tagFetishSusuruss Pt. 13-16

Susuruss Pt. 13-16



Dawn found Kate and David already awake. She was in the shower while he watched the early TV show because there was no way that two people could occupy that bathroom at the same time. Kate came out, "Bathroom's all yours." she said, "What's new in the world?" David explained that most of the news stories didn't mean too much to him as they were very "Britain-centric" however the weather forecast was for partly sunny conditions with only scattered showers.

After breakfast they were scheduled to take a tour of London on an open-top double-decker bus and later on a boat down the River Thames. Before leaving the hotel they walked outside and were pleased to find that it seemed warmer than the previous day. However, because of the threat of showers, Kate opted to take her rubberized polyester mac while David decided to risk it with just a jacket; a choice he would regret later.

Finding their way to the location where they would board the bus proved to be much easier than they'd feared. The subway system, known to the locals as "the Tube" was well signed and the only challenge was figuring out the currency to buy the ticket. When they emerged into daylight, a two-minute walk brought them to the bus depot and showing their tickets, they were ushered onto the bus. To get the best view possible they climbed the stairs to the upper deck and claimed two seats. When the bus left it was about 75% full and most of the passengers had also chosen the higher vantage point. Their fellow passengers seemed to represent all corners of the world but David had detected an accent behind them from the American South.

The tour was very well done and Kate and David left the bus impressed with it and the city to which they had just been introduced. As they boarded the boat for the trip down the river from Tower Bridge they were handed a box lunch which they ate while looking at the Tower of London and its "Traitor's Gate". "That," said David, "Is one place where we have to spend more time. Just think about Anne Boleyn, Cranmer and, who knows how many more that died here." Kate shivered, unclear whether the cold was because of David's speculations or because the boat had left its mooring and was headed out into the river. For the first time that day she put on her rubberized polyester mac, fastened the buttons and raised the hood over her hair.

"David," she whispered as she felt the cool rubber against her cheek and inhaled that glorious scent, "If we can find it, I want an all-rubber mac because I do like to see rubber on the outside but I'm becoming addicted to rubber linings. So, a mac like my latex kaftan would be ideal." David added that his list along with the boots.

As the boat began its turn to go back up the river, the first hint of a squall hit and a couple of minutes later the heavens opened. Kate laughed as David made a run for cover while she reveled in the raindrops hitting and bouncing off her waterproof mac. She looked towards the cabin where David was sheltering and a woman in her twenties approached clutching a very wet umbrella.

"Excuse me," she asked as she touched Kate's sleeve, "Is that a rubber raincoat? I think my husband has fantasies about seeing me in one but I wouldn't know what to buy or where to buy it."

"And how do you feel about that?" asked Kate.

Her accent proclaimed that she hailed from Texas as she said, "Well, I'd go for it here in London but I'm not too sure about Houston. Folks are kinda conservative in Houston."

"Tell me," asked Kate, "Doesn't Houston get a lot of rain?" The lady introduced herself as Jessica and said her husband Tom was under cover near to David. Kate gave her the address of the store they'd seen yesterday and recommended they take a look.

As they left the boat, Kate and David were behind the couple and heard her whisper, "Yes it's rubber and it felt really nice. She gave me the address of a store they know. Let's go take a look. If this weather is going to go on, I need something and so do you." She passed the note to her husband who recognized the location.

"OK honey, that's only a couple of blocks from our Bed & Breakfast," he replied. As Kate passed them she turned, smiled and said, "Good Luck. Enjoy!"

Part XIV

Before their dinner date, Kate had showered first. While David was in the bathroom she took the Playtex girdle from the dresser and could not resist stroking the rubber against her cheek, noting the rubbery scent. She then sat on the bed and applied powder to her lower body remembering Stephanie's advice. She put her feet inside the girdle and drew it slowly up to her knees. Then she stood and began to draw it up slowly, wiggling her hips as she went. It wasn't easy but in a minute or so she was successful. Kate ran her fingers over her thighs and her behind noting with pleasure the feel of the taut rubber over her body. She attached dark stockings to the garters, checked her reflection in the mirror and like what she saw.

Hearing David about to emerge from the bathroom, she hurriedly put on a half-slip but as her black cocktail dress had only very narrow spaghetti straps, a regular bra wouldn't work and she had forgotten her strapless one. She stepped into the dress and as David came into the bedroom she turned and asked him to close the zipper. David bent and did so but he could not resist running his tongue up her spine. Kate shivered with pleasure both actual and anticipated.

