Suzanne was exhausted. Twenty hours ago she had taken off from the Dublin Airport and had chased the sun west. She had lost track of what day it was now, let alone the time. All she knew is that she was worn out and damned glad to have left the February gloom of Ireland behind her.

The jet stream had been less than favorable and as a result her flight across the Atlantic had been over an hour late arriving. Her connecting flight was long gone, and she had been worried that there would be no one to pick her up at the airport.

The foreboding that she felt as she walked into the terminal vanished when she saw a young man with dreadlocks holding a sign advertising the name of the resort that she was going to be staying at.

She walked over and asked, "Is this where I need to be to connect to Sandy Isles Resort?"

He flashed Suzanne a warm smile and in a sing-song Jamaican accent he replied, "You have found it." He looked at his clipboard. "Just follow me; we have one more flight to check."

"What about my luggage?"

"Did you put the tags on your bags that the resort provided?"

"Yes, I did."

He smiled again. "Not to worry, miss, not to worry. Me mate, Simon will get your bags and deliver them to the resort. They will be taken directly to your room."


By the time she had arrived at the resort it was dark. On top of that, she was exhausted. All she could think of was to crawl into her bed and let the sleep she needed take over.

The morning was bright and sunny. Suzanne stretched and had to think for a moment to remember where she was. She was on holiday!

Her room was fabulous, even better than it had looked in the brochure. It was almost as big as her apartment. It had a large sliding door off of the small sitting room that opened to a balcony and a view of the white sandy beach and blue water of the lagoon. It was hers, all hers. Well, for the next ten days it was hers.

She stood on the balcony clad in her robe. The warmth of the sun felt heavenly. The winter in Dublin had been cold, dreary and wet. The prospect of spending ten days of just relaxing sent her spirits soaring. Trade had not gone according to expectations over the Christmas season, and the troops in the trenches were paying for it.

After a shower and a quick breakfast Suzanne slipped into her bikini and a wrap and headed for the beach.

The sand was so white and so clean. The tropical breeze was warm, and moist. She walked along the beach in her bare feet. The sand felt warm on the soles of her feet. She stood and let the water lap at her feet, it felt warm as well.

She found an empty chair and settled into it. Almost immediately one of white shirted young men from the resort was there at the ready. "Can I get you anything, miss?"

Suzanne shook her head. "No thanks, not just yet."

The young man smiled. "If you want anything, miss, just wave."

She smiled as she leaned back in the chair, she could get used to this kind of pampering in a hurry. The sun felt heavenly as she lay in the chair. Big white fluffy clouds hung in the sky like puffs of cotton on a string.

It was a delight to pass the day away on the beach. The young men from the resort would come up to remind her to use her sunscreen, and bring her what ever she asked for.

She reached into her bag and pulled out the book she had purchased in the Dublin Airport. A smile crossed her face as she looked at the cover. A few days before she had carefully selected a book for the flight, but in the mad rush to get packed and get to the airport, she had left the book in her apartment.

Suzanne had grabbed a book at the kiosk in the airport just as her flight was beginning to board, and it wasn't until she was on the flight that she noticed that she had grabbed the wrong book. She had groaned as she looked at the cover, Montana by D. Moon. She had never heard of him.

Surprisingly the book hadn't been too bad; she thought that there might be hope for the writer. The words on the pages would transport her to the mountains of Montana until the warm breeze would lull her to sleep.

It was late afternoon as she made her way back to her room. She needed to have a bath and get ready for dinner. She found that all of her bags had been unpacked, and everything either neatly folded and placed in drawers or hung in the walk-in closet.

A frown crossed her face as she looked at the dress she had planned on wearing tonight, it was slightly wrinkled. "Five thousand miles, and I need to iron," Suzanne chuckled wryly.

She searched the room from top to bottom and couldn't find the iron.

A sing song voice answered the phone, "Front desk, how may I be of service."

"I can't find an iron in my room, my dress has some wrinkles that I need to press out," Suzanne explained.

"Oh, we can take care of that. I'll send a boy right over," replied the man at the desk.

The boy promised to have the dress back in less than twenty minutes.

