tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSuzanne's Revenge Ch. 4

Suzanne's Revenge Ch. 4


The two men slept in together that night and finalized their plans in the morning. They did not discuss the events of the previous night. Neither sure what this meant for their future relationship. The only thing on their minds now was the torture of Suzanne's friend. Suzanne had said that she wanted her friend fucked in every way imaginable and that the men should be nasty as they could. Bill had brought a collection of sex toys and S&M devices to the hotel to supplement their own well-endowed sex tools. Both men were excited at the thought of forcing Suzanne's friend to do nasty painful things. Bill also knew that Suzanne would be so hot from the experience that she would likely be willing to let the men do unusually nasty things to her too.

Suzanne slept well that night. She awoke feeling excited even though her pussy was slightly sore from the hard fucking that those two big cocks had given her. She headed for the shower to wash away the lingering smell of sex. She had been too tired the night before to do anything but strip and collapse in her bed when she got home. After showering Suzanne had a nice big breakfast and called Carol.

"Hi Carol, Suzanne. Are you ready to show me the town?" Suzanne said as soon as Carol answered.

"Ready to show you more then the town, sweetie," Carol answered in the sexiest voice she could manage.

"Great! Let's meet in the lobby of your hotel in a half hour," Suzanne said.

Right on time the two women met in the elegant hotel lobby. As they embraced Carol whispered into Suzanne's ear that she still wanted to finish what they started the night before.

Suzanne said, "Oh I do too, but would you mind if we did the town first? Maybe later I can show you the king size bed in my room?"

Carol reluctantly agreed to wait until later to explore her newfound desires. She had been up most of the night thinking of Suzanne and all the things that they might do together in bed. Carol had been so hot that she masturbated multiple times. She seldom came more then once or twice when she made love and this night she lost count of her orgasms. She thought she would burst if she didn't get to taste Suzanne's pussy soon. But Suzanne was insistent and Carol did not want to blow this opportunity.

The women took in the better known sites of the city and had lunch at one of the best restaurants in town. By the time Suzanne said she had seen enough for one day it was almost six o'clock. Suzanne suggested they go to her hotel, which was nearby, and have room service dinner and then perhaps play a while. Carol was thrilled that she would soon be alone with Suzanne. Suzanne of course was taking Carol to her little trap. She knew that Jim and Bill would already be waiting in the connecting room. As soon as she got Carol comfortable the games could begin. Suddenly Suzanne felt her panties dampen as her pussy flooded at the thoughts of the tortures soon to be inflicted on Carol. Suzanne couldn't wait to see the bitch crying and begging, finally getting her just rewards.

As soon as the women entered the room Suzanne asked, "So what you feel like eating? Room service is pretty good here."

Carol replied hesitantly, "Well actually I am not really hungry. Could we eat later?"

Suzanne who was anxious to get the games underway said that would be fine with her and asked Carol to sit next to her on the bed. As soon as Carol sat down Suzanne took hold of her and kissed her hard. Suzanne forced her tongue deep into the surprised woman's mouth. When finally the kiss broke, Carol told Suzanne that she wanted to be taught how women make love to each other. She said that she was putting herself entirely in Suzanne's hands. Suzanne thought to herself that this was too fucking easy.

"Ok then let's get naked!" Suzanne said in an excited voice.

As soon as the two women were nude, Suzanne said, "Now I need you to trust me and I will make you feel better then you ever have before."

"I am all yours," Carol said almost moaning at the prospect.

Suzanne went to the dresser and pulled out several silk scarves and told Carol that they would start with her tied to the bed. Carol found this both exciting and scary. She would truly be giving all control to Suzanne.

"Ehhhh ok I I guess," was all Carol could manage to say as Suzanne led her to the bed.

Suzanne securely tied Carol spread eagle on the bed. Then Suzanne returned to the dresser and took out a camera and snapped a couple of quick pictures of her helpless victim. She told Carol that she thought that Carol would like to have a souvenir of her big day. The idea of a picture of her in this position worried Carol some but her excitement at the prospects of tasting Suzanne's hot little pussy prevented any protest. What happened next though completely shocked Carol.

Suzanne walked over to the door connecting the two rooms and pulled it wide open. Before Carol could utter the question forming on her lips, the two men who had been waiting made their entrance. Suzanne's eyes went wide with confusion. Jim the larger man was wearing leather pants and a tight tank top. A strange looking strap hung from his side. Bill was bare-chested and wore a thong that accentuated his large, already erect cock.

