tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSuzanne's Story

Suzanne's Story


Entering into your house, you call out to your husband until you remember he is not home. Walking into the kitchen, you notice a window is open. Closing it, you try to remember if it was open when you left earlier.

Eagar for a shower to unwind after your day, you walk into the bedroom and immediately feel a hand placed across your mouth. An arm snakes around your waist and you are pushed up against the wall. Struggling to escape, you find yourself pinned to the wall unable to move.

"Shhh, Suzanne, enough of that," you hear whispered in your ear, "Why don't you make it easy on yourself and stop struggling. I know your husband won't be home for a long time so you and I are going to have a little fun."

Suddenly, you feel yourself being spun around and the hand is again placed over your mouth. With your back against the wall, you can now see your captor. Dressed in black, he runs his eyes up and down your body. Your breath quickens as you wonder what he wants.

"If I remove my hand, do you promise not to scream?" he asks. You nod meekly and his hand is removed.

"What do you want? How do you know my name?"

"Suzanne, I know a lot about you. I've been watching you for a very long time, waiting until the time was right to introduce myself."

"If you want money, I have some..."

"Shut up, bitch, you think I just want money? Why settle for that when you have so much more to offer me."

Slowly you understand what is going to happen as he licks his lips and again runs his eyes over your body. "Oh yes, baby, we are going to have a great time. I know how much you need a real man's cock in between your legs. How long you've had to do without?" With that, you feel his hands roughly grab your tits. A slight sliver of electricity runs through your body as he roughly caresses your breast.

You try to break away, but he presses you back against the wall. Putting a hand over your mouth again, he leans in and whispers in your ear.....

"We can do this hard or easy, slut, but it is going to happen. I need to fuck you and you need to be fucked." Suddenly, you feel a hand grabbing your crotch, slowly squeezing.......

"Damn, yes, bitch, I can feel your heat already." After he takes his hand away from your mouth, you moan, "Please, let me go, please."

"I told you to shut up, cunt." Grabbing your blouse, he rips it apart, the buttons flying in every direction. Your blouse is now open, your heaving breasts behind a silky black bra.

"Damn, that's what I'm talking about, slut. I can't wait to ravish those tits of yours."

Pushing you unto the bed, you watch as he slowly unbuttons his shirt. As he takes it off, you can't help but be drawn to his hairy chest and muscled arms.

"Take of your shirt, bitch....then slowly take off your bra. I want to see those tits."

You try to slide off the bed and escape but he grabs you and pushes you back on the bed. "Damn it, I told you to stop struggling, now take off your bra." Slowly, you remove the remnants of your torn blouse. Almost as if in a trance, you reach behind and unhook your bra, letting the straps slowly fall past your shoulders as your bra falls unto the bed.

"Son of a bitch, whore, damn you look hot. I can't wait to suck those sweet nipples," he says. Unbuckling his pants, you see the bulge of his hardening cock behind his underwear.

Pushing you up toward the headboard, he takes your hands and raises them above your head. Suddenly, you hear the click of cold steel as the handcuffs are slapped around your wrists binding you to the headboard.

"No, NO, HELP SOMEBODY", you scream as your trance breaks and you grasp the gravity of your situation. Your cries are cut short as you feel the stickiness of the duct tape as it is placed over your mouth.

"Fine, slut, have it your way."

You continue to struggle as he reaches down to remove your sneakers and socks. Leaning over you, he unbuckles your jeans and slowly begins to pull them down your legs. You try to kick, but he just pushes your legs down and pulls your jeans off.

"Jesus, whore......what a fine body you have. I knew you'd be worth the wait."

You try to scream under the gag as he grasps the side of your hips and in a quick motion, yanks your undies down your legs. Completely naked now, you can only lie there as the stranger stands over you, the bulge in his underwear even more pronounced. Reaching into a bag you had not noticed before, he takes out two silken ropes. Taking each ankle, he quickly binds your legs to the end of the bed.

Completely helpless now, your breath quickens as he slowly takes his underwear in hand and peels them down his legs. Your eyes can't help but look at his massive member, gorged with blood and hard as a rock. Slowly stroking his dick, he exclaims, "You like it don't you Suzanne, you can't wait to have my meat in you, but you'll just have to wait."

Lying down beside you, he leans in and begins to nuzzle your neck. You feel his tongue run up and down your neck and hear his quiet moans in your ear. Reaching down, he takes a breast in his hand. You moan involuntarily as the feel of his hand caressing your tit causes your body to react, the first wave of pleasure rolls over you.

