tagFetishSusuruss Pt. 05-08

Susuruss Pt. 05-08


Part V

Kate stirred, lifted her head and looked at the room. In the dawn light there were stockings, panties, a garter belt, raincoats everywhere, that scent and when she got out of bed, that sound. About five minutes later, she came back upstairs with her tea and his coffee.

Being a neat freak at heart, she tiptoed around the master suite picking up last night's detritus. She was almost finished but as she swept up David's raincoat from the floor and looked around for the hanger he stirred.

"I recognize that sound," said David, leaning up on one elbow, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Good morning," Kate replied, "And its name is 'Susurrus' by the way," she announced proudly.

"What is?" asked David.

"That, sexy, swishy, rustly, whispery, rubbery raincoaty sound, I looked it up on the Web", replied Kate.

"Does the aroma have a word as well?" he asked.

Kate thought for a moment and said, "Not yet but I'll work on it"

"How does the weather look?", asked David.

Kate tweaked back the curtains and peered out, "Well the good news is that we'll be able to barbecue tonight but the bad news is that it doesn't look like appropriate raincoat weather, which brings me to the question I was going to ask last night. "Which is," she added, "Our raincoats are really meant for going out. Can we buy some other rubber garments for more private moments? What's out there and what do you like?"

David looked a little sheepish; "Well..." he started."

"You've already got something new, haven't you?" And David explained that he'd bought this robe way before he met Kate and she demanded that he put it on. David went to a dresser drawer and lifted out something folded in bed sheet.

He unwrapped it and drew out the light blue rubber bathrobe with a contrasting belt of the same material. Kate stroked the glossy rubber against her cheek and lifted it to her nose.

"So far, so good," she said, "Please put it on and come back to bed and tell me all about it." David complied, turned back the sheets and lost himself in Kate's welcoming arms. She stroked his back, his buttocks and his thighs through the rubber robe. David felt his erection growing and so did Kate as she slid one hand down to bid it welcome.

"David," she whispered, "This time, I'd like you to make love to me 'doggy style' so, let me kneel on the bed and you stand behind me".

David got up, his robe giving out the characteristic rustle, and approached Kate from behind. She reached back to guide him in and moaned, "Make it slow and deep and give me rubber contact with my butt and thighs and, if you can lean over that far, with my nipples". Kate knew that this was David's favorite position and hers too. She also knew that this was the position that allowed her to be in control and prolong the coupling almost as long as she wished. "Bend over a little more if you can, go a little deeper, and swish the rubber over my breasts." David had held off for as long as he could but after two more seconds he exploded, as did Kate. They collapsed onto the bed, separated, hugged and slept.

A little later, David woke up with half his rubber robe trapped under Kate but as he didn't want to disturb he rolled out of the sleeves and went to shower.

Part VI

Almost ten days had gone by and, it was now Kate who wanted to hear from the catalog companies they'd found on the Web. She was really thinking about a rubber caftan because she'd tried on David's robe, liked the feel, but knew she wanted her own in her size.

Then, the weatherman predicted another storm for the day after tomorrow and that was the day she was scheduled to meet her friends for lunch at their favorite restaurant in the Napa valley. For once, the weatherman was right and another late spring rainstorm hit Northern California. A flurry of phone calls later and a couple of cancellations led Kate to contemplate her rainwear choices yet again. And, this time she had no hesitation in choosing the shiny white rubber but wondered what she should wear beneath it. As she contemplated her options, the phone rang again and it was her English friend Stephanie asking if Kate could pick her up on the way. Kate agreed and went on surveying her closet. Eventually, she chose a deep beige cotton sweater, matching slacks and light brown ankle boots. Then donning the SWR raincoat and buttoning it completely including the one at her throat, Kate grabbed her keys and her walking-length red umbrella and made a run for the car.

Ten minutes later she was in Stephanie's driveway and beeped her horn. Stephanie looked out of her bedroom window and waved. Then she was out of the front door, running toward the car, desperately trying to protect her hair from the downpour. She wrenched open the passenger side door, tossed the fold-up umbrella into the back and leapt in.

"This is worse than England," she said, "I thought that I was leaving this stuff behind when I moved to California." "Oh wow," she added, "Look at you, I love the mac!"

