Suzanna's Darlings Ch. 03


"I know Master; I'm not going to keep it a secret from you forever. I've learned my lesson: I will never hide things from you again. But, I just ask that you trust me for the moment. I have a plan in mind, and I think you are going to love it!"

Barry didn't hesitate with a response. "Alright. Take whatever you need. I trust you, Suze."

"Thank you, honey," she cooed. "You won't regret this, Master. I promise."

When the two of them hung up, Barry leaned forward into his sister's ass and truly reamed it as hard as he could, violently fucking it until he unleashed his load deep inside.


Ariadne and Suzanna spent a couple of hours making slow, sweet love to each other, and Suzanna was good to her word . . . Ariadne did forget. At least, for a while. But, once it had ended and the pleasure was gone again, Ariadne's dread returned. She was still sobbing into her pillow, feeling more ashamed of herself now than ever.

Was this the only way to fix her problems now? By throwing herself headfirst into lust?

She slept for a short while, holding her daughter-in-law in her arms and admiring the grandchild that was growing in the young woman's belly. Suzanna truly looked gorgeous pregnant, and she was happy that her son had finally managed to give her the baby she wanted.

Ariadne drifted to sleep dreaming of what the child would look like. A Garrett child with fair hair would be so beautiful . . .

"Come on, Aria. Time to wake up. Let's go."

Aria opened her eyes and saw Suzanna standing beside her next to the bed, dressed in her "disguise."

In the Garrett household, a "disguise" was what the rest of the world called "clothes"—ordinary, boring clothes. But, Barry's women weren't people. They were property. They were Sluts. When they went out in the world and dressed normal, they were only Sluts pretending to be people.

Thus, "disguises".

"Teacher . . .?" Ariadne said with a yawn. "What are you doing . . .?"

"I said we're leaving, Aria," Suzanna stated authoritatively. "Get yourself disguised immediately. We're going out. That is an order from your Alpha Slut."

Ariadne immediately sprang to her feet. "Yes, Madame! Where are we going!?"

"Oh, you'll find out in a little bit. But, please hurry. We've got several stops to make, and the driver is already waiting for us."



When the limo finally came to a stop, Barry woke Suzanna and pointed out of the window. Suzanna glanced up and her eyes were aflame in an instant.

"Barry! Oh my God! Is . . . is this . . ."

He nodded. "Yes, sweetheart. This is the apartment building where you used to live . . . where you brought me when you helped me walk again."

The door opened, and Barry's driver helped Suzanna out. "How . . . how did you . . .?"

Barry didn't reply, and merely walked by, heading toward the entrance. "Suze, if you don't get your ass inside in two minutes, you're sleeping in the damn car!"

Suzanna shot Barry a wicked glance, but quickly scrambled in her high heels to follow. Once the pair was in the elevator, Barry hit the button for the familiar floor and waited for the lift to rise.

"Okay, so here's the lowdown," Barry stated. "I'm going to call this 'Slut Boot Camp'. I am going to be in control of your daily activities, including your diet, your exercise, your recreation, and everything else that doesn't include pissing and shitting. You will only wear what I tell you to wear, sleep when I tell you to sleep, and do what I tell you to do. As long as you stay here with me, your body is under my complete control until I get that contrary womb of yours in line. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir!" said Suzanna, grinning ear-to-ear.

"There's still time to back out of this now," Barry told her. "You know that I'll love you no matter what, Suze, but you want me to collar you . . . and collaring means that I will own you, body and soul, and I will not have a body that disobeys me when there are perfectly good eggs inside of it. I want a goddamn baby from you, so if you're going to be mine, I'm going to have to put my foot down."

Suzanna reached up and gently caressed her man's face. "You have no idea how wet you're making me right now, honey. I've wanted this for years now. Yes, I am ready. I want you to lay claim to me . . . to bring this blasphemous body under control and stake your claim in my womb. That's what it was always meant for . . . from the moment I fell in love with you."

Barry smiled and kissed her hand. "Then from this moment on, when I am in command, you will call me 'Master', understand?"

"Yes, Master," Suzanna agreed. "Although, I will miss calling you 'Papa'."

"You can call me that on special occasions," Barry said with a wink. The elevator door slid open in front of them. "Now come on, let's go inside."

