tagGroup SexSuzanne's Big Night Out

Suzanne's Big Night Out


John was my first boyfriend at seventeen. Twenty years later we were married with two boys - me working part time and looking after them and the house and John obsessed with work. I often thought how much my life had changed and how little his had. He still went out with his mates at the weekend while I was at home. My friends were settled down and I worked in retail in a place with lots of students and young people who were full of fun. It made me feel old and frumpy and I was starved of male attention.

I had been through patches before where John didn't make me feel the way a man should, and I'd flirted with other guys, sometimes going further. Snogging guys on nights out or a couple of one night stands - back home in time to look like I'd been clubbing! In the months leading up to our wedding I'd been having regular sex with the husband of an old work colleague. She and I didn't speak any more but he'd kept in touch and we would meet up during the day when I was off and he could get away. The sex was exciting because I was cheating, but it wasn't like the sex I had on one night stands where guys had shagged me up the arse or the night when two different guys shagged me at the same flat party! That was the excitement I wanted. The last time we were together was the week before my wedding, That was five years ago almost. I ended it and I wanted to put all my effort into making my marriage work. I did try.

I couldn't shake a sense of missing out though and craved male attention. I started flirting with customers and colleagues at work. I thought about men and sex continually! Before I ever kissed a guy I had fooled around with my female friends and I thought about girls too and I liked how my being with girls would also turn men on. I came so many times fantasising about posing naked for a magazine or a site and lots of men wanking over me and wanting to fuck me! I daydreamed of dogging and kinky sex with strangers. I imagined dating lots of different men and women. Joining sating sites and swinger sites. I thought how fun it would be to have a friend who I could go on the pull with and get fucked in the same room or have threesomes with hot young guys! I wanted a guy who would encourage me to do all this and more and didn't mind what I wore or did and with who.

Michael had a terrible reputation in our work. All the girls talked about how he was a predator. He chased them all. For a couple of months he worked beside me. He's in his late forties and separated. He's never out the gym. He was good looking but sleazy. One Friday I wore jeans and he was talking to me looking at my arse. I'm 5ft 3 and a size 10 top and a size 12 bottom - pear shaped with 32b boobs and a bit of a bum. His eyes ran over me looking me up and down.

"You going to the night out end of the month?" he ask me.

"Yeah my husband is away to a stag do that weekend." I told him blushing.

"Oh is he?"

He sensed I was giving him an opportunity. I didn't know why I was doing it. I guess I wanted the adventures. We chatted another minute about nothing. I offered him my mobile number if he wanted to text me and he did that night. We talked about work crap for a couple of nights. Couple of weeks passed and I'd told him everything I've told you. We talked a lot about sex and what we could do together or what he thought I should try!

I was constantly worried that he would tell people! Or that he'd think I was all mouth! I was really frustrated with life. I wanted to feel different about myself than as a frumpy mum. I thought I'd a good body for a woman who'd had two kids and I get told I'm cute with my brown eyes. I get told I have a nice smile. Michael told me that guys he'd spoken to in work said I was sexy on nights out and thought I would be a good ride! He told me that one of the young guys I work with wanted to "shag Suzie up that plump wee arse of hers" and that my boss had noticed me flirting a lot recently and he'd said I obviously wasn't getting enough.

"Do you think he fancies me?" I asked.

"I think most of the guys in our team would be interested in getting into your knickers Suzanne." I lay in bed fingering myself imagining my boss fucking me in his office or colleagues gang-banging me in the stock room after hours!

"Get dressed up for me x" Micheal was asking. "When we all go out". I asked him who else he might be talking to and he text back laughing smilies.

John went away on the Thursday afternoon, day before the night out. I was off on the Friday. I went to the gym then for a sauna and a sunbed and then went a got a full wax and my hair and nails done. My reddish brown hair cut to my shoulders with a fringe. Nice bright red nails to match my outfit. My pussy totally bald. About seven o'clock I put on some lacy black briefs and no bra. A tight, red, strappy top and skintight black, cropped trousers with big red heels and my black leather jacket. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a wee bit of cleavage and you could see down my top. The trousers were very tight on my bum and thighs and between my legs. I had a clear camel toe and visible panty line. The trousers were cropped to half way down my calves. You could see all my curves and get a good idea of my body. I liked how my arse looked! The kids were at my Mums and I went out. I was looking for any kind of fun going.

Michael wasn't turning up till about half ten so by the time he did I'd had a few and was full of dutch courage. He was there about ten minutes before he said two of his pals were in the pub down the street.

"Everyone here are arseholes" he remarked.

