tagFetishSuzette & Norma Ch. 1

Suzette & Norma Ch. 1


My Norma has come to me, her Mistress Suzette...

I have ordered you, Norma, to remove all clothing except your high heels and lie face up spread out on the bed. I gently but securely tie your wrists to the headboard and ankles to the footboard. You look delicious. I begin by touching your hair and looking into your eyes. I give you a wicked smile and caress your cheek. Then I run my fingertips from your high-heeled feet up your shins trailing ever-so-lightly, then up from your knees to your thighs, tracing the outline of your hips, up to the sides of your breasts. I bend down and give you a kiss between your breasts. Kissing my way down to your tummy then pausing to smell your sweet pussy but not touching it. I plant kisses all around it, down your thighs, and licking up and down from just above your clit to just below your belly-button until your flesh glistens with my tiny licks... I kiss down the length of your left leg to your feet and start kissing from your right foot up your leg to your thigh stopping again to smell you. My shecock is hard in panties from enjoying your body and I remove the panties while standing near your face. "Do you like my big clitty?" I ask you as I slowly stroke it showing you the precum on it's tip. I say the word over and over again "clitty".. very slowly.. looking into your eyes... "Would you like to taste it?" I ask, but I already know the answer.

"You may kiss it but don't suck it yet. " I tell you as I place my she-cock on your lips spreading some precum from your lips to your chin. "MMMMM... that's good. " I say as you kiss my "clitty". "Now I am going to kiss yours" I tell you as I remove my she-cock from your lips, bend over and kiss from your tummy down to your pussy. I kiss your vaginal lips gently, spread them open and lick their length up to your clit. I position myself dangling my she-cock over your mouth, my high heels and stockinged legs on either side of your head. I lick your pussy, making you moan and writhe a bit, my precum beginning to drip from the tip of my she-cock into your mouth. I make you call out my name... Suzette... each time a drop falls... and continue licking your pussy, faster and harder... as I slowly lower my oozing she-cock into your mouth, periodically removing it from your mouth to prolong my pleasure. After continuing like this for some time I untie your ankles and wrists from the bed posts, tie your wrists together and tell you to get on the bed with your ass in the air...

I untie your ankles and wrists from the bed posts, tie your wrists together and tell you to get on the bed with your ass in the air. You are on your forearms and knees and I stand behind you. I lightly brush fingers across your ass and spread your legs a little further. Your pussy is quite wet, glistening with sticky moisture.

I touch your pussy lips and trace their outline lightly with my fingers. It feels wonderfully slick. I take some of the warm juice and spread it on my she-cock... mmmmmm. Walking around to your face my black heels tap against the floor. I'm stroking my she-cock with your pussy juice and it feels delightful. I gently take your cheeks in my hands and guide your mouth to my cock to taste your own pussy.

As you lick your pussy juice from my cock I run my fingers up the length of your spine... starting at your ass and bringing my hands forward to your neck. You continue to lick my she-cock as I lubricate the fingers of my right hand and slide them between your ass cheeks. My fingers rub, probe and press lightly before the index finger slips in your ass. I leave it there for a few seconds, not moving... and then wiggle it slightly inside you.

Removing my she-cock from your mouth and my finger from your ass, my heels clickety-click their way back to the other side of the bed. Spreading your ass-cheeks apart with my left hand, I place the shaft of my she-cock between your cheeks and then squeeze your ass-cheeks together. The slick lube gets slicker as the heat from my she-cock melts it, sliding between your cheeks. I place the tip of my she-cock at the opening of your anus and keep it there while holding your hips with my hands. After a minute I slowly pull you towards me, my she-cock penetrating your ass... the head slipping inside... I pause there, hearing you moan and feeling you squirm and wiggle just a bit... and savor the feeling before continuing to pull your body towards mine... slowly sinking my cock into you... occasionally pulling my cock slightly back then pushing forward a little further... until I am completely inside you. I lean forward and kiss down your back... my hands sliding up underneath you... caressing your tummy and breasts... fingers tracing the sides of your breasts... my cock buried in your ass. Slowly rocking my hips my cock slides back and forth inside you... you feel so tight and your skin is so soft beneath my caressing fingers... lightly touching your nipples... tracing slowly around them... feeling their firmness. Stroking you from between your breasts down to your pussy my fingers spread your wetness all over your pussy lips.

