tagFetishSusuruss Pt. 21-23

Susuruss Pt. 21-23


At last the cab delivered them home and they staggered into the hallway with considerably more luggage than they'd left with. Kate was very tired but David who had slept for about 5 hours was feeling OK. So he told Kate to take a shower while he began the unpacking. As he was about to carry the last of the suitcases upstairs the doorbell rang and it was their next-door neighbor bearing a UPS package. David thanked her and promised that he and Kate would invite them over to tell them about the trip. David took the package upstairs just as Kate was coming out of the bathroom toweling her hair.

"For me?" she asked. David nodded and handed it over. "It's my white rubber boots," she cried, glancing at the label. "Well the box is big enough for three pairs," she added and David looked away and grinned to himself.

Kate ripped away the packaging and opened the box. She gaped in disbelief, as nestling inside were indeed three boxes. There were the white rubber rain boots she'd been expecting but the second box revealed a pair of high-heeled over-the knee boots in patent black leather while the last box contained a similar pair in shiny black rubber.

David explained. "You remember when we bought the first pair you said that perhaps we needed a pair for indoors as well. So, I'd seen these in the store and I called them the next day. They already knew your size so the rest was easy."

"David, they're beautiful and I'm so lucky that you're my husband. I'm beat right now but I promise you a fashion show tomorrow evening, OK?"

As David took a load of laundry down to the garage, Kate picked up both pairs of the high boots and held them up to her face inhaling the combined scent of the rubber and the new leather. Sensual ideas began flooding her mind and she smiled to herself in anticipation.

The next day, David had to attend a customer meeting and lunch so he left his home office just before 10:30am. Kate was busy doing laundry and finishing the unpacking and while she did so she took the opportunity to rearrange her closet to put all her macs together. First came the shiny white rubber A-line and next her navy blue rubberized satin. Her crimson rubberized polyester and her riding mac followed these. Last, but by no means least came the black rubberized satin cape. Kate debated on hanging her royal blue latex cape with the others but decided instead to lay it in one of her lingerie drawers. Finally she put all her boots on the closet shelf below the hanging rubber rainwear. Before closing the closet she could not resist trying the high rubber boots bought secretly by David.

She decided very early in the process that putting them on over bare skin was going to be next to impossible, so she slipped off her jeans and drew on a pair of thigh-high stockings. Then, after the application of a little talc, she sat on the bed, opened the side zipper and pointed her toe into the foot of the boot. A little wriggling brought success and she pulled up the zipper. The second was a little easier and with both boots in place, she stood up. Immediately, she almost had to sit down again as the heels were much higher than she was used to and the over-the knee rubber constrained the movement of her knees.

"No pain, no gain," Kate muttered to herself and taking shorter than normal steps she walked to the mirror. As she turned around looking at herself, she decided that she wanted to see how she would look with a mac. She tried several and decided that what she really needed was a shiny black rubber mac but SBR was one style she did not have. "At least I'll get staff discount when I buy one," she said to her image in the mirror. For now, the one that came closest was her black rubberized satin cape so she drew it on and fastened the buttons. She pulled up the hood and was overwhelmed by the aroma and the feel of the rubber lining over her bare skin. She withdrew her forearms from the arm slits and stood with her hands on her hips and stared at the dominant image she was creating.

A, now familiar, feeling began to suffuse her body and one hand crept up to her nipples while the other found its way to her cleft. She fell back on the bed and luxuriated in the sense of being totally immersed in smooth rubber. Every one of her senses was bathed by it. There was the sight in the mirror as she turned her head, there was the scent of the warming rubber lining, and there was the feel of the rubber itself with her fingers moving beneath it. Lastly there was the susurrus, that accelerating whispering, rustling sound as her fingers moved faster and faster until she cried out in utter pleasure.

After a few minutes rest she returned the cape and boots to the closet and realized that only the sense of taste was missing, and she needed David for that.