"Just lay it on the bed." Suzanne knew she was in heaven now; there was no doubt about it.

The soak in the tub was just the thing she needed. Suzanne couldn't remember the last time she had felt so totally relaxed. She padded back into the bedroom to find her dress perfectly pressed and laid out, waiting for her.

She looked in the mirror as she prepared to leave for dinner and smiled. "You look stunning!"

The dining room was an elegant room that had a wall of large windows that faced the lagoon. Suzanne remembered from the brochure that the seating was assigned, and that she would have the same dinner companions throughout her stay at the resort.

She found two couples; they looked to be quite a bit older than her already seated at the table. They briefly acknowledged her arrival and then went back to their conversation. A man claimed the seat beside her. He wore a wide smile on his face. "Hi, I'm Richard; I didn't see you at dinner last night."

Suzanne shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm Suzanne. I was late getting here, my flights didn't quite line up I'm afraid. By the time I got here all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and die."

Richard nodded. "Oh, by the way, I'm psychic, just in case you're wondering."

"Psychic?" Suzanne questioned.

He nodded and put his hand to his forehead. "Yes, wait, wait...I can sense you are from Ireland."

Suzanne laughed. "Go on with ya. You're no more psychic than I'm the Virgin Mary."

"Nice to meet you Mary." He leaned over and whispered. "I see you've met our other dining companions. It's my theory that they are a convention of morticians, I don't think they said more than three words to me last night."

"And where are you from Richard?"

"I'm from Vancouver."

Over dinner she learned that he ran an importing business in Vancouver. He imported art work from the Orient, and then sold it to retail stores in Canada and the US.

"It's a bit like Christmas at work everyday. It's always a surprise; you just never know what's going to be in the boxes."

After dinner was over Richard looked at Suzanne, "Would you like to join me for an after dinner drink? They have a pretty decent band playing in the lounge."

Suzanne enjoyed the evening with Richard; she found he shared the same tastes in music. He was easy to talk to. She liked that when she talked, that he listened, and appreciated her point of view. It had only seemed like minutes had passed, but it had been hours. She was surprised when they announced that the lounge was closing.

"Wow, I can't believe it was so late," Richard commented as he looked at his watch.

As they left the lounged Richard simply stated. "I'll walk you to your room."

'Oh, here's when the moves will come.' Suzanne thought to herself.

She was surprised that he walked her to her door, and then shook her hand warmly. "Thanks, I had a great evening, Suzanne."

Over the next few days, they spent more and more time together. Suzanne looked forward more and more each day with spending time with him. There was a warmth about him that she liked.

Wednesday morning she heard a knock at her door. She put her robe on and answered the door. It was one of the young men from the resort holding a massive bouquet of every imaginable color of roses.

"These are for you, miss." The boy carried the flowers and vase into the room and sat it on a table and then left.

There was a card with the flowers, she opened and read it;

Happy Valentine's Day, Gorgeous,

I wasn't sure what your favorite color is, so I got some of everything they had.

Your secret admirer...

ps I have to take care of some things, I'll see you at supper tonight!

Suzanne smiled and admired the flowers. She felt speechless, and a bit overwhelmed. "Wonder what he has to take care of today?"

Total self-indulgent pampering was the order of the day for Suzanne. She called the number for the spa and found they could fit her in. Suzanne felt decadent doing it; it was her Valentine's gift to herself.

She looked at her wardrobe and pulled out a short black dress and smiled. The day of self indulgent pampering had worked wonders on her. Suzanne felt great and wanted to look great as well. As she checked herself out in the mirror a smile grew on her face.

As usual the maitre de greeted Suzanne and said, "Follow me, miss. The gentleman is waiting."

He didn't take his usual route to the table; in fact Suzanne thought he may have forgotten where here table was. As they approached a small table for two, Richard stood up and smiled. "You look simply stunning tonight."

Suzanne blushed and looked at the table. "What's all this then?"

"I thought I'd try to make Valentines a happy one for you."

"First the roses, and thank you for the flowers, you really shouldn't have."

Suzanne sat down in the chair. They had a perfect view of the sun setting over the lagoon from the table.