The couple exited the elevator and treaded a familiar, nostalgic path. When the door open, Suzanna's jaw almost fell as she stepped back into her old apartment.

"Wow . . . oh my gosh, Barry! It's . . . it's . . ."

"Exactly like you left it, isn't it?"

Suzanna glanced around her old place. She had packed up everything when she'd left, and sold much of the furniture after she'd moved in with Barry in their Beverly Hills home. But, the place was almost completely intact. Most of the furniture was the same. Heck, Barry had even reproduced most of the art and décor she'd had, right down to an exact duplicate of her old Bachelor's degree.

"I wanted this place to look exactly as it did the first night you brought me here," Barry told her proudly. "I spared absolutely no expense."

"But . . . how did you manage this? How did you get all of this done in such short notice?!"

"'Short notice'?" he scoffed with a snort. "Silly girl, I've been working on this for the past three years. I've had this in mind for a while, and I'd planned to do it whenever you and I chose to go on a second honeymoon. But the current circumstances, what with one of us in need of 'physical rehabilitation' again, make this a lot more poetic don't you think?"

Suzanna's eyes watered, and she couldn't fight back the tears that came flowing.

"My God, Barry . . . I . . . I don't . . . I don't know what to say . . . ." As she began weeping, did her best to prevent her tears from ruining her makeup, Suzanna turned herself away from her husband. "I can't believe I ever . . . that I ever doubted . . ."

"Doubted that you would always be my favorite, hm?" Barry asked. "It's not your fault. After all, I spent so much time and energy training, fucking, and impregnating my Sluts that I never really made it clear. I never made it understood that no one would ever replace you. But, today is where that ends. From today on, I want there to be no mistake that you are the number one woman in my life."

He came behind her and enveloped her in his powerful embrace. "I would give up all of the others . . . even my Mom . . . if you needed me to. I would never touch another woman again in my life, if you only stayed with me forever."

Suzanna shook her head. "So you say, but I think that's puppy love talking, darling. And besides, they're a part of you as well, now. You wouldn't be the man you are if you didn't have your Sluts, and I wouldn't want that. I love the man you've become."

"In that case," Barry said, pulling aside the collar of his wife's blouse and kissing her ever so gently upon the neck. "Why don't we go right to bed, and get our second honeymoon started properly?"

Suzanna turned and met his eyes with a curt gleam. "Oh, already? But, as I recall, you and I didn't actually fuck until several months after you moved in with me."

"What?" Barry scoffed. "You think I'm waiting months to get at that pussy? Bitch please. You get your ass naked right now."

"Yes, Master," Suzanna said, immediately reaching down and lifting her shirt clear over her head in one fell swoop.

Barry's face was filled with life as he beheld his wife's gorgeous C-cups and bouncy pink nipples. He never ceased to be amazed at how healthy, alive and perky they were. Suzanna always had breasts that looked eager to be touched, begging to be tasted. And Barry just couldn't help himself.

He leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on it ferociously, growling and pulling with his teeth. Suzanna moaned and gasped and stroked his head as she let him act out his primal urges on her tender bosom. Barry continued to nibble on his wife's sensitive nipples before switching his attention immediately to the other. All the while, Suzanna let herself be at his mercy.

Finally, Barry tore away and began to unbutton his own shirt.

"Oh no, Master," Suzanna decried. "Please, allow me."

Suzanna's slender fingers moved to Barry's shirt and swiftly began unbuttoning him. Suzanna was a seasoned pro at this sort of thing—she had been a porn star until recently, after all—and so, she had his shirt off and on the chair behind him in less than three seconds. Then, she turned her attention to his lower extremities. Again, she had his shoes, pants, and boxers off and on the floor sooner than fifteen seconds.

She kept an eye on his hungry cock the whole time. Barry's manhood had never been more ready, and Suzanna noticed. She was practically salivating, ready to put her mouth all over it. She finally got the opportunity once Barry was completely naked, and he hastened things by taking the back of her head and shoving his cock into her mouth until it went all the way to her throat.

As usual, Suzanna came immediately upon feeling a cock press the back of her mouth so firmly. Her arms flailed and her eyes glazed over for a moment before she came to her senses, leaving a stream of her pussy juices on the hardwood below. Barry allowed her to come down from her high before he began stroking his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking the orifice like a cunt. Suzanna's hands reached up to cup and massage his balls while at the same time firmly squeezing the cheeks of his ass.