The next 3 weeks were very hectic for Kate and involved many 16-hour days but, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Kate's company, Raindance was becoming a reality. The website was up and running, brochures, order forms, letterhead stationery were printed and the contract between Raindance and Paula's business was finalized. Kate was under no illusions about early success via the Internet so she devoted some of her severance package money to magazine advertising. She was careful to select those publications that catered to higher income individuals as she recognized that her prices were not cheap. She rejected David's joking suggestion of "Kate's Kinky Koats" and tried two different formats. Almost immediately, one was generating much more interest than the other as measured by website hits, phone calls, written inquiries etc. It read:

"Exquisite Rainwear for the discerning wearer!

Imagine satins, silks and more, all lined with whisper-smooth latex providing a stunningly beautiful garment guaranteed to turn heads. And, intensely practical, as every coat, cape or cloak is fully waterproof.

Imported from England and 100% Custom-made in a wide range of Styles, Fabrics and Colors."

The first week brought about 50 responses, the second more than 250 and it continued to grow. Two weeks after the first appearance of the ad, Raindance received its first order. A gift for his wife's birthday in the middle of January, it was for a crimson rubberized satin trench mac with a detachable hood.

Kate was also covering every angle she could think of and was arranging fashion shows at country clubs and other similar venues. The first one was slated for the middle of January and while Paula had agreed to help out with a variety of macs, Kate had only enough money for a couple of professional models. So she decided to ask her friends to help out.

Because of the hectic life Kate had been leading since her return home, she'd had little more than brief telephone conversations with "the girls" including Stephanie. Deciding that she could kill two birds with one stone, Kate invited her over intending to tell her all about the trip and to enlist her as a model. Stephanie arrived the next Saturday afternoon while David was playing golf with his boss and a client. As Kate opened a bottle of wine, she made some small talk and asked Stephanie about her weekend in Monterey with Valerie and Anne.

"It was Carmel actually," said Stephanie, "and it was just Anne as Val had to work."

"So how was it?" persisted Kate, sensing that Stephanie seemed a little reluctant to open up. "Come on, Steph," she went on, "What's the matter".

Sitting on a stool at Kate's kitchen counter and gulping a glass of wine down, Stephanie explained. She'd had another row with Mark the night before the trip so she'd taken both her shiny black rubber and her rubberized polyester macs with her. The weather wasn't forecast to justify rainwear but she didn't want to give Mark the opportunity to indulge his rubber fetish with her macs while she was gone.

"Anyway," she went one, "Anne and I got down to Carmel about nine pm, checked in, had a late dinner and we were in bed by eleven. Saturday started out really nice and we had a great time just poking around every store on Ocean Avenue. Later in the afternoon the fog started to roll in so we went back to the hotel, took a shower and had a pre-dinner drink in the bar. We'd made a dinner reservation at the Carmel Café but when we walked out of the hotel, the fog was in thick and it was very wet and very cold. So, maybe because of the cocktails we'd just had, I suggested that Anne borrow one of my macs. We went back up to the room and I got them out of my suit bag. Anne said that she didn't feel brave enough to wear the SBR so she chose the rubberized polyester and off we went."

"So you wore the shiny black rubber?" asked Kate, not quite sure where this conversation was leading.

Stephanie nodded, "We had to wait about ten minutes at the bar in the restaurant and I bought us each a glass of wine while Anne went to the bathroom. When she came back she couldn't wait to tell me that she'd been asked twice about her rubber mac. Anyway, dinner was good and we left to walk back. As you know the sidewalks in Carmel are not all smooth and the lighting isn't very good and Anne wasn't walking completely steadily and she stumbled. To steady her, I offered her my arm, which she took. And then she stumbled again, maybe deliberately and then again maybe not. This time I grabbed her round the waist and she turned to face me. She put one hand around my back and the other around the back of my neck and just stroked me. Kate, I was so much in need of personal contact, I didn't want to stop her. She looked deep into my eyes and kissed me gently on the lips. Mark hasn't kissed me like that in months so I returned the kiss with my lips partly open. Anne's tongue flickered over mine and I pressed my rubber-covered body against hers."

"And?" prodded Kate gently.

"And," said Stephanie, "We walked back to the hotel with our arms entwined and went to the room. The hotel had left a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket complete with two glasses and I opened it while Anne went to the bathroom. When she came out, I expected she'd be in her night things but instead she still had my mac on. I handed her a glass of champagne and she took my other hand and placed it on her breast. I could tell that she had taken off her bra in fact it turned out she was absolutely naked under the mac and it felt so good, so right.