"First time out," replied Kate, "What do you think?"

Stephanie stroked Kate's sleeve and said, "Its rubber and I bet it wasn't cheap. I like it but isn't it hot to wear?"

"Well," said Kate, "It does warm to my body but that suits me fine especially in this weather. So, is a 'mac' what we call a raincoat?"

"It's short for mackintosh, which I think was the name of the guy who first came up with the process of making fabrics waterproof by coating them with rubber," explained Stephanie.

"I like both names and I'll tell David that in future we're wearing macs or mackintoshes", said Kate.

"Oh super," Stephanie said, "So, he has one as well?"

"Yes, he does and I think that both he and I look terribly sexy in them."

"You certainly do," said Stephanie, "But you do know that wearing rubber has kind of a 'kinky' reputation? In fact, there's almost a complete industry devoted to it."

"One of the benefits of being my age is that I care less and less about what 'some' people think," replied Kate, "all I know is, my mac is attractive, practical and David and I like it."

"Can I try it on?" asked Stephanie.

"Sure," said Kate, "Come back with me after lunch and you can try this one and my rubberized satin and, before you ask, I bought two because I couldn't make my mind up."

When they reached the restaurant, their other friends were already at their usual table just inside the entrance.

Stephanie went in first, held open the door and announced, "TADA, please greet Kate in her new kinky rubber mac." Kate blushed a little to herself but did the rounds of hellos while her friends stroked the rubber surface and asked where she'd bought it. She explained that it had come from England from a company that sold over the Internet.

"Well, that makes sense," Stephanie said, "Because, believe it or not, it rains even more there than it does here."

Kate took off her mac and draped it over the back of a spare chair, excused herself and went to the bathroom.

Valerie, another of the foursome, said conspiratorially, "I bet it's David's choice because isn't rubber kind of a male thing?"

"What the hey?" said Anne, the last of the group, "Even if it was his idea, at least, she obviously likes it too and, as far as I'm concerned, if it makes 'em happy that's all I care about. And I've got to admit, it is very stylish and that swish when it moves is sort of nice."

"But wouldn't the smell get to you?" asked Valerie.

"Not to me," replied Stephanie, "In fact, I like it" Then Kate returned to the table, the foursome consulted menus and the conversation turned to other topics.

Just before they asked for the bill, another couple were leaving the restaurant and stopped by their table. "Excuse me," said the woman, "But, we couldn't help noticing your raincoat, can you tell me where you got it?" Kate explained that it had come from England and the woman nodded and said, "Thanks, it's really beautiful."

Back at home, David was out and Kate went upstairs to fetch her satin mac while Stephanie used the bathroom. When she came out, Stephanie grinned deliciously and said, "I've just remembered something. A couple of months ago, Mark and I had been out with Anne and Steve for dinner and it was my turn to drive. Anyway, on the way home, Mark asked me if I remembered that, way back in the 1960s, I wore a 'Playtex' girdle. Of course, he was half 'sozzed' at the time but I asked him why. He said that he loved the feel of my bum under the latex and the smell of it combined with me when we made love. And, then he asked," she continued, "Do you still have it? No, Mark I don't; that's thirty odd years ago; does it matter?" "Well I liked the feel and the smell so I just wondered..." "Do you think that he's into latex and, by the way, what's the difference between rubber and latex?"

Kate shrugged in response and said, "Hey I'm a neophyte in this scene so try on a raincoat or two, sorry, mackintosh, and we'll check the Web.

Kate brought in a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, while Stephanie called her husband Mark and he agreed to pick her up in about half an hour. Kate gave a glass to Stephanie who took a swig, stood up and pronounced, "It's kinky rubber mac time!" She picked up the SWR mackintosh, touched it to her face, inhaled the scent and slipped her arms inside. Again, she gasped at the coolness but quickly fastened the buttons and looked at herself in the hall mirror.

She spun around on her tiptoes and expressed pleasure at the way the mac looked for, except that the sleeves were too long, it fitted fairly well. That was a disappointment to Stephanie until Kate told her that every garment was made to measure. "Oh, you mean they're all custom-made so you can get exactly what you want in size, style, fabric and so on?"

