tagBDSMSuspended in Submission

Suspended in Submission


To the readers: If you find humiliation and pain between a good Dom and a trusting Sub a turn off or offensive, this may not be a story you will like. If however, you are as into this as we are, I would love to hear your feedback and comments.

To my DOM: You know who you are. Thank you so much for supporting my writing and encouraging me to publish this even though I wrote it for you and never intended to share it with the world. You make me confident, you make me feel sexy, you make me feel so incredibly alive and good, and most importantly Baby, you make me cum back for more.

She stood in the middle of the bedroom naked, with her hands on her head like she had been told to do. Her pulse quickened and her heart thumped in her chest as she watched him survey every angle of her naked body. Her rich, long brown hair hung down her back, her older and softer, but yet appealing body starting to come alive. She wasn't what she was 20 years ago, but she wasn't bad for almost 40. She did however, need to get her ass from in front of the computer at least an hour a day and get back to the gym, lose the rest of the weight and tone up.

She could see the wheels of deviation turning in his sick head. His sickness fascinated her. He could turn it on so very easily. It came so natural to him and it intrigued her. It was kind of like the fascination a girl has watching her man shave his face or mow the lawn. It was something that was totally manly that he did with such care and expertise. As a bonus, his sick mind also fueled her sickness and brought it to the surface where it belonged.

She loved so much that he was able to share his twisted needs with her, but loved even more the he allowed her to share her own twisted fantasies with him, without judgment. Between the two of them they had more than a few of things they wanted to do to each other and have done by the other. Their trust and curiosity allowed them to explore things others thought really didn't occur in 'real life'.

"Put your hands behind your back," he said easily in a firm tone. No doubt about it, he was in charge now.

She complied quickly. She had been fantasizing for quite some time that he would do this to her. She had even written it all out for him and left it in a place he didn't expect, hoping he would get the hint.

He placed his handcuffs on her and fastened them together behind her back before placing a quick link in the middle of the chain between her wrists. He then grabbed her dirty thong off the floor that she had so casually let fall to the floor immediately upon their entrance to the bedroom and stuffed it in her mouth.

Although it was her idea, it shocked her that he would actually do something so humiliating to her. And she loved it! She wanted to feel everything there was to feel with him. There was no one in the world she could ever do this hardcore stuff with, or wanted to for that matter. She was unsure, however, how he felt. Once he crossed the line to such humiliation, would he love and respect her more or less? Would he be able to separate the game of it all? Would he think of her as a cheap bondage whore or was their bond strong enough to experiment with this stuff? She thought it was and hoped he would too.

He grabbed the roll of duct tape he had brought in and threw a strip over her mouth to keep the thong in and her screams muffled.

She barely had time to react before he threw out his next command.

"Lay on the floor, on your stomach." He barked and she sunk to the floor.

He placed the ankle cuffs on her and chained them together. Her nipples hardened knowing her tortures were forthcoming. The anticipation of what was to come filled her head and the energy it produced ran through her veins as she started to sweat.

She was on his floor naked on her face, her hands bound behind her back, ankles bound, and her mouth full of her own dirty panties, taped shut. Her pussy was getting moist at his game playing. Her mind became totally oblivious to the outside world as she fell under his spell. If you would have asked her what her name was, she would have hesitated a moment before answering.

He straddled her naked back and placed the collar she had worn so many times around her neck, backwards, the loop at the base of her skull. He placed a clasp to a chain and attached it to her collar. He fastened the same chain to her cuffed hands and her bound legs, hogtying her. The cool chain running down her spine gave her goose bumps. He pulled everything tight so she was totally bound, helpless and at his mercy. Her legs rose up to meet her hands in a most uncomfortable way.

Suddenly she heard other chains being brought out. There was just something about the sound of those chains that about brought her to the edge when she heard them. She couldn't get enough of that sound. She didn't know why, but she didn't really care either. It was who she was and she couldn't help it. She just new that the sound of the clanking metal made her almost beg for punishment.