We went down to the pub. His two pals were like him - older and sleazy. They bought me drinks and we had a laugh. I took my jacket off and they were looking at my boobs. My nipples were hard. I knew why they were there. Michael had clearly told them they could all fuck me. I was completely on board with that! I loved the tingling excitement of behaving inappropriately.

"Suzanne has some great fantasies" Michael told his two friends. He asks me to tell them my favourite one.

"I'd like to strip for a magazine" I tell them. "I'd love thinking loads of guys were wanking over me and wanting to fuck me."

They asked if I would play with toys while being photographed and I said yes.

"I'd love lots of dirty captions about me next to the pics. Saying what kind of men and women I fancy and what I like to do in bed!"

They asked me how often I had sex or played with myself. One of them said he'd love to watch me in a porno.

"If I was your girlfriend would you let me strip for a magazine or do pornos?" Michael said he wouldn't have a problem with it at all. They asked me what size my tits were and if I shaved my fanny. They wanted to know about who I had cheated with and what I had done. What were the dirtiest things that I had done? What kinky fantasies did I have?

When we left, I was snogging the guy who said he'd like to watch me in a porno outside the pub waiting for Michael and the other guy. When they came out we went for chips and I ended up snogging Michael. When his friend came back i was snogging them both.

"You're going to be ruined tonight" his friend said. He kissed me and rubbed between my legs. People were watching me getting off with the two men. I heard "tart" and other things and it got me more excited. The other guy joined us to head for Michael's.

When we got in they went for drinks and I sat on the sofa with the other guy. He said he knew a few photographers through work who would want to shoot pics of me of me if I was seriously interested.

"It's only my husband that stops me" I told him. Then we were kissing and he had his hand up my top when the others came back.

Micheal sat beside us. Gary was the name of his friend I was getting off with. He was a great kisser! The best of the night lol. Micheal put the TV on and streamed some porn - a video of a blonde woman with two black guys.

I stopped kissing Gary to watch some of the film and he guided my hand down to his fly and I was giving him a slow wank while we watched. Micheal and the other guy Alan noticed and pulled their jeans and boxers down and started stroking. All three guys had nice big dicks! I was sat there on the sofa with Gary's cock in one hand and Michael's in the other.

"What's your limits, Suzie?" Michael asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Anything you don't want us to do with you."

I shrugged.

"Good girl, Suzie."

I sat there watching the video with a huge cock in each hand feeling like a wee dirty! Michael undid my trousers and put his hand down my pants and felt how wet I was.

"Kneel on the sofa with your bum facing me and suck Gary's cock." he told me. When I did he pulled down my trousers and knickers to mid thigh and touched my pussy, slipped a finger inside exploring me, then spread my bum cheeks and touched my arsehole. I was running my tounge over the head of Gary's big, veiny cock and then up and down the shaft, kissing and then slowly taking the swollen head in my mouth. I ran my tounge over the tip while he groped my tits and pulled at my nipples. Michael was spitting on my arsehole and pushing his fingers inside with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. Then he kneeled behind me and slowly took me up the bum!

Alan had come over now and I was soon greedily sucking his and Gary's swollen cocks while Michael slowly fucked me.

"You like that cock up your arse?" asked Alan.

"Uh huh" I gasped. Micheal was going a little deeper and quicker at the answer and it hurt and felt good in equal measure! I had dreamt of being with more than one man for so long. The sensations of being fucked and sucking and being touched all at the same time were more amazing than ever imagined.

Michael pulled out. "Let's strip this wee darling". They stood me up and my top was pulled over my head while I kicked off my heels and Gary helped me out of my trousers and knickers. They looked me over three pairs of hands touching me.

"You've got great curves, Suzie."

"Cute wee milf face."

"It's those big brown eyes looking at you with your cock in her mouth I like."

They talked about me while I got on my knees and sucked and kissed and licked and wanked their cocks. I was so attracted to Gary! His cock was so big and he was so muscly and the oldest I thought which I really liked! I wanked the other two and concentrated on sucking him for ages!

"I really like you." I told him.

"Good girl, Suzie." said Michael. "Gary is married. I think he's looking for a bit on the side. You volunteering?"

"Yeah. I'd like to strip for his photographer friends too!" I took his cock back in my mouth and looked up at him and he smiled.

"Let's arrange that this week."

"I want you to fuck me." I told him.

He came behind me and kneeled down. I sucked the other two while he pushed his swollen head up my bum and started to thrust in and out of me hard. I squealed in pain and pleasure. I started finger fucking myself as Micheal and Alan both tried to get their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I was completely overwhelmed at the multiple sensations and had a trembling orgasm!

