She was so conscious that she was bra-less. Some of the younger girls in the office wore push-ups and plunging necklines, but she had never been able to try that look. What would people think! She was married, with a family, good old Susan, homely, motherly, dependable, safe. But the Susan inside wanted to try things........

Just picking up papers from her desk made her aware of the movement of each breast, a slight swinging, certainly not unpleasant, and the brush of her nipples, when they had hardened, across the cotton -- God! It felt like there was a wire from each nipple to her pussy. There were no comments from anyone to her bra-less state, no one really looked, but she had been aware that a couple of the men, one of them her boss, had actually not been looking into her eyes when speaking to her, they had been casually assessing her bosom, as it heaved, freely, when she spoke or moved.

"The delight is always in the unseen, and not the seen" K had once said. And she fully understood.

The things he wanted her to do were always the things she had desired to do but was too scared to. It had started with a silly 30-minute knickerless dare. And he had lead her, step by step, to some incredible feats. And orgasms! Again she smiled, then groaned inwardly as the memories caused her excitement to travel to her groin. She glanced at the clock, and with an inward moan this time, as her sensitive nipples burst back into life, rose from her seat.

On the way to the ladies room, she shyly noticed that her boss, and another chap who was with him, looked at her, but not her face, and then looked at her face and smiled. The shape of her nipples, discreetly protruding through the two layers had definitely caught their eye! Once there, she removed her knickers, slowly, and placed them in her bag.

"Oh Master, what am I doing!" she thought.

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