The first thing she always did when they weren't together and she was missing him a lot was to grab her own set of chains and bind herself to her own bed, alone, usually to sleep like that for the night. Most times she would reward herself the next morning with a few hours of perverted masturbation with him playing the lead in her cum producing fantasies.

Suddenly, he fastened two chains to the chain running down her spine and it got silent for a minute before she felt herself get lifted, hogtied, in the air. Suspended in submission!

She stared, gagged, at the floor that seemed a dangerous fall to hit if he didn't secure her well enough and wondered what was going to come next.

She heard the rattle and then felt an intense coldness at the base of her neck.

"Ice," she thought.

He ran the ice cube at a snails pace down her spine, between her shoulder blades, to her lower back, down the crack of her ass, over her backdoor, stopping at her pussy and poking it into her hot fuck hole. It melted immediately and she felt the water pour out of her, dripping to the floor.

He grabbed another cube and picked up where he left off starting at her iced fuck hole and up to her clit.

"MMMMMMMMMM," she said as her clitty shrunk briefly from the coldness.

He grabbed a hand full of ice and held it tight to her clit and pussy lips. She started to thrash at the uncomfortable feeling of being frozen down there and he grabbed her and held tight with the ice. She began to shiver at the coldness and thought she had lost all feeling down there when.......


"OOOOHHHH FFFFUUUUCCKKK," she screamed at the enormous pain despite the icing. He had just pierced her pussy lip with a barb less fishing hook he had just bought for his 'catch and release' fishing trip the following weekend.

She saw spots for a second. She lost her breath. Oh, Fuck, that hurt! She wanted to grab her crotch and roll on the ground in the worse way. Too bad she was over six feet off the ground.

She was hogtied in the air, her limbs grabbing on for dear life, rigid from the pain, her hair hanging down covering her face, her usual piercings in place, the new one bleeding and throbbing.

He could not believe she just let him do that. He did really love that her body was all his to do with what he wanted. She had given him that a few months ago. He realized now that she had not rescinded the deal and it was still his. She had double dog dared him to do this in her note. He had no choice. Wasn't his fault.

He grabbed the flogger that she had just bought for them and started painting her pussy with it lightly. Her muscles relaxed as much as they could with the light touches of the flogger. It felt so good. As with her professionally done pussy piercing, the pain lasted only a few brief seconds. She was only concentrating on the whippings.

"uuuummmm," she groaned, gagged in mid air. It felt lit a million kisses on her newly abused twat. That was before he picked up speed. She groaned with pleasure and slight discomfort as his whipping increased in intensity and speed. He cracked her tits with the tails of the now fast moving weapon.

"NNNNGGGHHHH," came through her taped mouth as her head arched back and her body swayed in the air.

CRACK! To her ass cheeks.

"AAAAAWWWNNNNGGG," she sputtered almost.

CRACK! To her pussy.

CRACK! To her tits again.

"AAAAWWWWW," she tried to scream.

The flogger bit her hard and fast in her most sensitive places. The flogger hurt like hell but yet felt so good. The feeling of being at the mercy of someone you trust with your every molecule made her want more. Made it feel so fucking good, but hurt so bad at the same time.

She once, for a brief period of time had a safe word. She had used it three times on two occasions. It never produced good results. The one time she REALLY needed it, it did no good. She couldn't think straight enough to remember it before she passed out. The same night she used it later and he questioned his techniques and abilities. The second and third time was in a different night months later and the use of her word made her feel weak, insecure, and like she disappointed him.

From now on the name of the city that had severed as her safe word was just a place they each lived, a very long time ago. Not a safe haven from each other. They knew each other too well. She trusted he knew when enough was enough. He would never hurt her permanently, and she liked him hurting her temporarily, got off on it actually. And if he did happen to accidentally hurt her, she was confident that he could tend to her and seek the right help. NO more safe words she had decided. She wasn't going to ever be handed the 'pussy out' card again. It just was not her thing.

The mind-blowing whipping came fast and hard over and over. Red welts appeared on her, her pussy was soaked with her juices and sensitive from the new stabbing, he cracked every sexual nerve before abruptly stopping. He threw the flogger to the side and disappeared for a moment. She couldn't see him from the position she was now in. She wondered where he went as she caught her breath and started to come down and her adrenaline subsided.