"I'm glad you liked them. And I wanted to get away from the Count and the rest of vampires for a night. You know, I haven't seen them in the light of day the whole time I've been here."

She thought for a moment. "You know, you're right. I haven't seen them at all, except for supper."

"How did you manage to get this table?" Suzanne asked.

"I heard that the couple that normally sits here were going to have dinner on somebody or other's yacht tonight, so I talked to the maitre de, and arranged to have him seat us here."

"I hear they have a new band in the lounge." Richard said after their dinner was finished. "And from what I heard, they play a lot of music to dance to."

"Oh, can you dance?" Suzanne asked.

"Yes, thanks to my mother."

"Your mother?" Suzanne laughed.

Richard nodded. "Yes, my mother wanted her only son to have some culture, so she made me take dance lessons. I actually got to where I enjoyed it. I try to go dancing every week at home just to stay in practice."

Suzanne wasn't surprised when she found that he had reserved a table in the lounge. It was a good thing that he had; it was the largest crowd that she had seen in there since arriving.

The band was very good, and knew a wide variety of songs. Suzanne was impressed with his dancing abilities. They spent more time on the floor than they did at their table. As the night wore on the music became more romantic and the songs slower.

She didn't know if it was the music, the drinks, the day she had, or if a combination of it all. She wanted to be held by him as they danced. His arm around her made her feel good. Suzanne leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes and allowed the music and the moment sweep her away.

Midway through the song she felt a new sensation. She opened her eyes for a moment and then smiled. 'He's getting hard'

The thought that she was getting him excited pleased her. She wanted to be desired. Suzanne pressed a little closer to him as they danced, she could feel her breasts pressing against his chest.

The next song was another slow one. She didn't want to leave the dance floor now. She looked up into his soft brown eyes. "Dance again?"

Richard nodded and put his arm around her again.

She could feel him growing against her, and she pressed harder against him, hoping he knew it was her way of telling him it was okay. She took his free hand and held it against her breast. Her mind raced. She wondered what it would feel like against her naked flesh. She found herself warming; her cheeks felt a little flushed with her own excitement.

How would he touch her? Her thoughts as the danced became more and more erotic. She wished she could reach down and feel the hardness that pressed against her. Their dancing had become more sex than dancing by the time the song ended.

Richard blushed. "I'm sorry..."

Suzanne shook her head. "You don't have to say anything. Just kiss me."

His lips touched hers. His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her close as his tongue slid through her lips and into her waiting mouth. Her tongue met his and they swirled around the others'. She felt her pulse quicken as she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. The aroma of his cologne intoxicated her. She loved how his hands moved over her back as he kissed her. She pressed hard against him; she wanted him to know that she desired him as much as he wanted her.

Suzanne felt dizzy as the kiss finally ended. She could feel her heart pounding as she looked up into his eyes and saw the same look of passion in them as she thought were in hers.

They hadn't noticed that it had been the last dance of the evening and that they were the only two left on the dance floor. At that moment no one else existed.

As they left the lounge, Richard had his arm around her shoulder and her arm was around his waist.

The moon was shining on the lagoon; there wasn't a ripple to be seen. Richard whispered to Suzanne, "Do you want to go down to the beach?"

She nodded her head and whispered back, "I'd love to."

He ducked into his room and grabbed the cover from the bed. The spread it out on the sand of the beach and stood there looking at each other as they held hands. He pulled her towards him and they kissed again. It was more passionate that the one on the dance floor. Their mouths ground over the other's, their tongues drove back and forth in a slow sensual dance.

"Want to go for a swim?" Richard's voice was husky.

"Right now?" Suzanne looked at the glassy surface of the water. "I don't have..."

"Either do I." Richard replied as he slipped off his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt.

Suzanne reached around and pulled the zipper down, and then stepped out of her dress.

He was beginning to remove his trousers as she slipped her bra, and then her panties off.

They stood there looking at each other's nakedness. It pleased Suzanne as she watched his cock growing stiff as he looked at her. A fire was beginning to burn within her.

After getting waist deep in the water they stopped and turned towards each other. His hands came up and touched her breasts and began to gently caress them. Her hand dropped beneath the surface and found his hard cock.

