tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSuzanne's Revenge Ch. 3

Suzanne's Revenge Ch. 3


Suzanne was pleased when she saw the rooms Bill had rented. They were perfect. The one had a king-sized bed with a headboard that would give them something to tie the bitch to. The connecting room was actually the sitting room but had a lockable door. Carol would never realize it was there. Suzanne and Bill set on the sofa in the sitting room and she excitedly told him how Carol was playing right into their plan. Bill's cock grew rock hard as he listened to the story of the two women making out in Carol's hotel room. Bill was already fingering Suzanne's wet pussy under her skirt as she told him about showing her shaved cunt to Carol. The story finished, the excited couple began kissing hard. Suzanne fumbled with Bill's zipper as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of her well-lubed cunt.

The Bill stood, dropped his pants and said harshly, "Suck my cock, cunt!"

Suzanne, who loved when Bill ordered her to perform for him, grabbed the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down. Then she put her hands on his ass and pulled him to her. She wasted no time getting her lips wrapped around his swollen cock. She took his shaft all the way in, letting his cock head enter her throat. Her lips were pressed to his pubic hair. Bill was amazed that she took him all in so fast. Bill thought that she was by far the best cocksucker he had ever been with, including the faggot in the mailroom who Bill occasional let suck him off. After sliding her mouth up and down Bill's throbbing shaft several times, Suzanne released his cock and looked up at him.

"Fuck my face, baby! Use my mouth like a whore's cunt," Suzanne said in a sultry almost breathless voice.

Bill didn't hesitate. He reached down and took a hold of Suzanne's hair and then he shoved his cock into her waiting wet mouth. "I am going to fuck the shit out your cunt-like mouth, slut!" he said menacingly as he forced his long hard cock down Suzanne's throat. He pistoned his hips, causing his cock to slide in and out of Suzanne's mouth. Suddenly the lust engrossed couple's private world was shattered by loud banging on the door. The surprise intrusion nearly caused Suzanne to bite down on Bill's vulnerable member.

As Bill withdrew his cock from Suzanne's mouth, she exclaimed, "Shit, who the fuck can that be!"

"Damn, I forgot, I asked Jim, the forth for tomorrow to stop by. I thought it would be a good idea for you two to meet beforehand," Bill answered.

Bill walked to the door and peeked through the spy hole to be certain it was Jim. Then Bill opened the door for Jim to enter. Suzanne sat dumbfounded because Bill let his friend in without putting his pants on. In fact Bill's erection had hardly even gone down.

"Well damn seems I am interrupting," Jim said.

"Come on in," Bill said. "Suzanne this is my friend Jim. Jim, Suzanne."

"Nice to meet you pretty lady," Jim said extending his hand to Suzanne who had gotten up and was heading toward the men.

"Pleasure to meet you, sir," Suzanne replied.

"Well you two are obviously in the middle of something here, I will catch you later," Jim said.

Suzanne, her horniness getting the best of her said, "No, stay, the more the merrier," and squeezed Jim's cock through his pants. Then Suzanne ran toward the other room while yelling, "Last man in bed with me has to suck the other one's cock!"

Bill who knew Suzanne well and realized she was serious took off running after her. Jim thinking it was a joke, not that it would be the first cock he had sucked, followed causally. When Jim stepped through the bedroom door he saw Suzanne and Bill sitting on the bed together stripping their remaining clothing off. Jim stood in the doorway and watched the couple as they revealed their bodies. Jim's cock grew hard in his pants as he admired Suzanne's stunning sexy body. He had seen Bill naked before. In fact they had indeed shared women on a couple of occasions.

Suzanne said casually, "Well come on over and give Bill his prize, Jim."

Jim said incredulously, "You weren't serious!" He had never thought of Bill as a sex partner. Even though in his college days Jim had experimented with a few guys and enjoyed it, it had been a long time since he had sucked a cock.

"Hell yes I am serious!" Suzanne said, "You want to play, you play by my rules!"

"Well I am feeling a little over dressed," Jim said as he began to strip.

Suzanne stroked Bills cock as the couple watched Jim get naked. Obviously the idea of sucking Bill did not repulse Jim. His long fat cock was already growing. Clearly thoughts of sucking cock turned Jim on. Even tough Bill had told her about the size of Jim's cock, Suzanne was still amazed when Jim lowered his Jockey's and his monster tooled came in full view. Suzanne let out a sigh.

"See something you like?" Jim asked in a deep sexy voice.

"Yes! And I think Bill likes it too, stud," Suzanne answered in a purring voice.