"Kate," she said, "I couldn't wait to kiss her again and this time both our tongues were going at it while, at the same time she was opening my shiny black rubber mac and undressing me. I slipped of my mac so that she could take of my blouse and bra and then she put the mac back on me. So, there we were, both naked, both wearing rubber, and I was helpless when she knelt at my feet and began to lick my cleft with her tongue. I held her head stroked her hair and her neck. Then we were on the bed and she poured a little of the cold champagne on my breasts and then licked and sucked it off. The next thing I knew, I was licking at her cleft as she talked about me and rubber and sex and tenderness."

"And," Stephanie continued, "I don't know where that's all going to lead, if anywhere, but I do know that Mark and I are going to separate. His mother and his sister are coming out from Denver for Christmas so we'll play nice, nice until they're gone but in the New Year, we're splitting.


Whilst neither was particularly religious, both David and Kate hailed from a Jewish heritage and because of this and because life had been so hectic since their return home, they had decided on a very quiet time over the Holidays. However, they had agreed to celebrate by giving each other a couple of gifts. After dinner, David opened his first and was delighted to find a cashmere sweater he'd wanted. Kate opened her first and threw her arms around David's neck with a whoop of gratitude as she saw the most beautiful diamond earrings.

Now, it was time for David's second gift, which he opened and found a pair of black latex pajamas and a pair of blue latex boxer shorts. He and Kate were obviously of the same mind for when she opened her second package she revealed an open-tipped bra, a garter belt, a pair of French knickers and elasticated-leg bloomers all in the purest and softest white rubber.

"Let's get dressed up," said Kate, "And go for a walk."

She led David upstairs and picked out his single-texture rubber mac and insisted that he wore his new latex shorts under his pants. For her part, she chose to wear the rubber bra and rubber garter belt with taupe stockings. Kate's aroused nipples swelled through the open tips of the bra while the garter belt and stockings framed her beautifully. Seeing Kate thus attired made David suggest that perhaps they should stay in instead, but Kate was adamant that waiting would make it even more special. She then selected her dark blue rubberized satin mac and her new over-knee rubber boots warning David that she would not be able to walk too far or too fast.

She drew the mac on and shuddered as the cool lining slid over her bare back, shoulders arms and thighs. As she fastened the buttons and cinched the belt her bare nipples were brought into close contact with the rubber. The lining swished deliciously against the rubber garter belt as she walked. Now she was ready to go but she drew up her hood and as an afterthought she put her new rubber bloomers in her mac pocket.

"David, slow down," she whispered, "I'm not very good in these heels and especially down here by the creek." David put his arm around Kate and his hand could feel the warmth of her body through the satin and the rubber. He could also sense the different layers of rubber and both could inhale the aroma of the new garments. When Kate said she couldn't walk much further they stopped and faced each other. David put one hand behind her and stroked her rubber-covered back while his other touched her satin and rubber-covered nipple, which was bursting through the peepholes in Kate's latex bra.

There was a park bench nearby and the associated streetlight's bulb was conveniently out. Kate pushed David down to a sitting position on the bench and sat beside him where she kissed him, reached inside his mac and unzipped him. She began stroking his erection through the latex of his shorts and, when it had reached its prime she drew it out and snaked around to sit on his lap. Then facing him, she opened her rubberized satin mac and guided him towards her cleft. She was already more than ready to receive him and he slipped in to her. Kate began to move and the scent of sex and rubber was overwhelming while she opened the top buttons of her mac and presented her rubber-highlighted nipples for David to suck.

After a few minutes, Kate knew she wanted more so she stood up and knelt on the bench and asked David to come into her from behind. And that did it! Their mutual orgasm was shattering!

When, they had both regained their breath, Kate announced that it was time for another of David's fantasies.

"Are you ready?' she asked.

He nodded his agreement without quite knowing what was coming next.

"Take off your mac," she instructed, "And give it to me." David complied; Kate took it, and taking off her own rubberized satin, slipped on David's.

Then she took her rubber bloomers and pulled them on.

"Now," she said, "Put my mac on and I'll fasten you in".

When she had done up all the buttons and fastened the belt she raised his hood.

"Happy Holidays!" she said. Let's go home."

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