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Suzanne Meissner, RN


Louise had frequent contact with the hospitals and regular clinics in the area, and beyond. In fact most of her clients were referred by the medical staff at those places, by the more progressive minded staff, anyway. A copy of an old letter from a doctor at Westport General had fallen from a folder onto the corridor and hence and found its way by chance into the hands of one of the hospital's nurses, RN Suzanne (Sue) Meissner, just coming off her afternoon duty as a cardiac nurse. Sue was not connected with the Dr. Smith concerned or his patients, might have thrown the letter away had she seen a waste basket nearby. Instead she slipped it into the pocket of her tunic. It was only later that day, at home in her apartment that the found it again and idly read the lines "Nurse Bellman ...... I am arranging for my patient, Ms. Doe ....... urinary disorder ...... sexual dysfunction linked to acute anxiety ...... minute examination ....highly intimate ..... controlled invasive therapy ....."

Sue gasped in excitement and struggled to catch her breath; her pulse raced beat faster and the blood vessels her temples began to throb. And this was because she had recently started to wonder what it would be like to receive such an intimate examination and treatment.

In fact Sue had always led a very ordinary, even dull life. Now she had turned fifty, and for several years was unattached She was still attractive, with her clear blue eyes and reddish auburn hair. A little on the short side perhaps, rather small breasted, and generous around the hips, but not too much fat around the waist. She still received her share of attention from gentlemen and was not shy about accepting a nicely presented invitation to spend the occasional weekend. But recently her mind began to stray onto new paths, and she found herself becoming attracted to other women. She would even fix her lunchtime visit to the locker room to coincide, as if by accident, with Patti-Sue, the radiotherapy technician who was rumoured to be a lesbian. The day before she had stared as Patty-Sue undressed and showered, and then shamelessly displayed herself as she soaped her body. It would have gone further if not for one of the nurses who entered just then.

After reading the letter for about the tenth time, Sue acted. She drafted another letter from the doctor to nurse Bellman, describing the afflictions of a female patient, herself. She hoped it would read well enough to be convincing, clear enough to lead to the attention she sought, yet proper enough to avoid suspicion. After several attempts and some hours' labour, she was satisfied. She included a statement that Dr. Smith would be away for the next two months, in case Ms Bellman decided to enquire further. It remained a simple task to obtain the Westport Hospital notepaper and stamp, and post it to the interesting Ms Bellman ........

Louise's first reaction was one of incredulity. Why would someone play such a joke as writing a prescribed exam and treatment? Dr. Smith had retired some months ago, and anyway would have discussed any such treatment with her before formalising it. This must be a joke, but on whom, Ms. Meissner? On enquiring she learned the "patient" was a nurse at the hospital, well liked but apparently a bit lonely.. or maybe frustrated? A few days later she received a call.

"Hello, this is Sue Meissner. My doctor wrote to you and he asked me to arrange with you an appointment ..... good, you received the letter ...... yes, it is a bit embarrassing for me to talk about this sort of thing but Doctor ......"

Immediately Louise realised that the perpetrator of the deceit was the lady herself. She might have decided to call the bluff then and there, but thought "Well, why not perform the exam and treatment? "

Aloud, she replied, "Yes, of course. I have the letter here. I specialise in such examinations and treatments I do many like the one prescribed for you. No problem at all. And please do not feel at all embarrassed, there is nothing at all unusual in your case."

The appointment was set for the afternoon of Friday. Sue was told she should be prepared to provide a urine specimen, and a stool specimen. "If you are not sure you will can avoid opening your bowels before then you should use a tampon to plug your anal passage. And bring a swimming costume with you."

Sue was very excited and nervous on the morning. Unusually she had not evacuated that morning before going to work, but instead inserted a tampon into her rear opening, using the applicator to ensure the packed cotton plug was securely in place. All morning she was conscious of its presence, as well as the feeling of fullness in her bowel. The feeling of excitement was heightened by the fact that she was wearing her swimsuit instead of simply bringing it with her. The aspects her preparation gave her the feeling of being in the power of the lady therapist, and this was exciting too. At three o'clock she entered the inconspicuous building of Louise's clinic and found the reception office.

