tagAnalSuzanne's Wild Ride

Suzanne's Wild Ride


Before the pictures were published, I saw Gary a couple of times a week for sex during the day and now and then Micheal would fuck me at his flat. I'd started going out on Friday nights saying with the girls at work but really I'd be out snogging random guys and meeting one of those two.

Gary had been sending pics I sent him to some of his other friends and if they asked for my number, passing it onto them. I was terrified of leaving my phone lying about when John was home. I soon had two or three guys texting me filth, all older and married. I would lie in the bath or in bed poking myself talking to them or telling Gary about the conversations.

George who'd taken my pictures was still in touch. He texts me saying the magazine liked the pictures and that they would be happy to look at any other shoots I did!

"The guy asked me if you work hardcore."


"Will you do hardcore pictures. With men. Anal. DP. Whatever you like."

"I'm worried enough about the first lot!"

"Well. The offer may be there."

I used to find porn magazines in my brothers room and look at them! I remember being jealous of the models having loads of men lusting after them and having lots of big hunky guys shagging them! I remember being 19 and showing ones I bought to a girl from college who I was friends with when we were drunk and had come back to my uni flat. and telling her I'd love to try it even just to pose naked looking glam! We talked about what it would be like and ended up kissing and fingering each other. I licked her out and let her fuck me with my dildo. I was already with John by then. I told Gary that and from then he kept saying to me I should do porn.

When we talked about it I got turned on. I got hot over the idea of being a porn slut but I was afraid of any consequences! Even so I still started going to the gym a lot to tone up a little - just in case!

One of the guys I was talking to asked me if I liked cars. This guy was really into them. He had a successful business and he'd treated himself to a Porsche for his first midlife crisis and told me he wanted me to be his second! I was texting him wee personal selfies when I found out about this car and cars are sexy.

I'd never been in a Porsche! Richard was 60 he told me and he was texting me pictures of his nice big older cock. We talked about posing with his car for George and we'd swap porn links. We arranged to meet up in town and go for a drive.

I had the Tuesday off and it was bright and sunny. I'd been buying a few new clothes that John didn't know about. I put on a skin tight tan colour dress with little straps and looked at myself in the mirror. It pressed against my skin making it obvious I'd no underwater on. Bare legs and nice high heeled tan sandals.

On the train a middle aged man was sitting opposite me trying to casually look up my dress. I smiled at him when I noticed. I felt super cute and sexy! I wondered what he would think if he knew I'd posed for a wank mag? I uncrossed and crossed my legs while we smiled at each other. When the train arrived at Central he stood up and followed me over to the door. As he stood behind me I looked over my shoulder and saw him looking me over. I felt a rush of excitement at the thought he might brush against me or grope me and I half turned to watch him looking at out the corner of my eye. As the train came to a stop I gave him a wink and confidently walked off the train.

I walked from the station to where I had to meet and saw a guy looking me up and down and I felt a tingle all over. He looked me up and down staring at my wee boobs and legs with my tight dress coming down to mid thigh! I smiled at him and he said "Alright darling?" and gave me a leering grin. I slowed and said "Hi" with a big flirty smile.

Even though I was minutes away from meeting Richard I was thinking about if either of the men had propositioned me. What would I have done?

Richard was waiting in his red Porsche and I looked about to see who was looking at me get in lol.

Richard liked what he saw he said and then we drove off quickly onto the motorway. The sensation of speed was amazing!

"Show me your tits."

I slipped my straps off and pulled down the top of my dress and played with my boobs while we roared down the road. The large sunroof was open and my hair whipped about in the wind.

"How many kids have you got?"

"Two boys."

"The other mums would be talking about you if they knew what you were like."

"They don't."

"What about your husband?"

"He's only interested in work."

"You've got nice wee tits. Nice and pert for two kids."

"Thanks! Do you like my pussy?" I pulled up my dress and open my legs."

"Mmmm - let's see you play with yourself." His eyes went from between my legs to the road and back as I finger fucked my already wet hole! As much as the excitement of Richard and the car and behaving the way I was had me turned on I was still thinking about the two men I had seen on the way. I imagined going into the toilet with the man on the train and sucking his cock. I daydreamed about being marched into an alley by the guy in the street to be raped - my dress pulled up and me roughly fucked like a tramp and loving it and becoming his lover.

