tagFetishSuzanne Becomes Jack's Milk Cow

Suzanne Becomes Jack's Milk Cow

bySuzanne James©

Arriving home from Chicago, Jack wasted no time in arranging our new schedule to bring in my milk. We were both incredibly turned on by the idea, and had shopped in Chicago for nursing bras and other clothing that would enhance my new condition as Jack's contented milk cow. The Medela breast pump awaited us; after much research, Jack had ordered the top of the line hospital grade pump several weeks ago, but I was instructed to wait until after the Chicago trip to try it out. Unpacking from our trip, I admired the new 'play clothes' we'd bought. My breasts had expanded to a fairly full-packed DD cup within the last two weeks, and we'd used our shopping trip in Chicago to replenish my bra wardrobe. Jack still liked to see me in my older, smaller bras, with my breasts spilling out the top, but the 38DD size was definitely more comfortable. The real difference was that most of the new bras were nursing bras, and as I unpacked them, my breasts tingled with anticipation and my pussy became wet.

Jack's plan for me involved milking me (either with his mouth or the pump) 4 times a day, 10 minutes per breast for a week, until I became accustomed to the routine, and then every 4 hours for 15 to 20 minutes per breast until I was producing enough milk to satisfy Jack. From the progress I'd made with the fenugreek supplements, we hoped that I'd be giving milk within the month. Clearly, my milking schedule would put a crimp in my work schedule, and Jack had told me that he expected me to work around the sucking/pumping schedule for any meetings I needed to attend for my legal research business. I loved my work, but I'd discovered that as we increased our sexual play and my breasts grew, I was becoming more passive about searching out new contracts. Oh, well, I had plenty of work as it was, much of which could be done from home on my computer. Perfect for the new schedule.

Jack came into the bedroom, wearing only his tight black jeans. As I put away the last of my new bras, he stood behind me, stroking my flanks and cupping my ass. As he moved his hands up my body to fondle my breasts, I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. He began to toy with my nipples, which were now quite elongated from the nipple clips and all our sucking play. "No time like the present to get started, my beautiful little cow?" he murmured into my neck, as he pulled my nipples rhythmically.

Soon I was wearing only the heavy gold collar Jack had given me in Chicago, and Jack was fitting my nipples into the center of the pump cups. I knew that the sensation of the pump wouldn't be the same as Jack's mouth and hands on my breasts, but I was unprepared for the suction power of the milking machine--it hurt! I protested, and Jack reduced the suction to a point where the pleasure/pain balance was tolerable. "Early days, my love. I want you to get used to the higher suction level. I think you'll grow to enjoy it." He fiddled with the settings until the pumping rhythm alternated between my breasts, much like the rhythm of milking a cow. I began to relax a bit into the process, knowing that this was the beginning of our adventure. "Ten minutes on the machine for your first time should be enough. Lean back against the pillows and enjoy it. I'll be right back." Unlike Jack's mouth on my nipples, the breast pump had a dry suction, which pulled more than I was accustomed to, but I was beginning to enjoy the sensation when Jack came back into the bedroom with his camera. "I thought we ought to have pictures of your first time on a milking machine," he smiled. "You look really sexy hooked up like that. You really are going to be my little cow, aren't you?"

"Moo," I answered.

Jack moved around the room, photographing me from all angles, taking close-up shots of my nipples being pulled even longer by the machine. I tried to be a good model, striking different poses as I cradled my breasts, lifting them toward the camera. I was beginning to become aroused despite the discomfort when Jack called time. "Let's unhook you and try it the old-fashioned way," he said, turning off the machine. The sudden cessation of pressure was a shock and I realized that I would come to enjoy the machine, much sooner rather than later. Jack removed his jeans and joined me on the bed. Lying back against the pillows, he pulled me onto him so that I straddled him, impaled on his hard cock. I leaned forward, offering my breasts to his eager mouth. As Jack licked and sucked, I began to use my pussy muscles to massage the big pole inside me. I was so close to coming, and yet I wanted to delay it a bit longer to enjoy Jack's hands and mouth on my breasts. I could feel him getting close to exploding inside me, and as he did so I dissolved into one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. It seemed to go on forever, as I moaned and ground my pussy against him, and as he continued to--now gently--lick my long nipples until we both collapsed together in complete satisfaction.

"Wow," one of us said.

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