Barry fucked his wife-slave's mouth for several minutes, giving himself enough time to establish a steady rhythm and to let the tension in his balls build to their zenith. When he finally came, it was with a great enough fury to make him roar. He tensed up and shoved his cock as far down as he could get it until he came deep into his wife's throat. Her hands gripped tight on his thighs as she held herself in place, her mouth like a vise around his cock as she made sure to get every single drop.

She spent another full minute trying to squeeze everything that was left in her husband's cock. Then, she set herself upon slathering her cum-mixed saliva all over his thick shaft, keeping him nice and hard for the duration of the night. She knew full well that Barry wasn't like most men—he had the stamina to cum as many times as his Sluts could keep him hard. She knew this because she'd trained him to be that way, back when she was Madame Zanna.

. . . Back when they lived together under this very roof.

"That's enough," Barry told her finally. He actually had to pull her up and yank her away from his cock, because otherwise, Suzanna would have never gotten enough. "I want you in the bedroom. I have something special planned."

"Yes, Master," Suzanna said obediently.

She walked off to the bedroom, her heels clicking loudly on the wood . . . a sound that she knew drove him mad with lust. She'd worn heels like that back then, too . . . and whenever he'd heard them, he knew that Madame Zanna was soon to be making an appearance. Years later she was no longer the dominant, but Barry's instincts hadn't changed.

When she got to the bedroom, she lay herself down upon it, throwing her legs as far apart as she could muster, keeping her thighs wide and inviting for her Master.

"Hang on just a sec," Barry said as he approached the bed. Let me see if they left it where I asked them to."

Barry reached underneath and brandished what appeared to be an innocuous black box. Opening it, he retrieved a pair of sturdy leather cuffs, and smiled wickedly at his submissive.

Suzanna easily recognized them. They were cuffs designed to keep her legs bent and her thighs open at all times. They shackled her shins and hands together so that when done properly, there was no way to close her legs or lower them. Further, her hands would be bound and helpless, allowing her captor to do whatever he liked to her.

"Now, you're going to lie still like a good Slut," he said to her. "Don't move until I've got you secured properly, understand?"

"Yes, Master," Suzanna cooed.

Barry went to work, securing his Slut exactly the way he wanted her, keeping her locked in the whorish, promiscuous pose that he wanted. When she was at last bound exactly as he needed, he nodded his approval and then reached under the bed a second time.

"There's . . . there's more, Master?" Suzanna asked.

Barry only grinned evilly as he retrieved his second set of toys. This time, he emerged with a chain of some sort, in addition to something that Suzanna had never seen him use before—a ball gag!

"Now, don't get the wrong idea," Barry told her. "I'm not going to gag you because you've displeased me. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm going to gag you because I'm going to have you in so much pleasure tonight that I don't want to cause problems for the neighbors. I want us to be welcome here for however it takes to get you knocked up, so that means taking every precaution that I can. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," Suzanna said with a nod and a swallow.

"And this," Barry said, looking toward the chain, "is simply something I'm fond of. I rather like leashes for my pets. It always brings a certain level of empowerment."

Again, Suzanna nodded.

"So then, no more talk. Let me get started." Barry came to the side of the bed and quickly clamped one part of the leash to his bedpost above his wife and then looped the rest of the chain around her neck. There was plenty of slack as a precaution . . . there was no danger of Suzanna accidentally coming to any harm . . . but, there was still only enough to keep her near the bed.

Once she was bound, gagged, and chained, Barry stood back to admire his work.

"There. Now you look ready," he said.

And yet, he then reached under the bed a third time. Suzanna's eyes widened, but with the gag, she couldn't ask anything. So, she merely watched and waited until her Master reappeared . . . this time, holding a solid leather flogger.

"Now, I know that you liked to use a stinger, love," Barry said to her as he proudly held his tool. "But, I've always preferred thick leather strips like this. Less breakage of the skin, and more of a hard, even slap across the flesh."

He quickly pulled back and thrust the weapon forward, slapping the inside of his wife's thighs with the flogger, the hard leather slapping firmly against her flesh and resonating throughout the room with a firm snap. Suzanna winced and howled through the gag, and Barry watched as her soft, peachy meat began to redden into a ripe pink.