I allow you to lick some of the juice from my fingers before I return to touching your pussy. As I push my cock in and out of your ass ever so slowly, my moist fingers find your clitoris and gently tease it... circling... I can feel the precum oozing out of my cock as it slides in and out of you... As I push my cock in and out of your ass ever so slowly, my moist fingers find your clitoris and gently tease it... circling... I can feel the precum oozing out of my cock as it slides in and out of you... You wiggle your lovely bottom causing incredible waves of pleasure to jolt through my body. Massaging your clit and pussy as I slip in and then out of your ass... so warm... so wet... I lie you flat on your belly continuing to stroke inside you... my she-cock throbbing hard, oozing... I return to kissing your back... small kisses... inhaling your scent... my fingers tracing the curves and contours of your body... lightly stroking behind your knees... then stroking your ankles... all the time continuing to slide in and out of your ass... you are grinding your pussy into the bed and the motion of your body intensifies my pleasure.

My hands play over your ass.. lightly touching... gently squeezing... I run my fingers through your hair spreading it's length down your back... bending forward to smell your hair and again kiss your back and, pushing your hair to the side, your neck... your scent is intoxicating to me... I want you to cum... I want to feel you contract with waves of pleasure and feel your juices flow onto my fingers as I resume fingering your pussy... my she-cock pushing into your sweet ass... so hard... almost ready to explode inside you... long slow in and out strokes... your pussy grinding against my hand...

I undo your tied wrists, my cock remaining in your ass, and order you to touch your pussy... to finger yourself as I fuck your ass... my hands touching your hands as you work on your wet pussy and clit... "Taste yourself Norma" I say... "Bring your wet fingers to your mouth and lick that pussy juice. " I continue stroking as you lick your juices from your fingers. You resume fingering your pussy... slipping a finger inside... my cock in your ass feels your finger as it wiggles inside your pussy... you slide in a second finger and the pressure it causes on my cock is intensified... my hands rest on your hips... pulling you toward me... burying my she-cock inside you... your fingers play with your clit and your pussy... the pleasure is overwhelming and I am beginning to lose control... you feel my cock swelling inside your ass... preparing to explode... I withdraw my cock from your ass leaving only the head inside you then with a long stroke forward push in shooting hot cum deep inside you... throbbing inside you... as your fingers caress your sweet pussy... my head dizzy from pleasure I take a deep breath and remove my cock from your ass and roll you onto your back. Spreading your legs my mouth dives to your sopping wet pussy... my tongue licks and vibrates against your clit... my face is buried in your pussy... my hands caress your tummy, your thighs and your legs as I grind my face into your hot pussy... your taste and smell are divine... pulling you closer to my mouth... licking firmly then softly... my tongue playing with your clit.

"Cum on my face Norma" I tell you and resume bathing your pussy with my lips and tongue. I feel your muscles tensioning in your hips and thighs... I know you will soon cum... this urges me to lick faster, firmer... your muscles shudder and convulse as I dive deeper inside you with my tongue... lapping at the flood of juices you have released in your pleasure as you cum on my lips and face... licking you... gently kissing your pussy... gently kissing your thighs... positioning myself to lie beside you and hold you... our high heels touching...


Norma and Suzette had prepared themselves for a night out. The two Women were dressed seductively in clinging skirts and blouses, Norma in a blue skirt and white blouse and Suzette in a black mini and white blouse. Under their clothing they wore their prettiest panties and black thigh high stockings. They had dressed together helping one another slip into the silky undergarments... caressing and fondling as they stepped into the soft stockings and slid on their high heels. Tonight should be some fun.

They arrived at the party at 8:30 PM and it was already in full swing. Loud music played and people everywhere were dancing, drinking and laughing. John greeted the girls at the door, invited them in and, smiling, introduced his girlfriend Lisa. Lisa was a slender girl with shoulder length auburn hair, light blue eyes and long legs that immediately caught the attention of everyone she met. Lisa wore a black mini dress that showcased her lovely legs and stunning figure. Her shoes were 5" silver heels with slender straps that wound up her calf and tied in a bow. She was a knockout. Although Suzette had been to several of John's previous parties she had never seen Lisa before. Suzette introduced Norma to John and he shook her hand saying "Oh yes, Norma Grace, Suzette has told me so much about you. Lisa why don't you show the girls the house, we've done so much since Suzette was last here. I have guests to attend to... enjoy the party. "

John lived in a huge house, beautifully decorated and very opulent. Lisa smiled and said "Well down here as you can see is the living room and it IS crowded so let me show you some of the quieter parts of the house first. " She led Suzette and Norma up a flight of curving stairs flanked by romantically illuminated stained glass sconces. "This place never ceases to amaze me, it's so beautiful" said Suzette. "Wait until you see the bedroom" replied Lisa with a beautiful smile. Norma and Suzette looked at each other wickedly upon hearing that comment and Suzette whispered "I told you John's party would be fun. " At the top of the stairs Lisa led the girls down a hall lined with paintings, many of which depicted women in various stages of undress but all tastefully erotic. At the end of the hall Lisa turned to Norma and Suzette and said " Are you ready for this?" and dramatically swung open a pair of walnut doors o reveal the master bedroom.