Carol said, "What is this?" in a panicky voice.

"Just a little extra added attraction for our playtime, bitch!" Suzanne hissed back.

Carol started to scream and Bill was on her immediately, pressing his hand to her mouth. "Listen bitch, we are going to have some fun! Nothing you say or do will change that! Only thing that will come from you fighting us is more pain," Bill said in a menacing voice that would have scared the bravest soul.

Jim followed that by saying, "screaming won't help. This fucking hotel was built when workers took pride in what they did. The walls are thick and there is at least one full empty room between this room and anyone else's. We saw to that, slut!"

Carol was horrified but also somehow resigned to the hopelessness of her situation. When Bill removed his hand she said plaintively to Suzanne, "Why?"

"Because you are a lying, cunt, bitch! This is your punishment for fucking me over when I was defenseless! We are going to turn you into the whore you told everyone I was," Suzanne said as she stood over Carol practically spitting the words. "I am no longer defenseless, bitch!"

Tears began to run down Carol's cheek. Suzanne smiled as she watched the pained expression on Carol's face. Then without warning Suzanne slapped Carol's face. Suzanne turned to Bill and took hold of his throng and pulled it off him. Bill's large hard cock sprung out. Bill then straddled Carol's face and began to slap her with his large tool. Suzanne took hold of Carol's hair and yanked her head up.

"Open your mouth, bitch!" Suzanne yelled, "You are going to get eight inches of hard meat shoved down you throat!"

When Suzanne pulled harder on Carol's hair, Carol reluctantly opened her mouth to receive the fat cock that was slapping her face. Suzanne warned her not to hurt Bill's beautiful cock or Jim would use his little toy on her. Jim was stroking the leather strap that hung at his waist. Carol knew immediately that was the toy being referred to. Jim's 10-incher was now hard and bulged obscenely in his tight leather pants. Bill aimed his cock for Carol's gapping mouth and shoved it to the back of her throat without the least concern for hurting the helpless woman. Carol's gagging did not deter Bill. He continued to shove is cock into her protesting throat.

Pulling his cock nearly all the way back, Bill shouted out, "Don't throw up on me, slut or I will beat your ass raw!"

Mustering all her will, Carol somehow resisted the urge to gag when Bill's large tool once again impaled her throat. Carol's throat relaxed enough so that Bill could fuck her face and get his cock nearly all the way down her throat. Carol's love for her husband had led her to learning how to take his cock all the way in. Carol's husband's cock was only a little shorter then Bill's. This skill was now serving to protect her from Bill's wrath as he continued to assault her mouth with his throbbing cock. Suddenly Carol felt a hand roughly abusing her crotch. Jim had joined in and was stretching Carol's pussy open with both hands as if he wanted to enlarge her opening.

"Nice cunt, whore. I wonder how far I can get my hand up there?" Jim said in a tone that made Carol shudder with fear.

Suddenly Carol felt her pussy fill. Jim had shoved four fingers into her and was roughly fucking her pussy. Then the worst thing Carol could imagine happened. She felt her pussy flood with juice. Her mind raced. She thought, "My god, I am being raped and tortured, how can I be enjoying this?" Her body was betraying her.

"Ok time this whore tasted my cunt! Move stud!" Suzanne ordered.

Bill immediately withdrew his cock from Carol's mouth and dismounted her. He knew Suzanne was in charge and didn't dare hesitate to follow her order. Now Suzanne straddled the helpless woman. Suzanne held her dripping cunt tantalizingly close to Carol's face. Although the desire that had gotten her into this predicament was gone, Carol was mesmerized by Suzanne's glistening womanhood. Carol's nostrils where filled with Suzanne's overpowering scent and she felt her face become wet as Suzanne rubbed her excited cunt all over Carol's face. Despite her revulsion at the forced sex, Carol's body suddenly convulsed. She was horrified that she was orgasming while being raped. Jim let out an evil laugh as he noted how much that the little cunt liked being force fucked. Suzanne pressed her cunt to Carol's mouth and demanded that Carol tongue fuck her. Fearing she might be suffocated if she didn't comply, Carol pushed her tongue as deeply into Suzanne's hot wet snatch as she could manage. Meanwhile, Jim was pressing his closed fist to Carol's cunt opening.

"Help me spread her cunt, Bill. She needs a good fisting," Bill said as he tried to shove his hand into Carol.