"Fucking dirty wee cow loves it!" exclaimed Alan.

Gary fucked me harder and I screamed out as he held me upright when every fiber of me wanted to collapse in ecstasy. I felt him cum deep inside my bum, his cock twitching as he emptied his balls into me.

Alan picked me up off the floor and led me over to the sofa sitting down and having me straddle his lap. The cum was dripping out me as I guided his dick into my arse and I gasped with pleasure as he filled me up. Micheal sat next to us wanking his big cock while Alan screwed me and sucked my boobs. I was yelling and screaming at being fucked like that! Gary watched from the other side of the room - I wanted to give him a good show! After a few minutes Micheal pulled me off of Alan and had me squat in his lap sitting on his dick facing Gary keeping eye contact with him while I more slowly rode. Alan stood on the sofa and pushed his cock in my willing mouth and they did me like that, all the time me looking at Gary who was stroking and smiling back at me.

Micheal lay back on the sofa more and I lay flatter with my head off of the end of the armrest. Alan came round and offered me his balls to suck and then asked me to tongue his bumhole which i did! I'd never done that before!

Micheal stopped for a second with his cock inside my arse and lifted my legs up. Gary walked over and kneeled between his legs. I felt the tip of his dick right above where Micheal's entered me. Slowly he pushed inside my arse. Two cocks in my arse! I screamed!

"Take it bitch". Hissed Gary.

I tried to relax and allow these two huge dicks inside my tight arsehole. Alan filled my mouth with cock and rubbed my clit before shoving two fingers into my soaking fanny and bending them back inside me to rub my g-spot. Again, I was overwhelmed with sensations and couldn't feel everything at once. Emotionally - bizarrely - I felt like a complete woman for the first time in a long time!

"OH GOD... I FUCKING LOVE IT!" I yelled!

"Fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty whore!"

I was frightened they might tear me up inside yet at the same time didn't want them to stop. Another orgasm built inside me.


Alan was furiously wanking his cock over my face and shot a load of spunk over it and in my mouth and over my hair! I came again and shuddered in Michael's arms as he held me on his and Gary's cocks. I had tears of pleasure and pain rolling down my cheeks with the overload of sensations.

"Take her into the shower!" suggested Micheal. They grabbed me and dragged me through the flat getting me to kneel in the stall with my palms flat on the wall. Micheal got behind me and for the first time I felt a cock in my pussy.

Alan and Gary stood either side of me and I gobbled both of them in turn while Michael fucked me hard. He crammed his fingers up my well fucked arsehole and pulled my hair shouting obscenities at me.

"You're a fucking bike, Suzanne! Everyone is getting a ride of you now aren't they? Fucking slut! Take my cock you wee fucking tramp! Harder! Fucking bitch!"


Alan grabbed my hair and turned my head towards his cock which was pointing at my open mouth."

"I'm gonna piss in your mouth, fucking slag." he told me.

I was shocked but I was in heaven and ready to do anything to submit and please them! I opened my mouth wide and first a dribble and then a flood of Alan's clear, warm piss filled my mouth and spilled down my chin and over my boobs. He pissed on my face and on my tits and when he was finished shoved his cock hard in my mouth. Michael put his cock back up my arse and shagged me hard until I could sense he was ready to cum. Gary too was wanking hard and they got me to squat down in front of them and almost at the same time spunked in my mouth and over my tits. I fingered myself to another climax while they did and stayed squatting while Gary too gave me a golden shower some of which I swallowed for him. Micheal stood me up and the other two held open my gaping arse while his own hot, sexy piss stream was directed into it.

When he finished, I collapsed! I had been totally destroyed by these three dirty older men! I lay there panting and looking up at them. I must have looked a total mess! I tingled all over and my skin was all goosebumps. Michael and Alan stepped out of the stall.

"Let's get a drink, Al. Leave these potential fuckbuddies to make some plans."

Gary helped me up and switched on the shower for us, feeling my bum and tits and between my legs while the water splashed over me.

"That was quite a performance, Suzanne. What would your husband say?"

"He'd kill me! That was so intense!"

"Can easily be arranged again whenever you want. And anything else you want to do or try."

"As long as I don't get caught!"

We kissed and I was wanking him again. I couldn't believe I'd taken his and Micheal's cocks inside me the way I had.

"I won't leave my wife. I don't need a relationship just sex. Happy to make your fantasises come true."

"I'd like an older man friend with benefits! That's fine with me."

"Let's see what we can get up to then."

We made love in the shower for a while and I did everything sexually he wanted. Then I got dried, dressed and a taxi home. I lay in bed playing with myself thinking about what I had done and what might come next...

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