It was dim in the bedroom, lit only by candles and oil lamps. They stepped inside and Lisa closed the doors behind them. As their eyes adjusted to the dimness the features of the room came into focus. The huge four post canopy bed of mahogany with flowing white linen drapes, the overstuffed armchairs of rich wood and suede, the Persian carpets of reds and gold, pillows of all sizes in elaborate eastern fabrics, the floor to ceiling mirror facing the bed and framed in gilt wood, the fireplace with it's small fire giving off inviting warmth. The room appealed to all senses... a subtle , exotic incense smell lingered in the air and a foreign but soothing music was playing through an unseen sound system. Suzette and Norma stood in silence entranced by the decadence.

Snapping into consciousness Suzette said "Looks like you could have a lot of fun in here" and gave Lisa a little wink. "Oh we DO" was Lisa's reply. "Just look in here" Lisa continued, and swung open an armoire to reveal an immense collection of sexual toys... dildos of all shapes and sizes, butt plugs, vibrators, lubricants, blindfolds, satin ribbons and all manner of delightful playthings. "Oh look" said Suzette, "you have Norma's favorite" and she picked up a realistic strap on cock. "Oh I have something better than that if Norma wants to try it out. " said Lisa with a wicked grin. "Want to try it right now, Norma?" continued Lisa. "Well it IS a party, Norma. " urged Suzette. "OK, sure" said Norma. " I want it to be a surprise so is it okay if Suzette and I tie you up a little and blindfold you?" said the increasingly seductive Lisa. "Oh she won't mind even a little" answered Suzette for Norma, and took Norma by the hand to the bed where she began to remove Norma's blouse and skirt.

Norma was now standing before Suzette and Lisa in her panties, bra, stockings and heels. "Isn't she a hottie?" Suzette asked Lisa as she ran her index finger from between Norma's breasts down to her panties. "She certainly is. " cooed Lisa as she moved toward Norma with the satin ribbons in her hand. "Don't worry

honey, you're gonna love this" Lisa said as she began to tie the ribbons around Norma's wrists. Suzette began to remove Norma's bra and kissed her breasts and nipples when they were revealed. "You should taste those nipples Lisa" said Suzette, "they are like candy gumdrops. " Lisa looked Norma directly in the eyes as she cupped her breasts and then brought her wet red lips and tongue down to lick them. "MMMMMMMM... she IS tasty Suzy, you are right. "

Suzette then removed Norma's panties fondling her ass and rubbing her hips and tummy. "That's just an appetizer Lisa, look at the rest of the feast. " Norma was beginning to get aroused. Her nipples stood erect and her pussy was starting to glisten in the candlelight. Norma's lips were parted slightly as her breathing began to quicken in anticipation of what was to come. Standing there in nothing but her black stockings and heels, a red ribbon dangling from each wrist Norma's eyes began to haze over. "Bend over Norma" Suzette said caressing Norma's face, "grab your ankles honey. " Norma bent down and grasped her ankles, legs spread apart. Her stockinged legs looked beautiful and Suzette invited Lisa to feel Norma's legs. As Suzette tied Norma's hands to her ankles with the ribbon Lisa began to run her hands up and down Norma's legs, feeling her thighs, her calves and her ankles. "Love those legs" murmured Lisa. "One more thing honey" Suzette told Norma as she slipped the blindfold over Norma's eyes. Her sight deprived, Norma's other senses were instantly heightened. Her hearing became super acute and the smell of the exotic incense mixed with Suzette and Lisa's perfume was intoxicating.

She felt hands on her ass squeezing and caressing and heard Suzette say "I just love her ass... " The hands were removed and replaced by lips, kissing her ass-cheeks. "It's quite kissable" Lisa said. "Just looking at Norma like that makes me quite horny" continued Lisa, "how about you Suzy?" "It IS hot in here all of a sudden isn't it" laughed Suzette. Norma could hear the sound of clothing ruffling and dropping to the floor, then something that sounded like kissing. "MMMMMM... Lisa you have a very hot body. " Suzette said. Norma heard more kissing and what sounded like hands rubbing against flesh. Suzette and Lisa were exploring each other's bodies with their hands and tongues. Norma could hear the groans of pleasure of Suzette and Lisa increasing in intensity. This continued for several minutes. "Oh my look at Norma" said Lisa, "her pussy is dripping. " Norma's pussy had been dripping juice down her legs for some time now. She was so horny and ached to be touched. "We'll take care of that in a minute" said Suzette, "first I want to get inside your wet panties Lisa. " Norma heard the sound of Lisa's panties dropping to the floor and then a licking, slurping sound.