"Oh, you like that, do you? Well, lets see how you like this..." As he lowers his head un to your nipple and you feel his sucking and licking your nipple, you thrash around on the bed in an attempt to hide the pleasurable feeling that is slowly radiating through your body. As he continues to ravish your nipples with his mouth, you roll your head back to enjoy the electric feeling as your body betrays you and begins to react with the lust that has always been in you just under the surface. He seems to sense how sensitive your nipples are as he begins to lightly bite them. Sucking on one, he uses his hand to stroke and pinch the other. You feel yourself growing wet as your nipples become erect.

"Mmmmm, yes, lover, I knew you needed a good lay. Just look at those titties...so hard. You are so tasty. But, lets see what else you like..."

Turning back, he leans over the bed and pulls a vibrator from his bag. Turning it on, he slowly rubs it across your stomach. Another moan escapes from you as the feel of the vibrator on your skin releases your inner animal. Your moans turn into muffled screams of pleasure as you feel the vibrator now running over your erect breasts.

"Yes, slut, enjoy it, let your passion escape. You know hubby has never made you feel like this. Let a real man show you what you've been missing...what you need."

You feel the vibrator slowly move down, again across your stomach......over your pelvis......across your inner thighs. You hear him laugh as he continues to torment you by rubbing the vibrator over around your pussy. You can't believe the anticipation you feel as you silently beg him to rub your wet pussy with the vibrator.

As if reading your mind, you feel the vibrations of the device as he slowly teases your pussy lips by rubbing it over them. The roaring in your ears drowns out the hum of the vibrator as you feel it being slowly pushed deep into you. Your heart races and your back arches as you feel the vibrator rubbing up against your clit. Unconsciously, you spread your legs open wider to allow your rapist to push the vibrator in deeper. Your head thrashes from side to side as he slowly raises it out and then back into your now willing pussy.

"That's it, bitch, go with it. Release yourself to me. Let me take you to new heights that you've never been to before. Cum, slut, cum."

Unable to withstand the torture any longer, you surrender to the passion that was threatening to overwhelm you. The muscles in your legs tighten as you feel your orgasm approaching. Just when you think you couldn't stand it any longer, your clit retracts and you experience the most powerful orgasm you've had in a long time. He pushes the vibrator deep into you and you close your eyes as you imagine it to be a hard cock deep inside you. You can feel the cum slipping out of your pussy to mingle with the sheets.

As your orgasm subsides, you open your eyes again to see your attacker take the vibrator and lick your cum off it.

"Damn, bitch, your cum is so tasty. I can't wait to have more."

Rising up, he gets on his knees and positions himself so his cock is only inches away from your face.

"Now, it's my turn, whore. I want you to suck my cock...I want you to make love to my dick."

Still light headed from your orgasm, you feel the tape being pulled away from your mouth and before you can react, you feel his hard cock push past your lips filling your mouth.

"Shit, yes, suck me hard...suck me dry, you filthy whore."

You feel his dick pushing back further into your mouth, caressing the back of your throat. You begin to gag as he thrusts his cock in and out of your mouth. Suddenly, you feel the vibrator again rubbing against your quivering pussy. As he slides the vibrator into your twat, you begin to hungrily suck his cock. You can't believe how quickly it takes for you to orgasm again and you revel in the feeling.

"Who said you could stop sucking my cock, cunt."

You eyes are still closed as you feel his fingers wrap around your auburn colored hair and pull your head close. Forcing you to take all of his manhood in your mouth, he pulls your head up and down his member. You can feel his pubic hairs tickle your face and you smell his musk with each thrust. Grabbing the headboard, he leans in closer and using his hips continues to fuck your face. You can't move as he impales your mouth with his cock.

"Oh yes....damn......suck me....blow me, Suzanne. God, I'm going to cum all over that pretty mouth of yours. Yessss, so close...fuck......it feels so good......oh yes...now"

Pulling out of your mouth, he grabs your hair and orders you to open your mouth wide. You are just able to close your eyes, when, with a roar, he cums. You feel his jizz shooting into your mouth...hitting your cheek...nose...running down your neck. With him holding your head still, you have no choice but to accept his seed. Finally spent, you feel him rub the tip of his cock across your cheek. You taste his salty cum as it runs down your throat.

"Damn, Suzanne, that was the best blow job I've had...since my last victim, haha."

He reaches down and grabs your torn shirt to wipe the cum from your face. Leaning down, he forces your mouth open and leans in to kiss you...his tongue forcing itself into your mouth. You feel yourself returning the kiss, hating yourself for the way you feel, but unable to fight your feelings of lust.