Bill reached in and stretched Carol's pussy lips over the edge of Jim's fist. Both men's cocks twitched wildly as Jim's knuckles disappeared into Carol. Suzanne's pussy muffled Carol's screams caused by the searing pain in her crotch. Still Suzanne heard them and this sent her into a powerful orgasm.

"That's right you little whore, suck my cunt juice!" Suzanne called out as she rocked back and forth on Carol's panicked face.

Realizing she had completely shut off Carol's breathing Suzanne finally raised up off her. Then Carol got another humiliating shock. Suzanne peed directly into Carol's mouth, which was gapping due to Carol's gasping for air. Jim's fist was now inside Carol's cunt. Her pussy lips clung to Jim's wrist. The two men stared in amazement. Neither had thought it would really be possible to stretch a woman that wide. Suzanne got of the bed and came around behind Jim. She removed his leather pants and thong underwear, releasing his massive swollen member. She began to massage Jim's long fat shaft and told him that Carol would enjoy having his big tool in her ass. Jim pulled his fist from Carol. She screamed as her cunt opening was once again stretched wide around Jim's fist. Suzanne untied Carol's ankles and pillows were shoved under Carol's ass. Bill lifted Carol's legs up on Jim's big shoulders as Jim positioned his cock at Carol's anus.

Upon seeing Jim's huge tool perched to enter her ass, Carol cried, "Oh god please no! You will split me in two!"

Jim said, "Shut up and relax bitch!" Then he added in Suzanne' direction, "You better gag the whore. Her scream might wake the dead when I hit bottom."

Suzanne grabbed the thong Jim had been wearing and shoved it in Carol's mouth. Carol's nostrils were now filled with the musky smell of Jim's balls. She could taste the precum that had soaked the thong as he wore it. Again tears streamed down Carol's face. Now she truly attempted to struggle, hoping somehow to escape the torture that Jim's giant cock was about to inflict on her rectum. Jim rubbed some of Carol's flowing cunt juice on her anus. Suzanne bent down and took Jim's cock in her mouth coating it in her saliva. Then Jim pushed his cock into Carol's tight rosebud. He grunted as he pushed hard against the strong resistance of her anal orifice.

Carol bent over and called to Bill, "Fuck me now! I need a big cock in my hot pussy!"

Bill moved behind Suzanne and shoved his full 8-inches into her just as Jim's cock head popped into Carol's ass. Jim didn't stop until move then half of his 10-inches were in Carol. Carol felt the pain as her ass was stretched wider then it had ever been. As Jim continued burying his throbbing cock in her rectum, Carol feared she would pass out form the pain. Jim was now completely inside Carol's tight ass chute. He waited letting her rectal muscles loosen so he could fuck her properly. Carol willed herself to relax despite the intense pain and pressure she felt. Carol had never even had a cock as big as Jim's in her pussy and now he was buried up to his cum filled balls in her ass. To Carol's surprise and joy, the pain began to lessen. She was actually beginning to loosen. The joy did not last long. As soon as Jim felt the tightness decrease he began to hump Carol's ass as if it was a pussy. He fucked her as a wild animal fucks a hard won conquest.

At the same time, Bill was riding Suzanne's cunt hard. Both Bill and Suzanne were completely overcome watching Jim's assault on Carol. Their passion grew until they exploded in a simultaneous orgasm the rocked their bodies to the core. Carol once again was feeling her own body begin to climb toward orgasm. She felt shame that she was actually enjoying the big stranger raping her ass with his huge pole. Suddenly Carol's ass clamped onto Jim's cock as she came hard. Jim thrust himself deep into her and began flooding her bowels with his thick cum. Carol felt as if someone had shoved a hose up her ass and turned it on. Jim screamed obscenities and made animal like noises as his cock convulsed and shot continuous ribbons of hot jism. Carol's whole body shook as wave after wave of orgasmic peaks rocked her in a state of euphoria. She tried to scream out for Jim to fuck her harder. The sweat soaked thong gagging her mouth turned her words into desperate moaning noises. Suzanne just recovering from her own orgasm realized Carol was enjoying the ass raping and reached out and twisted Carol's left nipple. Once again Carol felt intense pain. She was cruelly ripped from the height of ecstasy as Suzanne's long red fingernail pierced her tit below her now red nipple.

Suzanne watched in sheer joy as a little drip of blood ran down Carol's tit. Then Suzanne pressed her face in Carol's and began to berate the sweat-covered woman. "So how do you like being the whore, bitch? Is you ass nice and sore? I can't believe how much of a slut you are. I saw you as you wriggle around in pleasure as that big fat cock filled your ass! I bet you want it in your nasty slut cunt now!" Suzanne screamed before doubling over in laughter.