"Let's have some fun with the trucks" Richard suggested. He pulled in beside a big lorry, me with my dress round my middle laying back in the passenger seat looking up through the open roof. The driver looked down and saw me lying there smiling up at him with my feet on the dashboard. I thought he might get a fright, but he gave me a wave and kept pace with us.

"Loosen the seat belt a little so you can show him your bum."

I turn over and kneel over the seat wiggling my bottom giving him a good look! He rolled down his window.

"Gorgeous darling! Keeping the truckers happy!"

I sat back down and Richard sped off. I fixed my dress. "No, hold on" he said. He slowed as he approached a workies van and drew alongside the drivers window. The driver looked down and saw me smiling up at him. I started waving and he turned to say to his mate to look over. Richard kept looking ahead while I waved over to them. "Get your tits out!" one of them shouted down to me! I slipped my straps off and pulled my dress down and played with my nipples! I leaned back in the seat and lifted my legs up kicking my feet playfully.

"I wanna go where you're going doll!"

"Going a drive in the country!"

"Lucky bastard mate!" Richard laughed and waved then beeped the horn and we roared off.

We were soon on country roads no idea where I was. We raced around corners and along straights my dress riding up and my hand on his groin where I felt a hard cock waiting for me to worship! I rubbed it gently and smiled at my new older lover. "Can we stop somewhere?" I cooed.

"I know just the place."

We turned off on a side road and went on for a few hundred meters till we came to a lay-by next to a wood. We got out and I followed Richard into the trees till we were out of site of the road and came to a little clearing. He had a blanket which he threw down in front of a big tree before he took hold of me and pulled my dress over my head and threw in on the ground.

I didn't need to be told to get on my knees as he unzipped his jeans and dropped them to his knees. His cock was hard and looked just as delicious as in the pictures he had sent me! The head was damp and oozing precum as I pulled back his foreskin and had a little teasy lick at the head. It tasted fantastic! Soon I was greedily gobbling his cock with a finger up myself. I rubbed the head on my tongue and nipples and let trails of drool lubricate it. Soon Richard pulled me up and had me bend over against the tree, kneeling on the ground behind me and roughly pulling my fanny lips apart to look inside me. His tongue was soon buried in my wet cunt as deep as he could alternating between that and sucking on my lips and my hard clit! He went on like that till I came! I was already a sweaty, slutty mess!

When he stood up for penetrative sex, I felt him close behind me his hands on my hips and his cock flat against my back. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear.

"You fucking slut, Suzanne" grabbing my arse and reaching round to rub my slit hard. My new experiences and knowing what guys liked, I was in heaven every time I felt a cock in my arse! I didn't even consider taking him in my pussy. I wanted to give him the full dirty slag experience I loved to give! We kissed for the first time and I reached back to give him a wank then guided his cock to my tight arsehole before pushing myself on to it on my tip toes.

He pulled my tits and my hair while he built up a rhythm going deeper and harder and filling my hole with his lovely older cock. I squealed and panted and begged him not to stop fucking me and rubbing my clit! My first orgasm was quick with everything I had been feeling in the build up to being alone with him. My heart raced and i felt dizzy with lust.


He thrust his hips into me faster and faster for quick spells and then slowed right down filling me up gently like we were making love and kissing me hard on the mouth. Then hard and fast again like an animal going between the two over and over. He pulled out and lay on the ground and I straddled him sitting down in his lap taking his card cock easily in my gaping arsehole. I bounced up and down pushing fingers into my pussy cumming again as I had my second wild ride of the day!

He fucked me like that for as long as he could.

"I want to cum in your mouth!"

I climbed off and got on my knees and started blowing him for all i was worth. He lasted a minute or so and then my mouth was filled with hot spunk! I had him lie on the blanket and licked and sucked his cock clean. Then we lay in the warm afternoon sun getting our breath back.

We dressed and went back to the car and he drove me back into town. We said we'd meet up again soon and I headed back to the station still thinking about the middle aged man on the train and the guy on the street...

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