She chose black high heels and went into the bathroom to complete her makeup. When she and David were ready to go, she chose her crimson rubberized polyester mac partly because they were going to the restaurant by cab, but mainly because she wanted to enjoy the feel of the cool smooth rubber lining over her bare arms, back and shoulders. She fastened all the buttons, tightened the belt and did a twirl in front of the mirror feeling the rubber lining of the skirt of the mac rustling around her stockinged legs

The dinner was superb, the wine was spectacular and Kate was floating. David paid the bill and retrieved both their macs and hailed a cab. It arrived and they ran to it. During the ride, Kate flung her arms around David and said. "I would like one more drink, a dance and then bed. David escorted Kate into the bar where a trio was playing. They found a table and he ordered two drinks. In the meantime, David took both their macs to the room and returned to the lounge. After sipping half their drinks the band went into a late evening set. David rose, bowed and asked Kate to join the other couples on the dance floor. "I love to smooch," whispered Kate. Now, more couples had decided to dance and David felt able to let his hand move down from Kate's back to her lower spine. Kate moaned expectantly while David investigated even further. "Since when," he asked, "Did you start wearing a girdle?"

She giggled and wriggled closer, "Since I got a Playtex, latex, rubber, open-bottom, no knickers girdle and I want to sit on your face." David could not pay his bill fast enough and they headed toward the elevator. David had thrown their macs onto their bed. Kate pulled down the zipper of her dress, stepped out of it and her slip and slid her arms into David's single texture rubber mac and closed its buttons. "Hey, not fair," he said, "I was going to wear that."

Kate pointed to her shiny white rubber mac and said, "It'll fit, just don't fasten the buttons and then come and lay down."

David drew on the mackintosh and lay on the bed. Kate kissed him and then moved so that she was kneeling over his face. David pulled aside the hem of the mac and was overwhelmed by the sight of Kate framed by the rubber girdle and her garters. The aroma from the girdle and the mac she was wearing made his senses swim as he put his hands behind Kate and stroked her rubber-covered hips. He drew her to him and with the tip of his tongue caressed her clitoris. Kate moaned with pleasure and put her hands on the shiny rubber mac covering David's chest and began to rock back and forth at an increasing pace. She shuddered as an orgasm swept over her and then she moved down the bed and mounted David. She bent forward and kissed him, tasting a heady mixture of herself, David and rubber. She moved from the kneeling position to a squat and mounted him again so that she was impaled on him deeper than she'd ever felt. Again with her hands on his chest she began to rock, maximizing clitoral contact. She sensed that David was close as she felt him grow and stiffen even more within her. A minute later, he exploded and she followed him crying out with pleasure and fulfillment. She collapsed on his rubbered chest and lay there allowing waves of post-coital satisfaction to wash over her.

As their breathing subsided, Kate raised herself up and took off David's mac and helped him remove the shiny white rubber. They slid under the covers but Kate wanted to keep her rubber girdle on for a little while longer and that was how she fell asleep.

Part XV

Both had slept better than the previous night although Kate had woken around 2:00am and visited the bathroom where she slipped off her latex girdle and stockings and laid them on the dresser. While Kate was rubbing the sleep from her eyes David returned from the bathroom and glanced at the clock. "Just time," he said, "For five more minutes and then I'll go shower." He picked up the Playtex girdle and just had Kate had done placed it against his cheek and inhaled the scent now enhanced by that of Kate.

Kate watched him quizzically, "I know that look," she said, "Are you thinking the same as me?"

"Which is?" asked David.

"Well," Kate replied, "We're obviously both turned on by the girdle but what about other rubber lingerie items like bras and I could always wear something really new like rubber bloomers or better yet rubber French knickers. They would be better if I wanted to wear them for a longer time, as they would let air circulate and be cooler. And, how about a rubber garter belt for me and rubber briefs or boxer shorts for you?"

"I've created a latex and rubber monster," grinned David, "But believe me I love every minute of it."

Later that morning they were due to pick up their rental car and check out of the hotel to begin their driving tour but as they were finishing a late breakfast, Kate realized that their plans would not bring them back to this neighborhood at the end of the trip. "David", she asked, "We need to check out that rainwear store, 'Mac Persons' if it's open. They left their bags at the Bell Desk and went out into the street. British weather had brought yet another surprise as there was a stiff, very cold breeze blowing. Shivering, the two hurried the short distance to the store and entered. Stepping inside, the aroma that greeted them was very familiar and very welcome. There was another couple looking around already and Kate realized it was the Jessica from Houston they'd met on the river trip.

"Hello again," said Kate, "So what do think you would like?"

"Oh hi!" replied Jessica and she introduced her husband, Dave.

Jessica explained that she was totally confused so Kate took them on a tour of the store explaining single and double textures, SBR, rubberized satin, rubberized polyester, rubberized silk and so on. And then, she went on, there are all kinds of styles such as trench coats, A-line garments, short macs at mini length, knee length, mid calf, floor length and of course capes and cloaks. "Would you like some advice?" asked Kate.

"Oh yes! Please." replied Jessica.

