tagFetishSusuruss Pt. 17-20

Susuruss Pt. 17-20



The next several days saw Kate and David following a traditional tourist route through Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford upon Avon, the Peak District and York. For the most part they had stayed in bed & breakfast inns and country pubs. They tended to prefer the latter as it placed them in contact with the local people. It amazed Kate and David that they had as many misconceptions about Britain as the British did about the United States. Also, most of the people they met had relatives in the U.S. and some had made visits.

The weather had continued pretty much as it had started out. In a word; Changeable! The rain gave the couple ample opportunities to indulge their rainwear lifestyle but they also noticed that, because the climate was so fickle, wearing rubber macs even when the sun made its brief appearance, raised no eyebrows. Often though, like her experiences at home, Kate found that other women commented favorably on one of Kate's macs. She had learned to mix and match her rubber outfits with her leather boots, rubber boots, rain hat and PVC umbrella while David seem to alternate between his riding mac and single-texture rubberized cotton.

Rainwear and rubber had become an integral part of their sex life. Kate was relieved about two things, first that she now enjoyed it just as much as David but, they used the rubber only as a way to spice up their experiences. So, Kate never felt that she was second to the rubber.

One drizzly but warmer evening they took a walk along the river after dinner, she in her rubberized polyester and tall rubber boots and he in his riding mac. They walked arm in arm for a while and then in the darkness his hand dropped down and he began caressing Kate's lower back and thighs through the rubber. Because it was so much warmer, Kate was only wearing a silk dress, her Playtex girdle, stockings and she had left off her panties. As a result of this and the wine with dinner, his caresses together with the rustle of the material were beginning to take effect.

Under a bridge, they stopped and kissed, one hand continuing to caress her rear covered with layers of rubber and silk while the other found her rubber-covered breast and the erect nipple beneath. She, in turn, reached her hand inside his riding mac, unzipped him and began to stroke. He worked his way inside her rubber mac, lifted her dress and his fingers found their way under the bottom of the latex girdle. Kate began to moan with pleasure and she opened up his riding mac whereupon David lifted her until she was able to guide him into her.

She wrapped her rubber-booted legs round his waist and David began to thrust. It took all of Kate's willpower to not cry out but she spurred him on with moans and whimpers and urgent words of lustful encouragement. "Yes that's it," she whispered through clenched teeth. "Give it to me in my rubber raincoat, rubber girdle and rubber boots. Let me feel the rubber against my skin. Oh Yes," she hissed as David's ejaculation began and her orgasm peaked.

Kate stood again and they kissed one more time as they rearranged the other's clothing. They turned to walk back, her head on his shoulder. "I'm leaking," she whispered. "If we're going to do this again I really need those rubber knickers. I've come up with a fantasy of my own for when we get home because it's too cold here. I want to go out for a walk wearing just a rubber mac and rubber boots. Nothing underneath! Then we could take a rubber sheet and make love like that. I'd like to feel the rubber sheet and rubber mac underneath me, and you in your rubber mac on top or maybe behind me, or both.

David added it to Kate's list, which now included rubber lingerie, white rubber rain boots, an all-rubber raincoat, and capes. "Kate, we need another suitcase," he said happily.


The last week of their vacation was just around the corner. Kate and David had arrived in the town of Windermere in England's Lake District. They checked into the hotel and made a dinner reservation at a highly recommended restaurant nearby. They took a nap, showered, and considered what to wear and Kate took a look out of their bedroom window. The rain was coming down in buckets and, as they'd experienced on their arrival, it was cold.

So, Kate's dress choice was easy and she opted for tight fitting pants and a cotton sweater. Then she pulled on her rubber boots and selected her shiny white rubber mac and, as that had no hood, her clear PVC umbrella. David chose corduroy pants, a sweater and his single texture rubber mac.

They needed all of those as, when they left the hotel for the short walk to the restaurant, the rain turned into a monsoon. A block later they hurried into the lobby of the restaurant, which was actually part of a pub. Kate shook the rain from her umbrella and unbuttoned her mac. The warmth made Kate's glasses steam over so she took them off and followed David to the bar where he ordered drinks. The weather had obviously had an effect on the pub's business that night for even the British, who seemed to be impervious to rain, had stayed home.

The only other customers were a couple standing by the bar in the corner. They were probably a few years older than David and they smiled in a friendly manner as Kate took off her rubber mac and looked round for somewhere to put it. The other woman moved aside and said, "Put it over here in the corner with ours. It'll be out of the way, not that I think there's going to be a crush of people tonight." While David was paying for their drinks, Kate took her mac and David's to the corner table behind the other couple and there was a heavy rubberized mac in shining black satin and a man's rubberized riding mac. Kate said, "Oh, I love your mac, we seem to the same taste in rainwear."

"You're American," the woman replied. "Are you here on holiday?" Kate and David introduced themselves to Paula and James and explained that their 'holiday' was coming to an end but that they'd had a great time in spite of the weather.