"Of course," said Kate, "Which accounts for the higher price," and she showed Stephanie the catalog they'd used for their first purchases.

Stephanie took a walk up and down the hallway, swirling and swishing as she went. "You know," she said "This is starting to grow on me but I think I'd opt for a fuller skirt." So Kate suggested she try the blue, rubberized satin. Stephanie draped the shiny white rubber on the couch, donned the satin and walked to the mirror, fastening buttons as she went. Kate followed her and, from behind, tightened the broad belt around her waist. Then, turning Stephanie around to face her, Kate bent down to fasten the bottom two buttons and stood to make her belt even tighter and to pull down the skirt of the mac so that her breasts were wonderfully delineated. Finally, she lifted up the hood around Stephanie's face and fastened the neck strap. Stephanie stared at her image in the hall mirror but decided she needed to see the big picture and so ran upstairs to Kate's bedroom.

Kate was about to follow when the doorbell rang which she answered. "Steph, it's Mark," she called and Stephanie swished her way downstairs. Mark literally took a step back and stared.

Eventually, he managed to croak, "Stephanie you look incredible. How did you know?"

Stephanie laughed and said, "I didn't know until this moment but now I do. But this is Kate's. Look the sleeves are too long for me." And, she held out her arms to show that she had turned the sleeves of the mackintosh back exposing its exquisite rubber lining. "Don't worry though," she added, "I'm going to join the kinky rubber mac movement so warm up your American Express card." With that, she took off the raincoat, handed it to Kate and put on her own. She wrinkled her nose in mock disgust. "What a letdown! Kate, give me a call when it's OK to come over to check out the catalogs. Come on you," she said to Mark, "It'll be worth waiting for."

Part VII

A week or so later, Kate had helped Stephanie to order her mac which was to be a rose-pink rubberized polyester and Kate had ordered a similar one in crimson but with a hood. In addition, unknown to Stephanie, she had ordered a full-skirted latex caftan and she'd agonized over buying a rubber cape with a large hood which reminded her of a cloak from the movie, "The French Lieutenant's Woman". In the end she'd put that idea on hold, as she wanted to see what might be available on the proposed trip to England in October. That trip was now to be their honeymoon as they had postponed their wedding due to delays in the house remodel and pressures of work for both she and David.

However, it was now June and summer which, in California left few opportunities to wear rainmacs. The exceptions were visits to San Francisco for dinner or a play, because when the evening fog rolls in through the Golden Gate, that City is as chilly and drizzly as London itself. In fact, Mark Twain had once observed, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

Both on these visits and on other shopping trips, whenever Kate was wearing one of her macs, almost inevitably, some stranger would ask, "Excuse me but I love that beautiful raincoat. Where did you get it?" And, the people asking were usually well-dressed women like her. Sometimes they were alone while others were with a male companion which began to convince Kate that this "rainwear thing" of David's was indeed much more common than she or he had ever dreamt.

However, even with summer under way, Kate and David were able to indulge their rubber tastes in the evenings and they spent relaxing hours with he in his robe and she in her new latex caftan. Almost always these sessions turned into an early night sometimes with games of make-believe but, every time culminating, in powerful orgasms for one or the other and usually both. By experimentation they both found they enjoyed soft bondage and the sensation of being helpless while the partner took complete control provided a new dimension.

One game that David proposed was a fantasy from his youth of being seduced by an older woman. Kate was not too sure about this at first but soon came to relish it. David would wait in their attached garage while Kate prepared her "costume" which was usually garter belt and stockings, sometimes with and sometimes without underwear and then covered with a rainmac.

David would then knock at the door pretending to be the paperboy. Kate would ask him in, offer him a drink and invite him to relax on the couch. Sitting sometimes opposite she would allow the mac to expose her stockings. On other occasions, she would sit beside him, take his hand and, with it stroke her rubber covered thighs or breasts. At the same time she would be asking him if he'd ever felt a rubber mac before and would he like to kiss her breasts and clitoris and had he ever had sex. His favorite position was with Kate sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide while David knelt with his head between her thighs under the rubber raincoat.

Kate found that she could come up with infinite variations on this theme and took much pleasure in surprising him.