She closed her eyes as his hands found her nipples. He teased them until they were fully erect and then bent his head down and took one of them into his mouth. She loved how he sucked her rubbery nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue. Her hand moved slowly back and forth along the length of his stiff manhood.

His head lifted up and his lips traveled up her breasts to her neck, nibbling and kissing all the way. His hands moved down to her butt and he squeezed her cheeks in his hand.

"I want you." His voice was full of passion.

Suzanne wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him tightly against her, she loved the feeling of his hard cock pressing against her belly. She nibbled her way up his neck and then whispered in his ear, "I want you to fuck me."

They stood there for a moment in the silvery moonlight and looked at each other. Richard took her hand and led her out of the water, and on to the blanket. They lay down facing each other. Suzanne lifted her leg slightly as his hand moved down her over her breasts and passed her stomach. She wanted him to touch her and find how excited she was.

She took her hand and reached for his stiff cock and began to rub it with the palm of her hand. A soft moan escaped from her lips as she felt his hand move inside her thighs. His finger traced along her outer lips, just grazing the wetness that lay beneath.

Suzanne put the head of his cock in the palm of her hand, and draped her fingers around his shaft and slowly drug them along his length to the tip and then back again. Her hips moved towards his fingers, she wanted to feel him touch her, her need was almost desperate.

Richard responded to her movements, his finger slipped between her swollen lips and into her wetness.

"Yes," she whispered. "Touch me."

His finger moved slowly in and out of her depths. Her stroking of his cock matched the movements of his finger. He moved his mouth to her breasts and began kissing her firm flesh as his free hand cupped the other breast.

"Yes," the word escaped from Suzanne's lips almost like a long sigh as his finger moved up and touched her clit. It ached and wanted to be touched. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, and only his carnal touch could extinguish the blaze that burned deep inside of her.

Her hand gripped his stiff cock and began to stroke him up and down. Occasionally she would stop and cup his balls in her hand, feeling the move with her touch.

"You're driving me wild," he whispered as he raised his lips from her nipple. "You're making me so hard."

"I want to make you harder than you've ever been," Suzanne was almost taken back by the lust in her voice. Her finger tip circled the tip of his already wet cock head as her thumb rubbed the sensitive area on the underside of his member.

"I want to taste you, I want to suck your clit." His words sent chills of lust through her.

Suzanne turned and let him roll on his back and then straddled his shoulders, lowering her hips until her pussy was in contact with his mouth. She felt him spread her lips open as his tongue began to lap at her wetness.

Her hand went back to his cock as she leaned forward. The tip was swollen and looked like a large silver plum in the moonlight. Leaning even more forward, her tongue flicked out at the tip, and tasted his slightly salty pre-cum.

Flashes of pleasure flowed through her as his tongue flicked at her swollen nub. His tongue seemed to dance around her clit, flicking it back and forth. Her hand stroked his shaft as she opened her mouth and began to take him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip and then licked her way down his length.

Her hand slid up and down his now wet cock and she took more of him into her mouth. She felt her hips moving against his mouth, wanting to grind against him. She was drunk with lust as she felt him suck her on her clit, his tongue flicking furiously across the tip.

She jacked his cock with her hand as her head bobbed up and down, sucking as she pulled her mouth upwards. She liked the feeling of his cock filling her warm mouth, his hips moving slightly up and down with the motion of her head.

His hands pulled her pussy hard against his mouth as he penetrated her with his tongue, and then flicked back to her clit. Over and over he repeated it, his tongue stabbing inside, and then flicking in quick circles around her nub of lust.

Lust had taken them both over. Nothing existed outside of the other. Suzanne wanted to cum, she wanted to fly, soar on her waves of passion, and she wasn't far. Her hand moved quickly up and down just below her lips.

Just as she began to climax she felt a twitch in his cock. He was cumming too. She wanted to taste him, faster and faster her hand stroked his shaft. Her body was shaking as she felt him erupt in her mouth, his pearl-white cum tasted slightly tangy, almost peppery. Her heart felt like a trip hammer as it pounded in her ears. She heard him moan loudly with each spurt.

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