The two men both worried Suzanne might be losing it, look at each other both searching for what they should do next.

Suzanne answered the query, "Time for this little cunt to get a beating! She has been having way too much fun so far! Flip her over and retie her tight"

As Suzanne retrieved the strap that had fallen to the floor when Jim was striped of his pants, the two men obeyed her order to reposition Carol. Completely beating down Carol offered no resistance as she was flipped over and retied. This time they put her in a position with her knees drawn under her. This pushed her ass up making it an easy target for whoever wielded the thick leather strap.

Suzanne walked back to the bed and pulled the gag from Carol's mouth. Carol ached all over but no longer was willing to let Suzanne see tears. Suzanne asked Carol if she had anything to say. Carol just glared at Suzanne's if trying to bore into Suzanne's soul with her eyes. Suzanne more pissed then ever brought the strap down hard on Carol's ass. A red mark immediately formed.

"Talk to me BITCH!" Suzanne yelled as she delivered a second blow with the strap.

Carol had never felt such a sting, but was determined not to give Suzanne any more satisfaction. Several more hand smacks with the strap raised welts on Carol's previously white beautiful ass cheeks. Unable to get Carol going with the strap, a new plan came into Suzanne's mind. A mind now moving toward madness brought on by her irrational need for revenge.

"Jim fuck the whore's mouth! Bill get behind her and fill her cunt with that rod of yours!" Suzanne barked out as if she was choreographing an elaborate dance number in an old fashioned musical.

The two men were unable to resist the wild woman's orders and moved to the designated positions. It was as if Jim and Bill hand been turned into Suzanne's puppets and no longer possessed any will of their own. Suzanne went to the dresser and got the camera she had used earlier to snap Carol's picture.

"Perhaps your husband would enjoy some pics of his your escapades while he was away?" Suzanne said as the men slid their hard cocks into Carol.

Carol was horrified by the thought of her husband seeing pictures of her being fucked like this but still as the men filled her pussy and mouth she felt her juices stir once more. Then Suzanne handed Bill a large dildo and told him to fuck her Carol's ass with the grotesque plastic dick. Since Carol's ass had been thoroughly stretched and lubed by Jim's cock the dildo slid in easily. Bill matched the rhythm of his cock pummeling Carol's cunt with the rhythm of the dildo being shoved in and out of Carol's burning ass. Jim was trying his best to shove all 10-inches of his swollen fuck rod into Carol's mouth without success. Although Carol completely relaxed her throat for the onslaught she simply could not take Jim's entire tool into her throat. Suzanne took more pictures as it became obvious that Carol was enjoying herself.

Overcome with the excitement of seeing her revenge come into full reality Suzanne grabbed on of the other dildos that the men had brought for the evenings activities and shoved it deep in her own cunt. She set with her legs spread wide, rubbing her clit and fucking herself with the big plastic dick, while she watched the men fuck Carol hard. Soon Bill began bucking wildly and calling Carol a whore cunt. Suzanne thought she saw Bill's eyes roll back in his head as he pumped his cum into Carol's convulsing cunt.

Then Jim pulled his cock from Carol's mouth and she cried out, "Oh god yes, FUCK my cunt, stud! Fill me full of your hot seed, you bastard! Give me all of that hot cock!"

Lost in yet another powerful orgasm Carol could no longer speak. She grunted like a wild pig as her body once again was overcome by the powerful sex. Jim practically pushed Bill to the ground as he made his way to Carol's pulsating pussy.

"I want some of that hot whore cunt, too!" he hollered and plunged his rock hard cock into the still orgasming woman.

This fresh assault on her pussy sent Carol into another orgasm. Then Bill thrust his cock in Carol's face and demanded she clean her nasty cunt juices from him. At this point Carol was thrilled to have a cock to lick and began running her tongue along Bill's now mostly flaccid tool. Suzanne began to scream as she came hard with the dildo impaling her pussy.

Then Suzanne grabbed Bill and pulled him to the floor demanding her fuck her. Carol's licking had partially restored Bill's erection and her slid into Suzanne's well-lubricated cunt. As Bill pounded Suzanne on the floor, Jim began to erupt in Carol's now sore cunt.

When Jim pulled his still mostly erect cock from Carol, Suzanne called to him, "Come here, I want to suck that big dick of yours!"

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