Suddenly he appeared in front of her. She was suspended just below his eye level. He looked at her beautiful face and produced a 9-volt battery. Her eyes grew huge, as she knew what was coming. He had done this to her before. He licked the posts of the battery, looked her straight in the eyes, and put the posts to the tit metal in her creating a small circuit. He smiled as he saw the spark before she felt it in her tits.

"NNNNGGGGHHHH," she let out loudly as the electricity flowed in her nipples and he did the same with the other tit and another battery. It hurt like hell and it scared her, but to tell you the truth, she has been wanting this since she got home after the first time he had done this to her. It made her feel alive in a way she had never experienced. She thought about it often. This is one thing she did not want to do to herself though, she only wanted him to do this to her.

Without warning he licked both batteries right in front of her and disappeared behind her. She knew what was coming and tried to brace herself. Then it hit her!

ZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!!! He lit up both of her pussy piercings! Fuck! It felt like she was being pulled apart! He didn't stop as he saw her suspended, bound body grow rigid and he heard her try to cry out.

When he thought she had enough, he relieved her of the current that was causing her so much distress. Her body fell limp in mid air. He moved around to look at her face. Tears were rolling down her face over the duct tape covering her mouth. Her nose was running and her hair was strewn about her sweaty face.

At this moment all he could think about was getting her down and showing his appreciation to her for her letting him go so far with her. He wiped away her tears and kissed her on the forehead before he started to lower her to the ground.

Once on the ground he unchained her hogtied, abused body that was covered in red welts from the flogger and helped her up to the bed a mere four feet away. Her legs shook and her gait was unsteady. He couldn't ever remember seeing her so helpless and beautiful. He slowly removed the duct tape off her lips and grabbed her thong out of her mouth. She gasped and almost spit it out and looked him in the eyes with the gratitude that he had just saved her life, not just released her.

Her exhausted body became one with his mattress as he shoved her legs apart and inspected her wet pussy. She had given so much to him tonight; he wanted to give back in a way she really loved. Her clit was bulging, her pussy was moist, and the fish hook still in her pussy lips adjacent to her hood piercing.

He slid the hook the rest of the way through her puffed pussy lip, freeing it, as he stuck two of his fingers deep in her sizzling, drenched pussy. His fingers reached up far in her, finger fucking her hard and deep with that 'come here' motion massaging her most sensitive spot.

"Oooooohhhh Fuuuck," she cried in the pleasure of his fingers in her and the pain of the homemade stabbing being released.

He stroked her G-spot hard with his left hand. making her produce a constant flow of juices as she was on the verge of cumming out of her mind

He placed his left palm hard against the spot right above her pussy on her stomach, shoving down hard against the fingers that were at her G-spot.

"Oh, Fuck yes, I am going to cum all over your hands," she said gasping for breath. "NOW!"

With that warning she came like a fountain. Her cum shot out of her pussy in a direct stream. All over his sheets, all over his hands.

He kept digit fucking her through her big O and then some as she came softly a few times before he slowed down and he took his fingers out of her.

She fell limp instantly. He was the best. No one knew her body like him. She could never get enough of him.

She lay panting on his pillow as he came up next to her and kissed her on the forehead and lay down next to her. Her breathing returned to normal as she realized she had forgot something. HIM! She had just begun to realize that he needed this too.

"Move that chair to the center of the room in front of the mirror, Please Hon," she said pointing to the overstuffed chair in his bedroom that she had deemed the sex chair upon her first visit. Hell it probably had already been a sex chair for him, but definitely not for the same reasons she was going to use it.

He moved the chair and looked at her directly in the eyes, trying to figure out what she was up to.

"Sit in the chair," she tried to gain control of herself and the situation.

He sat willing, waiting to see what would happen.

She grabbed the ankle cuffs that he took off of her and placed them on his ankles and secured both of them to the stubby legs of the chair. She then grabbed the chains that hung high off his bedroom wall and wrapped them around his wrist, fastening them tight with his own padlocks. She got on his lap and he could feel what little pubic hair he had being soaked by the juices of her wet pussy as she put the blindfold over his eyes.