"Well, actually," Paula said, "I don't knock the weather as it keeps me in business. We own a fashion rainwear business and sell mainly high-end haute couture macs. I do the fashion part of the business and James handles the office side."

"Are these your designs?" asked Kate pointing to the two macs. Paula explained that her black rubberized satin was one of hers but that her husband's riding mac was bought elsewhere. Kate touched the black satin and complimented her on the workmanship.

"May I try it on?" she asked. Paula picked up the mac and pointed out that she could never resist showing off her work. She helped Kate into the mac, which was belted and had a small integral cape that extended half way down the back and over her breasts at the front. Kate tightened the belt and did a twirl to the accompaniment of the characteristic swish from the rubberized satin. "Do you know that the swish even has a name?" asked Paula.

Kate smiled. "Yes," she said, "Susurrus." All four laughed and James ordered a second round of drinks.

The bartender came to tell Paula and her husband that their table was ready and Kate reluctantly took off Paula's mac. "If you're planning to eat here and I would recommend it highly, won't you join us?" Kate and David accepted readily and the bartender went back to the restaurant to change the seating arrangements.

Their orders placed, the foursome ordered a bottle of wine and the English couple was somewhat surprised to hear of the extensive nature of the wine industry in Northern California. Paula said that her impression of California was of constant warm sunshine, "So, did you buy your white mac just for this trip or did you buy it here?" she asked.

Kate and David explained about the wet winters in their part of the state and Kate revealed that she did have several English raincoats. "I'd like to know why it is that all the most stylish and the most practical rainwear seems to come from England?" As if on cue, another younger couple entered the restaurant but Kate's back was to the door. The woman was taking off a red rubberized satin mac, shaking off the raindrops beaded up on its shiny surface.

"Because of weather like this," answered Paula, pointing to the couple. Kate turned and could not believe her eyes.

"Jessica!" she exclaimed, "Jessica from Houston!"

Jessica squealed with surprise, "I knew England was a small country but I never expected this. Look we're meeting some distant family of Dave's for dinner but maybe we can have a drink afterwards?" At this point the appetizer courses arrived so Jessica and Dave left them to enjoy their dinner.

The food was superb as was the wine and the conversation flowed as if the four had known each other for years. Kate and David talked about their trip and about their rainwear-shopping spree, which reminded Kate of her interest in capes. "Do you sell them?" she asked. Paula said that she had only a couple in stock but that she had a wealth of designs and material swatches she could show. It was agreed that Kate and David would stop by the store the following morning.

"A week from now," grimaced Kate, "I'll be getting ready to go back to work." She explained that, while her work was financially quite rewarding, she was increasingly disenchanted with the company, which was in the process of merging with another. "What I'd really like to do is go into business for myself. One day," she said wistfully.

James insisted on picking up the bill for dinner and Paula made them promise to visit her store. Kate and David bade them goodnight and went into the bar to wait for Jessica and Dave. They didn't have long to wait and while the men were getting after-dinner drinks, Kate and Jessica went to the ladies room.

"I can't thank you enough for telling us about that rainwear store in London," said Jessica. "I love my raincoat and I love the effect it has on Dave. It's as if he can't please me enough when I wear it and he can't keep his hands off me. Between you and me," she added, " A couple of nights ago, he asked me to wear it while we made love. Wow, what a night that was!" she said reflectively. "And, it's not just the look of it, it's the feel, the sound, the scent. Careful, Jessica, you'll be turning yourself on." "Before we go back in," she added, "I'd like Dave to get a coat as well." Kate explained about Paula and James and gave them the address of their store and arranged to meet there at 10 o'clock the next morning.

Part XIX

Early next morning, Kate hung up the phone and was silent. David read the signs and knew the news was not good. He, also, knew that there was little point in asking. Kate would get to it in her own time and in her own way. After her shower, Kate came back into the bedroom where David was packing.

"David," she said, "The phone call was two items of bad news. Well, one was bad and the other may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The real bad is that things between Steph and Mark have got worse. He's so immersed in his rubber fetish. Steph says he's totally oblivious to her. It's as if she doesn't exist. Anyway she's says she has to get away for a while so she's going down to Monterey next weekend with Val and Anne. David, I'm afraid that Steph and Mark are all washed up and it's partly my fault with this mackintosh thing."

David came round the bed and took her hands in his and did his best to reassure her. "Look," he said firmly, "nobody but nobody can break up a happy marriage. You know it's been rocky for a long time so quit blaming yourself."

Kate nodded, trying very hard to convince herself that David was right. She cheered up and sniffed, "I hope you're right and, by the way, the other news is that Stephanie saw Angie from my office and it looks like the entire department is being offered a severance package. So, when I get home I'll be updating my resume." Then, uncharacteristically for her, she added, "F*** 'em."

A five-minute walk brought Kate and David to Paula's store and they arrived at about 10:30am. Jessica and Dave were already there and she was showing him a rubberized lightweight off-white cotton mac. At the same time, Paula was selecting a sapphire blue, rubberized polyester mac with a huge hood for Jessica.