Louise dressed on this occasion very conventionally, no special makeup, in a regular nurse's uniform, mid-length pale blue cotton dress and white apron. It gave the impression of calm professionalism but unusually for her, she was wearing a bikini swimsuit underneath.

Louise welcome her warmly "I am so pleased to working with you, Ms. Meissner, or may I call you Sue? And please call me Louise. I have quite detailed information about your situation, thanks to the Dr. Smith's account. I suppose you realise that the examination will be rather intimate in your case, and I hope you will not feel at all shy or embarrassed."

Sue was surprised and delighted at how young and attractive Louise was, and also showed an air of capability and authority. But she didn't want to appear too eager and so asked, seeming nervously, if she would have to undress completely and have all her private parts examined. She was told assuredly the examination will be intimate and thorough.

Louise asked about Sue's problem. She replied that she had been nervy and tense, had difficulty sleeping, and her bathroom routine had become irregular. She was getting hot sweats from time to time and sometimes leaked slightly into her panties, vaginal discharge. "The doctor said I should have an exam to check if there was anything wrong with my hormones, now I am at that age."

"OK, your problem is quite common with women of your age, and often it helped to take HRT – hormone replacement. I will examine you and have some tests done. You will be able to provide a urine and stool specimen I trust. And I will take a sample of your vaginal secretion. Sorry this is rather personal but I know you realise it is necessary."

There were many questions for the records, as she explained, and also to build up a background that might be relevant. At first the questions were routine, but gradually became more personal. Sue was asked if she masturbated, how often and whether she used any special devices, when she last had sex (with a man) and if he used protection, whether it was straight or included oral, anal or something else, if she ever thought about sex with another woman, and whether she had. Having to answer these questions was highly embarrassing, and Sue was sure that Louise must think her to be the most perverted person ever. She kept her eyes averted as she answered.

"I went into the shower at he same time as one of the girls I work with, and I wanted to stroke and kiss her and to be stroked and kissed, and for her to put a finger inside me .... down there. It was wrong to want it and I feel ashamed. I suppose you're going to be examining and touching me ..... there"

But at the same time it was exciting and she began to feel the familiar wobbly feeling deep inside that was the first intimation of sexual abandon. By the end of the interview Sue felt drained of all her personal secrets, as well as being highly turned on.

"I am going to perform a series of very routine tests, really to confirm that you are generally healthy. Please follow me into the examination room and then I must ask you to undress down to your underwear. I will leave you to do that. Please hang your clothes in the closet."

When Louise entered Sue was standing by on the softly padded exam table, wearing a pastel blue one-piece swimsuit, of stretchy lycra. It seemed as if she was even more undressed in the garment that if she were naked. Louise was somewhat surprised but pleased that Sue had chosen to wear it. She was impressed at Sue's deliciously curved figure; her breasts, though small were a nice shape and showed their contours clearly in the close fitting garment, as it hugged her waist and displayed her hips which flared out in almost provocative manner.

"Oh Sue, that is a lovely swimsuit, it fits you so well. Yes, keep it on by all means, I will be able to do most of the preliminary part of the exam while you keep it on."

There followed the routine tests – height and weight, blood pressure, eye and throat examination, reflexes, stethoscope, temperature (taken orally). Louise asked her to sit up on the exam table while she took the various measurements. She stood very close and pressed slightly against her, while all the time keeping a hand in contact. Louise sounded her back and chest, which included placing the stethoscope sensor directly on Sue's breasts. Sue gradually became more aroused at the attention and close contact and felt the juices build up in her vagina and begin to flow out and dampen the gusset of her swimsuit. For the time being the lining material would absorb it. She was nervous about the therapist seeing any such signs of her sexual state, but at the same time she imagined herself lewdly parting her legs to display her arousal. She told Sue to raise her arms in order to check for any lumps of inflamed lymph nodes under her arms. She was pleased to find the skin completely free of any stubble, silky smooth from thorough depilation and regular use of skin conditioner. Sue was sensitive in that area and shuddered slightly as a new wetness came to her vagina.