Kate went to a rack and took a red rubberized satin mac, helped Jessica into it, fastened the buttons and adjusted the belt so the skirt of the mac flared out over her hips.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

Jessica ran her hands down the sides of he breasts to her waist and stroked the material. "It feels wonderful and it's so feminine." She turned to her husband to ask his opinion but he was simply staring almost open-mouthed. "I do like it," said Jessica" but I'd really like a hood."

The middle-aged lady who seemed to be the storeowner said that she had the same garment with a hood in the stockroom and went to get it. Meanwhile, Jessica was standing in front of her husband while he stroked the satin of the sleeves releasing the wonderful sensual whispering rustle which only rubberized satin has. Jessica tried on the other mac and drew the large hood over her hair and felt the cool smoothness of the rubber lining against her cheek. "Thank you!" she said to Kate and she nudged her husband to produce his credit card. She declined to have the mac put in a bag and the last Kate saw of them they were walking with their arms round the other's waist completely oblivious to anything except each other.

While this had been going on, David had been looking round the store and was trying on a traditional British rubberized riding mac complete with leg straps. Kate thought that he looked like an authentic English country gentleman and said so. The storeowner produced a very similar one in Kate's size in a slightly lighter shade. She tried it on, liked it and remembered the downpour from a couple of days earlier. So she asked the owner who was making out the bill about rubber boots. "

"Well, we don't stock boots at all, but are you looking for riding boots or something more fashionable." Kate explained that she would really prefer the latter, up to the knee with a heel. The lady looked up an index file and wrote an address and telephone number on the back of their bill. David looked at it and asked where "The Fastidious Bootery" was located and realized it would mean a detour of only about 20 miles off the motorway later that afternoon.

Like Jessica, Kate and David declined a bag for their purchases and left the store wearing their riding macs and were immediately grateful as the wind whipped up. "By the way, I notice that your riding mac has leg straps, mine doesn't. So, whose legs go in them?" David knew Kate would come up with that answer?

Part XVI

They were both relieved to find themselves on the motorway going in the correct direction. Finding their way out of London had been a challenge, for having picked up the rental car, David had to contend with driving through the city. He had driven on the left hand side of the street while on a trip to Japan but London drivers all seemed to be Grand Prix contestants in training. The biggest challenge were the "roundabouts" where cars went around in circles at breakneck speed. Getting into the flow was tough enough but getting out again at the exit you wanted was real headache. David discovered that the secret appeared to be 'don't make eye contact with any other driver and just go for it'.

On the motorway the traffic was moving at around 80 mph but at least there were lane markings and the driving more disciplined. Kate was navigating and gave David plenty of notice that his off-ramp was coming up. About half an hour after that they entered a picturesque English village and Kate was 'oohing and aahing" at the thatched roof cottages and neat gardens splashed with bright Fall colors.

They found the store next to old coaching inn, parked and walked back to the entrance both wearing their riding macs belted tightly. They had agreed that it was Kate alone who needed the boots as David had packed a stout pair of walking shoes before he left home. The store window was tastefully decorated with boots of all descriptions, riding boots in leather and rubber, hiking boots and some more fashionable footwear. Noticeably absent though was the kind that Kate sought. "Now we're here we may as well ask," and so in they went.

The store was empty except for a youngish man who was completing a display of riding boots. Kate explained that she was looking for a fashion rubber boot to accompany her riding mac. The man smiled and said, "Well there's good news and bad news I'm afraid. I do carry what I think you're looking for but I don't have a terribly large selection. You see, we sell most of those in winter and we're due to get a delivery in a couple of weeks but let me show you what I have. What size do you take?"

Kate told him and the man converted from American to British sizes. He also suggested that she look at a half size bigger than usual because he explained, "Some ladies wear a pair of socks even though the boots do have a thin lining."

He left and reappeared with a large box, which he opened to reveal a tall shiny black rubber boot with 2-inch heel of white rubber. "Try this for size", he said waving Kate to a seat and explained that getting the boot on was a little tricky at first. He was right but she managed it at last and stood to walk over to the mirror. The boots squeaked a little as she moved and she was conscious of the slight tightness of the rubber up to her knees. There was no doubt that they would do the job and it was plain that David approved from the look on his face. She recognized that the black boots looked really good with the riding mac and would be fine with her crimson rubberized polyester mac but she was concerned about her shiny white rubber.

"Do these come in white?" she asked.

And the man said that while that style was available in white they had none in stock. David asked about mail order and was told that if he were prepared to pay for the shipping cost to the USA, they would mail them. David looked at Kate who nodded. "Just the white pair then?" asked the man.

Kate was about to agree when she saw David's look of disappointment. "No, I'll take this pair now," she replied and David wrote out their mailing address.

As they drove back towards the motorway, Kate took David's hand and ran it under the skirt of the riding mac and along the rubber of her new boots. "You know," she said "Perhaps I need a pair for indoors as well," she mused.

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