After replacing the tape over your mouth, he says, "Now, let me return the favor, lover."

Moving to the end of the bed he positions his head between your spread legs. You feel his hands wrap around your thighs and feel his tongue licking your thighs...kissing them. The feel of his tongue is electric and you feel your pussy growing wet with anticipation. You no longer can resist and attempt to push your pelvis closer to his waiting tongue. Moaning again, you feel his tongue lick your pussy lips....then dart into your pussy. His lips run up and down the length of your pussy as he ravenously sucks your twat...licking and nibbling your clit. His hands roughly push your legs farther apart...if he only knew that you had no wish to bring them together. Your moans turn to gasps and then muffled screams as he reaches up to caress your breasts and pinch your sensitive nipples.

Once more, you feel the burning lust in your loins as your rapist hungrily sucks your wet pussy. Your tits are on fire and you find yourself moving your pelvis in motion with his tongue as if you could somehow will his tongue to go deeper......faster. Once more you feel the sweet embrace of your passion release as you orgasm in his mouth...your cum spilling out...his hungry sounds as he laps up your juices. You cry tears of shame and ecstasy as you are torn between guilt and pleasure.

"Shit, lover, I didn't think you could cum like that. Your cum is sweet, bitch. I could eat you all night, but now that I'm hard again, I think I'll let my cock have a taste of that sweet twat."

Positioning himself between your legs, you can see his cock has again indeed grown hard. Taking his cock in his hand, he slowly lowers his dick into your open slit. Both of you moan as he slides his manhood deep inside you. You almost feel his dick pulsing with blood as he begins to slowly thrust his cock in and out of you. Your motions become frenzied as he digs his feet deeper in the bed to push himself as far as possible into you.

As he continues to savagely fuck your pussy, you find yourself staring into his eyes...the same piercing green as your own. You can't believe that, after each thrust, you find yourself wishing the next one to be a little deeper....a little faster...a little harder. How can it be that you feel this way with a man who has taken you by force. You are shamed to realize that if you were free, you would eagerly wrap your legs around his ass...your arms around his neck.....to feel all of him against your body......and fuck him as if he were your husband. You turn your head and close your eyes, losing yourself in the moment. Turning back and opening your eyes, you see him smiling down on you.

"I knew you'd want it bitch. You all start to fight, but once you experience the feelings you aren't getting at home, it's only a matter of time before the fight goes out of you to be replaced by the need to sate your lust."

Pulling out of you, he reaches over to remove the tape from your mouth. Rubbing your tits, he says,

"Beg me, slut...beg me to fuck you......I want to hear it from your own lips."

Again turning your head in shame, you find yourself uttering, "Please......yes...fuck me...I need to feel you in me......please rape me."

He reaches behind and with a quick tug frees your legs. Taking hold of your ankles, he places your legs so they are resting on his chest. Moving in, he slides his dick deep in you. Grabbing your hips, he pushes in and out of you. You feel your ass rising in the air as he leans in to rest upon your legs as his cock drives deeper and deeper. The only sounds in the room are the creaks of the bed and the liquid sounds of your sex. Your bound hands clench in fists as you pray for the sweet release of another orgasm.

"God damn you for making me feel this way......fuck me, God damn you. I need you to cum in me...damn you."

"Ha, ha, I told you that you would love it slut, don't deny it."

As he continues to thrust his cock in and out of you, you only wish your husband could fuck you like this...to make you feel so alive......never wanting it to end. Feeling your orgasm coming, your breath begins to come in gasps.

"I'm going to cum...don't stop......please don't stop."

"I'm going to cum too, whore...I'm going to shoot my seed so deep in your pussy..."

As your final orgasm hits, you look up to see the cords on the neck of your rapist stretch tight as he too cums. His jizz shoots deep in your willing pussy and you feel the warmth of his cum as it mingles with your own. Finally spent, he pulls out and a single drop of milky cum drops unto your pelvis.

Rising up, he begins to dress. All you can do is lay on the bed and watch.

"Someday, I'll be back for you, Suzanne. When I know you need it again, I'll be back. One night you'll be in your bed wishing for the passion we just shared and I'll come back. I'll slip into your bed and take you from behind...forcing you to again submit to me."

Finished dressing, he unlocks the handcuffs and your arms drop to the bed. Leaning down, he gives you one last lingering, deep kiss. And then he's gone and the only sound you hear is a soft whisper......

"I'll be back."

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