"I will check now for any lumps in your breasts."

She unclasped the halter of Sue's swimsuit in order to expose her. She ran her fingertips softly over the breasts, approving of the healthy skin tone and consistency, and the long nipples, which foretold of further excitement. She gradually pressed in, but with control and sensitivity, carefully feeling for any lumps within. The sensation was highly sensual, and the fingers spiralled in towards her aureoles and nipples.

"I am going to check your nipples now for erectile function." She teased the nipples, using the fingertips to bring them to a size and turgidity that made them seem ready to burst. Sue gasped and squirmed and the juices welled up in her core, flooded out and soaked into the crotch of her swimsuit. She looked down saw the damp patch now show darker on the material.

"Yes, your breasts are in wonderful condition, and your nipples demonstrate a excellent erectile response. You have a very sensual response, indicating fine healthy libido. Now I need you to provide those samples we talked about, but before you do that I want you to part your legs and pull your swimsuit right up into your crotch .... and show me ......no don't be shy Sue."

"Louise, I'm so ashamed to let myself become excited. I feel so bad to show myself to you like this."

"Sue, there is nothing to be embarrassed about becoming sexually aroused, your response is perfectly normal. Show me ..... yes, like that ..... good, good, thank you, Sue. Yes, you've really soaked it with your flow, it's gone all through the material you must have got very wet down there. That's fine, a good sexual response."

Louise told her to take her swimsuit off and go into the bathroom where she would find a small Perspex beaker to pee into and a bowl which had been placed in the pan for her stool specimen.

She stripped off and turned to face Louise, displaying her nudity. Her bush was neatly trimmed, and her whole vaginal area was completely free of any hair. Sue appeared to trying to decide something before turning to enter the bathroom. She found the beaker, and instead of using the privacy of the stall she stood with her legs apart, positioned it below her pee hole and urinated into it. Louise could not avoid seeing this private body function being performed. In fact she was not going to insist but was pleased that her patient was displaying herself so lewdly in front of her. Sue then reached behind and between her buttocks and fumbled as she tried to reach for something. Then she located the string and extracted the tampon that was embedded in her anus, plugging the contents of her rectum. She sat on the seat of the pan but did not close the door. She then pushed and pushed, but with no result, as if the former obstruction had made her bowel reluctant to release its content. blushing and clearly most embarrassed, she explained that she could not empty her bowels.

Louise told her to lie over her as she sat, so resting her font on Louise's apron, giving a good opportunity to inspect her bottom.

"Just relax, Sue."

Very gently she parted the beautifully rounded buttocks and looked into the dark crease. She saw that Sue had been at pains to kept the area completely clean, free of hair and no trace at all of any excrement. In fact the attention has caused some soreness, which was probably exacerbated by insertion of the tampon. She pulled on a pair of thin latex gloves and smeared the fingertips liberally with some soothing balm. Very gently she applied it to the crease and puckered hole. She then took something - a suppository - from her breast pocket of her dress, peeled off the plastic covering. Keeping Sue's anus exposed with the fingers of her left hand, she presented the pointed tip to the hole and gently pushed, at the same time twisting it to facilitate penetration. Sue hardly felt the insertion, as it was so gently done, but was aware of a pleasurable sensation back there.

"I have inserted a suppository into your rectum. It contains an agent to soften and lubricate your stool and something that relaxes your sphincter muscle. I'm working my finger to press the compound into your stool so it works more efficiently. In a few minutes you will feel the urge to defecate. It might happen rather suddenly so I suggest to keep my finger in there and then walk with you like that to the stall. Is that OK with you Sue?"

In fact Sue was enjoying the digital penetration and readily agreed to the suggestion. She was starting to get wet again and leaking from her vagina onto Louise's apron, but instead of trying to suppress it she started think of her most intense sexual experiences, causing her juice to flow more. She wanted to continue like that but after a few minutes became suddenly agitated and obviously was about to evacuate. Louise kept her finger in Sue's anus as she took her and sat her on the pan. There was no time for Sue to close and lock the door before there was an audible discharge of gas and then the thick brown stool was expelled, smoothly and with a soft hiss. It landed in the bowl with a soft "plop".

