tagBDSMSusie's Peaks Ch. 03

Susie's Peaks Ch. 03


She emailed her Master "It is done!" And watched the clock, in between mundane work tasks, as the finger crept (oh why did she have to imagine THAT!) solidly to the thirty minute mark.


In the pub, she had been aware, every second, that underneath her clothes, she really was naked. A first glance would have seen a curvy, attractively blonde woman, in jumper and skirt. But her Master knew that underneath...

Was he here! She searched the faces at the bar discreetly, but no-one was looking at her unusually. She turned to Mike, the young office boy, who was standing with a pint of beer, looking on as everyone else mingled. He seemed really shy and vulnerable. She had to please her Master, so she stepped to him at the bar.

"Hello Mike. It's a shame we're leaving isn't it. I really liked my job....and the people" And she winked at him.

He spluttered on his beer, answering her, shyly, haltingly. There were only ten minutes left before they would have to go back to work. Susan raised herself onto the empty stool beside Mike, and carried on chatting to him. He spoke, answering her, sort of talking, but his eyes always seemed to roam to her bosom, her breasts, those orbs of delight.

She purposefully kept moving, shimmying on the stool, the heat in her knickerless crotch like a fire, the heat in her belly making her face flush, the glass of wine making her feel a little more daring, the tingling in her breasts causing her hard nipples to stick out like little bullets. Out of the corner of her eye, she was also aware that her Boss had been looking at her, but he was stuck with old Mrs Prim&Proper from accounting. Ha ha! She laughed to herself as she wondered what the old girl would have thought if she had been aware of Susan's state! She turned back to Mike, and saw him staring at her breasts, at her nipples.

"Damn" she said, as she purposely let her shoe drop to the floor. Mild, shy, quiet Mike dropped to pick it up for her, and as he did so, she carefully, slowly, deliberately crossed her legs, the loose skirt riding up on her legs. Had he seen? She didn't know, probably not, but what a wicked thought crossed her mind. His hand held out her shoe.

"Thanks love" she smiled, and raised her foot to place the shoe back on, the skirt again rising, opening, the expanse of bare thigh clearly open to the warm air of the pub, and to Mike -- blushing Mike, stock still.

"Come on then, we'd best get back to the grindstone" she called out, and stood, turning to find her jacket, and joined the others as they crowded out of the bar for the short walk back to the office. Jostled through the doorway by some of the others, she felt as if she was on cloud nine, if only they knew what they were next to!

She hoped her Master would be pleased with her report when she sent it.

While some of the others went to get a coffee and snatch the last ten minutes of their break, Susan was back at her desk, feverishly typing, eyeing the desk drawer, wondering when she would be able to get "dressed" again, and get back to "normal" She was so enjoying this liberation though


"My darling Pet" her heart rose with his email "you have been such a delight, such a wonder today!" His words comforted her, she had pleased him, but had pleasured herself too. The "old" Susan would never have dared any of these things, only dreamt of them, written of them. "Your reward my sweetness, you have earned the choice" She smiled, she loved every word from him, the praise seemed to dive straight to her hear. She loved her Master, unseen as he was. Then she held her breath as she read on. No. He couldn't want her to do that! Surely! "You will return again to the ladies room. Take your handbag, but leave your items of intimacy in your desk, you will not need them. Your reward, my sweetheart, is your choice, for flashing that sweet hot little portal, the pussy of my dreams, to another. .. Jumper or blouse. Which would you dare go without?"

She shuddered. No. It was a step too far. She knew that she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to. He would not admonish her if she refused, but would praise her for the steps taken along the way to finding that boundary, that line that she would not, could not cross. That is why she felt safe with him all the time. But oh, how she longed to please him, how she yearned for his love, and she knew that she needed to find her limits.

"If you accept the dare, will it be the V-neck jumper that stimulates your nipples, caresses the curve of your breast, defines the shape of your boobs, hugs the smoothness of your belly. Or will it be the blouse that displays the centre of your aureole, skims the soft undercurve of your bosom, straining against the buttons? The choice is yours. But you will go home like that at the end of the day, under your jacket. Skirt and jumper, skirt and blouse. And you will be so hot, so horny my love, you will want to jump into the shower when you get home for release. I dare you. K.x x x"

She stared at the screen, confused, bewildered, questioning her sanity. Did he really expect her to travel home in that state? Did he expect her to be so undressed in the place she worked? Finally, indignantly, rebelliously, she had replied.

She hit the send button with such an air of authoritative calm that her friend Janet across the way looked at her. Susan merely smiled back, watching the afternoon sun, as it beamed in through the window, warming the slightly deflated atmosphere. The lunch time cheeriness had dulled, as those who would be leaving realised this was now one day nearer finishing, one day nearer leaving. Those who were staying on hoped they weren't looking smug, or too happy.

She rose from her desk. "Just off to the loo, damn those dinner time drinks" she smiled at Janet.

Her friend grinned back. As she walked, Susan swayed her hips just a little more than usual, sauntered so that her legs wafted fresh air onto her naked thighs, her bare pussy. Her breasts reacted to the walk also, slightly swaying, the nipples on the upturn of her curved globes enjoying the feel of their moments of freedom. In the cubicle, she carefully wiped herself dry, and flushed the toilet. Turning to the door, she paused.

"So, it was my choice, was it Master!" she laughed out loud. And began to lift the jumper over her head.

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