"So little lady you like to watch guys suck cock, huh?" Jim continued as he walked toward the bed.

Suzanne said that she had only had the pleasure once before, but would never forget the orgasms she had that night. She continued by saying that neither would the guys in question. Jim got on his knees in front of Bill. Suzanne was still stroking Bill's throbbing cock. Jim bent and licked the precum that was oozing form Bill's swollen cock head. Bill's dick was so engorged his slit gaped open and seemed to be winking at Jim. Suzanne moved her hand from Bill's cock to Jim's shoulder as Jim swirled his tongue around Bill's mushroom-like cock head. Bill moaned as his friend's tongue ran up and down his twitching shaft. Memories of long ago cock sucking parties flooded Jim's mind. He had almost forgotten the wonderful warm feel of a hard cock against his tongue. Jim pressed his lips to Bill's cock and slowly took him into his mouth. Just like riding a bicycle Jim was easily able to suck cock as if he had just done it yesterday. Soon Bill's hard cock had entered his throat. Suzanne was amazed that Jim did not gage as Bill's cock disappeared. She began fingering her clit and moaning as Jim's lips made contact with Bill's pubic hair. As Jim slid his mouth up and down Bill's shaft he reached up with his free hand and caressed Suzanne's thigh. She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her hot steamy pussy.

"Oh god, Jim! Watching you suck cock makes my cunt ache!" Suzanne cried out.

Jim's fingers found her slick opening and he finger fucked her cunt while sucking his friends cock. Suzanne continued rubbing her clit and Bill massaged Suzanne's tits.

"Oh yes, buddy, suck my cock! Damn, you are a hell of a cock sucker!" Bill cried out.

Suzanne realized Bill was close to the edge and did not want him to cum yet. She said, "Ok boys switch positions," and pulled Jim away from Bill.

"But, but I don't know how to suck cock," Bill protested.

Suzanne assured him it was easy and stood so Jim to take her place on the bed. "Get down here with me! I will show you what to do!" she commanded as she pulled Bill to the floor.

The couple knelt in front of Jim. Jim's cock was fully erect. His bulbous cock head was perched atop his 10-inch cock. Bill watched as Suzanne easily stretched her lips over Jim's fat cock. She let it slide about half way in before releasing his tool.

"See how easy that is?" Suzanne said.

"Oh shit, I could never get that big thing in my mouth," Bill said trembling.

Suzanne told him to start by licking Jim's cock. Bill hesitantly stuck out his tongue and licked the length of Jim's tool. Bill was surprised that he enjoyed the feel of Jim's cock skin against his tongue. Soon Bill put his lips on Jim and took his massive tool into his mouth. Although he could not take Jim into his throat Bill enjoyed having Jim's hard cock in his mouth and did his best to suck his friend's giant erection. Suzanne moved back to the bed and began kissing Jim deeply. Jim moved his hand to Suzanne's pussy and fucked her with two fingers as his palm pressed against her excited clit. Suzanne screamed as she came hard. Her cunt grinding into Jim's hand. Bill felt his balls tighten from the excitement of sucking his first cock and the sounds of Suzanne's orgasm. Suzanne yelled out that she wanted both of their cocks in her now.

The two men were more then ready to comply with her wish. Suzanne had the men get on their knees on the floor facing each other and then she got between.

"Hold your cocks together and guide them into me," Suzanne said panting.

The two men were amazed that she could take both cocks into her cunt at once. Neither of them had ever done this before even though they had shared a couple of women in the past. Soon both cocks were buried deep in Suzanne and she began moving up and down on them. The feeling of being tightly held in Suzanne's cunt as their cocks rubbed together completely over whelmed both men. Bill's somewhat smaller cock jerked first and shot several ribbons of hot thick cum into Suzanne. The feeling of the pulsing cock and warm jism soon brought Jim to orgasm. He felt as if he was going to pass out from pleasure overload as his cock pumped shot after shot of cum deep into Suzanne's juicy cunt. Jim experienced his first multiple orgasm and Bill felt as though he had cum again. Suzanne could feel her pussy flood and soon she too was cumming. Something neither man had ever felt before female ejaculate poured from Suzanne's full pussy. The men felt as if they were being peed on, but knew it must be Suzanne was squirting. She convulsed and screamed as she continued riding their slowly deflating meat. As the men grew smaller a mix of semen and cunt juice poured out of Suzanne. Finally exhausted the three collapsed and lay panting for a time before regaining their composure.

Finally, Suzanne stood up and said, "Well we have a big day tomorrow. Better get some rest. Nice meeting you Jim," and then she quickly dressed and left.

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