Despite the now rather intimate rapport that had developed, Sue was still ashamed at having performed such a personal act in her presence. She felt defiled and debased. Louise, however, seemed completely unfazed and told her not to wipe. Instead she cleaned her up with some wet wipes and applied some more balm around the area to help prevent further irritation.

"Although you have expelled most of the contents of you rectum, you still have a lot of waste to get rid of. I am going to give you a mild cleansing enema. Have you ever had an enema before?"

Sue felt a frisson of fear at the word "enema". She said how she had experienced them occasionally, but found them uncomfortable, with the fullness and uncontrollable cramping. She also found them rather humiliating, not just because of what was being done to her because she felt she would not be able to take all the fluid, or she would not hold it and it would spill. She was sure she would disgrace herself

"I am sure you will not have any problem. I have a special way of administering them so it is not uncomfortable and you don't have to worry about spilling.

Louise took Sue to another room, where there was a low, wide table, padded and covered in plastic. She said to lie on her tummy but turn a little to face right and bend her left knee under her and let her right leg rest comfortably to the side. She took from the cupboard a large bag with a long plastic tube attached and hung it on a stand. The tube was valved closed. She then filled a container with some water from the hot and cold taps, testing the temperature so it was slightly above body heat, and added an mixed some crystals from a sachet. She filled the bag then opened the valve to purge the tube of air and clear any bubbles, then closed it. The tube flared slightly to form a knuckle, then narrowed to a nozzle, with the plastic rounded. She pulled on another pair of gloves, applied a generous amount of KY to her middle finger and to Sue's anal hole, and carefully worked her finger inside, pushing as much of the jelly in to coat her anal walls, then smeared more jelly onto the nozzle. The attention to Sue's rear had relaxed and opened her sufficiently for the nozzle to enter easily, Holding Sue's buttocks apart to expose her rear hole, she carefully presented the tip to eased it through the sphincter. Sue flinched and tried to clench but Louise told her calmly to relax. Slowly, she inserted the nozzle it past the knuckle, allowing it to seat securely in Sue's rectum. This device was less invasive than others, but allowed a secure fit provided the subject was not filled too forcefully. She opened the valve part way and the warm fluid entered slowly and smoothly.

"I have added some salt to keep your bowels isotonic and a little of the same scented oils as in the Jacuzzi for comfort, relaxation, and cleansing. I will fill you slowly to prevent cramping and discomfort, but you will begin to feel full before the bag is empty. I am just giving you a quart and a half, which is enough to do the job but will not fill you too much. Just relax, there is no need to fight of clench your bottom."

Louise realised Sue was still nervous, and continued to talk calmly. At the same time she massaged and gently palpitated Sue's lower belly.

"What I am doing will distribute the liquid and make you feel less full."

It was also, as Sue found, rather enjoyable. Louise was not fussy about keeping her hand away from Sue's crotch, and even allowed her finger to progress over her trimmed bush and touch lightly on her lips, and between them. Once again the stimulation, combined with the fluid entering her private opening produced that delicious melting sensation inside. She did not escalate this treatment and controlled the stimulation to produce a warm relaxed feeling. Gradually the bag emptied.

"I'm going to remove the tube now and I want you to clench your buttocks a little bit for a second, not too tight, as I put a little plug in there."

Sue had a moment of fear, as she was sure all the enema would jet out of her, but there was no more than the inevitable small trickle. Sue was sure she had disgraced herself but Louise smiled when she saw it and assured her there was none at all. Then she pushed the small, rounded dumbbell/shaped rubber plug into her.

Louise told her to lie on her back so she could continue to massage and work the fluid all around her bowels.

"Now rest as comfortably as you can for ten minutes and then you can release the enema."

The time passed surprising quickly and she almost wished she could stay like that. But Louise led her again to the bathroom. Louise was about to leave her to perform her private and humiliating act, but she felt her hand tugged.

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