"mmmmmmm... " Suzette moaned. "Oh yes, lick me Suzy" panted Lisa. "Look what I have for you Lisa" Suzette said. Norma again heard the sound of clothing being removed. Suzette had removed her panties and her she-cock sprang out. Norma heard more moans and heavy breathing, and a lot of sucking sounds. "Let's play with Norma a bit" Suzette said after what seemed like eternity. Norma heard the sound of the girls heels as they neared. It was a sound that made her twitch with pleasure. Suddenly hands were on her inner thighs spreading the juices of her pussy all over her legs... her ass. Norma let out a little moan as fingers began to stroke her pussy. She squealed with pleasure as a tongue quickly darted over her clit.

She was helpless, bent over and tied with her ass in the air. Suzette and Lisa could do as they pleased with her. A body moved closer and a cock touched Norma's lips. She opened her mouth and hungrily took it in recognizing it immediately as Suzette. Meanwhile hands continued to play with her wet pussy, her clit and her breasts. Massaging, squeezing, caressing and teasing. Suzette removed her cock from Norma's mouth and replaced it with her lips. Norma thought she tasted precum on Suzette's mouth and, as she thought of this, was suddenly penetrated by a large cock. Norma groaned loudly. The cock pushed all the way inside her sopping pussy. Buried inside her the cock twitched and Norma knew this was no strap on. The cock pulled out and then pushed in a second time. Norma groaned again. "Her pussy is nice and tight isn't it?" Norma heard Suzette ask. "Oh god it feels great" Lisa replied. Suzette and Lisa giggled a little as Norma continued moaned louder, pushing her ass back to bury Lisa's prick even deeper. "She loves getting fucked by pretty girls" Suzette told Lisa.

Suzette stroked Norma's face and hair as Lisa began to rhythmically thrust in and out of Norma's pussy. "That's it honey, make Lisa cum in your pussy" Suzette cooed. Suzette stopped stroking Norma's hair and Norma suddenly felt a tongue on her pussy. Suzette was licking Lisa's big she-cock as it pushed in and out of Norma's pussy, teasing Norma's clit with every stroke. Lisa grabbed Norma by the hips and began thrusting harder her breathing becoming heavy. Suzette was making slurping sounds as she licked the cock and pussy of the two girls. Norma was delirious with pleasure. Lisa's cock swelled to what seemed twice it's size inside Norma and unexpectedly erupted in Norma's pussy releasing hot cum. Lisa groaned loudly as she came.

Suzette continued licking Norma's pussy as Lisa's cum oozed out. Licking harder and faster, Lisa's cock still in Norma's pussy. Norma's body convulsed as she came. Suzette lapped at the mixture of Norma's pussy juice and Lisa's cum, then, removing her mouth from Norma's pussy, quickly put her lips on Norma's mouth. The two tongued each other tasting the mingled juices. For some time the three girls remained this way. Then Lisa removed her cock from Norma's pussy and began to dress as Suzette unfastened Norma's ankles and wrists. "Well I sure am glad you girls came to this party. " said Lisa as she tucked her shrinking cock back into her satin panties, "I would have been horny all night otherwise. " We would be happy to come over again anytime, right Norma?" said Suzette as she too tucked her cock into her panties. Norma smiled warmly still somewhat breathless. "Well, back to the party girls!" Lisa said as they all finished dressing. ;)


The girls straightened their clothing and returned to the downstairs area, where the party was in full swing. There were about 50 people talking, dancing, drinking and making merry in the elaborately decorated parlor. The vaulted ceiling gave way to a skylight that allowed a view of the stars, the floor was pink marble and the walls were decorated with lush tapestry. A candle chandelier of huge proportion hung in the center of the room and cast a beautiful glow. The parlor was loud with the voices and laughter of all the guests and the lively music which played. Crushed velvet sofas and chairs lined three sides of the room and an immense buffet and bar had been erected on the fourth. Lisa excused herself to go find John and encouraged Norma and Suzette to mingle and have fun. "Let's get a drink" Suzette told Norma, and the two headed over to the bar. On the way to the bar they had to squeeze their bodies through the groups of guests who stood chatting and dancing. Everyone seemed quite happy and smiled at Norma and Suzette as they worked their way across the room. The girls stood at the bar and ordered two glasses of wine, turning back to survey the crowd. "Some nice looking girls here. " Suzy said. Norma agreed. In fact, it was difficult to find a girl there who wasn't attractive. The wine arrived and they each sipped at their glasses. Suzette suddenly felt a hand on her ass and turned abruptly.

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