About six weeks after they had placed their order for the rubberized polyester the delivery arrived. Kate was thrilled with hers as was Stephanie. Kate decided more or less instantly that she would take this latest mac with her to England, as it was a little lighter in weight.

According to Stephanie though, things had not started as well there. She said that Mark seemed to ignore her presence and for him the rubber mac was paramount and she and her needs were a very remote second. This, in turn, caused Stephanie to be more reluctant to dress up just for him, even though she got so much pleasure in wearing the mac, smelling the aroma and enjoying the rustling swish as she walked and turned.

One night Stephanie and Kate had gone into the City to see a play and they had both worn their rubberized polyester mackintoshes turning many an admiring head as they walked from the parking lot to the theater accompanied by that wonderful "schlocky" sound.

Afterwards they went to supper in a small Italian restaurant in North Beach. They checked their macs and enjoyed a quiet dinner although Stephanie did put away a little more wine than she was used to but, no big deal, Kate was driving anyway. As they went to reclaim their rainwear they were amused to see the maitre d' rapturously stroking the rubber lining of their macs.

"Another kinky rubber devotee," giggled Stephanie and he obviously was as he insisted on helping both women put on the coats and not exactly hurrying the process.

On the way home north on 101 the subject returned to Mark. Stephanie said, "And then the final confirmation that he cares more about this rubber mac than he cares about me came when I got home late from work and he was wearing it and masturbating. Until now," she continued, "I haven't worn the bloody thing since."

Kate thought for a moment and asked, "Do you want to keep doing the rubber thing? Do you want to stay married to Mark? And, to use your word, are you prepared to get really 'kinky."

"Yes," she whispered.

Kate laid out a possible strategy. "Look, you can't ignore all this stuff so why not suggest that the pair of you buy another mac like yours but in his size and buy another similar to David's. That way, if wearing a female mac in private is what turns him on and if he wants you to wear a man's mackintosh, you're OK. Also, why not masturbate him yourself, maybe wearing rubber gloves? And, if you want to go out together rubbered up, you're also covered."

"Well, I guess there's nothing to lose," said Stephanie, "Do you wear rubber gloves to masturbate David?"

"I'll never tell," said Kate out loud and to herself she added, "Not until now." "And," Stephanie added, "He also keeps going on about that bloody Playtex girdle."

"So does David," said Kate, again to herself.


A month later, Stephanie called and it was obvious over the phone that she wasn't feeling much happier. When Kate asked how the plan had gone Stephanie hesitated and then plunged on. "Mark mustn't know I'm telling you this but I did exactly as you suggested except that he wanted a mac like mine in rubberized satin instead of polyester and one exactly like David's. He also wanted me to have a shiny black rubber trench coat so now our closets are really filling up."

"How do you like the SBR?" asked Kate, and Stephanie told her that while at the time it seemed a little bit "over the top", she now couldn't wait for the rainy season to start.

"Actually," she added, "We did go for a walk last Thursday night when the fog was in and I wore it then for the first time. It was late and nobody saw us and that, actually was a bit disappointing. Mark wore his mackintosh, as he insists on calling it, and it's been simply ages since we walked with his arm round my waist but he couldn't keep his hands off me. We even stopped under the tree by the creek for a kiss and his hands were all over my back and my bum.

When we got home the lovemaking was incredible, right there in the living room both still in our macs. Between you and me", she added, "Mark has sometimes needed a little assistance from Viagra but not that night and not since. The rubber is a real turn-on for both of us and I owe it all to you so I got you a present."

"Oh, you shouldn't have" demurred Kate, "What is it?"

Stephanie explained that she had gone on the Web and had found a site that still sold Playtex girdles. "Not the modern ones with a lining," she went on, "but the original real latex ones that have that wonderful rubbery scent, and I got two, one for you and one for me. If you don't want yours, I'll keep it."

"No, you won't," replied Kate, "I want it and thank you."

Stephanie then went on to add that Mark appeared to want to adopt a much more submissive role and wanted her to be the more dominant one. "Now, whenever I wear rubber and especially the shiny black rubber, he often calls me 'Mistress Stephanie' or 'Madam' and, while that turns me on, I don't know quite how to play it."

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