As Paula was busy, Kate and David looked around the store and found a shimmering iridescent hooded full-length cloak made from pure silvery-white latex. It was the style of cloak that an elegant woman might choose to wear to the opera or, in different times for a midnight tryst.. It enveloped, it caressed, it surrounded who ever wore it and it captivated Kate. She drew it on and wrapped the latex around her. David gulped in disbelieving bliss. Paula saw Kate and told her that the cape had been a special order for a lady who had moved and, inexplicably, had never left a forwarding address.

"I was really looking for two things," said Kate, "a pure rubber mac and a cape. Well, now I've found a rubber cloak and it is simply gorgeous."

Paula pointed out that a pure rubber mac isn't really practical as the seams for the sleeves etc tended to be too fragile whereas in a cape that wasn't an issue. "But," she added, "if you're looking for a cape for everyday rainy weather wear, I've got one in the back you might like," and went off to get it. She returned a moment later with a mid-calf cape in black rubberized satin. Kate reluctantly took of the latex cloak and donned the black satin pushing her forearms through the slits. Paula fastened the buttons and pointed out that it came with a detachable hood.

"I'll take both," Kate said. "And then I'd better get out of here before I spend any more, especially as I'm now out of a job. I don't suppose you want an agent in the U.S.?" she asked jokingly.

"As a matter of fact, we've been thinking about just that," replied Paula. "Would you be seriously interested because if so, at noon, my assistant is coming in and we could have lunch and talk about it. And, as a gesture of upfront goodwill, I'll give you agent prices on these two capes."

Part XX

The Boeing 777 was westbound high over Baffin Island, just over half way on its flight to San Francisco. David slept, as he always seemed able to do on any flight, a testament, perhaps to his extensive business travel. Beside him, Kate reflected on the trip with a mixture of amazement and satisfaction. She'd left the U.S. with a job and was returning with a draft contract for her attorney to review that would lead to the creation of her own company.

The essence of the agreement between Paula's company and Raindance, for that was the name Kate had chosen, was simple. Kate would have exclusive rights to promote Paula's products in North America. She would have her own website and be responsible for sales promotion, order processing and delivery. Raindance would be allowed to represent other manufacturer's products provided that they did not compete with Paula's. Kate couldn't wait to get started and was thankful that their house remodel had provided home office space for both she and David.

Their last night in London had also been memorable and they had chosen a four star hotel and had made a reservation for dinner at a nearby French restaurant. The weather on that last night was just like their arrival, cold, very wet and very windy. Kate chose to wear her new black rubberized satin cape and her shiny black rubber boots. Reaching the lobby, the rain was coming down in torrents so Kate and David joined the line waiting for cabs. A woman behind touched Kate's rubber-covered arm and her words were by now thoroughly predictable.

"I love your raincoat," she said. "Where did you get it?"

Kate explained that it was rubber-lined, fully waterproof, and warm; in short, perfect for London weather. The woman replied that she was from Vancouver, Canada and that the weather there was not dissimilar. Kate went on to say that she owned a fashion rainwear business in the U.S. and that the one she was wearing was one of the designs.

"I'm more than interested," said the woman and asked for Kate's business card.

Apologizing that she didn't have one, Kate committed to call the woman when she returned home. As there was still no cab in sight, Kate and David decided to brave the elements and walk. She drew up her hood and was gratified to find that, inside her rubber cocoon of hooded cape and boots, the patter of the raindrops on the outside made her feel warm, secure and safe.

After a very good dinner, David was able to hail a cab for their return to the hotel. Back in their room, David undressed, cleaned his teeth and slipped between the sheets. Perhaps it was the wine, or the opulence of the hotel and their suite, or maybe because it was the last night of the vacation but Kate was feeling amorous. She too completed her toilet and emerged from the dressing room next to the bathroom cloaked in her full-length latex cloak with the hood largely covering her hair and face.

She walked to the bed and David reached out to her. Turning back the sheets, she lay down beside him and covered both of them with the whisper-smooth cloak. Kate reached down and grasped David through the latex and began to stroke. His erection was strong and immediate and Kate with a rustling swirl of the latex cloak was astride him. As she guided him into her, she leaned forwards until his lips could tease her latex covered nipples. Kate started moving slowly, stopping every time she sensed David's imminent climax. When it subsided, she began moving again, now faster, now slower. In this way, for the first time in her life she was able to experience three orgasms in fairly short order. Eventually, she took pity on David and moved into the 'sixty-nine' position. As he flicked at her clitoris with his tongue, Kate grasped David through the latex. As her hand moved slowly up and down the shaft, she enveloped him alternating between caressing the head with her tongue and sucking him deep into her mouth. David began to thrust upwards, signaling the onset of his orgasm while Kate increased the rhythm of her hand movement while she moved her lips up and down rapidly. In a moment or two, David exploded while Kate continued to suck every drop from him. After a minute or so of quiet he reached down and drew her up the bed to his side and kissed her.

Sleep came quickly to both and neither awoke until morning.

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