"There, you see? I didn't break through the skin, but you felt that, didn't you?"

Suzanna nodded slightly.

"I said, didn't you?!" Barry demanded, this time slapping the other thigh. Again, Suzanna cried out, still gagged and bound and scarcely able to move. However, she did manage to nod her head more pronouncedly.

"Good girl," Barry stated. "Now, I'm sure that you're ready for my cock . . ."

Suzanna nodded even more fiercely.

". . . But I'm not quite done yet. I want to get both of those thighs to a nice off-red before we begin." Barry sank his knees onto the bed and loomed over his wife menacingly.

"So then, my dear. Brace yourself."


An hour. That's how long he continued to flog her thighs.

Suzanna's body had become putty by the time he was through, and her thighs had become so red that they were practically smoking. Barry ran a firm hand across both sides of her soft, tender legs until he was finally satisfied.

"Very good," he told her. "I believe I'm satisfied now."

He reached over and undid the gag, pulling it away from her mouth. Suzanna gasped, happy to finally get in long breaths after such a protracted time of screaming without being able to fully inhale.

"So then, are you ready for me to fuck you?"

"Y-Y-Yes M-M-Master!" she stammered.

"In that case, you wouldn't mind begging for my cock, would you?"

"N-No, M-M-Master."

"Then what are you waiting for? Beg me."

"Please, Master. Please fuck me. Please fuck my pussy."

"That's not very specific. What do you want to be fucked like?"

"Like a whore. Like a dirty, cum-hungry whore, Master."

"Fuck you like a whore you, say?"

"Yes, Master. Don't hold anything back! Fuck my pussy like you want to, deep inside. Fuck my pussy until you cum inside it. Knock me up, if you want. Cum in me, over and over. Treat me my pussy like a cum depository!"

Barry smiled and then placed the gag back over his wife's mouth.

"Very well. Since you begged me with such conviction."

Barry sank his body onto hers and slid his cock into her soaking, moist pussy. Suzanna screamed through the gag, her thighs on fire as her husband pressed between them. Pain and pleasure both erupted all over her, causing the most intense reaction she'd ever had in her life. Every muscle tensed and then fell limp. By the time she came back to reality, Barry was rutting away in her pussy, fucking her like a tramp.

Barry fucked her like this for hours. He came, and then left the room without a word, leaving her bound. He would place a plug into her pussy before he left, just to be sure that none of his cream leaked out. Suzanna knew that, in her current position, she was optimized for conception, and plugging his seed inside her was only increasing those odds.

Barry left her bound and chained for a long while, and she could hear him making phone calls, checking on the house and his businesses. Once or twice, he would step into the room and check on her, making sure she was still plugged. He even sat on the bed next to her at one point and began sucking on her nipples while simultaneously holding a conversation with someone on the other line.


Throughout their stay in their old apartment, Barry put Suzanna through the wringer, completely dominating her in every aspect of their lives. At one point, Barry had to invite a business partner over for a lunch meeting, so he ordered Suzanna to clean up and make sure the smell of sex was gone. He then told her to place a dark tablecloth under the center table of the living room and to stay down there for the duration of the meeting.

Suzanna stayed on the floor, under the table the whole while Barry and his business partner sat at opposite ends. Barry, however, sat down and immediately unzipped his pants. He pointed to his crotch, instructing Suzanna to fish out his cock.

She did so, and began to give Barry a long, satisfying blowjob. She did this throughout the entire meeting, without Barry's guest ever being wise. Barry somehow even managed to cum in her mouth twice without letting on.

That wasn't the only means that he dominated her. Barry used Suzanna's body as furniture, he made her go downstairs to check for the mail completely nude, and he constantly fucked her out in public. One day, he pushed her down onto her knees and fucked her from behind inside of a movie theater. Half of the movie, the audience could barely hear what was going on over Suzanna's moans, sighs and screams of passion.

And of course, Barry got away with it because he was rich. Whenever anyone complained or spoke up about their voyeurism and exhibitionism, their objections mysteriously seemed to vanish whenever Barry handed them a large stack of bills. Barry usually wasn't one to flaunt his wealth or abuse it, but for her, it he was willing to make exceptions.

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