She cupped his handsome, strong-featured face in her hands and let her soft lips find his. His lips parted instantly and her tongue entered to find his. She rolled her tongue briskly over his and said, "Baby, I hope you like this."

With that she stopped kissing him and got down to business.

She knelt down and dove between his spread legs and licked his balls gently. She loved his balls and the way they felt in her mouth and the way they felt as her tongue showered them with attention. She licked slowly and lightly, sensually covering his sack with her warm saliva until she heard him moan softly and noticed his cock start to stiffen nicely.

She reached across the floor and grabbed his homemade 'bed o nails', lifted his swollen nads with her other hand while kissing them and placed the bed of nails under them before resting them on it. She tongued the top of his balls harder so the nails would poke gently into the underneath of them. Once she got the confirmation by his groaning that he was enjoying this, she grabbed his dick at the base with one hand and ran her tongue up the shaft of his big, hard cock to tongue tickle it's head while she reached the other hand to the floor and grabbed the bag of clothespins.

Her favorite throbbing, ginormous cock in one hand, clothespin in the other; she rammed his monster fuck stick down her throat and placed a clothespin on his balls.

"RrrrrrrGggggghhhhh," he let out as his midsection jumped.

Slowly she moved her mouth back up his shaft to his cock's pink hood before impaling her own face on his cock again and again placing another clothespin on his nearly punctured balls and then came back up slow again, teasing him.

She repeated this process eight or ten times until she could see his cock being stretched as far as it would go and she could tell that he was on the verge of being very, very uncomfortable with the pins biting and the nails threatening puncture. She gave it one better shove down her throat to lube it up and then crawled onto his lap. She placed her legs on the outsides of his, hovering just above his manhood.

She reached between her legs and placed the tip of his cock just at the entrance to her very wet fuck hole. She couldn't wait to feel his stiffness in her. She loved nothing in the world more than to feel him in her.

She looked at his face. She could tell he didn't know what was going to happen. If she slammed her pussy around his cock and took it deep his balls would be on fire from the chomping of the clothespins and the spikes of the nails. She let him sweat it out for a few moments before leaning in to him and kissing him deep while slowly sliding him into her.

Oh, Fuck, he felt so good in her. She almost came just feeling him enter her.

She moved her hips up and down slowly and carefully. Making sure her ass hit the clothespins, which also forced his balls down onto the nails, but making sure she didn't do it too hard. She rode his cock deliberate and with a steady rhythm forcing the gentle pain of the pins and nails on him in seductive, slow pleasure until she could not contain herself anymore. She leaned into his face and shoved her tongue sexily in to find his. One hand rested on his jowls while the other ripped the blindfold off him so he could see them both cum.

They looked in each other's eyes with beastly lust and kissed each other passionately as she picked up the pace and began to fuck him feverishly. The pins hitting her in the ass, one almost entering her backdoor. The pins and the nails causing great torment for him, her slick pussy and her kisses causing great exhilaration for him.

Their panting became very audible and their bodies tensed at the same time ready to cum together when she reached down and grabbed his ready-to-fire cock at the base hard, stopping the flow of cum. She bucked wildly as he felt her juices flow all around his strangled fuck stick that was deep in her.

"AAAAAAWWWWWW FFFFUUUCCCKKK YYYYEESSSS," she screamed and threw her head back, her hand tightening around his throbbing member.

"AAAARRGGHH," he groaned as he felt the feeling of orgasm without the release of cum.

Barely over her ecstasy and still very turned on she got off him and slid down him to between his legs. She removed the firm hold she had on his deprived cock and began wildly sucking it like she hadn't tasted his gorgeous cock in a million years.

Her head slammed his lap as his cock slammed the back of her throat. She started to remove the clothespins fast with one hand and rubbing the sore spots they left with the other while still taking his cock deep in her throat with a fury he had never seen before. The nails being shoved deep in his sack by her cock attack. He ached to cum. It wasn't going to be long.

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